How does Multi-Search work?

Multi-Search is a search application that layers intelligence on top of major search engines and tools. From 10K’s and financials to weather, white papers, movie reviews and more, you’ll never waste time again. Do it all from one easy-to-use search engine.
  1. Possible search subjects are broken into four dropdown menus: Business Research, Reference and Search, Tools and Tracking, and Home and Entertainment. Choose a search category from one of the four dropdown menus:
  2. Instructions and an example search for the chosen category will appear below the menus. (Instructions vary from search to search, so be sure to read these.)
  3. Following the provided instructions, enter your search terms and click “Search.”
  4. Results will appear in a new window.*
Could you give me an example?

Using the steps above, let’s say you recently shipped two packages via UPS, and now you want to track them.
  1. Using the Tools and Tracking dropdown menu, select UPS.
  2. The instructions tell you to simply list your tracking numbers, separated by a comma.
  3. In the search box, type your two numbers: 123456, 123345
  4. A new window will open. You’ll be taken to the UPS website, your search already completed.
But what makes Multi-Search special?

    Multi-Search is different from Google and other similar searches in that we have taken many search engines and built all the commands into our engine, so all you need to do is select them from the menus. We've provided easy directions for use, and grouped the engines together logically.
What else can I do with Multi-Search?
  • By clicking on the “Customize Colors/Time Zones and More” link, you can customize your default search engine, the color scheme of your search page, your Time Zone Clock cities. Multi-Search can even remember your previous queries making repeating searches a snap. (Be sure to always click “Update” after making a change.)
  • You can also add Multi-Search to your toolbar or Outlook, or make Multi-Search your homepage.
  • And don’t miss the Multi-Search Cheat Sheet! (At the bottom of the Multi-Search page) You can run searches through CEOExpress Multi-Search by simply entering the correct commands, and the Cheat Sheet has a list of all available commands, with instructions and easy links.
*Please note: Multi-Search results launch a new window. If you have a pop-up blocker, this may not work. You need to either allow pop-ups from CEOExpress, or click on “Customize Colors/Time Zones and More” to set your results to open in the original window.

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