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Do you think it's more effective to be for or against something or someone?

Something else what?

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1. Noel Meyer
     (1/2/2018 8:29:45 AM)
     Message ID #295971

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #295954 )  Back To All Messages

"There is plenty of 'anti-other' to go around... but conservatives have a long list of what they want and why they want it... with specifics and details.

Conservatives, the party of not just "NO" but "HELL NO" have a long list of attacks AGAINST the other side and some emotional HATRED that their delusion of how America should work is not the way America does work.

"specifics and details" huh? All forms of being AGAINST but failed policy after failed policy of solutions FOR these problems. How can you claim leadership when even your own party members do not vote for such campaigns of HATRED AGAINST policies?

You and Thomas talk of greed, of doing nothing but having politicians getting re-elected, but when it comes to leadership, the Trump Republicans have lost time after time after time being AGAINST rather than offering solutions FOR problems.
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