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Int'l Herald TribuneNov 18, 2018
Rick Scott Wins Florida Senate Race After Recount
Senator Bill Nelson, a three-term Democrat, lost his Senate seat to Florida's current Republican governor in a tight race.

Republican Rick Scott Defeats Bill Nelson For Florida Senate Seat (NPR Headline News)

BBC Front PageNov 18, 2018
California wildfires: Finland bemused by Trump raking comment
The Finnish leader is not sure where Donald Trump got the idea that Finland rakes its forest floors.

Finland's president rakes memory for source of Trump remark (MSNBC Int'l News)

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 18, 2018
With Sunken Argentine Sub Found, Families Demand Loved Ones' Remains
"It's not something I want — it's something I need," the mother of one of the lost sailors declared.

Painting found in Romania studied as possibly stolen Picasso (ABC News)

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 18, 2018
Europe Edition: Brexit, Camp Fire, Disney: Your Monday Briefing
Here's what you need to know to start your day.

'Tragic illusion' to think can remedy Brexit deal with future relationship: UK's Johnson (Reuters World News)

ABC NewsNov 18, 2018
After long recount, Gov. Rick Scott wins Florida Senate race
Nearly two weeks after Election Day, Republican Gov. Rick Scott has won Florida's Senate race.

BBC Front PageNov 18, 2018
Migrant caravan: Mexican border city Tijuana protests arrival
Tijuana residents take to the streets after the arrival of the first members of a migrant caravan.

Tijuana protesters chant 'Out!' at migrants camped in city (ABC News)

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 18, 2018
U.S. and China Square Off on Trade, and APEC Nations Duck for Cover
The clash between President Xi Jinping and Vice President Pence left the gathering of 21 nations in Papua New Guinea in disarray, and worried.

APEC fails to reach consensus as US-China divide deepens (CNBC World News)

CNBC World NewsNov 18, 2018
Yemen's Houthis halt missile attacks on Saudi coalition
Yemen's Houthi movement said on Monday it was halting drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and their Yemeni allies, responding to a demand from the United Nations.

MSNBC Int'l NewsNov 18, 2018
Protesters in Tijuana, Mexico, oppose migrant caravan
"We're sounding like Trump's America here in Mexico," said Francis Belmontes, who doesn't want the Central Americans in the border city.

BBC Front PageNov 18, 2018
Women's World Twenty20: 'It's so close, it's unreal' England's Amy Jones has lucky escape
England's Amy Jones has a lucky escape as the ball hits her stumps without removing the bails during the Women's World Twenty20 tie against West Indies. - EuropeNov 18, 2018
Trump suggests Khashoggi killing may never be solved
President's comments come after reports CIA concluded crown prince gave the order

Trump says final report on Khashoggi killing expected in a few days (MSNBC Int'l News)

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 18, 2018
Editorial Observer: Go Ahead, Democrats. Fight Over Nancy Pelosi.
Just get it out of your systems now, please.

Reuters World NewsNov 18, 2018
Hong Kong's 'Occupy' leaders plead not guilty to public nuisance charges
Three leaders of Hong Kong's 2014 civil disobedience "Occupy" movement pleaded not guilty to public nuisance charges at a packed court in the Chinese-ruled city on Monday where more than 100 protesters rallied in support of the activists.

Hong Kong starts trial for 9 accused in 2014 Occupy protests (Washington Post World News)
Hong Kong 'Occupy' leaders plead not guilty as protesters rally (Reuters World News)

Reuters World NewsNov 18, 2018
More than 100 protesters rally at Hong Kong 'Occupy' leaders' trial
More than 100 protesters rallied outside a Hong Kong court early on Monday in support of three leaders of the Chinese-ruled city's 2014 civil disobedience "Occupy" movement who face charges related to public nuisance.

BBC News Front Page | WorldNov 18, 2018
Letter from Africa: Sudan's fashion police shave off afros
Journalist Zeinab Mohammed Salih looks at the contentious issue of fashion in Islamic-ruled Sudan.

Reuters World NewsNov 18, 2018
UK has intense week of Brexit negotiations ahead: PM May
Britain has an intense week of Brexit negotiations ahead in which it expects to finalize the details of its outline future relationship with the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May will say on Monday.

BBC News Front Page | WorldNov 18, 2018
US mid-terms: Rick Scott wins contested Florida Senate race
Democratic Senator Bill Nelson concedes after a fraught and protracted recounting process. - EuropeNov 18, 2018
Republicans extend Senate majority with Florida win
Rick Scott pips Democrat Bill Nelson after contentious recount

Washington Post World NewsNov 18, 2018
Scattered tax protests persist in France; injuries up to 409
Grassroots protests over hikes in taxes on diesel fuel and gasoline have continued in France, though on a far smaller scale than ones a day earlier that paralyzed traffic around the country

NPR Topics: NewsNov 18, 2018
Six Years After Museum Heist, Missing Picasso Possibly Found In Romania
Thieves entered Rotterdam's Kunsthal in 2012 and made off with seven paintings, allegedly later burned in an oven by the ringleader's mother. Now the story has taken another strange turn.

BBC Front PageNov 18, 2018
Yellow vests: Hundreds injured as France fuel protests continue
Protests against rising fuel prices spill into Sunday after almost 300,000 took to the streets.

MSNBC Int'l NewsNov 18, 2018
Picasso painting stolen six years ago resurfaces in Romania
The painting was initally stolen in a heist along with six other paintings by Matisse, Monet and others.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 18, 2018
Florida Recount Deadline Passes; Scott Calls On Nelson To Concede
The results are not expected to significantly change the dynamic of the contested Senate race, in which Republican Gov. Rick Scott leads Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

BBC News Front Page | WorldNov 18, 2018
Root wants England to be 'trendsetters' after series win in Sri Lanka
Joe Root says he wants his England team to "set the trend instead of following suit" after winning the Test series in Sri Lanka.

BBC News Front Page | WorldNov 18, 2018
Karachi Press Club: Shock as authorities raid ‘island of freedom'
A raid on the Karachi Press Club breaches a decades-old truce with authorities, writes M Ilyas Khan.

ABC NewsNov 18, 2018
Relentless California wildfires leave 80 dead, over 1,200 others still missing
More than 1,000 people are unaccounted for in California as deadly wildfires continue to burn at both ends of the state.

ABC NewsNov 18, 2018
Netanyahu takes on defense post amid call for early polls
Netanyahu takes defense minister portfolio, rejects calls to dissolve government

BBC News Front Page | WorldNov 18, 2018
Yemen war: Houthis 'halting drone and missile strikes'
The rebel group says it is halting drone and missile strikes against the Saudi-led coalition.

Houthis ready for ceasefire if Saudi-led coalition 'really want peace' (CNN World)

BBC Front PageNov 18, 2018
Jamal Khashoggi: Trump won't listen to 'terrible' murder recording
He says he was briefed on a recording of the murder, but will not listen to the "terrible tape" himself.

Trump does not want to hear tape of 'vicious' Khashoggi murder (Reuters World News)

CNBC World NewsNov 18, 2018
Israel's Netanyahu to give statement amid signs of early election, coalition troubles
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a televised statement on Sunday after making a last-ditch effort to avoid the collapse of a coalition government .

CNN WorldNov 18, 2018
APEC summit wraps with no joint statement amid US-China discord
For the first time in its 25-year history, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit ended Sunday with its leaders failing to agree on a formal joint statement.

CNBC World NewsNov 18, 2018
Survey: Wealthy investors think the bull market is coming to an end, but they don't blame politics
Investors with more than $1 million in the market haven't changed their view of stocks after the midterm election results, but bullishness is still coming down.

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 18, 2018
Bloomberg Gives $1.8 Billion to Johns Hopkins for Student Aid
The donation would underwrite "need-blind" admissions and eliminate the need for low- and moderate-income students at the university to take out loans.

NPR Headline NewsNov 18, 2018
Serving Time, And Fighting California Wildfires For $2 A Day
Close to 1,500 inmates have been sent to battle the wildfires in Northern California.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 18, 2018
Virginia Could Be The State To Give Women Equal Rights Nationwide
A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers in Virginia is working to make the state the 38th and final state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 18, 2018
Michael Bloomberg Gives $1.8 Billion To Financial Aid At Johns Hopkins University
The donation is the largest individual gift ever made to a single university and is designed to allow the school to be need-blind and loan-free.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 18, 2018
Trump Says Of Midterm Losses, 'My Name Wasn't On The Ballot'
President Trump refused to admit any defeat in the midterm elections but in a rare move, acknowledged he made a mistake, and should have visited Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day.

BBC News Front Page | WorldNov 18, 2018
Games played: 11; trophies won: 12 - the most successful third-choice keeper of all time?
Meet Paulo Lopes, a Benfica "idol" who won more trophies than he played games.

WSJ World NewsNov 17, 2018
Trump Says Report on Khashoggi Killing Coming Soon
President Trump said he spoke with CIA Director Gina Haspel and that a full U.S. report on the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi would be completed early in the coming week.

NPR Headline NewsNov 17, 2018
Missing Argentine Submarine Found In Deep Ocean Ravine
The submarine had 44 crew members when it lost contact with Argentina's military. Its disappearance has prompted protests by family members of those on board.

Washington Post World NewsNov 17, 2018
Migrants get cool reception in Mexican border town
Many of the nearly 3,000 migrants who have reached the border with California say they do not feel welcome in the Mexican city of Tijuana
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