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Reuters PoliticsOct 22, 2019
U.S. lawmakers, others condemn Trump for 'lynching' comment on impeachment probe
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday again waded into America's fraught racial history by labeling the impeachment inquiry against him a "lynching" - language that conjured memories of decades of killings of thousands of black people - drawing swift bipartisan condemnation.

US' top Ukraine diplomat Bill Taylor was told President Trump wanted aid withheld until Ukraine said it would investigate Joe Biden (CNN Politics)
Anatomy of a conspiracy theory: The ‘server' Trump keeps looking for will never be found, because it doesn't exist (Yahoo Politics)

Fox PoliticsOct 22, 2019
McConnell chides Trump for calling impeachment inquiry a 'lynching'
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday called President Donald Trump's use of the word "lynching" to describe the House impeachment investigation "unfortunate," even as some Republicans have accused their Democratic colleagues of flagrant hypocrisy on the issue.

Pivotal witness testifies in impeachment probe; lawmakers denounce Trump 'lynching' remark (Reuters Politics)

Reuters PoliticsOct 22, 2019
Envoy testifies Trump tied Ukraine aid to politically motivated investigations
The top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine testified on Tuesday he was told that President Donald Trump made the release of security aid to Ukraine contingent on Kiev publicly declaring it would carry out politically motivated investigations that he sought, according to a copy of his statement to lawmakers.

READ: Top US diplomat to Ukraine's opening statement for impeachment inquiry (CNN Politics)

Huffington Post PoliticsOct 22, 2019
'The View' Gets Newt Gingrich To Admit Trump's Lynching Comments Went A Bit Too Far
"I've been comfortable just calling it a 'witch hunt' and a 'kangaroo court' and things like that," the former House speaker said on Tuesday's episode.

Drudge ReportOct 22, 2019
Diplomat provides House with 'disturbing' Ukraine account...

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White House Spokesman Attempts To Defend Trump's 'Lynching' Remarks (Huffington Post Politics)
House Democrats' Campaign Arm Directly Ties its Moderate Members to Impeachment (The Daily Beast)

The Daily BeastOct 22, 2019
Lindsey Graham Stands Up for Trump: Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Lynching in Every Sense'
Erin Scott/ReutersPresident Donald Trump's shocking comparison of the ongoing impeachment inquiry against him to a "lynching" provoked widespread condemnation from congressional members of both parties on Monday—with the notable exception of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who told reporters on Capitol Hill that the investigation into Trump is "a lynching in every sense."

"I think it's pretty well accurate—this is a shame, this is a joke," Graham told a gaggle of reporters on Monday morning. "This is a lynching in every sense. This is un-American. I've never seen a situation in my lifetime as a lawyer where somebody's accused of a major misconduct who cannot confront the accusers, call witnesses on their behalf, and have the discussion in the light of day so the public can judge."

Trump's Monday morning tweet—in which he encouraged Republicans to "remember what they are witnessing here - a lynching"—is the latest escalation in the president's increasingly hyperbolic reactions to the impeachment inquiry, which he has called a "coup," a "scam" and, of course, a "witch hunt."

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Lynching,' Drawing Outcry (New York Times Politics)

CNN PoliticsOct 22, 2019
The Point: The complete and utter weirdness of Hillary Clinton's attack on Tulsi Gabbard
It's hard for anything to come truly out of left field in a political world in which Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

Fox PoliticsOct 22, 2019
Bill Taylor, diplomat who texted concerns about Trump's Ukraine moves, testifies under subpoena
Bill Taylor, a top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, appeared on Capitol Hill for a closed-door deposition Tuesday as part of the Trump impeachment inquiry and amid great interest from lawmakers over his past text messages discussing whether President Trump was engaged in a "quid pro quo" with Ukraine.

PoliticoOct 22, 2019
Republicans quit trying to rein in Trump after ‘lynching' tweet
Some GOP lawmakers defended the president, while others simply declined to criticize him.

Trump's ‘lynching' tweet draws outrage — and some Republican support (Yahoo Politics)

CNN PoliticsOct 22, 2019
McConnell denies he told Trump his call with the Ukrainian President was perfect
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that he never had -- or at least doesn't recall having -- a conversation with President Donald Trump in which he described Trump's call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as perfect.

The Daily BeastOct 22, 2019
Trump Wanted Zelensky to Publicly Announce He Was Investigating Biden
President Trump wanted his Ukrainian counterpart to declare publicly that he was embarking on an investigation into Hunter Biden's work in Ukraine. 

That's according to William Taylor, America's top diplomat to Ukraine, who also told Congress on Tuesday that Ukraine's president agreed to make the announcement on CNN.

Taylor, according to a copy of his opening statement obtained by The Daily Beast, said that Trump told Gordon Sondland, his ambassador to the European Union, that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had to "clear things up and do it in public" as Ukraine waited for the U.S. to release a shipment of military aid.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Huffington Post PoliticsOct 22, 2019
White House Says It Will Cancel New York Times, Washington Post Subscriptions
Hours before the decision was reported, Fox News aired an interview in which Trump railed against the papers as "fake."

White House to cancel Times, Post subscriptions after Trump's 'Hannity' comments (Politico)

New York Times PoliticsOct 22, 2019
Anonymous Trump Official Behind Times Op-Ed Is Writing a Book
"A Warning," by the Trump White House official who wrote an essay for The New York Times last year, is expected to be published in November.

Fox PoliticsOct 22, 2019
House Republicans release plan in bid to fulfill Trump promise as 'party of health care'
The GOP plan comes after Republicans were unable to agree on an option to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act while they held both the House and the Senate during the first two years of President Trump's administration.

Huffington Post PoliticsOct 22, 2019
Top Diplomat Confirms There Was Quid Pro Quo Demand In Trump's Ukraine Call: Reports
Acting Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor testified to the House that the president held up military aid to Ukraine until it agreed to investigate Joe Biden.

CNN PoliticsOct 22, 2019
McConnell introduces resolution opposing US withdrawal from Syria
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other top Republican senators introduced a resolution Tuesday in opposition to President Donald Trump's withdrawal from Syria, warning that his decision has benefited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, ISIS, Russia and Iran.

CNN PoliticsOct 22, 2019
McCarthy breaks with Trump over 'lynching' comment: 'I don't agree with that language'
House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday did not endorse President Donald Trump's comparison of the impeachment inquiry to a "lynching," saying, "That's not the language I would use" and "I don't agree with that language, it's pretty simple."

CNN PoliticsOct 22, 2019
Exclusive: Defense secretary says troops in Syria will 'temporarily' go to Iraq before returning to US
Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday that American troops ordered out of northern Syria will "temporarily" go to Iraq before they return to the US, and that President Donald Trump has not yet approved a plan to keep some troops in Syria to protect oil fields.

CNN PoliticsOct 22, 2019
The Point: Democrats now have a real chance at winning the Senate in 2020
The political world's focus on the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump by the House has obscured a critical shift in the battle for control of the Senate: Democrats now have a genuine chance at retaking the majority come November 2020.

The Daily BeastOct 22, 2019
Stephen Colbert Mocks Mitt Romney's ‘Embarrassing' Secret Twitter Account
CBSBack in 2012, when he was still playing "Stephen Colbert" on The Colbert Report and Donald Trump was still just a reality-show host, Stephen Colbert spent an inordinate amount of time making fun of Mitt Romney. So it felt like old times Monday night when the Late Show host spent a few minutes mocking the Utah senator's newly-revealed secret Twitter account.

The revelation came from a profile in The Atlantic titled "The Liberation of Mitt Romney," "which I know sounds like a mid-seventies erotic novella," Colbert joked, "but it's actually about Romney's role as a critic of Donald Trump."

Romney wouldn't tell reporter McKay Coppins the name of the account, but did give some hints, like the number of people he follows, including a few late-night comedians. "What's his name, the big redhead from Boston?" Romney said.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Yahoo PoliticsOct 22, 2019
Trump compares impeachment inquiry to a 'lynching'
While fuming Tuesday morning about the House Democrats' ongoing impeachment inquiry, President Trump declared the probe a "lynching."

The Daily BeastOct 21, 2019
Trump Defends Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein Over Hillary's Russian Asset Claim: ‘She's Crazy!'
Fox NewsDuring his Fox News primetime interview with close friend and confidant Sean Hannity on Monday night, President Trump took aim at his 2016 presidential election foe, calling Hillary Clinton "crazy" and "sick" for suggesting Russians were "grooming" Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) for a third-party presidential bid.

Clinton sparked a multi-day controversy last week when she said on a podcast that Gabbard is a "favorite of the Russians" and that former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is a "Russian asset," suggesting they could both be involved in helping Russia tilt the election for Trump. Clinton did not offer any proof at the time to back up her claims. 

Gabbard quickly hit back on Twitter, labeling Clinton the "queen of warmongers" while asserting the former secretary of state's attacks were part of a "concerted campaign" to sully Gabbard's reputation.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Trump reignites feud with Hillary Clinton, bashes her recent attacks on Tulsi Gabbard, Jill Stein (Fox Politics)

The Daily BeastOct 21, 2019
Why Would Russia, China—and Iran—Plan Joint Naval Exercises?
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastKARACHI, Pakistan—The waters around the Arabian Peninsula have calmed for the moment, but preparations combat continue, with joint exercises and security conferences showing just how profoundly the region's strategic balances are shifting.

As confidence declines in U.S. President Donald J. Trump's ability to navigate the difficult moral and military choices in the region, new players are entering the picture in and around the Persian Gulf.

An Israeli delegation attended a U.S.-backed maritime security conference that began Sunday in Manama with delegations from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as a vast international maritime exercise, IMX 19, got under way in the Persian Gulf. Planning involved as many as 22 countries. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Huffington Post PoliticsOct 21, 2019
House Democrats Block Republican Effort To Censure Rep. Adam Schiff
The Intelligence Committee chairman said the GOP "lacked the courage" to confront Trump.

New York Times PoliticsOct 21, 2019
Trump Running Out of Options for Homeland Security Secretary
Two of the president's potential picks have been deemed ineligible because of a federal statute.

Yahoo PoliticsOct 21, 2019
Trump feeds Clinton-Gabbard feud: She's ‘accusing everybody of being a Russian agent'
President Trump Monday stepped gleefully into a name-calling dispute between Hillary Clinton and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

Huffington Post PoliticsOct 21, 2019
U.S. Never Agreed To Protect Kurds For Life, Trump Says Of Syria Withdrawal
"We have a great relationship with the Kurds, but we never agreed to, you know, protect the Kurds," he said.

CNN PoliticsOct 20, 2019
New York Times: Trump leaning toward keeping few hundred US troops in Syria
President Donald Trump is leaning toward approving a new Pentagon plan to keep a small contingent of American troops in eastern Syria, perhaps 200 special operations forces, a senior administration official told The New York Times on Sunday.

Fox PoliticsOct 19, 2019
Mitch McConnell says Trump's Syria withdrawal is a ‘grave' mistake
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rebuked President Trump's withdrawal of troops from Syria on Friday, calling it a "grave strategic mistake" in an op-ed that claimed the move had set back the U.S. fight against Islamic terrorism in the region.
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