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1. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/3/2018 2:37:01 PM)
     Message ID #296067

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Dear Tams,

I live in Massachusetts, my vote doesn't count.

If I vote with the masses of group thinkers, I'm wasting fossil fuels getting there, if I vote contra group think, I will lose anyway. One off year election had 18 candidates for positions I have no idea what they are. 14 were unopposed, all Dems. What's a conservative to do?

A few years back I bumped into Kasich on the street in Columbus, I said "Hey Gov, how ya doing?"

He said you're from Boston, right? How'd you know who I am?

I told him there are actually 18 Republicans in MA, if you count my dog!

I am proud to say I have never voted for a Kennedy, nor Barney Frank.

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