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Fox PoliticsJun 21, 2018
House to vote on high-stakes, longshot GOP immigration bills after sparks fly between top Republicans
The House of Representatives is barreling toward votes on two major Trump-backed immigration proposals Thursday, but both bills appeared to have little chance of passage as tensions between feuding GOP factions boiled over this week.

The Daily BeastJun 20, 2018
Jeff Sessions Cited the Bible to Separate Families. Moderate Christian Republicans Should Condemn That Extremism.
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast"Dear moderate Christian Republicans, as a Muslim always asked to defend my alleged moderation for the past 16 years, here's a sincere opportunity for you to step up and reclaim the Bible, Jesus and your religion from men and women using it to separate kids from their parents."

I tweeted this invitation and request upon hearing Attorney General Jeff Sessions cite the Bible, Romans 13, to defend the administration's zero tolerance, deterrence policy that detains and separates undocumented minors from their parents at the U.S. border. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders supported his biblical justification by saying: "I can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law...It's a moral policy to follow and enforce the law."

On an ordinary day in America, it would be a great scandal when the nation's top lawyer and the president's liaison to the press both seem to be blissfully unaware that the United States is a pluralistic democracy that advocates separation of church and state and is bound by the Constitution which features the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment that prohibits the establishment of religion by the government. But in the ever decaying, deepening, moral abyss that is the Trump administration, this is just another forgettable warm up act before the new horror show of the week.

The Daily BeastJun 20, 2018
Ex-CIA Contractor Makes Millions Flying Immigrant Kids to Shelters
Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastThe Trump administration has been paying an intelligence contractor millions of dollars to to fly immigrant children to shelters across the United States.

MVM, Inc has a contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to provide "unaccompanied alien children (UAC) transportation services" worth $162 million, according to records reviewed by The Daily Beast. MVM's recent job postings show it sought to hire people to escort immigrant children from the border on commercial airlines. MVM is one of a number of defense contractors cashing in on the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy of locking up immigrant families.

The policy was implemented in early April and soon after MVM posted several of job advertisements looking for employees to escort immigrant children in cities like Phoenix, Arizona, San Antonio and McAllen, Texas, home of the infamous "Ursula" facility seen in photographs of separated children housed in chain-link cages. In a posting for a "Bilingual Travel Youth Care Worker," MVM sought escorts for "unaccompanied children and teens." The job would entail "accompanying them on domestic flights and via ground transportation to shelters all over the country."  

CNN PoliticsJun 20, 2018
Melania Trump helped convince President to address family separations
First lady Melania Trump has been working behind the scenes at the White House for the past several days encouraging President Donald Trump to keep families at the US border from being separated, a White House official told CNN Wednesday.

Yahoo PoliticsJun 20, 2018
Trump signs order to 'address' separations, but it won't change the situation for children in shelters now
The White House isn't saying how many children have already been taken from their families or when they will be reunited with their parents

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