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1. Richard Frontera CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/1/2018 5:34:41 PM)
     Message ID #295949

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You know, Noel.

I agree entirely with #3 Americans's are tired of Republicans..attacks. Here is the issue that you are totally missing. Americans are also tired of Democrats extremely similar attacks on anything that is not an idea of their own.
Largest problem in this country right now is the vilification of the other. What is required is a viewpoint that says-here is the problem, this is my idea to fix it what is your idea to fix it? And then work on it from there.

Right now there is only vilification-period.

Republicans say --You are trying to give away the efforts of the hardworking to the takers and the cheaters.
Democrats say --you are trying to take the food out of the mouths of the poor to line the pockets of those who have so much they can't even tell that now they have more.

Truth is Democrats do not wish to punish people for succeeding and Republicans don't want to deliver the money from the indigent to the 1%...and no discussion is permitted that would admit either...Free speech is dead and the reason there is "fake news' is because there are too many sources and nothing is said truthfully and straight out and rather than reporting straight out they are playing to their watchers.

Just one quick example: The tax bill removes the ACA penalty for not buying insurance. I have heard on any number of more left leaning outlets that this will cause 11,-12 million people to lose their insurance. Fact is it causes none to lose there insurance-however, given a totally free choice, that many will likely choose not to buy it. I don't think that it is a good idea-probably the mandate stabilizes markets and prices but it is certainly reported with an intended slant.
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