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How do you think 2019 will proceed now that democrats hold the majority in Congress.

Things will get worse--congress and Trump will stay in their corners and not compromise
Things will get better--compromise will be imperative or all will lose
I have another take

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7621. Noel Meyer
     (3/6/2019 5:45:49 AM)
     Message ID #327311

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Trump pushed staff to get Ivanka security clearance, sources say

"President Donald Trump pressured his then-chief of staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don McGahn to grant his daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump a security clearance against their recommendations, three people familiar with the matter told CNN."

Chris Wallace on Conway's 'non-denial denial' on clearances

"White House responds to report on Jared Kushner's security clearance, KellyAnne Conway explains her support for Trump's decision to give both Kushner and Ivanka a security clearance reaction from Chris Wallace, anchor of 'Fox News Sunday."

7620. Noel Meyer
     (3/5/2019 6:50:37 PM)
     Message ID #327302

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Intel Chiefs Panic As Trump Keeps Ignoring His Intelligence Briefings

"Donald Trump hates intelligence. He hates intelligent people. He hates science. He hates anything that makes him feel like he doesn't know everything on the planet. And he also, according to officials in the White House, hates his intelligence briefings. According to a new report, Donald Trump's intel chiefs, the people who compile this daily intelligence briefing that the president is supposed to be reading, they have had to resort to putting in even more charts and graphs and other visual aids because they can't hold the president's attention long enough during these meetings, which by the way, Donald Trump has already cut down on these meetings. And when he first took office, he wanted them to cut their intelligence briefings down to a single page that actually included lots of pictures on the one page. And even after doing that, these intelligence officials have admitted that that wasn't enough to keep Donald Trump's attention. So now they've gone to even more visual aids.

And I don't know exactly what visual aids mean, but I am assuming that these intelligence officers have to come into his office every morning. Stan, you know, kneel down behind the desk with little puppets and try to act out the daily intelligence briefing. Maybe that would keep this moron's attention for a few extra seconds. But as I've pointed out in the past, we've seen what happens when a president ignores his daily intelligence briefings that August 6th, 2001 memo Bin Laden Determined to strike in the u s ignored, not read by George W. Bush. Little over a month later, we all know what happened there. We know we have seen what happens when presidents choose to ignore this information. So intelligence officers are kind of freaked out right now, and rightfully so, because they say, we've got very big problems. We have North Korea that was hacking into our systems while you were meeting with Kim Jong Un, you probably need to understand that we have Chinese hackers trying to break into us institutions and computers.

You need to understand that these are things they mentioned in these reports when they talk about Trump not listening because according to them, the only thing he wants to talk about is economic issues. You know, finance, money, money, money, money. Yeah. Not Everything is, you know, green throughout the world, Mr. Trump, there are very real threats out there. Threats that could be neutralized or handled in a nonviolent way, but you have to actually pay attention to them before they become very real problems. We have people who do this. We can increase our cyber security and keep those hackers out before they ever even try to get in. But not if you don't pay attention. But Trump has no interest in that. So no matter how many visual aids are charts and graphs and cute little pictures they put in these intelligence briefings, Donald Trump is going to ignore it because he hates all forms of intelligence."

7619. Noel Meyer
     (3/4/2019 6:31:04 PM)
     Message ID #327230

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Melania Trump Says Donald Is Exempt From Her “Be Best” Campaign

"On Saturday, CNN spoke to Stephanie Grisham, who happens to be a spokesperson for Melania Trump's office who is also working on Melania Trump's Be Best campaign, her anti bullying campaign and a Grisham was explaining then Melania is gearing up. She's going to go on a three state tour. She could talk to three different, uh, grade levels, pre k, second grade, and fifth graders at, I think just a few different schools. And they were talking about how great the school schools, where these are award winning schools. So obviously Melania Trump's not going to go talk to any of the troubled school where kids really need to hear the Be Best message. She wants to go to the well to do, you know, maybe even private schools out there talk to the rich kids. It tell them to not bully. Well, you know what, I guess maybe her heart's in the right place with this.

So we don't want to criticize her too much for it, except for the fact that Melania Trump, since she announced this Be Best campaign all that time ago, uh, has repeatedly and properly taken heat over the fact that she refuses to condemn her husband for being the biggest bully in the United States today. You know, it's kind of hard to take you seriously when you say that we need to stop bullying when you refuse to even address the man who sleeps in the bed next to you every single night as being the biggest bully in the United States. You'd think maybe you could mention it to him over a Big Mac some time. Like, Hey, could you not be an asshole tomorrow? I have to go give a Be Best speech? Something simple like that. But no, you won't even do that. It's so rightfully so. CNN asked Grisham, Hey, uh, what's the deal with Donald Trump, right?

You know, we see his tweets, he's bit of a bully. How come he's not a part of this? And, uh, here's what Grisham, the spokesperson from Melania Trump's office had to say during the interview. She said, I think that honestly one thing doesn't have anything to do with the other and she is focused on helping children. She has said many times that her husband is an adult. He is president of the United States and he knows what he's doing. She's focused on Be Best focused on helping children. Children are the ones that are most impressionable. She's going to go out and do the best she can to help them succeed. Children are the ones who are the most impressionable. That is correct. So why not do something about the person who is impressioning upon them, the person that they should be looking up to. The president of the United States historically seen as you know, one of the most prestigious honors a human being can ever strive to achieve and we're letting him get away with bullying because while he's an adult, he's lost just who he is."

7618. Noel Meyer
     (3/4/2019 6:23:06 PM)
     Message ID #327228

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Evening news had it that TRUMP ordered FEMA to release funds to Alabama and to treat them as an A+ priority.

Evangelical extremists get the A+ treatment, while the brown, $hithole countries like Puerto Rico, Americans CITIZENS there, get little as possible aid and no Trump decree for "A+ treatment" for those Americans.

7617. SAMUEL G BOGORAD CEOExpressSelect Member
     (3/4/2019 3:40:03 PM)
     Message ID #327226

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Today trump ordered FEMA to release emergency funds to tornado stricken Alabama.
Is this a pretext for grabbing those monies for his wall, the suffering victims be damned?

7616. SAMUEL G BOGORAD CEOExpressSelect Member
     (3/4/2019 3:31:15 PM)
     Message ID #327225

This message is in response to Noel Meyer ( message id #327224 )  View All Related Messages

Noel, my friend, calm yourself. Remember of whom you speak: one of a group of the dumbest trump a§wholelicking so&so’s In , unfortunately , not only the United States , but worse, in Congress and government at large.
As an example, remember little jack horner ,who sat in a corner. Well, here’s ted crud .. er cruz, sitting in his alternative “fact” universe, who stuck his finger, with to much force ,up through his nose, into his skull and pulled out a chunk of HIS “ bat crap crazy.” Slimy cranium fillet. Now, Ted Cruz was referring to the alternative fact that the majority of Americans including Democrats do not want to shell out billions of dollars for Donald Trump's worthless, idiotic schemes, but in his derangement tries to blame everyone else for republican anti-Americanizem.

7615. Noel Meyer
     (3/4/2019 1:09:18 PM)
     Message ID #327224

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CPAC Creepy Ted Cruz Says Democrats Have Gone “Bat Crap Crazy”

"Republican Senator Ted Cruz thinks that Democrats have gone insane. And he said as much during his Friday speech at the CPAC conference that went on over the last few days. Uh, in fact, Ted Cruz doesn't just think Democrats are insane. He actually called them bat crap. Crazy. The exact quote from Ted Cruz is as follows. I think there's a technical description of what's going on. It's that Democrats have gone bat crap crazy. Now, Ted Cruz was referring to the fact that Democrats do not want to shell out billions of dollars for Donald Trump's worthless, needless and useless border wall. And that makes Ted Cruz very angry. And he thinks the Democrats because they don't want to waste $6 billion our bat. Crap. Crazy. Well, you know, ted, if you ask me, you want to know what I think is bat crap crazy. And I'm sure many members of your own family would agree with me here. Um, bat crap crazy would be bowing down before a man who literally insulted your entire family tree.

Uh, he called your wife very unattractive attack, a tact her appearance, um, implied that your father was somehow involved in the JFK assassination and repeatedly mocked you, berated you, and attacked you during the Republican primary and not just in the way that other Republicans attack each other when they're trying to run for the same office. You know, I just agree on this policy. He's bad on this. No, he was personally attacking you, your wife, your father, and any other member of your family that he could to me bowing down before this man and blindly supporting everything he does that his bat crap crazy. And I'm sure that your wife would probably agree with that. I'm sure she probably is not too happy that you refuse to stand up to Donald Trump when he was attacking her, when he was attacking your father, when he was attacking you.

You have become one of the most disgusting Donald Trump's suck ups sitting in the u s Senate today. This man absolutely verbally destroyed your family. And how do you get back at him by doing everything he wants you to do? You know that pathetic picture of you sitting in a phone call center calling people on behalf of Donald Trump tells us everything we need to know about your character. And that is that you have none. You have no integrity. All you care about is furthering your career and you don't care who's wagging. You have to hit yourself too. In order to further that career, everybody notices and everybody knows what's going on with you. And in reality, the only people that have gone back crap, crazy are the people who still think that you are a decent senator."

7614. SAMUEL G BOGORAD CEOExpressSelect Member
     (3/4/2019 9:07:45 AM)
     Message ID #327208

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Possibly THE most disgusting picture of this century...

7613. SAMUEL G BOGORAD CEOExpressSelect Member
     (3/4/2019 9:02:48 AM)
     Message ID #327207

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They're Running Out Of Options" - Farm Bankruptcies Surge To 10-Year High As Trade War Bites

Ain't No Family Farms Lost Due to the Estate Tax

Written by Dean Baker
Published: 17 April 2015
It's repeal the estate tax season, which means we are hearing all sorts of nonsense about how the tax forces people to sell their family farm or business. It should be self-evident that this is nonsense since no one owes a penny of tax on an estate worth less than $5.4 million. And, just to be clear, this is net of debt. If the "family farm" is worth $10 million, but comes with $5 million in debt, then the net worth is $5 million, meaning the kids get it after paying zero in tax.

But if you still think that families are losing their farms because of the tax, then it's worth going back to an old NYT story by David Cay Johnston. Johnston called the American Farm Bureau, a major lobbyist against the tax, and asked to be put in contact with someone who had lost their farm due to the estate tax. The Farm Bureau could not produce a single family anywhere in the country who had lost their farm as a result of the tax.

In short, families do not lose farms or businesses due to the estate tax. They lose them because the next generation doesn't feel like operating them. This is just one more story that politicians tell in order to justify reducing taxes on the very wealthy. The media should point this fact out.

7612. SAMUEL G BOGORAD CEOExpressSelect Member
     (3/4/2019 8:31:48 AM)
     Message ID #327202

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #327015 )  View All Related Messages

Like father like daughter, and son, and son-in-law, and associates, business partners, White House press secretaries and other staff and cabinet members and many many others.
Feel free to add to this list.
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