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PoliticoApr 01, 2020
UN calls for global response to coronavirus pandemic
The intergovernmental organization described the disease as a "global health crisis unlike any in the 75-year history of the United Nations."

McConnell's Excuse For Trump's Botched Coronavirus Response Isn't Fooling Tweeters (Huffington Post Politics)

The Daily BeastApr 01, 2020
Trump Hates Sharing the Stage More Than He Loves America
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyThe president is once again at war with the blue states, but this time Donald Trump's war is not just with the blue states. It's expanded to all states with governors who aren't respectful enough to him, the ones who aren't grateful. Those states, well, they might "go through some things," as Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is discovering as she gets the Full Masha Yovanovitch. 

Marie "Masha" Yovanovitch, of course, is the former diplomat who was recalled from her post in Kyiv by Trump and maligned, her golden reputation sullied by the president of the United States. For Whitmer, the Full Masha includes not being able to get the medical supplies she desperately needs for her state.

"What I've gotten back is that vendors with whom we've procured contracts — they're being told not to send stuff to Michigan," she said during a radio interview with a Detroit radio station. The president's calculus is that the state he desperately needs to win for re-election won't remember his quarrel with its governor and resulting lack of ventilators and PPE. 

The Daily BeastApr 01, 2020
They Won't Let a Pandemic Get In The Way Of Partisan Attacks
Last Thursday was an especially grim day for the coronavirus outbreak in America. Deaths from the virus crossed 1,000, unemployment claims skyrocketed to a record 3.3 million, and state and local governments scrambled to free up hospital beds and medical equipment to treat the infected. Anthony Fauci, the public face of the government's coronavirus response, could not venture an estimate for when the crisis might end.

There was, however, some normalcy that day. The sun rose, night fell, and a spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee called Joe Biden adviser and Barack Obama's former Ebola czar, Ronald Klain, stupid on Twitter.

The outbreak of this deadly disease may have dispensed with almost all aspects of regular life, but political warfare waged by Washington's political committees has, for better or for worse, been stubbornly immune to the pandemic, if not intensified by it. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Huffington Post PoliticsApr 01, 2020
Barack Obama Takes Rare Public Swipe At Donald Trump Over Coronavirus Response
Obama also urged voters to "demand better of our government."

CNN PoliticsMar 31, 2020
Democrats float potential infrastructure package as part of Congress' next response to coronavirus
When President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that he could support a $2 trillion infrastructure package to jumpstart the economy, it was welcome news for House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal, a Massachusetts Democrat who has been waiting for months to craft such an effort.

Fox PoliticsMar 31, 2020
Sen. Rick Scott sounds alarm over WHO's coronavirus response, calls for inquiry
Sen. Rick Scott on Tuesday called for a congressional investigation into the World Health Organization, accusing the agency of helping China cover up the extent of the coronavirus and promoting misinformation. 

Fox PoliticsMar 31, 2020
Pelosi says new stimulus package will focus on 'recovery,' in wake of $2T coronavirus response
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that a fourth round of coronavirus legislation will focus on the nation's "recovery" and singled out building up critical infrastructure.

PoliticoMar 31, 2020
Rep. Max Rose deployed with National Guard to assist coronavirus response
"I am just trying to do my duty and my small part," he said.

The Daily BeastMar 30, 2020
Sean Hannity, of All People, Rips ‘Conspiracy Theorists' in the Media
Fox NewsFox News host Sean Hannity—without a hint of irony—wondered aloud Monday night how anyone in America could trust the coronavirus coverage of the "outright conspiracy theorists" in the media.

Yes, the pro-Trump primetime star who called the coronavirus a "deep state" plot and suggested Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party murdered Seth Rich, is worried about conspiracy theorists.

In a live broadcast from the pier in front of the USNS Comfort in New York City on Monday, Hannity took issue with a number of MSNBC hosts' criticism of President Donald Trump's slow response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastMar 30, 2020
Trump Vows to Send Ventilators to Europe as U.S. Governors Plead for Supplies
REUTERSPresident Donald Trump is so confident in the country's production of ventilators that he's dangling the idea of helping countries abroad by sending them surplus supplies even as U.S. governors continue to ask the federal government for that crucial medical equipment.

During a press briefing Monday, the president took a business friendly approach, touting an announcement from Ford and General Electric Healthcare that they would "produce 50,000 ventilators," as well as nine additional companies "also doing ventilators." He continued to praise his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

"As we outpace what we need we're going to be sending them to Italy," Trump said. "We're going to be sending them to France. We're going to be sending them to Spain, where they have tremendous problems and other countries as we can. But the fact that we're doing so many so quickly is a tribute to our great companies."

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Democracy NowMar 10, 2020
Prisons Worldwide Face Coronavirus Crisis: Overcrowding, Lack of Sanitation & Labor at Slave Wages
As Italy went on lockdown, nearly 30 prisons across the country broke into riots Sunday and Monday after visitation rights were suspended in response to the outbreak. In a prison in southern Italy, a riot left at least six incarcerated people dead and caused 50 people to escape. Prisoners have reportedly lit fires, charged guards and even escaped at multiple facilities. This comes as the United Nations confirmed that coronavirus had reached Iran's prisons, as the number of cases there continues to soar. Iran has temporarily freed some 70,000 prisoners in response to the coronavirus. And concerns are growing about the health of the at least 1 million Uyghur Muslims jailed in prison camps in western China, where at least 13 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the region of Xinjiang. In the U.S., New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing backlash after announcing Monday that New York state would respond to the growing coronavirus outbreak here by producing its own hand sanitizer made by prisoners for less than a dollar an hour. Not only will prisoners be making the 75% alcohol hand sanitizer for an average of 65 cents an hour, it's unclear if they will even be allowed to use it to protect themselves from infection. Items with alcohol are typically considered prisoner contraband. From Houston, we speak to Keri Blakinger, a reporter with The Marshall Project.
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