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A talent shortage for European banks
A shortage of strong internal candidates for critical positions will force European banks to overhaul their talent-management efforts in order to stay competitive and ensure strong growth.

Meeting the challenges of China’s growing cities
China’s cities are booming. Intelligent policies could make the good effects prevail over the bad ones.

Service-line strategies for US hospitals
For US hospitals battered by competition, trying to be all things to all patients is no longer a viable strategy. One way they can compete more effectively with smaller, more focused competitors is to organize by service line, focusing on building world-class capabilities in just a few clinical areas.

A better way to understand TRS
Traditional methods of analyzing total returns to shareholders are flawed. There’s a better way.

Enduring ideas: The SCP Framework
In one of a series of interactive presentations, McKinsey director emeritus John Stuckey comments on SCP, a framework that illustrates the influence of an industry's structure on the conduct and performance of industry players, and the effects of external shocks on all three.

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