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Market fundamentals: 2000 versus 2007
Whither the S&P 500? Comparing the market’s recent turmoil with its decline at the end of the dot-com boom can help investors assess what might come next.

When to break up a conglomerate: An interview with Tyco International’s CFO
Chris Coughlin explains how spinning off some of the company’s largest businesses was the key to ensuring its long-term growth.

How to choose between growth and ROIC
Investors reward high-performing companies that shift their strategic focus prudently, even if that means lower returns or slower growth.

A quiet revolution in China’s capital markets
Reforms that attracted little attention in the Western world mark a major step forward in the modernization of China’s capital markets.

Preparing for the next downturn
In a buoyant economy, the next recession seems far off. But managers who prepare during good times can improve their companies' chances to endure or thrive in the eventual downturn.

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