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The Daily BeastNov 14, 2018
Democrats See a Path to Victory in 2020: Ignore Trump
Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastA week out from a midterm election that saw the Democratic Party gain the majority in the House of Representatives, two Senate seats in the Southwest, and governorships across the nation, candidates, party officials, and the party's largest super PAC took away a clear message going into 2020: Focusing time and attention on President Trump and the activities of the White House alone is not going to cut it.

"To succeed in 2020, a Democrat will need to have the skill and discipline to deftly pivot from Trump's BS to the issues that matter," Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, told The Daily Beast. "If you are trying to get retweets and social engagement, you are going to optimize for all things Trump and in doing so, you are playing his game."

It's a necessary word of caution from operatives who are keenly aware of Trump's ubiquity given the mainstream media's fascination with every twist and turn of his presidency. They point to cable news segments devoted to the latest palace intrigue and stories that have already been written about the nicknames the president is crafting for prospective opponents and a core base of supporters that delight in him taking on fights.

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The Daily BeastNov 13, 2018
Kyrsten Sinema's Election Win in Arizona Is a Big, Bisexual Leap Forward
Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastFirst, there was Kate Brown. Now, Kyrsten Sinema. After the midterm elections, LGBT leaders believe that we are finally in the midst of a turning point for bisexual people in public life.

On Monday night, the result was official: centrist Democratic candidate—and bisexual woman—Sinema will become the first openly bisexual Senator in United States history, in addition to being the first woman Arizona has ever elected to the Senate. She now joins Oregon governor Kate Brown, who was just re-elected, as one of the highest-ranking bisexual elected officials in a country where they number few and far between.

In fact, according to a 2017 Victory Institute report, less than two percent of all LGBT elected officials in the country are bisexual, even though they are estimated to constitute a slight majority of the LGBT communit

Washington Post PoliticsNov 13, 2018
A banner year for LGBT candidates got even stronger with Kyrsten Sinema's Senate win
It isn't shocking given the current political climate that more gay politicians are headed to Washington.

Drudge ReportNov 05, 2018
For trans candidate, fight on many levels in Vermont...

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