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1. D Robb
     (11/26/2017 5:46:38 PM)
     Message ID #294260

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Rick, have you noticed that they are totally unable to comprehend why another male doesn’t share their prejudiced, hatre-filled, misogynist views? All the “boys” they know do. They are too stupid to do anything but accept the propaganda they get on Faux News, Rush, Hannity, and the like. The idea of reading several different articles on any issue and making up their own minds is totally beyond them.
You cannot find any credible analysis’s that don’t come to the conclusion that this flawed tax plan hugely benefits the rich at the detriment of the middle class. Doesn’t matter. They ignore reality and throw “po” (in your words) to distract and confuse the issue. They used to be concerned about the deficit, but it no longer is important, because the little hands guy and the GOP desperately needs a win of some kind, anything. That is also why they defend the lowest of the low, the most despicable example of humanity that you can find, a pedophile.
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