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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. Noel Meyer
     (11/23/2017 4:20:53 AM)
     Message ID #294153

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Thanksgiving Day-
A day for Americans to give thanks for the bounty they enjoy.

A day for Americans to be thankful that despite the failures, the scandals, the un-fulfilled expectations, that this nation has enjoyed good luck and good fortune despite our government's best efforts to destroy that good fortune and Americans' best efforts to ignore the homeless, the elderly, the needs of the very young (just wondering how Republicans demands to stop abortion reconcile with Republican efforts to abort universal healthcare for as many Americas as possible?)

Thankful that unlike China, you can still breathe the air, drink the water and not glow in the dark thanks to the EPA, still another item on the Republican hit parade.

God must truly like Americans -- even when he stopped short of wiping out Puerto Rico, lack of Republican aid to that part of America as well as Florida and Texas is still trying to finish that destruction.

Sounds like the talk of some 'glass half empty' kinda guy. Not true.

Looking at what is spent by the government each and every day HERE compared to what is not able to be spent for the welfare of other nations, I AM GRATEFUL for at least the appearance of good luck and good fortune and I AM THANKFUL that despite our collective best efforts against our own prosperity, America is still the best this world has .
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