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Reuters PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Trump seeks end of Florida recount as Republicans' leads shrink
U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday urged Florida election officials to end a recount and declare his fellow Republicans the winners of disputed races in last week's elections as a judge urged both parties to be careful with unsubstantiated allegations of fraud.

Donald Trump Jr. tries to cast doubt on the vote in Florida by sharing an already updated story from 2012 (Washington Post Politics)

Politics - U.S. SenateNov 12, 2018
Inside the Republican Strategy to Discredit the Florida Recount
Dusting off their playbook from 2000, Republicans claim the recount is rife with fraud. But what's driving them is their narrow majority in the Senate and their need to deliver a win to the base.

News Analysis: Inside the Republican Strategy to Discredit the Florida Recount (New York Times Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Key Florida county prepares for recounts in too-close-to-call races
The recount has not even really begun in Broward County. Local elections officials worked furiously through the day Monday to separate out the first page of a voting ballot that ranges from four to seven pages, so that Broward County can begin machine recounts of the elections for governor and Senate, as well as the statewide race for agriculture commissioner. Broward is one of two counties during the statewide recount that is most under the microscope.

Reporter's Notebook: Florida recount nightmare grows as insults, protests and accusations pile on (Fox Politics)

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Nancy Pelosi calls on House Democrats to 'be unified' as speaker race looms
With House leadership races and an election to determine who will be the next speaker of the House of Representatives on the horizon, Nancy Pelosi is calling on House Democrats to "be unified."

A reader's guide to 12 Trump administration targets House Democrats are preparing to investigate (Washington Post Politics)

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Democrats flip Arizona US Senate seat with Sinema victory
Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema will win Arizona's US Senate race, defeating Republican Rep. Martha McSally and flipping a seat that had been in GOP hands for 24 years.

Democrat Sinema wins U.S. Senate seat in Arizona: media (Reuters Politics)
Sinema wins in Arizona as Democrats capture a longtime GOP Senate seat (Washington Post Politics)

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Defeated GOP lawmaker blames John McCain for Dem House takeover
A Republican congressman who lost his bid for re-election last week took to the op-ed pages of The Wall Street Journal last weekend to blame the Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives on the late Sen. John McCain.

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Fact-checking Trump's false claims about Arizona and Florida elections
President Donald Trump has made several false claims about the ballot-counting processes in both Florida and Arizona in recent days.

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Dozens of Dems mulling White House campaigns, as wide-open 2020 contest ramps up
At least three dozen Democrats are believed to be preparing for a possible bid to take on President Trump in 2020 — more than double the crowded field of 17 Republican candidates who fought in 2016 for the chance to face then-President Obama.

Politics - U.S. SenateNov 12, 2018
In Florida Election Standoff, Judge Urges Parties to ‘Ramp Down the Rhetoric'
Judge Jack Tuter refused to order the impounding of vote-counting equipment, but lawyers on both sides agreed on adding extra security at elections center.

Washington Post PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Rep. Jason Lewis blames House GOP defeat on John McCain
The Wall Street Journal piece by Lewis, who lost his seat last week, prompted criticism from McCain's daughter, Meghan, who called it "abhorrent."

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Florida county hit by hurricane accepted votes by email and fax, contrary to state rules
Some voters in a North Florida county hit hard by Hurricane Michael submitted their ballots by fax and email -- a practice that runs afoul of guidance issued by Florida election officials in October.

Republicans fan worries about voter fraud in Florida and other close contests (Washington Post Politics)

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Former Infowars editor says he expects Mueller indictment soon: 'My only crime was that I support Donald Trump'
Former Infowars Washington Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi said in a livestream on Monday that he expects to be indicted soon for perjury in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, which has already produced dozens of indictments since it began in May 2017.

Reuters PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Trump seeks end for Florida recount as Republicans' leads shrink
U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday urged Florida election officials to end a recount and declare his fellow Republicans the winners of disputed races in last week's midterm elections

BBC Talking PointNov 12, 2018
Brexit: Cabinet ministers 'voiced doubts over PM's plan at start'
Cabinet sources say multiple members of Theresa May's ministerial team spoke out against her plan.

Politics - U.S. SenateNov 12, 2018
Kyrsten Sinema Declared Winner in Arizona Senate Race
After a delayed count, Ms. Sinema scored a groundbreaking victory for Democrats in a state that has been a Republican bastion for decades.

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Florida judge admonishes both sides to 'ramp down the rhetoric' as recount heats up
The recount in Florida only began this weekend, but time is already bleeding away for election officials racing to meet the state's Thursday deadline to complete their work.

Washington Post PoliticsNov 12, 2018
A senator refuses to apologize for joking about ‘public hanging' in a state known for lynchings
Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Republican senator from Mississippi, said, "If he invited me to a public hanging, I'd be on the front row." Now, she's facing a backlash.

New York Times PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Fact Check of the Day: Trump Makes a Baseless Claim About ‘Massively Infected' Ballots in Florida
Without evidence, President Trump asserted that some ballots in Florida "showed up out of nowhere" and that others were missing or forged.

PoliticoNov 12, 2018
Mississippi senator deflects questions about 'public hanging' comment

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Jeb Bush joins Republicans calling for Brenda Snipes' removal amid Florida election chaos
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush added his voice to the growing number of Republicans calling for Brenda Snipes, the Broward supervisor of elections, to be removed from her post amid the controversy over the vote recount in Florida's pivotal races for governor and Senate.

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Nelson lawsuit seeks to count ballots received after Election Day
Lawyers for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson on Monday filed a federal lawsuit that claims Florida is disenfranchising voters by not counting mail-in ballots it received after Election Day.

Reuters PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Associate of close Trump adviser expects to be indicted by Mueller
An associate of Roger Stone, a longtime ally of U.S. President Donald Trump, expects to be indicted by the U.S. special counsel probing Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, he said on Monday.

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Trump, Pence miss Veterans Day observance at Arlington Cemetery
President Trump is spending Monday at the White House and had no plans to visit Arlington National Cemetery in northern Virginia as America observes the Veterans Day holiday.

On Veterans Day, Advocates Warn Against Pence & Trump-Led Attacks on VA Healthcare (Democracy Now)

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
This year saw the most people in immigration detention since 2001
Immigration authorities have detained a record number of undocumented immigrants this past year, according to data obtained from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

PoliticoNov 12, 2018
Pelosi warns against ousting a woman
She and her allies argue she can't be denied the speakership after Democrats seized the House on a wave of female support.

Pelosi moves aggressively to snuff out challenge to her bid for House speaker (Washington Post Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Conservative author and Stone associate Jerome Corsi said he expects to be indicted by special counsel for allegedly lying
The conspiracy theorist said that after two months of providing information to prosecutors, his cooperation "exploded" in recent weeks.

New York Times PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Fact Check: Trump's Misleading Claims About California's Fire ‘Mismanagement'
On Twitter, the president claimed that the state's wildfire woes are a result of poor forest management. The truth is more complicated.

PoliticoNov 12, 2018
Cummings urges reluctant Dems to back Pelosi for speaker if she wins caucus vote

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Just when you thought Cindy Hyde-Smith couldn't make her 'public hanging' comment any worse...
On Nov. 2, Cindy Hyde-Smith said something dumb.

New York Times PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Mississippi Senator's ‘Public Hanging' Remark Draws Backlash Before Runoff
Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, whose opponent is black, said she meant to convey respect, but a linguistics professor said the idiom had a negative connotation and fell out of use long ago.

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Trump tweets support for California firefighters after facing criticism for earlier post
After drawing the ire of firefighters in California for threatening to cut federal funding to the state amid the devastating wildfires, President Trump on Monday tweeted his support to the men and women battling the blazes in the Golden State.

Politics - U.S. HouseNov 12, 2018
We're Suing the Florida Governor. He Should Not Oversee His Own Election.
A growing number of government officials are misusing their office in egregious ways to try to tilt the electoral playing field in their favor.

Politics - U.S. HouseNov 12, 2018
In Michigan, the Best Candidates Just Happened to Be Women
For the first time, four of the top elected statewide officials will be women who ran on a broad range of issues.

Washington Post PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Top senator says Democrats will seek $720 million in wildfire relief for California
Sen. Patrick Leahy dismissed Trump's criticism blaming the massive wildfires on poor fire management.

PoliticoNov 12, 2018
POLITICO Playbook PM: Pelosi sends letter, says Dems ‘need to be unified'
And Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown tells the Columbus Dispatch he's mulling a 2020 presidential run.

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Florida recount efforts underway in multiple races: What to know about the process
As lawsuits and accusations of voter fraud fly around Florida, here is a look at everything to know about the recount efforts.

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
The Point: What Trump's fact-free claims about elections in Florida and Arizona tell us about 2020
President Donald Trump spent the weekend in Paris, but his Twitter feed is evidence that he kept a close eye on events stateside -- most notably the ongoing recounts in Florida and the still-uncalled Senate race in Arizona.

Fox PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Rick Scott insists he ‘won the election,' as recount chaos keeps Florida races in suspense
Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott insisted Monday he "won the election" while accusing incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of trying to "steal" the race from him, amid chaotic recounts in the sunshine state's Senate and gubernatorial races.

Washington Post PoliticsNov 12, 2018
The Energy 202: Republicans resist Trump's threat to cut funding over California's wildfires
"I don't think it's appropriate to threaten funding," said Sen. Cory Gardner.

Washington Post PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Back from Paris, Trump warns U.S. allies about military ‘protection'
The U.S. president said it is "massively unfair" for the United States to spend as much on troops abroad while running trade deficits with the same counties.

A Century After WWI's End, Adam Hochschild Cautions: "Think Long and Hard Before Starting a New War" (Democracy Now)
Emma Goldman, Eugene Debs, Jane Addams: Honoring Antiwar Resisters on the 100th Anniv. of WWI's End (Democracy Now)

Washington Post PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Trump calls for halting recounts in Florida races for governor and Senate
Trump's tweet came as Florida officials conducted recounts in three statewide races and ballots from overseas and miltary voters are still coming in.

CNN PoliticsNov 12, 2018
Associate of Roger Stone says he expects to be indicted by Mueller
Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi said Monday he expects to be indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller for "giving false information to the special counsel or to one of the other grand jury."

Politics - U.S. SenateNov 11, 2018
Uncounted Ballots, Overvoted Ballots: Why is the Governor Claiming Fraud in Florida's Election?
Questions swirl around the vote tally in Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott has filed lawsuits over the handling of ballots, alleging fraud. The truth is more complicated.

New York Times PoliticsNov 11, 2018
Trump's Nationalism, Rebuked at World War I Ceremony, Is Reshaping Much of Europe
As world leaders marked the 100th anniversary of the Great War's end, President Emmanuel Macron of France declared that "nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism."

The Daily BeastNov 11, 2018
ICE Is Imprisoning a Record 44,000 People
John Moore/GettyThe number of people detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement has hit an all-time high, according to recent statistics reviewed by The Daily Beast.

That massive increase in detentions by the highly controversial agency has prompted questions from rights groups about how Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) obtained the money to place into its custody 4,000 more people than Congress has funded. Earlier this year, when facing a similar shortfall, the Department of Homeland Security, ICE's parent organization, quietly moved nearly $100 million dollars out of other areas of its budget, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, prompting an outcry from a prominent senator.

That senator, Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley, told The Daily Beast it was unsurprising that the Trump administration was "exceeding historic high water marks of detainees to pursue their ideologically driven policy agenda." But Merkley, a member of the powerful Senate appropriations committee, demanded ICE account for how it had somehow found the money—something it and the Department of Homeland Security would not do in response to The Daily Beast's questions.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here

Politics - U.S. HouseNov 11, 2018
You Have a Right to Weariness
The struggle for goodness and decency is an eternal struggle, not a seasonal one.

CNN PoliticsNov 10, 2018
READ: Florida secretary of state announces recounts for 3 races
Florida's secretary of state on Saturday announced recounts in the narrow contests for governor, senator and agriculture commissioner. Read the statements below.

Yahoo PoliticsNov 04, 2018
Obama stumps for senator who supports Trump's wall
Former President Barack Obama campaigned for Sen. Joe Donnelly in Indiana on Sunday — despite some significant ideological differences.

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