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BBC Front PageAug 20, 2018
Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani defends 'truth isn't truth' remark
Donald Trump's lawyer made the startling claim during a TV interview about the Russia inquiry.

The Note: Trump's truths hurt (ABC News)

Int'l Herald TribuneAug 20, 2018
Trump, Asia Argento, Elon Musk: Your Monday Evening Briefing
Here's what you need to know at the end of the day.

CNBC World NewsAug 20, 2018
Trump says 'most likely' to meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un again
Trump said he believes North Korea had taken specific steps toward denuclearization, despite widespread doubts about Kim's willingness to abandon his arsenal.

Exclusive: Trump says 'most likely' to meet North Korea's Kim again (Reuters World News)

Washington Post World NewsAug 20, 2018
Shooting at U.S. Embassy in Ankara leads to rare moment of U.S.-Turkey solidarity
The attack occurred as Trump and Erdogan are locked in a feud over the fate of an American pastor detained in Turkey.

CNBC World NewsAug 20, 2018
Germany to trump Japan again with world's largest current account surplus: Ifo
Germany's current account surplus will remain the world's largest for the third year running in 2018 at $299 billion, according to Ifo.

CNBC World NewsAug 20, 2018
Trump says he doesn't expect much from China trade talks this week
Trump in an interview said that he has "no time frame" for ending the trade dispute with China.

Int'l Herald TribuneAug 20, 2018
U.S. Criticism of ‘Suspected' Nuclear Sites May Derail Talks, North Korean Media Warns
North Korean officials urged President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to push aside hard-liners and move ahead with diplomacy.

NPR Topics: NewsAug 20, 2018
Another Wave Of Ex-National Security Officials Criticizes Trump
For the third time in recent days, former national security officials have signed a letter objecting to President Trump's decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan.

BBC News Front Page | WorldAug 20, 2018
Trump vows 'no concessions' to Turkey over US pastor
"I think they're making a terrible mistake," he says of Turkey's refusal to free Pastor Andrew Brunson.

Int'l Herald TribuneAug 20, 2018
Trump Complains About Fed Chairman's Raising of Interest Rates
At a fund-raiser in the Hamptons, President Trump said that he had expected Jerome H. Powell to adhere to an easy-money monetary policy, by keeping interest rates low, when he nominated him.

Trump 'Not Thrilled' With Fed Chairman Over Interest Rate Hikes (NPR Headline News)

Washington Post World NewsAug 20, 2018
Manafort jury ends third day of deliberations
The six-woman, six-man panel is weighing 18 bank fraud and tax charges against Trump's ex-campaign chairman.

NPR Topics: NewsAug 20, 2018
Trump Calls ICE Opponents 'Big Loudmouths,' Praises Agents As 'Great Patriots'
At the White House ceremony, Trump also asked an agent, Adrian Anzaldua, who discovered a truck containing about 80 immigrants to speak. "He speaks perfect English," Trump noted.

Trump calls on Hispanic-American officer, saying he 'speaks perfect English' (ABC News)

CBC Top StoriesAug 20, 2018
Manafort jury ends 3rd day of deliberations in fraud trial
Federal prosecutors in the trial in Alexandria, Va., allege that Manafort hid tens of millions of dollars in foreign income. They also say he lied on loan applications to obtain millions more to maintain a lavish lifestyle.

ABC NewsAug 20, 2018
Trump taunts former CIA director to sue over revoked security clearance
Brennan said he might go to court to "prevent these abuses in the future."

Int'l Herald TribuneAug 20, 2018
Trump Attacks Justice Dept. Official, and Sessions for Not Firing Him
President Trump issued a subtle challenge to the attorney general to fire Bruce Ohr, a civil servant who is on a list of people the president was considering stripping of their security clearances.

NPR Headline NewsAug 20, 2018
As The President Tweets Attacks, Melania Trump Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying
In her speech, the first lady said children are often "more aware" than adults about the risks and benefits of social media.

Melania Trump Called for Good Behavior on Social Media. The President Unleashed More Attacks on Twitter. (Int'l Herald Tribune)
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