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Why do I keep seeing a pop-up message on my homepage?
You should only see our informational pop-ups once. We need a cookie in order to track who has seen it - it sounds like you are not allowing cookies or are deleting cookies regularly. Please set your browser to accept cookies from CEOExpress. (If you don't know how to do this, please contact us, and tell us what browser you're using, so we can send instructions.)
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  1. MENUS: Use the menus at the top of the page to access tools like "Get Quote" and "Indices," as well as shortcuts to features including the Finance Center and links to Amazon search, and our sister-sites, like LawyerExpress.

  2. POLLS, NEWS & MORE: All your favorite daily content, including Polls, Editor's Corner and your news ticker are prominently featured at the top of the page.

  3. CUSTOMIZABLE SEARCHES: Choose your three favorite search engines for easy access at the top of the page.

  4. CEOEXPRESS LIBRARY RESOURCES: Daily News, Business Research and the other CEOExpress links and resources you use every day are all featured in the Home tab, exactly where you want them to be. Click the other tabs like Execudiva, Industries and CEO@Home and you'll find an expanded library including resources for women in business and industries such as Automotive and Energy, as well as sports, arts and more.

  5. NEWS CENTER: An enhanced news center features top news headlines by topic, source or trending tags.

  6. SEARCH CENTER (including CEOExpress site search): Curated search engines, organized by topics like Business Research and Home & Entertainment. Also includes a CEOExpress search, allowing you to search the site for specific links.

  7. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: The exciting new and super easy "CEOX Social" is a no frills social media management tool, which helps you quickly and easily post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all from one place.

  8. PREFERRED LAYOUT DETAILS (via the "configure" button): Do you miss having the links in our traditional paragraph format or do you prefer bulleted lists? Change the page layout to your preference. You can also adjust the links font size to be larger (or smaller).

  9. AND MORE... Shop our marketplace by topic, learn more about our Private Label offerings and more.

Your Questions, Answered (Back to Top)

Why did you change the site? I liked it the way it was!
We wanted to be able to offer our public users some of the great new features we've been developing (like CEOX Social and the improved news center) and some additional content . In order to incorporate these items, we needed to make some changes to the site, and decided that it was time for a new, refreshed look. We know change is hard, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we think you'll love the new site. Your suggestions were great and almost all the suggestions made during the beta testing period have been incorporated into the new CEOExpress. (Please note: All the features from the "old" site are easily accessible if you use the Home tab. If you do not find any of the new features to be necessary, just ignore those tabs, and you will essentially be using the "old" CEOExpress.)

How can I customize the font and layout of the site?
Click the "Configure" button on the right hand side of the page at the top of the Daily News section. There you can change the font size on the page. You can also choose between the new list layout for links, and the familiar paragraph layout from the old site.

Where did my favorite link (example: Drudge Report) go?
All your favorite links are still on CEOExpress. The new layout may have moved a few things into a slightly different position, but the only changes we made to links were removing the old dead links and adding some new ones. Still can't find your favorite link? Click the green Search tab and use the search on the left with the CEOExpress logo - enter the name of the "missing" link and we'll tell you where to find it. (For instance, Drudge is located in the Daily News section under the Home tab, in 2 widgets: Newsfeeds--General and Newsfeeds--Specialty.)

Where can I find search boxes?
There is a customizable search box at the top of the page (in the center, below the Poll of the Day). You can also click the green Search tab for a full search center. And you'll find an Amazon search box in the upper right corner of the page, and our Symbol search in the Quotes menu in the upper left corner.

Will CEOExpress still be free?
Yes, the public CEOExpress will continue to be free. We also now offer a free membership level for users of CEOX Social. (CEOExpressSelect members will continue to pay for subscriptions. Learn more.)

Can I choose to continue using the old site?
This new CEOExpress is now the official public homepage. Give the new site a chance, we know you'll love it! (Again: ALL the features from the "old" site are easily accessible if you use the Home tab. If you do not find any of the new features to be necessary, just ignore those tabs, and you will essentially be using the "old" CEOExpress.)

Please note: If you wish to temporarily return to the old site, you can do so by clicking the "Classic CEOExpress" link in the footer of this page or the homepage. The classic CEOExpress will completely disappear on January 1, 2016.

I'm a CEOExpressSelect member. Why can't I see my personal account?
You are currently on the public CEOExpress. Please sign in to your personal account. (Some new features are available in your member account, but this new look is only on the public page at this time.)

How can I contact CEOExpress?
If you have any other questions, ideas, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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