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ABC NewsJun 21, 2024
Gun control groups hail Supreme Court decision upholding gun ban for domestic abusers
The Supreme Court's 8-1 decision to restrict firearms to people with domestic violence restraining orders is seen by many as a common sense method to curbing shootings.

Supreme Court says domestic abusers can be temporarily disarmed (ABC News)

NYT Middle EastJun 21, 2024
Amid Gaza War, Netanyahu Feuds With Military, His Coalition and Washington
As the Israeli prime minister's allies pull him in multiple, contradictory directions, he has publicly focused on his conflict with the Biden administration.

BBC Front PageJun 21, 2024
Election poll tracker: How do the parties compare?
How do people say they will vote in the UK general election? Our poll tracker measures the trends.

BBC Front PageJun 21, 2024
Gaza's water system, destroyed by war, is sickening its children
Palestinian children are ending up severely ill from dehydration and drinking contaminated water.

BBC Front PageJun 21, 2024
Why are devolved issues dominating a UK election?
The vote is a UK general election, and thus will not directly affect how some services are delivered here.

Christian Science Monitor--worldJun 21, 2024
How Lebanese escape Hezbollah-Israel fight, a war beyond their control
Nonbelligerents in war often pay a very high price in the violent disruption of their lives. In Lebanon, the children, perhaps, can be entertained and distracted in the moment, but adults are all too aware of the value of what has been lost.

Israeli Official Describes Secret Government Bid to Cement Control of West Bank (Int'l Herald Tribune)

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 21, 2024
Putin threatens to supply Kim with weapons, warns U.S. ally against 'big mistake' of arming Ukraine
South Korea fired warning shots Friday — live ones to repel soldiers and a diplomatic volley to counter Vladimir Putin, after his new pact with Kim Jong Un.

Putin warns South Korea against arming Ukraine (BBC Front Page)

NewsweekJun 21, 2024
Supreme Court Deals 'Crippling Wound' to Law, Samuel Alito Says
"There is no good reason for this radical change," Alito said Friday.

Supreme Court Upholds Law Prohibiting Domestic Abusers From Owning Guns (Int'l Herald Tribune)

Int'l Herald TribuneJun 21, 2024
How Misleading Videos Are Trailing Biden as He Battles Age Doubts
A flurry of recent clips, many of them edited or lacking context, laid bare a major challenge for the president as he tries to persuade voters he has the energy for a second term.

NYTimes GlobalJun 21, 2024
The Supreme Court Dials Down the Chaos on Guns
Previous attempts to broaden the Second Amendment don't apply to a domestic abuser, eight justices ruled.

Int'l Herald TribuneJun 21, 2024
How Billionaire Donors Are Reshaping the Trump-Biden Race
Wealthy donors including Timothy Mellon helped Donald Trump's campaign out-raise President Biden's last month, but Democratic supporters are still spending.

Washington Post World NewsJun 21, 2024
Israel's Netanyahu is at war with almost everyone
The Israeli leader is locked in battle — many battles.

BBC Front PageJun 21, 2024
Mbappe named on bench for France game against Netherlands
France captain Kylian Mbappe is named on the bench for Friday's Euro 2024 Group D game with the Netherlands.

ABC NewsJun 21, 2024
Steve Bannon files appeal to Supreme Court in bid to stay out of jail
Bannon was ordered to surrender to prison by July 1 to serve his four-month sentence for a contempt of Congress conviction.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJun 21, 2024
Murray to undergo back procedure before Wimbledon
Britain's Andy Murray will undergo a procedure on his back after being forced to retire from his second-round match at Queen's with injury.

ABC NewsJun 21, 2024
2 years after pushing back Russia, Kharkiv faces barrage of attacks
Two years after Ukraine pushed back Russian forces, Kharkiv is facing a barrage of attacks.

Int'l Herald TribuneJun 21, 2024
Bragg Asks Judge to Extend Trump's Gag Order, Citing Deluge of Threats
Donald J. Trump claims the order has unfairly restricted his free speech rights ahead of his sentencing on 34 felony counts. He has nonetheless attacked the judge, prosecutor and justice system.

NYTimes GlobalJun 21, 2024
260 McNuggets? McDonald's Ends A.I. Drive-Through Tests Amid Errors
Ordering mistakes frustrated customers during nearly three years of tests. But competitors like White Castle and Wendy's say their A.I. ordering systems have been highly accurate.

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 21, 2024
12 horns and a spiky crown: A new dinosaur so unusual scientists named it Loki
Anyone wandering 78 million years ago through the swamplands of modern day Montana may have come across a dinosaur so unusual that scientists have likened it to the god of mischief himself.

ABC NewsJun 21, 2024
WATCH: Chinese coast guard collides with Philippine ship in disputed South China Sea
Chinese coast guard sailors were seen with long knives and machetes, swarming Philippine vessels on a resupply mission.

NewsweekJun 21, 2024
Russia's Suspected Spy Ship Fleet in North Sea Raises Cold War Era Fears
Russian civilian ships have been linked to spying on infrastructure in the North Sea since 2014.

CNBC World NewsJun 21, 2024
The stock market is in its longest stretch without a 2% sell-off since the financial crisis
Wall Street's rise to record highs has come with very little volatility.

NYTimes GlobalJun 21, 2024
Nathan Hare, 91, Dies; Founded the First Black Studies Program
Seeking to bring the ideas of Black power into the classroom — and coining the term "ethnic studies" — he clashed with a university as well as allies on the left.

NewsweekJun 21, 2024
Elephant Kills 64-Year-Old US Tourist in Latest Attack
An American tourist became the second visitor to Zambia to be killed at random by an elephant as attacks grow in the region.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJun 21, 2024
UK's richest family convicted of exploiting servants
Four family members were given prison sentences ranging from four to four-and-a-half years.

NYTimes GlobalJun 21, 2024
Ángeles Flórez Peón, Spanish Civil War's Last Militiawoman, Dies at 105
She was revered as an essential guardian of the country's memory of war and repression long after the Franco dictatorship.

BBC Front PageJun 21, 2024
Letby told police she did not dislodge baby's tube
The trial of Lucy Letby, who denies attempted murder, hears extracts of her interviews with police.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJun 21, 2024
Electioncast: Laura Kuenssberg and Adam Fleming answer your questions
Adam and Laura answer your election questions

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 21, 2024
U.S. tourist killed in Zambia elephant attack, the second this year
JOHANNESBURG — A U.S. tourist was killed by an elephant in the Zambian city of Livingstone Wednesday — in the second such attack in the country this year — local officials said.

CBC Top StoriesJun 21, 2024
Canadian men's soccer team 'deeply disturbed' after player targeted with online racist abuse
Canada's impressive performance in a 2-0 loss to top-ranked Argentina at Copa America has come at a cost, with Canada Soccer saying one of its players was a victim of online racial abuse following Thursday's match in Atlanta.

CNBC World NewsJun 21, 2024
Putin says Russia is ramping up its nuclear arsenal — and is open to security talks with NATO states
Russia is ready to hold security talks with NATO states, President Vladimir Putin said, while affirming Moscow's plans to ramp up the national nuclear arsenal.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJun 21, 2024
Baby killed by pet dog identified by police
Police are "satisfied" that no criminal offences have been committed in relation to the dog attack.

CNBC World NewsJun 21, 2024
Forever 21 seeks rent concessions as fast-fashion brand faces financial woes
Forever 21 is seeking rent concessions as it struggles to compete with savvier upstarts and manage its store portfolio.

CBC Top StoriesJun 21, 2024
OPP investigating after finding 4 people dead in rural Harrow, Ont., home
Ontario Provincial Police are investigating the deaths of four people at a home near Harrow, saying there's no imminent threat to the public but to keep on top of personal safety.

ABC NewsJun 21, 2024
US tourist killed in Zambia elephant attack, the second this year
Zambian officials say a U.S. tourist has been killed by an elephant in the city of Livingstone, the second such attack in the country this year

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 21, 2024
Putin does not rule out supplying high-precision weapons to North Korea
Russian President Vladimir Putin added to the tension in the Korean Peninsula, which he described as "smoldering," by saying Russia would be prepared to supply new weapons to North Korea and warning South Korea from arming Ukraine.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJun 21, 2024
Wales sack manager Page
Wales sack manager Rob Page following the team's failure to qualify for Euro 2024 and recent poor performances.

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 21, 2024
The far-right is on the verge of power in France, but faces an unexpected opponent: Soccer stars
At Euro 2024, France's football players including Kylian Mbappe and Marcus Thuram are taking a stand against the far-right of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella's Rassemblement National after President Macron called a snap election.

NYTimes GlobalJun 21, 2024
Neighbors Fight Affordable Housing, but Need Libraries. Can't We Make a Deal?
An uplifting new library in Manhattan comes with 12 floors of subsidized apartments. It's a clever way to find community support for housing.

FT.com - Comment & AnalysisJun 21, 2024
Crisis memory, geopolitics and the risks of financial contagion
The question of how well we can deal with shocks in our future is not at all clear

BBC News Front Page | WorldJun 21, 2024
The inside story of Page's rise and fall as Wales boss
From World Cup highs to crushing lows and off-field disharmony, BBC Sport Wales delves into Rob Page's exit as Wales boss.

ABC NewsJun 20, 2024
Netanyahu responds after WH again denies it's withholding weapons in war with Hamas
The response comes after the White House said they "genuinely" don't know what Netanyahu is talking about in a video claiming the administration is withholding weapons.

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 20, 2024
Philippines accuses China of slashing naval boat in South China sea
Video released by the armed forces of the Philippines appears to show Chinese vessels surrounding and slashing a Filipino boat in the South China Sea. This is the latest clash between the two countries in the waterway.

ABC NewsJun 20, 2024
US bans Russian cybersecurity software amid threat of influence operation
Concerns about Kaspersky were raised as far back as 2017.

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 20, 2024
Philippines demands China pay for damage after hostilities in disputed sea
The Philippine military chief demanded that China return rifles seized by the Chinese coast guard in a disputed shoal and pay for damages in an assault.

Int'l Herald TribuneJun 20, 2024
Attack of Jewish Girl Spurs Tensions Over Antisemitism in France
The alleged rape of a 12-year-old Jewish girl is inflaming an already tense and divisive situation.

Int'l Herald TribuneJun 20, 2024
Climate Protesters Arrested After Spraying Stonehenge With Orange Paint
Two climate protesters sprayed the powder onto the ancient stones on Wednesday, as the Summer Solstice was to be celebrated at the English site, a popular destination on the longest day of the year.

Climate activists vandalize jets and Stonehenge as summer travel soars (Christian Science Monitor--world)

MSNBC Int'l NewsJun 20, 2024
2 boys accused of raping 12-year-old Jewish girl in an act that has sparked outrage in France
Two adolescent boys in a Paris suburb have been given preliminary charges of raping a 12-year-old girl and religion-motivated violence, French authorities said.

NPR Topics: NewsJun 20, 2024
Some of the best men's soccer teams collide at the UEFA European Championship
NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with soccer writer Dermot Corrigan about the latest action at the men's Euro Cup 2024.

NYT Middle EastJun 20, 2024
Netanyahu's Growing Rift With Israel's Military Raises Questions About Gaza War's Future
Their tensions, which have grown quietly for months, reached a new peak this week when the military's chief spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, made unusually blunt comments.

Newly-secured U.S. military assistance flows into Ukraine amid Russian advance (NPR Headline News)

CNBC World NewsJun 19, 2024
CNBC Daily Open: Russia-North Korea defense pact
Russia and North Korea signed a "comprehensive strategic partnership" deal, including a mutual defense pact, during Putin's first state visit to North Korea.

NPR Topics: NewsJun 19, 2024
A clean up service will deal with shooting aftermath to minimize community trauma
Philadelphia has hired a service to clean up after violent shootings outdoors. The idea is to minimize community trauma when neighbors do the cleaning themselves or firefighters hose away the blood.
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