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1. Noel Meyer
     (11/25/2017 3:41:22 PM)
     Message ID #294202

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Thomas C. a.k.a. Hawk-

"There is always something to spend money on, from free healthcare to enhanced public pension benefits."

1. Paying for hurricane rebuilding in Texas.

2. Paying for hurricane rebuilding in Florida.

3. Paying for hurricane rebuilding in Puerto Rico.

4. Paying for wild fire rebuilding in California and most of the West.

5. Paying for DEFENSE in Afghanistan, like bribing al Qada and the Taliban NOT to keep fighting there.

6. Paying for infrastructure rebuilding in Flint, Michigan and other cities across the nation.

7. Paying for repair on existing roads and bridges much less the new ones needed as the population exceeds 310 million

8. Don't even mention paying to explore space, land on the Moon or Mars.

9. Don't even mention solving Zika, police abuse of power, illegal migration.

a. Single parent housewives have to prioritize but not Congress. The Republican Congress of saying "hell no"

b. A coherent strategy of where this nation is going and not the daily whims of a madman or the campaign promises of a despot.

c. Americans here at home who can not afford BIG PHARMA while American pharmacies sell those same drugs abroad for far less

d. Veterans who are not only getting the help that WAS PROMISED but are homeless and considered a drain on the system.

Once upon a time, Americans did what was right not because it was easy but because it was hard and the right thing to do. Now we as a nation can not even agree on what is news or what is true or what American values like protecting women are.
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