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Thurs, Nov 14th
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Int'l Herald TribuneNov 14, 2019
Will the Trump Impeachment Hearings Become a Circus?
After Wednesday, some would say they already have.

7 Moments That Stood Out From The 1st Day Of The Trump Impeachment Hearings (NPR Headline News)

Reuters World NewsNov 14, 2019
Hong Kong students hunker down as government dismisses curfew rumors
Pro-democracy protesters paralyzed parts of Hong Kong for a fourth day on Thursday, forcing schools to close and blocking highways, as students built campus barricades and stockpiled weapons and the government dismissed rumors of a curfew.

Hong Kong students arm themselves for showdown as police take breather (Reuters World News)
Hong Kong protests hit Burberry and Cathay Pacific (BBC News Front Page | World)

NewsweekNov 14, 2019
'Pizzazz' Trends After People Mock NBC News For Calling First Day of Impeachment Hearings Boring
NBC News complained that the first public impeachment hearings lacked the "pizzazz" necessary to pick up public attention.

Reuters World NewsNov 14, 2019
Tenuous truce in Gaza as Islamic Jihad, Israel differ on terms
Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad and Israel declared a halt to hostilities across the Gaza Strip border on Thursday but a lasting ceasefire appeared tenuous as they differed on terms.

Islamic Jihad, Israel halt hostilities in Gaza, 34 Palestinians dead (Reuters World News)
As Islamic Jihad and Israel Battled, Hamas, in a Twist, Sat on the Sidelines (Int'l Herald Tribune)

NPR Headline NewsNov 14, 2019
Deval Patrick Makes A Late Entry Into The 2020 Presidential Race
The former Massachusetts governor is joining the race after briefing elected officials and supporters. Patrick had earlier decided against a run out of concern about how it might affect his family.

Deval Patrick enters the fight for the 2020 Democratic nomination (CBC Top Stories)

BBC News Front Page | WorldNov 14, 2019
Rockets fired at Israel after Gaza ceasefire starts
The ceasefire ended two days of fighting that killed 34 Palestinians and paralysed parts of Israel.

CNBC World NewsNov 14, 2019
No more surrender for Brexit Party's Farage in British election
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage rejected demands to further help British Prime Minister Boris Johnson by pulling out of contests with the opposition Labour Party.

Farage says Brexit Party candidates under massive pressure to quit election (Reuters World News)

ABC NewsNov 14, 2019
China presses Washington for tariff cut in trade deal
China presses Washington to roll back punitive tariffs in interim trade deal

Reuters World NewsNov 14, 2019
Hong Kong citywide protests spread
Anti-government protesters paralyzed parts of Hong Kong for a fourth day on Thursday, forcing schools to close and blocking highways and other transport to disrupt the financial hub amid a marked escalation of violence.

Reuters World NewsNov 14, 2019
China paper says Hong Kong curfew tweet withdrawn due to insufficient information
An influential state-backed Chinese newspaper on Thursday withdrew a tweet saying the Hong Kong government was expected to announce a weekend curfew, after its editor said there was "not sufficient" information to back up the report.

CBC Top StoriesNov 14, 2019
Why Hong Kong student protests matter to markets and vice versa: Don Pittis
Whether they know it or not, markets matter to Hong Kong student demonstrators, drawing global attention and as a reminder to Beijing that China will also suffer if violence increases.

CBC Top StoriesNov 14, 2019
No substantial rain expected along Australia's fire-ravaged east coast for 3 months
Official weather forecasts for Australia show no substantial rains for at least three months, providing grim news as firefighters battle to get more than 100 bush fires raging across the east coast under control.

NYTimes GlobalNov 14, 2019
ISIS Suspect Trapped at Turkish-Greek Border Is to Be Deported to U.S.
Turkey said it had received assurances from Washington that the American, whose fate had been in limbo, would not be refused entry.

Reuters World NewsNov 14, 2019
India's top court delays ruling on ban on women entering Hindu temple
India's top court on Thursday delayed a verdict on the lifting of a centuries-old ban on women of menstruating age entering a Hindu temple, asking more judges to consider the case involving gender discrimination and religion that has divided opinion.

Indian court delays ruling on ban on women entering Hindu temple (Reuters World News)
Sabarimala temple: India court to review ruling on women's entry (BBC News Front Page | World)

NPR Headline NewsNov 14, 2019
Why Climate Change Poses A Particular Threat To Child Health
A sweeping study in The Lancet finds that longstanding progress in treating diseases and reducing childhood deaths is in jeopardy.

CBC Top StoriesNov 14, 2019
Canada hesitates to recognize Bolivia's new president
Canada hasn't decided whether it intends to recognize Jeanine Añez as interim president of Bolivia, a controversial figure with a history of racist comments against Bolivia's Indigenous majority - and it won't yet state its position publicly.

CBC Top StoriesNov 14, 2019
'A ticking time bomb': anti-ISIS allies debating next steps after U.S. withdrawal
"Success," Winston Churchill supposedly said, "is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." That could be the motto of foreign ministers in the anti-Islamic State coalition as they gather Thursday in Washington.

ABC NewsNov 14, 2019
'This won't be easy': Former Massachusetts governor joins 2020 presidential race
Deval Patrick, the former two-term governor of Massachusetts and the state's first black chief executive, formally announced a bid for the Democratic nomination.

NewsweekNov 14, 2019
The Starting 5: Trump Rally, Impeachment, Health Care, Walmart and an Auction For Neil Armstrong's Collectibles
Meanwhile, from Australian bushfires to Italian floods, climate change is dividing mayors from national politicians.

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 14, 2019
Germany Narrowly Avoids Recession as Trade Tensions Ease
Strong consumer spending and construction compensated for slumping factory output, according to new data.

NPR Headline NewsNov 14, 2019
Federal Appeals Court Lets Stand Ruling That Congress Can Subpoena Trump Tax Returns
The full D.C. Circuit voted 8-3 not to reconsider an earlier decision by a three-judge panel that ruled against the president. Trump's lawyer says he will appeal to the Supreme Court.

NewsweekNov 14, 2019
Washington High School Math Teacher Arrested After Threatening to Shoot Students: 'That's a Bad Example'
"If a kid makes those kind of statements... they have to pay the price for it," a sheriff's office spokesperson said. "If a teacher makes them they have to be held accountable just as well."

Washington teacher arrested for threatening to shoot students (BBC News Front Page | World)

ABC NewsNov 14, 2019
White Helmets founder's wife barred from leaving Turkey
Turkish media reports say authorities have barred the wife of a former British army officer who founded the White Helmets volunteers group, from leaving Turkey pending the investigation into his death

NewsweekNov 14, 2019
Trump Says Europe Should Pay More To Cover Costs Of Supporting Refugees After Letting Zero Refugees Into U.S. Last Month
October 2019 was the first month in 30 years that the U.S. failed to allow even one refugee to resettle, according to World Relief.

CBC Top StoriesNov 14, 2019
'It's a shame, he could have saved lives': How Quebec could make sure more people donate organs
A Quebec MNA recently tabled a private member's bill on presumed consent. If Bill 399 passes, Quebecers will automatically be considered an organ or tissue donor — unless they register to opt out.

'I was scared how people would react to who I was' - how a transgender footballer rediscovered her love of the game (BBC Front Page)

NewsweekNov 14, 2019
Axios' Swan Says Trump Team, White House Thinks They Won First Day of Impeachment Hearings: 'They Feel Great Today'
Axios journalist Jonathan Swan claimed on Fox News Wednesday that President Donald Trump and his team "feel great" after the first day of public impeachment hearings against the president.

CNBC World NewsNov 13, 2019
Climate change blamed as floods overwhelm Venice, swamping basilica and squares
It was the highest level since the record 194 cm set in 1966 but with rising water levels becoming a regular threat to the tourist jewel, city mayor Luigi Brugnaro was quick to blame climate change for the disaster.

Worst floods for 50 years bring Venice to 'its knees' (CNN World)
Venice inundated by heavy flooding (CBC Top Stories)

NYT Middle EastNov 13, 2019
‘I'm a Big Fan': Trump Gives Warm Welcome to Turkey's Erdogan
President Trump seemed unbothered by Turkey's recent invasion of Syria, which prompted outrage in Congress and among some in his administration.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 13, 2019
Four Dead As 'Tinder Box-Like Conditions' Fuel Catastrophic Bushfires In Australia
The latest remains were found in a burned forest in New South Wales on Wednesday night. As of Thursday morning, there were nearly 70 fires in that state, and more than 70 in neighboring Queensland.

CNBC World NewsNov 13, 2019
US-China trade talks are getting held up because of disagreements on a number of issues
The U.S. is trying to secure stronger concessions from China in exchange for rolling back some of the tariffs.

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 13, 2019
Bolivia's Interim Leader Pledges to ‘Reconstruct Democracy'
The leader, Jeanine Añez Chavez, appointed a new cabinet, but backers of the ousted Evo Morales have promised to disrupt the new government.

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 13, 2019
In Meeting Erdogan, Trump Courts Another Tyrant
What exactly did the United States get for the Turkish leader's White House visit?

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 13, 2019
Climate Change Poses Threats to Children's Health Worldwide
A study from the Lancet points to infectious diseases, worsening air pollution, rising temperatures and even malnutrition as threats to child health as the climate changes.

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 13, 2019
U.S. Struggles to Keep Allies in Fight Against ISIS in Syria
Trump praises mission to protect oil fields while top national security aides seek to retain allies in Syria after death of top ISIS leader.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 13, 2019
Independent Probe Of Virginia Beach Shooting Leaves Many Unanswered Questions
Investigators found that the mass shooter was socially isolated and had some personal problems, but found no clear warning signs ahead of the attack.

BBC Front PageNov 13, 2019
Venice floods: The tourist landmarks hit
Over 80% of the city has been left underwater, leading the mayor to declare a state of emergency.

MSNBC Int'l NewsNov 13, 2019
Venice mayor blames climate change for 'apocalyptic' floods
"I have never seen anything like it. Venice is a wounded city, but it can't keep on being wounded every year," Venice Archbishop Francesco Moraglia said.

'Venice Is On Its Knees': Mayor Blames Worst Tides In 50 Years On Climate Change (NPR Headline News)

NewsweekNov 13, 2019
GOP Congressman Cryptically Hides 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself,' 'Area 51' Message in Tweets About Trump Impeachment
Although the New York medical examiner ruled that Jeffrey Epstein death had been caused by suicide, it did not stop conspiracy theories from emerging across America.

Int'l Herald TribuneNov 13, 2019
Report Details How Stephen Miller Shared Theories Favored by White Nationalists
A report by the Southern Poverty Law Center seeks to illustrate how Mr. Miller brought anti-immigrant beliefs to the White House and turned them into policy.

NPR Topics: NewsNov 13, 2019
Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick To Make Late Entry Into 2020 Campaign
Patrick is joining the Democratic primary field just ahead of the deadline to make the New Hampshire primary ballot and highlights worry among moderate Democrats about the current field.

BBC Front PageNov 13, 2019
Who should I vote for? General election 2019 policy guide
Compare where the parties stand on key issues, from Brexit and the NHS to education and the environment.

MSNBC Int'l NewsNov 13, 2019
Ahead of Trump meeting, Erdogan threatens to buy Russian jets
The Turkish president spoke to Russia's Vladimir Putin about the purchase at a recent meeting if the U.S. keeps its ban on selling U.S.-made fighters.
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