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1. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/28/2017 4:58:43 PM)
     Message ID #294359

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The tax rate to the wealthy has not changed.

A 20-something economist who is an associate professor at U Chicago, has claimed 70% of sub-s owners are in the 1%, claims he has "studied" that......despite the fact tax returns are not public information...interesting hypothesis.

NYT, Krugman has run with it. More Tax cuts for wealthy! Front page news. They all read the NYT, must be true!

What I want to know is how this Associate Professor made the front page? And why are they all foaming at the mouth?

...and of course Professor Nobody got his PHD from of all places, Berkeley.

And the Liberals light their hair on fire! Again?

Let's follow the professors' logic. If he is correct your pizza guy, dry cleaner, plumber, lawn guy, paint store dude, and another 3-4 dozen sub-s corps you depend on, are all gazillionaires, and have retired!!

Remember what A. Smith said, "if given the choice between leisure and toils, humans will always choose the former.

There's your answer Meyer.

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