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The Daily BeastDec 19, 2018
Trump Thinks Flynn Is No Snitch Despite All His Snitching
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastOver the past few months, two main players in Donald Trump's universe have been collaborating with federal prosecutors investigating the president.

But while the president has all but declared war on his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, he has bent over backwards to remain publicly on good terms with his first and fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, going so far as to wish him the best of luck before his sentencing hearing on Tuesday.

The niceties have sparked a fair amount of speculation about what both Flynn and Trump's actual endgames may be, including after Tuesday when Flynn's lawyers shockingly agreed with Judge Edward Sullivan to delay sentencing. But to hear allies and associates of the president tell it, the answer is rather simple: Flynn, it is assumed, is not a snitch, even if all contemporaneous evidence suggest that he probably is.

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Rep. Adam Schiff to Colbert: If Michael Cohen Goes to Jail, So Should Trump (The Daily Beast)

The Daily BeastDec 18, 2018
Michael Flynn Wasn't Railroaded. He Just Played Himself.
Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastSo much for the argument that Michael Flynn has been railroaded. 

The former national security advisor went to federal court Tuesday in Virginia to be sentenced, but will have to wait until March to learn his fate after the judge postponed sentencing to allow Flynn time to complete his cooperation with the Special Counsel's Office. What to make of the turn of events? 

Flynn entered a guilty plea last year to charges of lying to the FBI about contacts with Russia. Monday, two of Flynn's former business associates were charged in federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia for unregistered lobbying on behalf of Turkey. That indictment referenced the involvement of "Person A," believed to be Flynn. Judge Emmet Sullivan spent much of the hearing expressing his "disgust" and "disdain" for Flynn's criminal conduct, saying that Flynn had"arguably sold [his] country out," at one point even accusing Flynn of treason before retracting that statement. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastDec 18, 2018
GOP Senators to White House: Can We Get Some Shutdown Guidance Here?
Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastRepublican senators emerging from closed-door meetings on Tuesday said they were optimistic that a partial government shutdown would be averted ahead of Friday's deadline. But their optimism was shaded by a touch of confusion and concern after the White House gave mixed signals about what President Donald Trump would actually support.

"I don't want to do it if he's going to veto it," Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) told The Daily Beast after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated that Trump won't make up his mind on a government funding bill until after the Senate votes on one.

Earlier that day, Sanders had said that the administration would "make a determination on whether or not we're going to sign" a funding bill after the Senate actually "vote[s] on something and pass[es] something." Those remarks upended the traditional legislative process, in which the White House works with lawmakers before the vote to signal what would be palatable for the president and what would be out of bounds.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Huffington Post PoliticsDec 18, 2018
White House Appears To Pull Back From Government Shutdown Threat Over Wall
The fight over Trump's border wall has brought Congress to a familiar standoff just days before Christmas.
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