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Yahoo TechnologyApr 15, 2024
Global iPhone shipments drop nearly 10% as Apple's 2024 woes continue

Apple Further Explains Why Game Boy Emulator iGBA Was Removed From App Store (Mac Rumors)
Move Over, Apple: Samsung Steals Back the Top Spot in the Smartphone Market - CNET (CNET News)

EngadgetApr 15, 2024
Samsung awarded $6.4 billion CHIPS Act grant to build 'semiconductor ecosystem' in Texas
The Biden administration just announced a preliminary agreement to award Samsung up to $6.4 billion in grants as part of CHIPS Act funding. This money will complement the $44 billion in private investment that the company has promised to spend in the state to build a "semiconductor ecosystem."

This money will be spent to finish a "leading-edge" campus in Taylor, Texas that will focus on research and development of advanced logic technologies, manufacturing and, perhaps most importantly, packaging. When it comes to chips, packaging refers to providing power, inputs and outputs. It's a highly specialized process that's typically done overseas, which means that even chips built on US soil have to get shipped to another country and then mailed back. Samsung's dedicated packaging facility should eliminate some of these headaches and strengthen the overall supply chain.

The money will also go toward an expansion of Samsung's pre-existing facility in Austin. Taylor and Austin are only 40 minutes away from one another, leading the Biden administration to suggest that the combination of both facilities will turn "Samsung's existing presence in Texas into a comprehensive ecosystem for the development and production o

Samsung is once again the leader in global smartphone shipments (Engadget)
Samsung Regains Top Spot as Apple's iPhone Shipments Fall in Q1 2024 (Mac Rumors)

EngadgetApr 15, 2024
Rode's $90 MagSafe mount lets you attach pro lights and mics to your iPhone
Modern iPhone cameras are extremely capable video recorders, but typically require accessories like lights and microphones to ensure professional results. Audio gear manufacturer Rode just announced a pair of gadgets intended to simplify this process, so streamers won't have to build a cumbersome rig in the computer room or haul one to an outdoor space. 

The Rode Magnetic Mount is exactly what it sounds like. It's a MagSafe mount with a pair of connection points for accessories like the aforementioned lights and microphones. There are two adjustable cold shoe arms that allow people to use the phone in portrait or landscape mode. For the uninitiated, "cold shoe" refers to metal connection brackets that lack power, whereas "hot shoe" would refer to metal connection brackets that feature electronic contacts.

It's not just for iPhones, as any smartphone snuggled into a MagSafe-compatible case should work. The Rode Magnetic Mount is made from high-grade aluminum, so it's on the pricier side when compared to the endless barrage of similar products on Amazon. It costs $90 and begins shipping on April 24.

Rode Rode also announced the Phone Cage, which promises to "turn your smartphone into a professional filmmaking rig." This is basically a beefier version of the aforementioned accessory, with five col

iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 16 Pro: 30 Rumored Upgrades Compared (Mac Rumors)

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Best Internet Providers in Visalia, California - CNET
Most Visalia residents will only have one high-speed internet provider available at their address.

SlashDotApr 15, 2024
iOS App Store's First Game Boy Emulator Taken Down Just Days Later

GizmodoApr 15, 2024
Apple Pulls Game Boy Emulator From App Store
Apple approved the inclusion of game emulators to the App Store earlier this month, but one of the first popular Game Boy emulators has already been removed. Apple tells MacRumors that iGBA appears to be a knockoff, not of Nintendo, but of another emulator. Riley Testut, the developer behind a decade-old Game Boy…


Washington Post TechApr 15, 2024
U.S. gives Samsung $6.4 billion to build new chip factories in Texas
The subsidy is the latest wave of funding in the Biden administration's ongoing efforts to bring advanced computer chip-making capacity back to the U.S.

ResearchBuzzApr 15, 2024
Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool, Twitter, Google Docs, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 15, 2024
NEW RESOURCES South Dakota State University Extension: New digital Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool launches nationwide. "Important nutrients for soil health and crop production, phosphorous and potassium are key in commonly applied fertilizers. […]

CNET How ToApr 15, 2024
Save $300 on a Foldable RadExpand 5 E-Bike and Get a Free Battery - CNET
This folding electric bike is perfect for those who don't have a ton of space, and if you act fast, you can save big and score a free battery.

GizmodoApr 15, 2024
Tesla Cybertruck Hit With Stop-Sale Because of Unintended Acceleration: Report
This story originally appeared on Jalopnik.


Tesla Will Lay Off More Than 10% of Global Workforce (New York Times Tech)

New York Times TechApr 15, 2024
U.S. Awards Samsung $6.4 Billion to Bolster Semiconductor Production
The federal grants will support Samsung's new chip manufacturing hub in Taylor, Texas, along with the expansion of an existing site in Austin.

Singapore Car Startup Seeks Valuation of Over $1.5 Billion (Yahoo Technology)

PC World Latest NewsApr 15, 2024
Best gaming monitors 2024: Level up your display

Here are the best gaming monitors of 2023 so far. If you aren't sold on a gaming monitor, check out our recommendations for the best monitors overall or our roundup of the best 4K monitors for additional options.

Updated April 15, 2024: Check out our review of the Asus ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM. It's another excellent 32-inch 4K QD-OLED monitor. It doesn't quite match the top Alienware displays in HDR, but it does excel in connectivity.

Alienware AW3423DW - Best gaming monitor overall

CNET How ToApr 15, 2024
Taxes Are Due Today. Here's When You Could Get Your Refund Money - CNET
Tax Day 2024 is here, and for most of us, that means taxes are due. We'll help you learn how to track the status of your refund, if you're eligible to receive money back from the IRS.

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Water Heater Buying Guide: Finding the Right Option for You - CNET
In the market for a new water heater? Here's everything you need to know about this essential home appliance.

Fox Technology newsApr 15, 2024
6 things to do right now to boost your security, privacy before it's too late
Kurt "CyberGuy" Knutsson reveals the six top things to do right now before it's too late: Tech and life choices that can keep your safer on and offline.

EngadgetApr 15, 2024
Anker power banks and chargers are up to 57 percent off right now
Amazon has deals running right now on some of Anker's best power banks and chargers. The sale includes our favorite MagSafe-compatible power bank for 2024:

Wired NewsApr 15, 2024
Asus ROG Strix Scar 18 (2024) Review: Portable Powerhouse Gaming
The biggest, baddest Asus gaming laptop can tear through everything you can throw at it (including its battery).

Wired NewsApr 15, 2024
The Best Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts for Boosting Your Productivity
Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks for common tasks in Google Docs. You might be surprised at how much time you save.

PC World Latest NewsApr 15, 2024
Acer Chromebook 516 GE review: A cloud gaming powerhouse

Price When Reviewed$649.99

Best Prices Today: Acer Chromebook 516 GE Retailer Price

PC World Latest NewsApr 15, 2024
9 must-know Microsoft OneDrive tips: Get more from Windows cloud storage

Synchronization ensures that content is always up to date wherever you are. Photos, screenshots, and other files can be backed up automatically, files can be shared, browser settings and passwords can be synchronized, as well as — at least with Microsoft OneDrive — system and app settings.

get windows 11 pro for cheap Windows 11 Pro

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Haven't Received Your Child Tax Credit Money? Here's When Your Credit Could Arrive - CNET
If you're still waiting on your child tax credit money, we'll explain how you can track your refund status.

PC World Latest NewsApr 15, 2024
100GB of Amaryllo cloud storage is just $25 now

Amaryllo has been featured at CES and is a cloud storage solution that gives you flexible, secure resources for all of your storage needs. It offers an iOS or Android app, as well as a desktop software to support its zero-knowledge platform. You can rest assured your data is completely secure, and stay organized with seamless sharing and AI-powered tools for searching and making albums. You can even share your storage platform with up to nine family members or friends.

Get storage for the whole family for a one-time price. Now through 11:59 pm PT on 4/21, you can get a lifetime subscription to Amaryllo Cloud Storage for more than half off $59 at just $24.97.

Yahoo TechnologyApr 15, 2024
Apple's iPhone Shipments Drop 10% as Android Rivals Rise

GizmodoApr 15, 2024
Fallout Has a Phone Number You Can Call That's Either a Wild Easter Egg or a Critique of Capitalism
Have you finished binging Fallout on Prime Video yet? You need not have played the massively popular games that inspired the series to enjoy its blend of bonkers action, oddball humor, post-apocalyptic retro-futurism, and outrageous violence—but there are plenty of Easter eggs sprinkled throughout for fans of the…


EngadgetApr 15, 2024
Disney may add cable-style streaming channels focused on Marvel and Star Wars
Disney is reportedly planning to add linear cable-style streaming channels to Disney . According to The Information, the company wants subscribers to spend more time in the app and, by offering more viewing options, it may entice users to stick around. In addition, by running ads on these channels, Disney could boost its bottom line.

There are already a bunch of free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) services such as Roku, Pluto TV and Tubi. Last year, Warner Bros. Discovery brought FAST channels featuring its shows and movies to Roku and Tubi. Disney itself has some FAST channels inside the ABC.com app, including ones dedicated to General Hospital

Wired NewsApr 15, 2024
Donald Trump Poses a Unique Threat To Truth Social, Says Truth Social
A new SEC filing details all the ways that Trump Media thinks Donald Trump himself could be a major risk to the company.

CNET How ToApr 15, 2024
7-Piece Patio Set - CNET
One table & 6 chairs w/ arms.

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Nighttime Heartburn: Why You Have It and 5 Natural Remedies to Try - CNET
Heartburn often strikes at night, and when it does, it can make sleeping feel impossible. These five natural remedies can help.

CNET How ToApr 15, 2024
Last Call to File Your Tax Return. How to Get More Time to Pay Your Tax Bill - CNET
Don't panic. This CPA shares a few payment options you can explore.

CNET How ToApr 15, 2024
Best Air Purifier Deals: Save Over $200 on Select Purifiers From Your Favorite Brands - CNET
Air purifiers help you breathe easier but can be costly. Save a pretty penny with these deals that you can grab right now.

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Everybody's Playing Fallout -- Here's How to Get Fallout 76 for Free - CNET
Now that we all know the new Fallout TV show doesn't suck, it's time to play some of the games. For free!

CNET How ToApr 15, 2024
The First Blink Mini 2 Discount Slashes the Price to Just $30 - CNET
The smart security camera is now down to just $30, representing its first discount, for a limited time.

GizmodoApr 15, 2024
Trump Media Stock Price in Free Fall as It Files to Issue More Shares
The company behind Donald Trump's Truth Social has been public for just a few weeks, but the stock price has plunged 50% from its first full day on the market. Trump Media filed with the SEC on Monday to issue 21 million more shares of DJT stock, and made the first steps towards allowing Trump to resell some of his…


CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Last Week to Score Massive Savings During Best Buy's Outlet Sale - CNET
You only have until Sunday to snag some great deals on clearance, open-box and refurbished products from laptops to home appliances.

GizmodoApr 15, 2024
Lego's Star Wars Day Plans Include a Screaming New TIE Interceptor
It's only a few weeks until May 4, a.k.a. Star Wars day, and Lego is getting ready to tempt your wallet with the latest ship to join its Ultimate Collector Series fleet—or rather, rejoin, as the TIE Interceptor makes its way back to the line for a major update. Plus, it's joining some prequel friends!


CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
New Low: One of Our Favorite Wi-Fi 6 Routers Is Just $70 for a Limited Time Only - CNET
The TP-Link Archer AX21? is now 30% off at Amazon, but we don't expect that to remain the case for much longer.

CNET How ToApr 15, 2024
Best Foldable Phones in 2024: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, Z Flip, Moto Razr, Pixel Fold - CNET
Most mobile makers now offer a foldable phone. But these are the ones to actually buy.

SlashDotApr 15, 2024
Disneyland Adds 'Stars Wars' Touches (and New Droids) for 'Season of the Force' Event

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Are You an SSI Benefits Recipient? You Might Want to File Your Taxes in 2024 - CNET
If you receive Supplemental Security Income, you could still benefit from filing your taxes this year.

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Tax Day 2024. You May Want to File Taxes Even if You Receive Social Security: Here's Why - CNET
There are potential tax refunds available to recipients of Social Security benefits.

CNET NewsApr 15, 2024
Not Everyone Has to File Their Federal Taxes Today. Here's Who Gets Extra Time - CNET
Taxpayers in certain states and regions have received automatic tax extensions beyond April 15 from the IRS.

Gizmag Emerging TechApr 15, 2024
First known fractal molecule is a natural mathematical marvel
Fractals are a fascinating type of pattern for mathematics nerds, with their repeating, artificial-looking structures. Now, scientists have discovered the first known fractal protein - and it seems to be an evolutionary accident.

Continue Reading

Biology, Science

Protein, Mathematics,

ResearchBuzzApr 14, 2024
Bluesky, Airchat, Texas Education Agency, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, April 14, 2024
TWEAKS AND UPDATES Engadget: Bluesky now allows heads of state to join the platform. "Now that Bluesky has opened itself up to the public and introduced some new moderation options, the team's […]

Canada Government AI, Grok AI, Twitter, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, April 14, 2024 (ResearchBuzz)

CNET How ToApr 14, 2024
9 Natural Remedies for Soothing Anxiety Without Medication - CNET
These tried-and-true tips will help you relieve anxiety naturally.

Gizmag Emerging TechApr 14, 2024
Japan to build NASA a pressurized Moon campervan for 30-day trips
When NASA returns to the Moon, its astronauts will enjoy tooling around in a pressurized camper van courtesy of JAXA and Toyota. The two-person vehicle is part of a US/Japan agreement that includes putting the first Japanese astronauts on the Moon.

Continue Reading

Space, Science


Washington Post TechApr 14, 2024
Small-time investors in Trump's Truth Social reckon with stock collapse
Trump Media shareholders have voiced doubt and fury over the company's plunging price. Some said they had invested thousands to show Trump their faith and support.

SlashDotApr 13, 2024
Japanese Astronauts To Land On Moon As Part of New NASA Partnership

Mac RumorsApr 13, 2024
Best Buy Opens Up Sitewide Sale With Record Low Prices on M3 MacBook Air, iPad, and Much More
Best Buy this weekend has a big sale on Apple MacBooks and iPads, including new all-time low prices on the M3 MacBook Air, alongside the best prices we've ever seen on MacBook Pro, iPad, and more. Some of these deals require a My Best Buy Plus or My Best Buy Total membership, which start at $49.99/year. In addition to exclusive access to select discounts, you'll get free 2-day shipping, an extended 60-day return window, and more.

SlashDotApr 11, 2024
Amazon Owes $525 Million In Cloud-Storage Patent Fight, US Jury Says

Mac RumorsApr 11, 2024
DuckDuckGo Launches 3-in-1 'Privacy Pro' Subscription With VPN and Personal Data Removal Tool
DuckDuckGo today announced the launch of Privacy Pro, a new subscription service that bundles three privacy-focused features together.

DuckDuckGo unveils a $10 Privacy Pro plan with a no-log VPN (Engadget)

Mac RumorsApr 07, 2024
Best Buy Introduces Record Low Prices Across Every 10th Gen iPad
Following a few notable discounts on MacBooks yesterday, Best Buy today introduced a sale on the 10th generation iPad, including numerous all-time low prices on the tablet. Prices start at $349.00 for the 64GB Wi-Fi model, and include $100 markdowns on both Wi-Fi and cellular devices.

Washington Post TechApr 07, 2024
Truth Social lost $58 million last year. Here's who made money anyway.
Trump's social network generated just $4 million in revenue last year, but the company's leaders stand to make millions in salaries, bonuses and stock.
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