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Int'l Herald TribuneSep 24, 2023
Bringing Ukraine Into NATO and the E.U. Is the Key to Peace
Tom Friedman on what could be a real endgame to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

BBC Front PageSep 24, 2023
Osiris-Rex: Nasa confirms return of asteroid Bennu samples
A capsule carrying debris from asteroid Bennu lands safely in the Utah desert.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx Brings Bennu Asteroid Sample to Earth (Int'l Herald Tribune)

ABC NewsSep 24, 2023
Hollywood writers reach 'tentative' deal with studios, end monthslong strike
The strike spanned 146 days and brought pickets to productions nationwide.

Hollywood writers and studios reach tentative deal to end strike after nearly 150 days (CNBC World News)
Actors in Hollywood Remain on Strike Despite Deal With Writers (Int'l Herald Tribune)

BBC Front PageSep 24, 2023
Wales 40-6 Australia: Warren Gatland's side hammer Wallabies to seal World Cup quarter-final spot
Wales become the first team to reach the 2023 World Cup quarter-finals as they celebrate a record win over Australia in Lyon.

ABC NewsSep 24, 2023
Israeli military raid kills 2 Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel says its troops came under fire
Palestinian health officials say two Palestinians have been killed during an Israeli military raid in the northern West Bank

Palestinians hold funeral for two killed during Israeli military raid (MSNBC Int'l News)

MSNBC Int'l NewsSep 24, 2023
Women's marathon world record shattered by more than 2 minutes
Ethiopian runner Tigst Assefa shattered the women's world record by more than two minutes Sunday at the Berlin Marathon.

NPR Topics: NewsSep 24, 2023
An Israeli military raid has killed two Palestinians in the West Bank
Two Palestinians were killed during an Israeli military raid Sunday in the northern West Bank, Palestinian health officials said, in a surge of violence during a sensitive Jewish holiday period.

CBC Top StoriesSep 24, 2023
Tentative deal reached to end Hollywood writers strike. No deal yet for actors
Union leaders and Hollywood studios reached a tentative agreement Sunday to end a historic screenwriters strike after nearly five months, though no deal is yet in the works for striking actors. 

BBC Front PageSep 24, 2023
Soldiers on standby to cover London police who hand in guns
Officers turned in their weapons after a marksman was charged with the murder of an unarmed man.

NYTimes GlobalSep 24, 2023
Polls Show Low Approval Ratings for Biden, and Trump Coasting in Primary
Surveys from NBC News and The Washington Post/ABC News pointed to a general election between two unpopular candidates.

CNBC World NewsSep 24, 2023
Congress remains divided on budget negotiations as government shutdown looms: 'Our financial ship is sinking'
If Congress does not reach an agreement before 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 1, the government will shut down.

Washington Post World NewsSep 24, 2023
Refugees fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh arrive in Armenia
The evacuation of ethnic Armenians from the disputed enclave comes just days after Azerbaijan launched a rapid offensive to retake the territory.

Hundreds of ethnic Armenians leave Nagorno-Karabakh amid fears of persecution (MSNBC Int'l News)

ABC NewsSep 24, 2023
Turner: House GOP 'holdouts' are 'voting with' Pelosi as shutdown deadline looms
Rep. Mike Turner accused House Republican renegades of "voting with Nancy Pelosi" as they continue to rebuff Kevin McCarthy in his efforts to avoid a government shutdown.

Int'l Herald TribuneSep 24, 2023
Nearly 400 Ethnic Armenians Flee Nagorno-Karabakh
Nearly 400 people crossed the border from the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh on Sunday, days after a military offensive returned the ethnic Armenian enclave to Azerbaijan's control.

Int'l Herald TribuneSep 24, 2023
Usher to Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show
"It's an honor of a lifetime to finally check a Super Bowl performance off my bucket list," the eight-time Grammy winner said.

Usher will headline the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show in Las Vegas (NPR Topics: News)

BBC News Front Page | WorldSep 24, 2023
Kosovo and Serbia row over monastery gun battle
A Kosovan policeman and three ethnic Serb gunmen are dead after a siege of a monastery in Kosovo.

Washington Post World NewsSep 24, 2023
Canadian House speaker apologizes after honoring veteran of Nazi unit
Canada's House of Commons speaker apologized Sunday for recognizing a 98-year-old ethnic Ukrainian who fought for a Nazi unit during World War II.

House Speaker apologizes for honouring Ukrainian who fought in Nazi unit in WW II (CBC Top Stories)

ABC NewsSep 24, 2023
President Macron says France will end its military presence in Niger, pull its ambassador after coup
President Emmanuel Macron says France will also pull its ambassador.

France will end its military presence in Niger and pull its ambassador, Macron says (NPR Topics: News)

BBC Front PageSep 24, 2023
Kosovo monastery siege ends after heavy gun battles
One officer and three attackers are dead after the gunmen stormed a village near the Serbian border.

Washington Post World NewsSep 24, 2023
Ukraine live briefing: Washington Post contributor moved to ‘punishment cell' in Siberian prison, lawyer says
Vladimir Kara-Murza, a Washington Post opinions contributor, was convicted in April of criticizing Russia's war, charges the State Department has called unjust.

ABC NewsSep 24, 2023
Trump edges out Biden 51-42 in head-to-head matchup: POLL
The president's ratings for the economy and immigration are at career lows, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.

BBC News Front Page | WorldSep 24, 2023
Simone Biles: Olympic champion responds to viral video of black girl not given medal
The Olympic champion says "there is no room for racism in sport" after footage from Ireland went viral.

NPR Headline NewsSep 24, 2023
To cheers, NASA asteroid sample capsule safely touches down in Utah
NASA's Osiris-REx mission has successfully returned a pristine sample of asteroid back to Earth. This cupful-or-so of space rock could shed light on the solar system's origins.

ABC NewsSep 24, 2023
California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bills to enhance the state's protections for LGBTQ people
California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed several bills.

BBC News Front Page | WorldSep 24, 2023
Niger coup: Macron says France to withdraw troops and ambassador
French president says ambassador will leave and all military cooperation will end in "the months to come".

NYTimes GlobalSep 24, 2023
Newsom Vetoes Bill on Parental Support of Child's Gender Identity in Custody Cases
The bill would have instructed judges in custody battles to weigh a parent's support for a child's gender identity. The governor's veto breaks from his usual stance on transgender rights.

CBC Top StoriesSep 24, 2023
NASA spacecraft releases capsule with material plucked from asteroid
A NASA spacecraft passed by the Earth on Sunday and released its capsule containing rare fragments from the asteroid Bennu, ending a journey that began seven years ago.

NPR Topics: NewsSep 24, 2023
She's currently the only Black woman leading a state military. Here's how it happened
Brig. Gen. Janeen Birckhead of Maryland only became a soldier to help pay for college. Three decades later, she's risen to the top military position in Maryland, leading a force of 4,600 soldiers.

Washington Post World NewsSep 21, 2023
Poland threatens to stop sending arms to Ukraine in fight over grain
Russia's attacks on Ukraine's agriculture sector have split Kyiv and Warsaw, as Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki looks to protect his country's farmers.

NPR Topics: NewsSep 21, 2023
Biden is telling his donors that Trump is out to destroy democracy
President Biden isn't doing a lot of campaign events yet. But when he meets donors, he is spending a lot of time talking about the Republican frontrunner, former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC Int'l NewsSep 20, 2023
Six Palestinians killed in latest fighting with Israel, at least 3 of them militants
Israeli military operations in the occupied West Bank and unrest in the Gaza Strip have killed six Palestinians, Palestinian health officials said Wednesday, the latest spike in a wave of violence that has roiled the region for more than a year.

UN WomenApr 27, 2023
Statement: Digital skills for life
Digital skills are at the heart of the future of work.  Demand for those skills will only grow. But access to build those skills and negative stereotypes about girls in STEM are leading to unequal outcomes. Women and girls are 25 per cent less likely than men to have sufficient knowledge and digital skills to use technology. This robs girls of crucial opportunities. While girls do as well as boys in science in most countries, women occupy less than one-third of positions in the technology sector globally.

U.S. Ally Against Islamic State Urges Trump to Leave Troops in Syria (WSJ World News)
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