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CNN PoliticsJul 03, 2020
Coronavirus test used by White House has questionable accuracy
President Donald Trump said part of the reason he doesn't regularly wear a mask is "everyone's tested" before they see him. But multiple studies have raised questions about the accuracy of a coronavirus test the White House has used, and the Food and Drug Administration has received dozens of reports of potential problems with that test.

CNN PoliticsJul 03, 2020
Secret Service agents assigned to Pence's detail tested positive for coronavirus ahead of his Arizona trip
Eight Secret Service agents assigned to Vice President Mike Pence's detail ahead of his trip to Arizona tested positive for the coronavirus right before Pence was scheduled to travel there, a law enforcement source told CNN.

Pence delayed Arizona trip after Secret Service agents tested positive for coronavirus: report (Fox Politics)

Drudge ReportJul 03, 2020

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Drudge ReportJul 03, 2020
Campaign to cancel convention rally?

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New York Times PoliticsJul 03, 2020
As U.S. Confronts Anti-Black Racism, Latinos Wonder Where They Fit In
Latinos are enthusiastically backing Black Lives Matter protests, while pushing for an acknowledgment of the systemic racism they face, too.

Washington Post PoliticsJul 02, 2020
Herman Cain, who attended Trump's Tulsa rally, hospitalized with covid-19
Cain, the former pizza chain executive and GOP presidential candidate, tested positive Monday.

New York Times PoliticsJul 02, 2020
Government Seeks to Halt Release of Noncitizen Who Served Terrorism Sentence
In a test of its power to impose indefinite detention, the administration asked two appeals courts to stop a lower court from freeing a stateless man who has completed his prison term.

Democracy NowJul 01, 2020
Jamaal Bowman on NY Primary Upset, Rent Strikes, Police Brutality & Opposing West Bank Annexation
As a surge of a progressive candidates of color see victories in Democratic primaries across the country, we speak with former Bronx middle school principal Jamaal Bowman about his upset victory over New York Congressmember Eliot Engel, the 16-term Foreign Affairs Committee chair. Bowman ran on a Green New Deal, Medicare for All platform and recently joined protests demanding an end to racism and police brutality. He says his upset over Engel came down to mobilizing people who are "disenfranchised and ignored" by the political establishment. "We didn't just target those who consistently vote in primaries. We targeted everyone," he says. Looking forward, he describes his support for Palestine, a rent strike and police accountability.

Democracy NowJun 12, 2020
Uprising & Abolition: Angela Davis on Movement Building, "Defund the Police" & Where We Go from Here
The uprising against police brutality and anti-Black racism continues to sweep across the United States and countries around the world, forcing a reckoning in the halls of power and on the streets. The mass protests following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 have dramatically shifted public opinion on policing and systemic racism, as "defund the police" becomes a rallying cry of the movement. We discuss the historic moment with legendary scholar and activist Angela Davis. "One never knows when conditions may give rise to a conjuncture such as the current one that rapidly shifts popular consciousness and suddenly allows us to move in the direction of radical change," she says. "The intensity of these current demonstrations cannot be sustained over time, but we will have to be ready to shift gears and address these issues in different arenas."

Democracy NowJun 10, 2020
"Out of Options in Terms of Reform": Khalil Gibran Muhammad on the Racist History of Police in U.S.
Protests in defense of Black lives and calls to defund the police continue across the U.S., from Los Angeles to Minneapolis and New York. We speak with Khalil Gibran Muhammad, a professor of history, race and public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Suzanne Young Murray professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, about the significance of this moment and the history of policing in the U.S. "We haven't seen a moment like this in at least half a century," Muhammad says. "It's hard to know for sure where we're going to go from this moment, but it's clear that when we look at the history of policing, we have run out of options in terms of reform, in terms of thinking about what the police can do for themselves."
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