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BBC PoliticsDec 14, 2019
General election 2019: Boris Johnson thanks North for trusting Tories
Boris Johnson visits Sedgefield in north-east England, which has returned its first Conservative MP for 84 years, following the party's general election victory.

The Daily BeastDec 13, 2019
What Do the UK Election Results Mean for Democrats? Nothing Very Good.
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers / The Daily Beast / Photos GettyI say let's be careful about hot takes from the UK election. Jeremy Corbyn was a unique nincompoop. He was never suited to be a national leader of a major political party in a major industrial democracy. He was an ineffectual backbencher and should have remained so.

So I'm not hot on the "this is a disaster for Bernie Sanders" line. The result sure isn't good for Sanders, who still has no shortage of his own kinds of limitations. But there are differences between the two men. Sanders has been a backbencher most of his life, too, so that's a fair point of comparison. But when Sanders did rise to the national spotlight, at least he showed he can hold his place in it. Corbyn always looked to me like he was secretly wondering why the bloody'ell all these people are suddenly listening to me. Also, Sanders is Jewish, and is far from a knee-jerk, left-wing, oh-no-I'm-just-anti-Zionist anti-Semite of the kind one finds much more frequently on the European left than the American version.

The big debate in the US on the broad left, if it even bothers to ensue, will be around the question of whether Labour lost all those white working-class constituencies to the Tories because of its confused Brexit position or its Manifesto promising big new taxes on the rich to pay for, among other things, free universities, free childcare, huge increases in health and education spending and nationalizing the railroads. 

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