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Washington Post PoliticsJan 22, 2020
Impeachment trial live updates: Senate rejects Democratic effort to subpoena acting White House chief of staff Mulvaney for testimony in Trump's impeachment trial
The Senate is taking up a package proposed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) designed to ensure a swift trial of the president.

The impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump (CNN Politics)
Senate impeachment trial: Republicans vote to kill amendments seeking documents and witnesses (CNN Politics)

Politics - U.S. SenateJan 22, 2020
Who Are the House Impeachment Managers in the Trump Trial?
Chosen by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the seven Democratic lawmakers reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of the party's caucus.

Reuters PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Senate rejects Democrats on documents, witness in Trump impeachment trial
The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate blocked Democratic attempts on Tuesday to obtain evidence and call a witness in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, an early sign the proceeding could advance on lines favorable to Trump.

Senate Democrats privately mull witness trade in impeachment trial: A Biden for Bolton (Washington Post Politics)

CNN PoliticsJan 21, 2020
McConnell tried to rush Trump's impeachment trial, but Republican senators said not so fast
At the weekly Republican lunch on Tuesday, just before the historic impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began, multiple senators had concerns to share with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell in 1999: I support 'live witnesses'... (Drudge Report)

Politics - U.S. SenateJan 21, 2020
Day 1: The Rules of Engagement
Democrats and Republicans clash over the Senate's impeachment trial procedure.

Democrats continue to press their case over Senate rules. (New York Times Politics)

Washington Post PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Tuesday's Senate trial debate, in 5 minutes
The debate over Senate rules opened up a small victory for Democrats

Partisan Rules Debate Rages as Senate Opens Trump Impeachment Trial (New York Times Politics)

Reuters PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Stuck in Washington, 2020 Democratic senators send family, Ocasio-Cortez to barnstorm Iowa
Bernie Sanders scrapped Iowa campaign appearances, Amy Klobuchar sent campaign representatives to "hot dish" dinners and Elizabeth Warren planned a remote video speech as the Democratic U.S. senators running for president got stuck in Washington for Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

New York Times PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Four Senators Are Trying to Be in 2 Places at Once. Here's How.
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet are all on jury duty for the Senate impeachment trial. They're also running for president.

New York Times PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Republicans Block Subpoenas for New Evidence as Impeachment Trial Begins
Republicans made last-minute changes to their proposed rules to placate moderates, but they held together to turn back Democratic efforts to subpoena documents.

TRUMP TRIAL BEGINS... (Drudge Report)
Trump's legal team begins its impeachment trial defense in very Trumpy form (Washington Post Politics)

Fox PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Trump lawyer needles 2020 Dems on Senate floor: 'You should be in Iowa right now'
President Trump's lead attorney took a shot Tuesday at the Democratic senators who have been forced to take time off the campaign trail, as they vie for their party's presidential nomination, in order to attend the Senate impeachment trial.

Reuters PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Senate blocks Democratic bids for evidence, witnesses in Trump impeachment trial
The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate rejected Democratic efforts on Tuesday to obtain evidence and call witnesses in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, an early sign the proceeding could advance along lines favorable to Trump.

U.S. Senate blocks three Democratic bids for documents in Trump impeachment trial (Reuters Politics)

CNN PoliticsJan 21, 2020
In photos: President Trump's impeachment trial

Fox PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Schumer vows 'we will not back down' at Senate's Trump impeachment trial, as GOP shoots down Dems' amendments
As the Senate impeachment trial dragged on late Tuesday night with a series of similar Democrat-proposed subpoena requests that Republicans methodically shot down one-by-one, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., offered Democrats an option: bundle all of their document requests into a "stack" for a single vote, so that the process could move along.

Washington Post PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Republicans ease some restrictions as Trump impeachment trial kicks into gear
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was forced to revise his proposed rules at the last minute to accommodate a brewing rebellion in his ranks.

CNN PoliticsJan 21, 2020
READ: Adam Schiff's opening statement at Senate impeachment trial

Drudge ReportJan 21, 2020

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Fox PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Schiff, on floor at Senate impeachment trial, quietly fumes at Trump lawyers' allegations
President Trump's lawyers invoked Rep. Adam Schiff's name over and over again on Tuesday, accusing him of hiding documents, conducting an unfair impeachment inquiry and fabricating the text of the July 25 phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.

Schiff mauls Cipollone on impeachment trial's first day (Yahoo Politics)

CNN PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Trump and top administration officials run for impeachment cover in Davos
Making a quick escape to the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland, President Donald Trump brought with him a large delegation that includes his daughter and adviser Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner as well as four Cabinet secretaries. But there was one subject that sent nearly all of those officials running for cover -- Trump's impeachment trial back in Washington.

Reuters PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Sanders drops Iowa campaign appearances as impeachment scrambles plans
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Tuesday scrapped three Iowa campaign appearances scheduled for this week, as he and the other U.S. senators running for president remained in Washington for President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

Washington Post PoliticsJan 21, 2020
Trump crows about the U.S. economy at Davos as Senate impeachment trial begins back home
At the annual economic gathering, the U.S. president used his address to tell billionaires he is responsible for an unmatched economy and made no mention of the Senate trial.

Trump was hesitant about leaving for Davos during impeachment trial, sources say (CNN Politics)
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