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Pipe War
"Pipe war" provides an overview of the race for broadband market dominance, as well as three further articles exploring the strengths and weaknesses of Digital Subscriber Line, cable, and other technologies. Whichever of them ultimately triumphs, DSL and cable have ushered in a new era: by 2005, an estimated 25 percent of homes and 40 percent of small businesses in the United States are expected to be using one or the other. In "DSL will win where it matters," the author argues that DSL is best positioned to capture the most profitable segment of the broadband market: small and midsize businesses. "Cable is too much better to lose" takes the opposite view—that cable's lock on affluent individual subscribers and its greater carrying capacity make it a likely winner for high-margin services. Finally, "Europe's high-speed mosaic" suggests that there could be a third way forward for broadband.

The take-away: As the world enters phase two of the digital revolution, new broadband applications will soon reach more people than today's Internet does. We may not yet know which broadband technology will win, but for broadband providers the stakes are enormous.

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