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BBC Front PageFeb 21, 2024
Rishi Sunak faces PMQs ahead of Commons Gaza vote
The PM will be grilled at Prime Minister's Questions before MPs vote on an SNP call for ceasefire.

Washington Post World NewsFeb 21, 2024
Middle East conflict live updates: U.S. expected to defend Israel at top U.N. court after cease-fire veto
The International Court of Justice is holding hearings on Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. The United States vetoed a U.N. proposal for a Gaza cease-fire.

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 21, 2024
Biden Fund-Raising Outpaces Trump, Whose Legal Bills Are Weighing Him Down
Federal filings show the president's re-election campaign had nearly double the cash on hand of his Republican rival at the end of January.

MSNBC Int'l NewsFeb 21, 2024
WATCH: Police fire tear gas at protesting farmers in India
Police in India fired tear gas at thousands of farmers who resumed their protest march to New Delhi after talks with the government failed to end an impasse over their demands for guaranteed crop prices.

Police fire tear gas at Indian farmers marching on capital (MSNBC Int'l News)

BBC Front PageFeb 21, 2024
UK sanctions Russian prison chiefs after Navalny death
The UK freezes the assets of six prison bosses after the death of activist Alexei Navalny in a penal colony.

Navalny's death left a vacuum in Russia's opposition — can his widow fill it? (MSNBC Int'l News)

CNBC World NewsFeb 21, 2024
HSBC posts record annual profit but misses estimates on China write-down, shares tumble 7%
The London-based lender suffered a "valuation adjustment" of $3 billion on its stake in Bank of Communications.

MSNBC Int'l NewsFeb 21, 2024
Putin denies Russia plans to put nuclear weapons in space
During a meeting his defense minister in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied Moscow planned to put nuclear weapons in space and said Russian forces should follow up their success in Avdiivka.

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 21, 2024
Russian Forces Press On With Attacks in Southern Ukraine
The assaults on the village of Robotyne, which come at the same time as successful attacks in the east, are designed to pressure Ukrainian troops across the front line, analysts say.

BBC News Front Page | WorldFeb 21, 2024
Take-off change not what long jump needs - Sawyers
Britain's Jazmin Sawyers says plans by World Athletics to introduce a new trial for measuring long jump take-offs is "not what the event needs".

ABC NewsFeb 21, 2024
Texas governor building 2,300-bed military base at seized border park
Texas is building a new military base for National Guard members deployed to the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott said last week

NYTimes GlobalFeb 21, 2024
Does Biden Have to Cede the White Working Class to Trump?
Democratic strategists are asking whether the president's attempt to recapture these voters is a fool's errand.

NYTimes GlobalFeb 21, 2024
What to Know About This Crazily Crowded Broadway Spring Season
Why are 18 shows opening in March and April, and which one is for you? Our theater reporter has answers.

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 21, 2024
Why Black Democrats Are Unlikely to Aid Nikki Haley in South Carolina
Nikki Haley could use crossover support in her fight against Donald Trump, but she has alienated the Black voters who are central to the state's Democratic voting base.

NewsweekFeb 21, 2024
Ukraine Shoots Down Seventh Russian Fighter Jet in a Week
"One down, we keep working. The crew of the Su-34 joins our section 'Eternal flight, brothers!'," said Mykola Oleshchuk.

BBC News Front Page | WorldFeb 21, 2024
Kookaburra spotted living in Suffolk countryside
The bird native to Australia appears to have "made itself quite at home" here, a wildlife trust says.

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 21, 2024
Syria Blames Israel for Deadly Airstrike on Damascus
Israel did not comment on the attack, though it has acknowledged hundreds of past strikes on Iran-linked targets in Syria.

NYTimes GlobalFeb 21, 2024
What Happens if America Turns Its Back on Its Allies in Europe
Faltering U.S. support for Ukraine and comments from Donald Trump about NATO have caused alarm in European capitals.

NYTimes GlobalFeb 21, 2024
Biden's Fund-Raising Edge, and Ukrainian Troops Are Feared Missing
Plus, the embryo ruling shaking doctors and patients.

BBC News Front Page | WorldFeb 21, 2024
Jordan North to replace Roman Kemp as Capital host
The former Radio 1 presenter will be taking over the breakfast slot on the rival station.

CBC Top StoriesFeb 21, 2024
Navalny was Russia's highest-profile political prisoner. But there are more than a thousand others
According to the Russian human rights group OVD-Info, more than 1,000 people are currently imprisoned in Russia as a result of politically motivated prosecutions, including a political activist with ties to Canada.

BBC Front PageFeb 21, 2024
Casement Park will not be ready for 2027 final
The stadium should be ready by summer 2027 but it will be too late for the Gaelic football final.

Washington Post World NewsFeb 21, 2024
The world confronts Israel over its occupation of Palestinian lands
There is a growing global perception that Israel is at odds with the international system and reliant on the United States to shield it from further censure.

Washington Post World NewsFeb 20, 2024
U.S. vetoes U.N. proposal for immediate Gaza cease-fire, drawing ire
Washington quashed a third call for a cessation of hostilities at the Security Council, circulating its own draft resolution supporting hostage negotiations.

ABC NewsFeb 20, 2024
Hunter Biden informant charged with lying had high-level Russian contacts: Docs
Special Counsel David Weiss filed felony false statement and obstruction charges against Alexander Smirnov last week.

Ex-FBI Informant, Accused of Biden Lies, Said He Had Russian Contacts (Int'l Herald Tribune)

MSNBC Int'l NewsFeb 20, 2024
U.S. vetoes Gaza cease-fire Security Council resolution
The U.S. says it favors a resolution that would call for a six-week pause in the fighting. Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis is taking a growing toll on tens of thousands of pregnant women in Gaza. NBC's Molly Hunter reports from Jerusalem.

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 20, 2024
U.S. Vetoes Security Council Cease-Fire Resolution
The United States said the resolution could have disrupted its negotiations to free hostages and secure a temporary cease-fire, but its vote drew outcry from many diplomats and aid workers.

BBC News Front Page | WorldFeb 20, 2024
How has Haley's tone on Trump changed?
Nikki Haley avoided mentioning her former boss during the first months of 2023 but that's changed in 2024.

BBC Front PageFeb 20, 2024
X briefly suspends account of Alexei Navalny's widow
The social media platform - formerly Twitter - says Yulia Navalny's account was "mistakenly" blocked.

MSNBC Int'l NewsFeb 20, 2024
Widow of assassinated Haitian president indicted for alleged involvement in killing
The widow of assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïs has been indicted for allegedly being involved in his killing. 50 others also faced indictments over the murder, including Claude Joseph and the former chief of Haiti's National Police, Léon Charles.

Widow and former PM among those indicted in Haitian president assassination inquiry (NPR Headline News)
Wife of Haiti's assassinated president accused in his killing (Washington Post World News)

BBC News Front Page | WorldFeb 20, 2024
Putin denies plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space
The Russian president says Moscow has always been "categorically against" such deployments.

NYT Middle EastFeb 20, 2024
At ICJ Hearing, South Africa Says Palestinians Endure ‘More Extreme Form of Apartheid'
The country is one of more than 50 scheduled to argue before the United Nations' highest judicial body over Israel's "occupation, settlement and annexation" of Palestinian territories.

CNBC World NewsFeb 20, 2024
Jeff Bezos unloads around $2.4 billion in Amazon stock, bringing recent sales to 50 million shares
Bezos has been aggressively selling Amazon stock since he disclosed a plan to sell up to 50 million shares in the company before Jan. 31, 2025.

NPR Topics: NewsFeb 20, 2024
Texas has spent over $148 million busing migrants to other parts of the country
Since 2022, GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has bused over 102,000 migrants to predominantly Democratic-led cities. Supporters say the cost is necessary, but critics argue the program is expensive and inhumane.

NPR Headline NewsFeb 20, 2024
Haley vows to stay in the race, regardless of what happens in South Carolina primary
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Matthew Moore, former chair of South Carolina's state GOP, about Nikki Haley's decision to stay in the presidential race ahead of the South Carolina primary.

CBC Top StoriesFeb 20, 2024
World Food Program suspends aid deliveries to northern Gaza as starvation fears worsen
The World Food Program said Tuesday it was forced to pause deliveries of food aid to isolated northern Gaza because of the "complete chaos and violence due to the collapse of civil order," further hiking fears of potential starvation.

From friends to 'unhinged' ex-boss - Haley's changed tune on Trump (BBC Front Page)

NYT Middle EastFeb 20, 2024
Israeli Military Releases Videos It Says Show Bibas Family Members in Captivity on Oct. 7
"When we saw the video, it really tore our hearts out," the sister of one of the hostages said. Hamas has said three members of the family died in an Israeli airstrike; Israel has not confirmed the report.

NPR Topics: NewsFeb 20, 2024
Alabama Supreme Court rules frozen embryos are 'children' under state law
The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled that frozen embryos can be considered children under state law, a decision critics said could have sweeping implications for fertility treatment in the state.

A State Court Ruling on I.V.F. Echoes Far Beyond Alabama (Int'l Herald Tribune)

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 20, 2024
2 Men Charged With Murder in Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Shooting
Prosecutors said two teenagers also face charges. More arrests are possible, they said.

ABC NewsFeb 20, 2024
US-Mexico border: 100 billion gallons of sewage creating a 'public health crisis'
Over the last five years, 100 billion gallons of untreated sewage, industrial waste and urban runoff have been dumped into the Tijuana River.

Washington Post World NewsFeb 20, 2024
U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution on Gaza cease-fire, hostage releases
The International Court of Justice continued public hearings into Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory.

NYT Middle EastFeb 20, 2024
Prince William Calls for End to Gaza Fighting ‘as Soon as Possible'
In a measured public statement, the heir to the British throne said that "too many have been killed" in the war between Israel and Hamas.

Int'l Herald TribuneFeb 20, 2024
Supreme Court Won't Hear Virginia High School's Admissions Case on Race
The decision, along with an order this month declining to block West Point's admissions program, suggests that most justices are not eager to immediately explore the limits of its ruling from June.

CBC Top StoriesFeb 20, 2024
Facing a drug crisis and unsatisfied with Ontario's support, this city is looking to fund its own health centre
The mayor of Belleville, Ont., says the province is dragging its heels on a request for help to build a service hub. He now wants the city to look at funding it on its own.

BBC Front PageFeb 20, 2024
The Body Shop to shut up to half of its UK stores
Hundreds of staff will lose their jobs at head office and in stores, with closures starting immediately.

NYT Middle EastFeb 19, 2024
U.N. Court Hearings on Israel's Occupation of Palestinian Territories: What to Know
Dozens of countries are expected to argue before the International Court of Justice about the legality of Israeli actions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Christian Science Monitor--worldFeb 17, 2024
Russian forces seize control of eastern Ukrainian city Avdiivka
Russian forces have taken complete control of the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. The announcement came the same day that Ukraine's military chief said he was withdrawing troops from the city where outnumbered defenders battled a Russian assault for four months.

Christian Science Monitor--worldFeb 15, 2024
Europe casts wary eye as Americans debate engagement with world
U.S. willingness to stay engaged on the global stage is on display this week amid a trio of security meetings in Brussels and Munich.
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