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Yahoo PoliticsMar 23, 2023
House GOP Targets NYC Prosecutors Who Quit Over Trump Probe

CNN PoliticsMar 23, 2023
White House to disband Covid-19 response team in May
The White House will disband its coronavirus response team after the Covid-19 public health emergency ends in May, a current and former official said.

Yahoo PoliticsMar 23, 2023
Arizona court declines most of Lake's appeal over gov's race

CNN PoliticsMar 23, 2023
Trump's intensifying legal drama could drag America closer to historic precipice
Donald Trump's legal limbo appeared to get more precarious on Wednesday.

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Grand Jury Will Reconvene Thursday in Trump Hush Money Case

Trump lawyer ordered to turn over Mar-a-Lago case documents (Yahoo Politics)
Post Politics Now: N.Y. grand jury weighing possible Trump indictment did not meet today (Washington Post Politics)

CNN PoliticsMar 22, 2023
NY hush money grand jury will reconvene Thursday
The extraordinary legal peril surrounding Donald Trump is reaching a fever pitch at the same time the former president is forging ahead in a 2024 Republican primary that is increasingly dominated by criminal investigations in New York, Washington and Atlanta.

PoliticoMar 22, 2023
DeSantis cleans up earlier Ukraine comments, calls Putin a ‘war criminal'
"He's basically a gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons," the governor also said of Vladimir Putin.

DeSantis Calls Putin a ‘War Criminal,' Clarifying Earlier Comment on Ukraine (New York Times Politics)

BBC PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Chris Mason: Boris Johnson's political future hangs in balance
The verdict of MPs investigating Boris Johnson has the potential to finish him, writes the BBC's political editor.

Boris Johnson clashes with MPs over Partygate denials (BBC Politics)
Boris Johnson: Did MPs pierce the ex-PM's armour? (BBC Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Vote on Biden's pick to run FAA delayed amid GOP opposition

Biden administration plans revamp of organ transplant system (Yahoo Politics)
Senate committee delays vote to consider Biden's pick to lead the FAA (CNN Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsMar 22, 2023
TikTok CEO's mission: Fend off a ban. It may be a ‘death wish.'
The app's chief executive helped invest in the Chinese engineers who founded its parent company. Now, he's a lonely defender of one of Washington's most pummeled punching bags.

TikTok CEO to tell Congress the app is safe and secure and should not be banned (Yahoo Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Democratic Senators Urge The Biden Administration To Go After Ultrawealthy Tax Dodgers

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
GOP lawmakers aim to reshape education with Texas Parental Bill of Rights

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Michigan GOP sparks backlash after comparing gun bills to Holocaust

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Bank failures deepen debt ceiling stalemate on Capitol Hill as the clock ticks

CNN PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Michigan GOP faces backlash for tweet tying gun reform to Holocaust
The Michigan Republican Party sparked criticism Wednesday after the organization used imagery from the Holocaust to argue against what it says are Democrats' restrictive gun proposals.

CNN PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Arkansas governor signs bill that restricts transgender students' bathroom use in schools
Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday signed a bill into law that bars transgender people from using school restrooms that do not align with the sex listed on their birth certificate, the latest in a series of GOP-led legislative efforts to restrict LGBTQ rights in schools.

BBC PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Rishi Sunak paid over £1m in UK tax since 2019, records show
The UK tax was paid on earnings of more than £4.7m from income and a US-based investment fund.

Drudge ReportMar 22, 2023
China Acting Like Global Power...

(Second column, 12th story, link) Related stories:
Xi tells 'dear friend' Putin 'change coming that hasn't happened in 100 years'...
B-52 nuke bomber flanked by six Nato fighter jets in warning to Russia...
Prince William braves border to meet troops aiding Zelensky...

Drudge ReportMar 22, 2023

(Main headline, 1st story, link)
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Fed forges ahead with new rate hike, undeterred by bank failures (Politico)

BBC PoliticsMar 22, 2023
MPs back Rishi Sunak's new Brexit Northern Ireland deal
But former PMs Boris Johnson and Liz Truss joined 20 other Tory MPs and the DUP to vote against the agreement.

Democracy NowMar 22, 2023
The U.S. Owes Iraq "Just Compensation": Muslim Peacemaker Sami Rasouli on 2003 Invasion & Aftermath
As we continue to look back on the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, we're joined by Sami Rasouli, an Iraqi native who immigrated to the United States over 35 years ago and became a successful restaurateur and beloved member of the community in Minneapolis. After the U.S. invasion of his home country in 2003, he moved back to Iraq, where he founded the Muslim Peacemakers, a group that works to promote and practice nonviolent conflict resolution and intervention. Rasouli also founded the American Institute for English in Najaf, which was destroyed by a 2020 bombing. He is working on starting a new organization called the American-Iraqi Peace Initiative and currently resides in the U.S. with his family. The war in Iraq has "left scars and a visible legacy" among Iraqis, says Rasouli, who calls for "a just compensation" in the aftermath of the U.S. occupation.

Andrew Bacevich on China's Rise as Global Superpower & Decline of U.S. Empire After Iraq Invasion (Democracy Now)

CNN PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Justice Department convinces federal judge Trump used his attorney in furtherance of a crime in classified docs probe
The Justice Department has convinced a federal judge that former President Donald Trump used one of his defense attorneys in furtherance of a crime or fraud related to the existence of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Washington Post PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Top adviser to Youngkin moves to pro-DeSantis group
The move by Jeff Roe raises further doubts about Glenn Youngkin's interest in a 2024 presidential campaign.

Florida moves to expand ban on sexual orientation, gender identity teaching (Yahoo Politics)
GOP operative who advised Youngkin moves to pro-DeSantis PAC (Yahoo Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsMar 22, 2023
White House disbanding its covid-19 team in May
Jha to depart amid lower profile for pandemic that engulfed Biden's early presidency

Washington Post PoliticsMar 22, 2023
In case involving whiskey and a dog toy, Supreme Court misses the joke
The company that recast Jack Daniel's famous square bottle as a rubbery chew toy said the item is satirical and should be protected expression.

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Michigan GOP slammed for comparing gun reform to Holocaust

New York Times PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Jack Daniel's-Inspired Dog Toy Provokes Supreme Court Debate
The justices differed about whether the toy, shaped like a bottle of Jack Daniel's, violated the distiller's trademark rights or was protected by the First Amendment.

Supreme Court humors itself as it considers whether Jack Daniel's can stop a dog toy company from parodying its brand (CNN Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
US House Financial Services chair: too early to tell if new laws needed after bank failures

Yahoo PoliticsMar 22, 2023
White House Slams Crypto As Offering 'No Widespread Economic Benefits'

CNN PoliticsMar 22, 2023
Biden White House closely watching Federal Reserve following bank failures
All eyes are trained on the Federal Reserve as it prepares to announce another potential interest rate hike Wednesday afternoon -- exactly 10 days after the Biden administration stepped in with dramatic emergency actions to contain the fallout from two bank failures.

BBC PoliticsMar 20, 2023
Rishi Sunak: Pension tax breaks will cut NHS waiting lists, says PM
The prime minister says pensions changes will keep doctors in work, amid criticism they are unfair.

Democracy NowMar 20, 2023
"Catastrophic": Iraqi Writers Sinan Antoon & Feurat Alani Reflect on U.S. Invasion 20 Years Later
At around 5:30 a.m. local time in Baghdad on March 20, 2003, air raid sirens were heard in Baghdad as the U.S. invasion began. Within the hour, President George W. Bush gave a nationally televised speech from the Oval Office announcing the war had begun. The attack came on the false pretext that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction, and despite worldwide protest and a lack of authorization from the United Nations Security Council. We spend today's show with two Iraqis looking back at how the unprovoked U.S. invasion devastated Iraq and helped destabilize much of the Middle East. Feurat Alani is a French Iraqi writer and documentarian who was based in Baghdad from 2003 to 2008. His recent piece for The Washington Post is headlined "The Iraq War helped destroy what it meant to be an Iraqi." Sinan Antoon was born and raised in Baghdad. He is also a writer, as well as a poet, translator and associate professor at New York University. His latest piece appears in The Guardian, headlined "A million lives later, I cannot forgive what American terrorism did to my country, Iraq."

NYT Homeland Press ReleasesOct 11, 2022
Christina Bobb, a Trump Lawyer, Is Under Justice Dept. Scrutiny
Christina Bobb is a former Marine and a fervent believer that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald J. Trump. She went to work for him and quickly found herself enmeshed in an obstruction investigation.

Fox PoliticsJul 23, 2022
Pence, Trump headline separate rallies for competing Republican governor candidates Robson, Lake
Republican governor candidates Karrin Taylor Robson and Kari Lake each attended separate rallies in Arizona on Friday ahead of a primary election on August 2.
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