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1. Noel Meyer
     (12/1/2017 7:01:28 PM)
     Message ID #294579

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I realize you do not understand, never stopped you before, why let it stop you now. What the world is wondering how the value of words also escapes Trump and his people -- REALITY appears to be biting the Trumpetors in the a$$

America has become a world where one who is exposed as a LIAR 80% of the time believes in fake news, believes his words have no impact yet he wins the White House while other Americans exposed as hiding sexual abuse are condemned.

America, running out of UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREES at Christmas time. UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREES to go along with Trump's bizzaro world of fake news - news he simply disagrees with.

America the republic elected Congress. Republicans in the Senate give permanent tax cuts of 15% of BILLIONS to corporations (remember when corporations were classified as "people too"?) while only giving a pittance to Americans and then only for a limited time WITH the caveat that should the economy NOT GROW, that the people's tax cuts could be eliminated but not the corporations.

Still another member of Trump's inner circle caves to the facts of the crime, and yet Trump insanely says 'Nothing to see here'.

Robert - I realize you find reality "unintelligible" your posts show this each and every time you contribute.
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