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EngadgetMar 24, 2018
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica hit with first state lawsuit
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are already dealing with numerous private lawsuits over non-consensual data sharing, but they now have to grapple with a state-level lawsuit. Illinois' Cook County has filed a lawsuit against both companies accusing t...

Why We Finally Feel Betrayed by Facebook (Gizmodo)
Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls for Stronger Privacy Regulations Following 'Dire' Facebook Data Scandal (Mac Rumors)

Reuters TechnologyMar 24, 2018
India queries Cambridge Analytica over alleged Facebook data breach
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India has set a March 31 deadline for London-based political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to respond to a query on whether it was engaged to improperly harvest Facebook data on Indian citizens, the information technology ministry said.

New York Times TechMar 24, 2018
How Calls for Privacy May Upend Business for Facebook and Google
Internet companies were built on a model in which people gave up their information for free services. Now, that idea is under siege.

Siri, Alexa and That Google Gal Will Only Get You So Far (New York Times Tech)

GizmodoMar 24, 2018
Uber's Autonomous Test Cars Lagged Behind Competitors Before The Arizona Crash: Report
In the aftermath of the fatal crash involving an self-driving Uber vehicle and pedestrian 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg in Arizona last week, the company has come under extra scrutiny about its self-driving technology and how it's deployed. Now, a New York Times investigation details just how far behind Uber's cars were…


Uber's Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash (SlashDot)
Uber's Crash and the Folly of Humans Training Self-Driving Cars (Wired News)

Reuters TechnologyMar 24, 2018
Indian agency denies reported security lapse in ID card project
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The semi-government agency behind India's national identity card project on Saturday denied a report by news website ZDNet that the program has been hit by another security lapse that allows access to private information.

EngadgetMar 24, 2018
Apple's Tim Cook calls for tougher regulation of personal data
Apple has long positioned itself as a privacy advocate, but it's ramping up that stance in light of Facebook's data sharing with Cambridge Analytica. In a discussion at the China Development Forum, Tim Cook said that tougher, "well-crafted" regulati...

Timeline: Facebook and Google Under Regulators' Glare (New York Times Tech)

WSJ TechnologyMar 24, 2018
How to Reduce Your Exposure on Facebook, or Cut Ties Altogether
Here are the tools you need to turn off some of Facebook Inc.'s creepiest, snoopiest features, or end your relationship with the social network completely.

TechCrunchMar 24, 2018
Tim Cook addresses Facebook privacy, U.S./China relations at Beijing event
Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked of this year's China Development Forum in Beijing today with an address that hit on a number of hot button topics, user privacy concerns and a looming U.S./China trade war. The executive touched on privacy regulations, in the wake of a breech of trust that found Cambridge Analytica harvesting information from […]

ComputerWorldMar 24, 2018
The new social media imperative: Distance yourself
Elon Musk deleted the Facebook pages of both Tesla and SpaceX on Friday.

Should you and your company do the same?

Just like Musk, you have to guard your professional reputation — and the reputation of your company. That means you can't be associated with criminal, shady or pornographic social sites.

Establishing and maintaining a public, named presence on 4chan, for example, would not be a career-enhancing move for most executives; 4chan is discreditable.

But what about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

We learned something new this week about social networks that we didn't know before: Their reputations can change in an instant.

To read this article in full, please click here

Major GeeksMar 24, 2018
Windows Defender Definition Updates March 24, 2018
Update your Windows Defender if the automatic update fails.... [License: Freeware | Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista | Size: 41.2 MB ]

SlashDotMar 24, 2018
New York Councilman Proposes Bill That Would Grant NYC Workers 'Right To Disconnect'

Mac RumorsMar 24, 2018
Former Apple Sound Designer Discusses History Behind 'Sosumi', Mac Startup Tone, and Camera Click
In the late 1980s Jim Reekes began working as a sound designer for Apple, creating some of the Mac's most iconic sounds like the "Sosumi" beep, startup chord, and camera/screenshot click. In a new interview with CNBC, Reekes discussed the origins behind each of these sound creations, and what he thinks about the current audio design of Apple devices. Reekes has touched upon these topics before, but they remain interesting for anyone who might not have heard about this part of Apple's history.

GizmodoMar 24, 2018
iOttie's Popular Smartphone Car Mounts Are Back On Sale, Including a Qi Charging Model
iOttie's been turning out ultra-popular smartphone dash mounts for years, and several models are cheaper than ever in today's Amazon Gold Box.


CNET NewsMar 24, 2018
The 45 best Android games of 2018 - CNET
These are unequivocally the best Android games on the planet.

Best mobile games of 2018 - CNET (CNET News)

SlashDotMar 23, 2018
Apple To Unveil a Cheaper iPad Next Week At Its Educational Event

Prosthetics, Guide Dogs and Wheelchairs: Here Come Apple's Proposed Accessibility Emoji (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

SlashDotMar 23, 2018
Facebook Gets Hit With Four Lawsuits Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Mac RumorsMar 23, 2018
Quick Takes: (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X?
In addition to our standalone articles covering the latest Apple news and rumors at MacRumors, this Quick Takes column provides a bite-sized recap of other headlines about Apple and its competitors on weekdays.
— Steve H. (@OnLeaks) March 23, 2018

Apple hid an iPhone X bug on YouTube, and people noticed - CNET (CNET News)
AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite (for iPhone) (PC Magazine Reviews)

Wired NewsMar 23, 2018
How a Boise, Idaho Company Thrives in the Global Chip Business
Micron Technology is the only remaining US maker of DRAM, the short-term memory chips found in computers and smartphones.

Reuters TechnologyMar 23, 2018
China's Tencent loses $51 billion in market value in two days
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Tencent Holdings Ltd's shares fell more than 4 percent on Friday, wiping out around $23 billion of market value, after the Chinese internet firm's largest shareholder, Naspers Ltd , lowered its stake for the first time in 17 years.

Mark Gurman: Cheaper iPad to Debut Next Week, Sub-$1,000 MacBook Likely Not Ready Yet (Mac Rumors)
Tencent's Two-Day Selloff Wipes Out $52 Billion in Market Value (WSJ Technology)

CNET Most Popular ProductsMar 23, 2018
Electrolux Pure i9 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
The Electrolux Pure i9 sees and avoids potential obstacles while it cleans your floor.

TechCrunchMar 23, 2018
House and Senate put Zuckerberg on notice: "You are the right person to testify before Congress"
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been rather scarce lately, despite a host of woes besetting his company — but Wednesday he emerged from his cocoon to offer a limp apology, admit they had no control over data like that used by Cambridge Analytica, and that he "will happily" testify before Congress if he's the right person to do so.

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Spending bill signed by Trump paves way for 5G - CNET
The $1.3 trillion spending bill signed by President Trump Friday not only avoided a government shutdown, but also included a bipartisan effort to kickstart 5G deployments in the US.

GizmodoMar 23, 2018
Apple Proposes First Accessibility Emoji, Including Guide Dogs and Prosthetics
On Friday, Apple submitted a proposal to Emojipedia for a suite of new accessibility emoji. There are 13 in total, which expands to 43 when you take into account skin tone options. They include a guide and service dog, a person with a cane, a person in both mechanical and manual wheelchairs, a person signing, an ear…


Reuters TechnologyMar 23, 2018
Dropbox shares close up 35 percent in biggest tech debut since Snap
(Reuters) - Dropbox Inc's shares closed at $28.42, up more than 35 percent in their first day of trading on Friday, as investors rushed to buy into the biggest technology initial public offering in more than a year even as the wider sector languished.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMar 23, 2018
Venezuela oil workers clash with security officials in PDVSA cafeteria protest
By Alexandra Ulmer and Deisy Buitrago CARACAS (Reuters) - Angry Venezuelan oil workers demanding better benefits to counter crushing hyperinflation and food shortages clashed with security officials during a rare protest in the cafeteria of state oil company PDVSA's headquarters on Friday. Venezuela is home to the world's largest crude reserves but its creaking state-led economic model has all but collapsed, sparking four-digit inflation and long lines for everything from milk to medicines. Many struggling oil workers have kept mum for fear of losing their jobs and health insurance as President Nicolas Maduro's government takes an increasingly tough line on dissent.

Fox Technology newsMar 23, 2018
Elon Musk yanks SpaceX and Tesla's Facebook pages
Elon Musk ‘unfriended' Facebook on Friday, pulling the SpaceX and Tesla pages from the social network after he was challenged to do so on Twitter.

TechCrunchMar 23, 2018
Trump's new national security advisor has ties to Cambridge Analytica
Trump's third national security advisor John Bolton shares at least one thing in common with his first one, Michael Flynn: both men have ties to Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm at the center of a new Facebook privacy firestorm. In a new story, The New York Times reports that John Bolton's political action committee […]

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Apple proposes new emojis for people with disabilities - CNET
The iPhone maker offered up 13 new designs for review.

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Elon Musk deletes SpaceX, Tesla Facebook pages - CNET
When asked on Twitter if he'd delete the SpaceX page, Musk responded, "Will do." Then he did the same for Tesla.

Musk deletes Facebook pages of Tesla, SpaceX after challenged on Twitter (Reuters Technology)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMar 23, 2018
President Trump explains why he didn't follow through on threat to veto $1.3 trillion spending bill
On Friday, President Trump signed a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill into law. After signing it, he explained why he didn't veto the bill as previously threatened, citing the need to increase military spending.

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
2019 Volkswagen Touareg is high-tech forbidden fruit - Roadshow
VW's fanciest SUV will not come to the US, but China is its biggest market anyhow.

2019 VW Touareg goes all in on cabin tech - Roadshow (CNET News)

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Incoming US national security adviser used Cambridge Analytica - CNET
John Bolton's political action committee began working with the firm, now at the heart of the Facebook data scandal, soon after its founding.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMar 23, 2018
Freedom Caucus, Fox News Triggered Trump's Spending Bill Veto Threat
WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump on Friday signed a government spending

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Zuckerberg urged to testify to House committee - CNET
In a letter, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce calls on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to personally answer questions at an upcoming hearing.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMar 23, 2018
Killing of unarmed black man roils California's capital city
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by Sacramento police has roiled California's capital city, leading to a protest that shut down a freeway and delayed an NBA game at the downtown arena. Stephon Alonzo Clark, 22, died in a hail of police gunshots Sunday night in the darkened backyard of the home where he had been staying with his grandparents. Police say they thought he was pointing a handgun but they found only a cellphone nearby.

SlashDotMar 23, 2018
Spotify Says 2 Million Users Hacked Apps To Suppress Ads On Its Free Service

New York Times TechMar 23, 2018
Missed Connections: Craigslist Drops Personal Ads Because of Sex Trafficking Bill
The website said that the bill, which removes protections from liability for facilitating trafficking, made it too risky to maintain its personal ads.

WSJ TechnologyMar 23, 2018
Dropbox IPO Defies Market's Gravity With 36% Jump
Shares of Dropbox surged in their market debut, a sign of investors' thirst for a big-name tech initial public offering with solid growth prospects.

GizmodoMar 23, 2018
Optimistic NYC Lawmaker's Bill Would Make It Illegal for Your Boss to Make You Check Email After Work
Anyone who's had to read the words "circling back on this..." will appreciate a newly proposed bill in New York City.


Reuters TechnologyMar 23, 2018
Atlanta ransomware attack throws city services into disarray
NEW YORK (Reuters) - An Atlanta cyberattack has caused widespread city-run program outages and raised fears about the security of financial and personal data belonging to government workers, residents and others who have used online services provided by Georgia's capital city, officials said on Friday.

EngadgetMar 23, 2018
Apple won't livestream its March 27th education event
Apple's education event next week is a break in tradition in more ways than one. Not only will it take place in Chicago instead of the company's usual homestead in Northern California, it will also not be livestreamed. Instead, the video will only be...

WSJ TechnologyMar 23, 2018
New FCC Rule Would Step Up U.S. Fight Against China's Huawei
The FCC is considering a new rule to further curb the U.S. business of Huawei, making it harder for small and rural carriers to purchase gear from Chinese telecom-equipment makers.

Fear of China May Drive FCC to Punish Carriers for Using Huawei Equipment (Gizmodo)

TechCrunchMar 23, 2018
Dropbox CEO Drew Houston emphasizes user trust on IPO day amid Facebook's troubles
Dropbox made its public debut today, with the stock soaring nearly 40% on its first day of trading — meaning the company will now be beholden to the same shareholders that sent the company's valuation well north of $10 billion. As a file-sharing and collaboration service, Dropbox's first principle is going to be user trust, […]

Mac RumorsMar 23, 2018
What to Expect at Apple's 'Let's Take a Field Trip' Educational Event on March 27
Apple is holding its first event of 2018 on Tuesday, March 27 at the Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. According to invites sent out to members of the media last week, the event will focus on "creative new ideas for teachers and students."

Wired NewsMar 23, 2018
Craigslist Shuts Personal Ads for Fear of New Internet Law
The online classified site, and others, say they fear increased liability for content posted by others under law intended to curb sex trafficking.

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
CLOUD Act becomes law, increases government access to online info - CNET
The federal spending bill includes provisions that lower barriers to law enforcement requests for your emails, documents and other internet communications.

SlashDotMar 23, 2018
'What's Facebook?', Elon Musk Asks, As He Deletes SpaceX and Tesla Facebook Pages

Reuters TechnologyMar 23, 2018
Spotify says about two million users blocked ads without paying
(Reuters) - Spotify Technology SA said on Friday it uncovered 2 million users of its free service who had blocked advertising without paying, highlighting a potential revenue risk for the soon-to-be public company.

eWeekMar 23, 2018
Atlanta Hit by Ransomware Attack Impacting Multiple Services
Atlanta city systems have been impacted by a ransomware attack, though the CIO claims the city's cloud first approach has helped to mitigate the impact.

ComputerWorldMar 23, 2018
More Windows patches — and warnings about the Win10 1709 update KB 4089848
"Hey, Cortana." (Pause.) "Is my PC working yet?"

It's getting to the point that patches come flying out of Microsoft on any odd day. On most odd days, for that matter. Yesterday, Thursday, was no exception. On March 22 we saw all of these new patches:

Cumulative Updates for Win10 All three of the active versions of Win10 got cumulative updates — the second set in the past two weeks:

KB 4089848 brings 1709 (Win10 Fall Creators Update) up to Build 16299.334 - seems to have fixed the problem with the January Delta update KB 4088891 brings 1703 (Win10 Creators Update) up to build 15063.994 KB 4088889 brings 1607 (Win10 Anniversary Update) up to build 14393.2155 - this one's a bit surprising because 1607 is due to go off life support in a couple of weeks. We also got Servicing Stack Updates for two of the three active versions of Win10:

eWeekMar 23, 2018
Atlanta Counting on Backups, Cloud to Recover from Ransomware Attack
NEWS ANALYSIS: The attack in Atlanta is only the latest in a series of similar ransomware attacks that have crippled medical facilities, city governments and other critical institutions.

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
2018 Audi SQ5 is a techy hot hatch on stilts - Roadshow
If you're looking to balance your need for fun and your family's needs, the SQ5 isn't a bad way to go.

2018 Audi SQ5 review - Roadshow (CNET Reviews)

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Uber's driverless cars said to lag behind competitors - CNET
After a pedestrian is killed by one of the company's self-driving cars, documents show Uber's autonomous vehicle program might've been struggling.

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Bentley design boss teases upcoming electric flagship - Roadshow
Stefan Sielaff waxes enthusiastic about Bentley's future electric car plans and leaves us to wonder what it might look like.

SlashDotMar 23, 2018
FCC Chief Cites Concerns on Spy Threats From Chinese Telecoms Firms

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
FTC charges get-rich-quick coaches targeting Amazon - CNET
The watchdog agency alleges a scam by two brothers, Adam and Christopher Bowser, running the workshops business FBA Stores.

PC World Latest NewsMar 23, 2018
This week in games: Elder Scrolls Online heads to Summerset, Modern Warfare 2 remaster rumors
I've been at GDC all week, which means I haven't been able to keep a close eye on news. Lucky for me, there doesn't appear to have been much news to keep a close eye on in the first place. Which is to say: Yes, it was a slow news week.

Bethesda did announce a brand-new Elder Scrolls Online expansion though, plus Epic revived Paragon as a collection of assets for aspiring developers, Ubisoft finally dodged the Vivendi bullet, and rumors of a Modern Warfare 2 had me momentarily excited—until I heard there was no multiplayer. For shame, Activision.

This is gaming news for March 19 to 23.

Freebies I'm including this week's freebie mainly for novelty's sake. Most giveaways are stylish indie titles, old blockbuster action games, and the like. This week Humble's giving away a racing game, though! Okay, it's F1 2015, so not only is it old, it's also mediocre at best. Xbox controller support is essentially nonexistent too, which is another slight against it.

To read this article in full, please click here

CNET NewsMar 23, 2018
Lynk & Co teases 02 crossover before March 26 debut - Roadshow
It doesn't look much different from the 01 that debuted last year.

Uber sensor supplier says its tech isn't to blame in fatal Arizona crash - Roadshow (CNET News)

Washington Post TechMar 23, 2018
Lawmakers hope to use Facebook's 'oil spill' privacy mishap to usher in sweeping new laws
The Cambridge Analytica controversy has lawmakers wondering whether it's time for a comprehensive data privacy law in the United States.

U.S. lawmakers formally ask Facebook CEO to testify on user data (Reuters Technology)

Reuters TechnologyMar 23, 2018
China's Huawei Technologies reshuffles board for first time since 2012
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Smartphone maker Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] said it has elected a new board in its first reshuffle since 2012, shedding some light on the company's succession plans following speculation about the retirement of founder Ren Zhengfei.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMar 23, 2018
Exclusive: U.S. warship sails near disputed South China Sea island, officials say
By Idrees Ali and Ben Blanchard WASHINGTON/BEIJING (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy destroyer carried out a "freedom of navigation" operation on Friday, coming within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island built by China in the South China Sea, U.S. officials told Reuters. The operation, which infuriated Beijing, was the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as China's efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters. China has territorial disputes with its neighbors over the area.

Vietnam halts South China Sea oil drilling project under pressure from Beijing (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

GizmodoMar 22, 2018
Uber Has No Damn Business Testing Self-Driving Cars
An autonomous Uber prototype killed a pedestrian in Arizona, and a recently released video shows its minder being caught completely unaware and the car itself doing seemingly nothing to avert the crash. But when you look at the company's extensive track record of being irresponsible, exploitative and downright scummy,…


CNET Most Popular ProductsMar 22, 2018
Vivo V9 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
The V9 also packs in some AI photography-related smarts to help you get better shots.

SlashDotMar 22, 2018
Best Buy Stops Selling Huawei Smartphones

Best Buy has 'ceased ordering' Huawei smartphones (Engadget)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMar 20, 2018
Spanish businessman killed in Mexico City, woman shot in central mall
A 75-year-old Spanish businessman has died after being shot in the head in Mexico City, while a separate shooting in an upscale shopping mall on Monday led to the death of a young woman, authorities said. The shootings, which occurred in areas not generally marred by gun violence, were the latest incidents to weigh on the security record of the Mexican capital. Mexico City has tended to be less affected by the lawlessness plaguing sizeable stretches of the country.

TechCrunchMar 19, 2018
Selling data on millions ‘is the opposite of our business model,' says Facebook's Boz
Facebook's former VP of ads has weighed in on the ongoing disaster involving his company's apparent negligence in allowing data on as many as 50 million users to be used for nefarious purposes by Cambridge Analytica. In a post on (what else) Facebook, Andrew "Boz" Bosworth gave variations on the line we've come to expect from tech in these situations: They're not supposed to do that, and anyway how could we have known?

Mac RumorsMar 07, 2018
FaceTime Competitor Google Duo Gains New Video Messages Feature
Google Duo, Google's cross-platform FaceTime-style video calling app, was today updated with a new video messages feature that's designed to allow users to leave video voicemails whenever someone doesn't pick up a call.

Apple's Stock Price Reaches All-Time High Above $180 After Warren Buffett Praises iPhone Maker (Mac Rumors)
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