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Mon, Apr 6th
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Washington Post World NewsApr 06, 2020
Live updates: Surgeon general warns of ‘hardest, saddest week' ahead as U.S. coronavirus deaths near 10,000; Japan to declare state of emergency
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in the United States is soaring, and the surgeon general warned that this week will be especially difficult. President Trump, however, struck a more optimistic tone, saying that "we're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel."

Coronavirus live updates: US Forces Japan declares public health emergency (ABC News)

ABC NewsApr 06, 2020
Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with coronavirus
PM Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital with coronavirus symptoms Sunday night as the Queen made an emotional address to the nation.

UK's Johnson in hospital for tests, government says he's still in charge (Reuters World News)
PM Johnson is doing well, expected back at his office shortly - minister (Reuters World News)

CNN WorldApr 06, 2020
Boris Johnson 'remains in charge' after hospital admission
A senior British government minister said Boris Johnson was able to continue running the country despite being admitted to a London hospital for persistent coronavirus symptoms.

Boris Johnson in hospital with coronavirus symptoms (FT.com - Europe)

BBC Front PageApr 06, 2020
Coronavirus lockdown: As Easter holidays begin, families feel strain
When families are locked down together what are the pressures on relationships?

NewsweekApr 06, 2020
Queen Elizabeth II Moved Many to Tears as She Evoked the War Effort in Rousing Coronavirus Address
Queen Elizabeth II addressed her nation as she sought to put her country in World War II survival mode and hoped "those who come after us will say the Britons of this generation were as strong as any."

Queen Elizabeth offers an 'enduring and reassuring voice' in the face of COVID-19 crisis (CBC Top Stories)

BBC Front PageApr 06, 2020
Coronavirus: When will we know if the UK lockdown is working?
Almost two weeks after Britons were confined to their homes, is the coronavirus curve flattening?

BBC Front PageApr 06, 2020
Coronavirus: Tiger at Bronx Zoo tests positive for Covid-19
The Bronx Zoo in New York says this case of human-to-animal transmission appears to be unique.

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
Swiss coronavirus deaths hit 584, positive tests rise to 21,652
The Swiss death toll from the novel coronavirus has risen to 584, the country's public health agency said on Monday, from 559 people on Sunday.

Europe looks for lockdown exit strategy as rate of new coronavirus cases and deaths slows (CNBC World News)

ABC NewsApr 06, 2020
Tiger at zoo tests positive for coronavirus
A tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York City has tested positive for the new coronavirus

MSNBC Int'l NewsApr 06, 2020
U.S. coronavirus deaths near 10,000 as medical officials warn worst is yet to come
"It's going to be the hardest moment for many Americans in their entire lives," Surgeon General Jerome Adams said on MSNBC's Meet the Press.

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
Spain's pace of coronavirus deaths slows again
Spain's pace of new coronavirus deaths slowed for the fourth day on Sunday as the government contemplated a gradual easing of a lockdown since mid-March in the country with the second highest death toll from the global pandemic.

NYTimes GlobalApr 06, 2020
A Historic Unemployment Crisis
The U.S. is probably experiencing the highest rates of joblessness since the Great Depression. But with layoffs mounting daily, the real picture may be even worse than we think.

CBC Top StoriesApr 06, 2020
'Giving us the full understanding of what's happening': Applause for ASL interpreters amid pandemic
Amid the daily coronavirus briefings by multiple levels of government across Canada, a new public service figure is stepping into the spotlight — the sign language interpreter.

Washington Post World NewsApr 06, 2020
Trump warns parts of nation to brace for coronavirus ‘peak'; surgeon general says this week will ‘be our Pearl Harbor moment'
Covid-19 deaths across the U.S. pushed past 9,200 — more than triple the toll of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Experts say the true count is certainly higher.

BBC Front PageApr 06, 2020
Coronavirus: Testing and why it matters
What are the tests for coronavirus and how do they work?

Testing times for India in race to head off coronavirus epidemic (Reuters World News)

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
Migrant workers fear massive Singapore dormitory lockdown is coronavirus time bomb
Migrant workers living in vast Singapore dormitories cut off from the outside world due to the coronavirus outbreak fear their cramped and squalid quarters are fast becoming a hotbed for infection.

CBC Top StoriesApr 06, 2020
U.K PM Boris Johnson is doing well, expected back at his office shortly, says minister
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is "doing well" and is expected to be back at work soon, housing minister Robert Jenrick said on Monday after the British leader was admitted to hospital on Sunday night.

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
China sees rise in asymptomatic coronavirus cases
Mainland China reported 39 new coronavirus cases as of Sunday, up from 30 a day earlier, and the number of asymptomatic cases also surged, as Beijing continued to struggle to extinguish the outbreak despite drastic containment efforts.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 06, 2020
Coronavirus: Singapore quarantines 20,000 migrant workers
The workers will be paid - but some have complained of overcrowded and dirty conditions.

FT.com - EuropeApr 06, 2020
Banks must show they really can do ‘God's work'
Lenders need to put public before private interest or remain a pariah industry

NewsweekApr 06, 2020
Trump Says He Won't Wear a Mask for Coronavirus—Here's What Science Says about Masks and COVID-19 Transmission
Some cities have now introduced fines if people fail to wear masks in public.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 06, 2020
As School Moves Online, Many Students Stay Logged Out
Teachers at some schools across the country report that less than half of their students are participating in online learning.

Germany 'is still at the beginning of the epidemic' despite low death rate, health body warns (CNBC World News)

CNBC World NewsApr 06, 2020
Oil prices turn lower despite hints Russia and Saudi Arabia are 'very close' to a deal
Oil prices dipped during morning deals, after a meeting between OPEC and its allies, initially scheduled for Monday, was delayed.

NPR Headline NewsApr 06, 2020
Global Lockdowns Resulting In 'Horrifying Surge' In Domestic Violence, U.N. Warns
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said that reported cases had doubled in some countries "as the economic and social pressures and fear have grown."

CBC Top StoriesApr 06, 2020
Outbreak of 'mask wars' risks setback for war against coronavirus
The cutthroat tactics of the 'mask wars' risk making the COVID-19 crisis worse for everyone. The selfishness isn't a surprise under the circumstances, but the apparent desperation of some of the wealthiest countries on Earth is.

ABC NewsApr 06, 2020
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with virus
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to a hospital for tests, 10 days after being diagnosed with the new coronavirus

FT.com - EuropeApr 06, 2020
Asia stocks rise on coronavirus hope as oil prices drop
Crude hit by doubt Saudi Arabia and Russia can strike deal to cut supply

Washington Post World NewsApr 06, 2020
US sees coronavirus window to push Taiwan's global status
The Trump administration is seizing the opportunity of the coronavirus pandemic to push the cause of Taiwan, long an irritant in U.S. relations with China

CNBC World NewsApr 06, 2020
Australia stocks surge 4%; oil prices drop as OPEC and its allies delay meeting
Stocks in Asia Pacific rose in afternoon trade as a scheduled meeting between the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, initially set to take place Monday, was delayed.

NewsweekApr 06, 2020
As the U.S. Abdicates Its Global Leadership Role, Poor Nations Fighting Coronavirus May Turn to China as Their Next Best Hope
The world's richest nations are struggling to contain coronavirus, and the picture for the developing world looks grim.

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
PM Modi, lawmakers agree 30 percent salary cut as India deals with coronavirus
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top government figures will take a 30 percent salary cut this year, a government minister said on Monday, as the country tackles the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the economy.

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
Iran death toll from coronavirus outbreak reaches 3,739: health ministry
The death toll in Iran from the coronavirus outbreak has reached 3,739, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said on state TV on Monday.

Spain's coronavirus death toll slows further on Monday (Reuters World News)

NewsweekApr 06, 2020
When Are Stimulus Checks Coming From the IRS? Deposit Date and Details Explained
The IRS will start direct deposits of the economic impact payment into millions of Americans' accounts as the coronavirus pandemic wears on.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 06, 2020
The Real Tragedy of Not Having Enough Covid-19 Tests
How can we know when to reopen society without testing many more people?

NewsweekApr 06, 2020
Google Doodle Says Thank You to Coronavirus Helpers, Honors Public Health Workers and Researchers
Google has launched a new series paying tribute to all the doctors, nurses and health workers at the frontline of the novel coronavirus outbreak, more than 100 of whom have died as a result of COVID-19 while treating patients.

NewsweekApr 06, 2020
McDonald's Workers Go On Strike After Colleague Tests Positive For Coronavirus
Employees at the McDonald's on Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles walked out, saying the company had not provided them with masks or protective equipment to keep them safe.

CNBC World NewsApr 06, 2020
Moscow and Riyadh are 'very, very close' to an oil deal, says Russia's sovereign wealth fund chief
The deal will bring "so much important stability to the market" and the two sides are "very close," said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of Russia's sovereign wealth fund RDIF.

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
U.S. Forces Japan declares health emergency for bases in Kanto region
The U.S. Forces Japan commander declared on Monday a public health emergency for its military bases in eastern Japan's Kanto region including Tokyo, which has seen a jump in the number of new coronavirus infections.

Washington Post World NewsApr 06, 2020
From Iran's hot zone, Afghans flee home, spreading virus
Some 200,000 Afghans and counting have returned from Iran to their home country after losing their jobs in the coronavirus pandemic or out of fear of getting infected

Man Coughing on Gas Pump Handle Mentioning Coronavirus Spread Charged With 'Unlawful Use of Infectious Biological Substance' (Newsweek)

BBC Front PageApr 06, 2020
Whale sharks: Atomic tests solve age puzzle of world's largest fish
Data from Cold War nuclear bomb tests help scientists accurately age whale sharks for the first time.

Reuters World NewsApr 06, 2020
Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world
Total confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world jumped to more than 1,250,000, with deaths rising to over 68,400, according to a Reuters tally.

CNBC World NewsApr 05, 2020
Boeing extends Seattle-area production shutdown until further notice amid coronavirus pandemic
Boeing is making its production pause in the Seattle area indefinite because of the spread of coronavirus.

Queen Elizabeth II delivers message of hope to UK in rare address amid coronavirus outbreak (CNBC World News)
Pope Francis Livestreams Palm Sunday Mass In An 'Empty' St. Peter's Amid The Pandemic (NPR Headline News)

FT.com - EuropeApr 05, 2020
Coronavirus latest: Boris Johnson hospitalised 10 days after Covid-19 diagnosis
Readers say they fall between the cracks of government support schemes

NewsweekApr 05, 2020
Jared Kushner, Facing Backlash Over His Role in the Pandemic Response, Gets Unexpected Praise From de Blasio
"I want to give a special thanks to the President and to Jared Kushner," de Blasio said during a coronavirus update.

Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic Is a Privilege (Int'l Herald Tribune)

NPR Headline NewsApr 05, 2020
Boris Johnson Hospitalized For Testing After Coronavirus Diagnosis
The prime minister tested positive for the coronavirus on March 27. He was admitted to a hospital Sunday as a "precautionary step," his office said.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 05, 2020
Coronavirus: Why you now have to wear a mask in Austrian shops
It is a debate being had across the world, and now Austria and its neighbours have decided to act.

ABC NewsApr 05, 2020
Significant storm system begins to impact California with heavy rain, flash flooding
An intensifying and complex storm system is bringing some bands of heavy rain and some mountain snow to parts of northern and central California this morning.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 05, 2020
Trump Again Speaks In Favor Of Anti-Malaria Drug As Coronavirus Treatment
The drug has not been proven to be an effective treatment for coronavirus.

NYTimes GlobalApr 05, 2020
Coronavirus in NJ: The Nurse Was Holding Up. Then Her 3 Close Relatives Were Brought In
After crippling New York City, the coronavirus outbreak is now enveloping New Jersey's densely packed cities and suburbs.

NPR Headline NewsApr 05, 2020
Coronavirus World Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Outbreak
A map of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths around the world. The respiratory disease has spread rapidly across six continents and has killed thousands of people.

Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Coronavirus In The U.S. (NPR Headline News)

NPR Topics: NewsApr 05, 2020
Australian Officials Launch Criminal Investigation Into Ruby Princess Cruise Ship
Nearly 2,700 passengers aboard the Ruby Princess left the ship freely, though some were experiencing flu-like symptoms.

FT.com - EuropeApr 05, 2020
Do not count on a fast global economy bounceback
A very sudden stop has occurred but that does not mean a sudden start will follow

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 05, 2020
Coronavirus: Australia launches criminal investigation into Ruby Princess
Passengers from the Ruby Princess disembarked in Sydney without knowing the coronavirus was on board.

ABC NewsApr 04, 2020
A mounting casualty of coronavirus crisis: Health care jobs
Tens of thousands of U.S. medical workers are suddenly out of work as casualties of measures to prioritize coronavirus patients at hospitals and of the economic troubles the crisis is creating
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