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When do you think the economy will be back on track?

2023 or later

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (9/15/2020 4:55:39 AM)
     Message ID #384949

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Businesses are closing at a record rate, unemployment is high. Restaurant and travel industries are struggling to survive.

America’s economic recovery has seen slight improvement in several high-frequency indicators each week, but the absence of additional federal stimulus before the election threatens to the limit the pace of the rebound.

According to Bloomberg economist Eliza Winger. “The biggest risk is a prolonged and shallow recovery, which will threaten longer-term U.S. growth prospects.”

The hospitality industry has been crushed by the health risks associated with Covid-19 and dining reservations last week remained 39% below year-ago levels. Public transportation usage has steadied at about half of its pre-pandemic norm, while airline passenger traffic — though slightly improved — is still at about a third of its year-ago levels. The only bright spot is the home real estate market where low mortgage rates have brought demand to pre pandemic levels.

What do you think? When will the economy fully recover?

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2. T Cavanagh CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/15/2020 5:57:52 AM)
     Message ID #384950

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O’Reilly is stunned this man could become the next US President

“Worth a watch, to the end”, as they say

PS at least my so called “experts” are rolling tape

3. T Cavanagh CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/15/2020 6:14:19 AM)
     Message ID #384951

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The underlying fundamentals are in place, however large increases in Government spending could change that. Private industry cannot compete with the Government for Capital, the greatest economic expansions in the US happened when Governmet cut or slowed the rate of expansion

The hospitality business will never be the same. The margins in that industry are too low for most to survive, only the innovative ones will. The small micro bars and eateries that attract a neighborhood crowd will survive because it’s not about eat and drink, but rather socialization “everybody knows your name”. It’s not a business of passion, not high profits

The large chains will also survive, it”s the restaurants and bars in between. Going forward the problem is people are traumatized, vaccine or no vaccine, call it PTDS if you will, some people will never go back

However, $23 trillion is $23 trillion, people will spend their eatery dollars elsewhere, the successful one will figure that out

People have to eat. And the change might just be for the better. Less fast food? Who knows

A local restaurant went completely cook at home, it took their most popular menu items, put together fresh ingredients complete with instructions for people to take home, then they added videos

All industries are under stress, who knows what comes out in the end, most have been drastically effected, from printers, to office suppliers, to travel, car rentals, you name it

The Government forced draconian measures upon us, and in the end it may not have made a difference, unless people were forced inside wearing hazmat suits and respirators what was the point? Worst certain Governors demostrated a power grab in an election year

The virus only needs one host to travel

It may have been better to follow the Swedish model, the US numbers DO NOT demonstrate a viable difference, protect the vulnerable, limit crowds, and work on the therapeutics

Message edited by user at 9/15/2020 6:24:56 AM

4. D James
     (9/15/2020 6:22:21 AM)
     Message ID #384952

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Only if Trump reelected.

5. T Cavanagh CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/15/2020 6:53:13 AM)
     Message ID #384954

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A federal judge ruled on Monday that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) coronavirus orders, which shut down the state, closed businesses and limited gatherings, were unconstitutional

The efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus “were undertaken with the good intention of addressing a public health emergency,” judge William Stickman wrote.

“But even in an emergency, the authority of government is not unfettered, There is no question that this Country has faced, and will face, emergencies of every sort,” he wrote. “But the solution to a national crisis can never be permitted to supersede the commitment to individual liberty that stands as the foundation of the American experiment.”

This pandemic has become a Constitutional crises across the Nation, one can pillage and burn the village without retribution, but they are not allowed to go to Church

Two days ago the Governor of RI suspended HS football, not other sports, meanwhile the NFL continues, does she have that authority?


But by the time the Court rules, it’s over. The above lawsuit was filed in May

6. D Robb
     (9/15/2020 6:56:06 AM)
     Message ID #384955

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Republicans are good at crashing the economy. Democrats are good at fixing it.
trump has no plan except to earn more money for himself, and create business opportunities with dictators.

7. D James
     (9/15/2020 7:04:11 AM)
     Message ID #384956

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More independent observation as to why the US economy will have no hope of recovery should the unthinkable happen:

8. D James
     (9/15/2020 7:11:01 AM)
     Message ID #384957

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The economy won't get back to its all time high of just seven months ago unless we disabuse many of our fellow citizens of this pattern of belief:

9. B Noles
     (9/15/2020 8:05:51 AM)
     Message ID #384959

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Yeah, that is astounding. The video is devastating to Biden. That said, I still stick to my position that he will not be on the ballot election day.

He'll be replace prior.

10. B Noles
     (9/15/2020 8:15:36 AM)
     Message ID #384962

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The economy is already getting back on track. It'll be fully on track when the democrat Governors and Mayors are voted out of office. They are terrible at managing during a crisis and really at other times.
Trump will have Congress and the Senate majority which will catapult our economy to heights never before experienced.

He will continue to remove us from the deep state created wars, he'll continue working trade deals that are fair for the US, he'll continue to end the wasteful spending, he continue to remove us from the stupid and costly world organizations that are mostly paid for by the US, his policies will return us to more of a manufacturing based economy away from a service economy, he is ending the buying of goods from China labor and child labor facilities.

He will end the petro dollar and move us to a more asset backed currency. He is negotiating peace deals in the Middle East.

In the words of Donald Trump. "The best is yet to come."
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