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How companies can make the most of user-generated content
The success of online participatory media—video-sharing sites and corporate wikis alike—depends on the quality contributions of a small core of enthusiasts.

How companies are marketing online: A McKinsey Global Survey
A survey of marketers from around the world shows where online tools are most important, how they’re being used, and on which ones companies plan to spend more.

Escaping the middle market trap: An interview with the CEO of Electrolux
Hans Stråberg discusses the challenges of serving both the high and low ends of the market successfully.

Profiting from proliferation
An explosion of new customer segments, sales and service channels, media, and brands is challenging marketers to reinvent themselves so they can simultaneously prioritize opportunities in a more sophisticated way and increase the consistency and coordination of their marketing execution.

Pricing in a proliferating world
Juggling thousands or even millions of price points calls for common systems, greater transparency in performance, and an organizational balance between centralization and decentralization.

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