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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. Noel Meyer
     (12/7/2017 9:31:52 AM)
     Message ID #294854

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Domenick Aulozzi-

Trump recognized the Israeli claim that Jerusalem is their capital.

Trump talked to Taiwan after the election in ignorance or defiance to America's ONE CHINA policy.

"Noel, your ignorance is showing again. The president of the United States does not determine what city is the capital of any sovereign country. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel because that is what the people of Israel determined almost 70 years ago."

Domenick - YOUR IGNORANCE is showing. Just because a nation decides anything means nothing if the more powerful nations do not recognize the legitimacy of those decisions.

For years, DIPLOMACY mandated a policy by the US of not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital so that peace in the Middle East might be attained.

For years, REALITY dictated a ONE CHINA policy by the US towards recognizing Taiwan now that mainland China, nuclear China made defending Taiwan against mainland China too expensive and dangerous.

The US does not recognize mainland China's claims of sovereignty in the South China sea regardless of what mainland China claims or has determined.

So pounce away, twist and attack the messenger if you wish, I find such delusions as yours amusing were it not leading this nation to defeat and oblivion.
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