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Do you think it's more effective to be for or against something or someone?

Something else what?

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1. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/31/2017 3:38:28 PM)
     Message ID #295918

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I'd reply more succinctly but your post (at least in this instance) doesn't deserve it.

And JFTR, my intellect already has far greater substance than I've used referring to Trump but in his case I've used all the substance necessary to describe the subject at hand.

2. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/31/2017 3:43:33 PM)
     Message ID #295919

This message is in response to Tams Bixby ( message id #295918 )  Back To All Messages

That's great Tams. Good for you. I guess it would just be tragic for anyone else.
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