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Sat, Apr 4th
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The New Rules for Remote Work: Pandemic Edition: Welcome to the new world of remote work, where employees struggle to learn the rules, managers are unsure how to help them, and organizations get a glimpse into the future. Patricia
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Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 04, 2020
Have I already had coronavirus? How would I know and what should I do?
Covid-19 symptoms, when they occur, vary widely and undertesting means many people have probably been unwittingly infected * Coronavirus - latest updates * See all our coronavirus coverageCovid-19 symptoms vary widely, and undertesting in many countries means that many people may have already had the coronavirus without having received a positive diagnosis. Is it possible to find out, and how should you behave if you think you may have been infected? Is there any way to know whether someone has had Covid-19 in the past?Dr William Hillmann: At this point, we don't have a test to tell that. We are developing antibody tests to check for a prior infection, but those aren't ready for clinical use yet. The only definitive way to know that you've had it is to get tested while you have it and to have that test be positive. Could I have had it and been asymptomatic? Hillmann: Coronavirus is actually quite a significant spectrum of symptoms, from people who are entirely asymptomatic and would have no idea that they have it to people with very mild, cold-like symptoms - runny nose, congestion, sore throat - to people with more flu-like symptoms - high fevers, muscle aches, shortness of breath and cough. All the way up to people with severe illness, who we're seeing in the hospital with respiratory failure, requiring ICU care. (Editor's note: recent reports suggest that loss of smell and taste are also signs of Covid-19 infection.) What percentage of carriers are asymptomatic?Dr David Buchholz: Right now in

We all want to know how the coronavirus pandemic ends. So how do we cope with uncertainty? (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)
Trump Sent the Guard to the Coronavirus Front Line but Denied Them Military Care (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

Fox Technology newsApr 04, 2020
NYC schools told not to use Zoom for distance learning amid security concerns, reports say
Teachers in city schools in New York City have been told not to use the Zoom video conferencing technology for distance learning amid security and privacy concerns, according to media reports.

Zoom will enable waiting rooms by default to keep trolls out (Engadget)

Mac RumorsApr 04, 2020
EPIX Available for Free Through Apple TV Channels Until May 2, No Subscription Required
EPIX is currently offering free access to its catalog of movies and TV shows through the Apple TV Channels feature in the TV app, and many additional services are also offering extended free trials.

Apple's new iCloud feature for iPhone and Mac may make you kiss Dropbox goodbye - CNET (CNET How To)

Reuters TechnologyApr 04, 2020
Exclusive: Amazon in contact with coronavirus test makers as it plans pandemic response
Amazon.com Inc has been in contact with the CEOs of two coronavirus test makers as it considers how to screen its staff and reduce the risk of infection at its warehouses, according to internal meeting notes seen by Reuters.

TechCrunchApr 04, 2020
This Week in Apps: Zoom has issues, Pinterest founder's new COVID-19 research app, record Q1 spending
This week... how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting apps and the wider mobile app industry, more leaks about the new version of iOS, Apple bought Dark Sky, and more.

CNET NewsApr 04, 2020
All the live stream concerts you can watch during the coronavirus shutdown (April 4) - CNET
Stream concerts of your favorite bands and musicians like Ben Folds, Grand Ole Opry, Diplo, Melissa Etheridge, and more. #couchtour

CNET How ToApr 04, 2020
Need to delay your bills during the coronavirus outbreak? DoNotPay says it can help - CNET
Answer a few simple questions and this site will point you to emergency resources that could save you money and time.

EngadgetApr 04, 2020
The Morning After: Apple's iPad turns 10
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Engadget's review of the first iPad ten years ago lauded its potential, even if the first version of tablet software couldn't do much for one's productivity. Since then, Apple has slowly gotten aroun...

Top Stories: Apple Leaks iPhone SE and AirTags, Apple Buys Dark Sky, and More (Mac Rumors)

CNET NewsApr 04, 2020
2021 Genesis G80, coronavirus effects and more: Roadshow's week in review - Roadshow
Here's a look at our most important stories of the week ending April 4.

2020 Cadillac XT6 Sport Platinum: Easy to look at, tough to recommend - Roadshow (CNET News)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 04, 2020
Asia virus latest: China mourns dead, S. Korea extends social distancing
China came to a standstill to mourn the patients and medical staff who died because of the coronavirus outbreak, with the country observing a nationwide three-minute silence. At 10 am Saturday, Citizens paused as cars, trains and ships sounded their horns, and air-raid sirens rang out in memory of the more than 3,000 lives lost to the virus in mainland China. In Beijing's Tiananmen Square, the national flag flew at half-mast, and state media showed President Xi Jinping and other officials standing outside a government compound wearing white flowers.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 04, 2020
N.Y. Has Most Deaths in a Day; Italy's Toll Falls: Virus Update
(Bloomberg) -- New York State reported the most deaths in a single day while Italy, the nation with the most fatalities in the world, had the fewest since March 26. Spain plans to extend its lockdown.U.S. deaths rose to more than 7,500 and the global tally exceeds 62,000. At least a half-dozen cruise ships remain at sea with passengers and crew as companies navigate long trips and struggle to find ports willing to let them dock. The big question remains: When, and how, will this end?Key Developments:Global cases top 1.1 million; deaths exceed 62,000: Johns HopkinsBread lines are forming in Mar-a-Lago's shadowThe virus is destroying ed jobs around the worldLandlords in peril as retailers withhold rentCruise ships, linked to the early spread, are still sailingThe maker of Purell gets tariff exclusionsNew York's Deadliest Day (2 p.m. NY)New York, the worst-hit U.S. state, recorded the biggest daily death toll yet, adding 630 fatalities for a total of 3,565, Governor Andrew Cuomo said. One thousand ventilators are due to arrive from China on Saturday. "This is a big deal and it's going to make a significant difference for us," Cuomo said. Oregon donated another 140. "We're not at the apex," Cuomo told reporters. New York City's total rose to 63,306 cases and 2,624 deaths.Read the full story here.Trudeau Plans Trump Call Amid Spat (1 p.m. NY)Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he will speak to Donald Trump soon as the U.S. president escalates a battle with allies and 3M Co. over exports of medical equipment and N

Coronavirus $1,200 stimulus check: See if you're eligible, how to get your money - CNET (CNET How To)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 04, 2020
Coronavirus kills some people and hardly affects others: How is that possible?
How can the new coronavirus affect people so differently — killing some while leaving others blissfully unaware that they have been infected at all?

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 04, 2020
Vietnam lodges protest against Beijing after fishing boat sunk in South China Sea
* March sees 2,585 homicides - highest monthly figure on record * Mexico tries to pour resources into containing coronavirusMexico's homicide rate raced to a new record in March, as violence raged even as Covid-19 spread across the country and authorities urged the population to stay home and practise social distancing.Mexico registered 2,585 homicides in March - the highest monthly figure since records began in 1997 - putting 2020 on track to break last year's record total for murders.The surge in killings comes as federal and state officials put resources into containing the Covid-19 crisis and confront the prospect of an already sluggish economy falling even further - potentially deepening the misery for the more than 40% of the population living in poverty."It's business as usual [for drug cartels] with a risk of further escalation, especially if at some point the armed forces are called away for pandemic control," said Falko Ernst, senior Mexico analyst at the International Crisis Group.Violence has flared throughout the country, but it has been especially intense in the central state of Guanajuato, where criminal groups have battled over lucrative territories rife with theft from pipelines.The bloodshed has hit shocking levels in the city of Ceyala - home to a major automotive manufacturing plant - with gunmen engaging security forces in shootouts, blockading streets and torching businesses.Francisco Rivas, director of the National Citizen Observatory, which monitors security issues

CNET How ToApr 04, 2020
Wine and alcohol delivery: How to get alcoholic beverages delivered to your door - CNET
Many states are relaxing alcohol delivery laws as liquor stores are deemed an essential service during the pandemic. Here's how to find a service you can use in your area.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 04, 2020
Vietnam protests Beijing's sinking of South China Sea boat
Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci left the hosts of Fox & Friends disappointed and frustrated Friday when he threw cold water on their insistence that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine is a game-changing cure for the coronavirus.Citing a recent poll showing that 37 percent of doctors around the world feel the drug is currently the most effective treatment of COVID-19, co-host Steve Doocy added that frequent Fox News guest Dr. Mehmet Oz recently touted a small Chinese study that found the drug had some efficacy in treating the virus.Doocy went on to play a clip of Dr. Oz wondering whether Fauci was impressed with the results of that study. The Fox host asked the top physician to respond to the TV doctor."That was not a very robust study," replied Fauci, a member of the White House coronavirus task force. He also pointed out that while there's still a possibility of a "beneficial effect," the scale and strength of the evidence is not "overwhelmingly strong.""But getting back to what you said just a moment ago that ‘X percent'—I think you said 37 percent—of doctors feel that it's beneficial. We don't operate on how you feel. We operate on what evidence is, and data is," he continued. "So although there is some suggestion with the study that was just mentioned by Dr. Oz—granted that there is a suggestion that there is a benefit there—I think we've got to be careful that we don't make that majestic leap to assume that this is a kno

New York Times TechApr 04, 2020
Coronavirus and Paid Sick Leave: A Quarantined Uber Driver's Quest
Zachary Frenette spent about two weeks fighting to get help under a new Uber policy. It worked, but only after he got the news media involved.

CNET How ToApr 04, 2020
Galaxy S20 deals on the horizon? Here's how to pick from Samsung's phones - CNET
Now might actually be a good time to buy a new phone. Prep yourself and look for deals.

CNET How ToApr 04, 2020
Make a face mask or covering at home: How to find cloth materials, patterns and more - CNET
What's the difference between a face mask and a covering? Can you buy premade face masks? How do you donate them? We answer these questions and more.

New York Times TechApr 04, 2020
A Quarantined Uber Driver's Quest for Paid Sick Leave
Zachary Frenette spent about two weeks fighting to get help under a new Uber policy. It worked, but only after he got the news media involved.

CNET How ToApr 04, 2020
Homemade face masks, coronavirus, CDC: New guidelines and everything you should know - CNET
The CDC has reversed its recommendations about using face masks as the coronavirus pandemic develops. Here's what that means.

CNET NewsApr 04, 2020
Working from home? Block noise with these true wireless earbuds for $22 (Update: Sold out) - CNET
The surprisingly good iTeknic earbuds include memory-foam tips and support both wireless and USB-C charging.

ResearchBuzzApr 04, 2020
Saturday CoronaBuzz, April 4, 2020: 30 pointers to new resources, useful stuff, research news, and more.
Wash your hands and stay at home as much as you can. Please be careful. I love you. NEW RESOURCES CNBC: New Google site shows where people in a community are taking […]

CNET How ToApr 04, 2020
Galaxy S20 deals may be on the horizon. Here's how to pick from Samsung's phones - CNET
Now might actually be a good time to buy a new phone. Prep yourself and look for deals.

CNET NewsApr 04, 2020
12 sports games to play on iOS while live sports are benched - CNET
Even though many sporting events are on hold, there are still ways to play.

CNET NewsApr 04, 2020
Get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for $570 - CNET
Save $130 on last year's flagship phone just in time for it to inherit the Galaxy S20's hot new camera features.

CNET How ToApr 04, 2020
Lockdown, shelter in place, stay at home and quarantine: What they mean and where you can go - CNET
As restrictions tighten across countries and states, we help you determine if you can go on walks, to the store or for a drive during the coronavirus outbreak. Here are the rules.

SlashDotApr 04, 2020
A Hacker Found a Way To Take Over Any Apple Webcam

CNET NewsApr 03, 2020
Apple Arcade: The full list of games for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV - CNET
The $4.99-a-month service includes more than 110 games.

TechCrunchApr 03, 2020
The pandemic is already reshaping tech's misinformation crisis
Since 2016, social media companies have faced an endless barrage of bad press and public criticism for failing to anticipate how their platforms could be used for dark purposes at the scale of populations—undermining democracies around the world, say, or sowing social division and even fueling genocide. As COVID-19 plunges the world into chaos and […]

SlashDotApr 03, 2020
Amazon To Delay Marketing Event Prime Day Due To Coronavirus

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 03, 2020
A California ER nurse told her family that if she gets COVID-19 she doesn't want a ventilator and to give it to someone else who needs it more
"If I were to get really sick, my sisters know I don't want to take a ventilator from someone else who may need it," Paige said.

How COVID-19 should change laptop and browser priorities (ComputerWorld)

Fox Technology newsApr 03, 2020
Google data reveals massive plunge in movement, the communities obeying coronavirus orders
Google location data released Friday presents a stark picture of how the coronavirus pandemic has upended the lives of more than 3.9 billion people -- half the world's population -- who are under some form of lockdown, causing massive shifts in human behavior.

Google Reveals Location Data to Help the Coronavirus Response (Wired News)
Daily Crunch: Google publishes coronavirus mobility reports (TechCrunch)

Computer World Security NewsApr 03, 2020
Zoom pauses new feature development to focus on privacy, security
Zoom has decided to cease development of new product features so it can focus on fixing various privacy and security issues.

The company has seen a surge in the use of its platform in recent weeks, as self isolation in response to the Covid-19 pandemic ramps up the demand for video software. As its popularity has boomed - both for business and personal use - and the company's stock price rocketed, underlying vulnerabilities in the platform have become apparent. 

[ Related: 7 Zoom tips for working from home ] "Zoom-bombing," where intruders have been able to access video meetings that were not password protected, has led to serious privacy concerns, with uninvited attendees harassing online A.A. meetings and church meetings, for example. The FBI this week warned of unauthorized access to virtual classrooms and recommended that users change security settings to protect meetings. 

To read this article in full, please click here

SlashDotApr 03, 2020
SpaceX Loses Its Third Starship Prototype During a Cryogenic Test

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 03, 2020
AP Sources: Shipping tycoon helps Venezuela in quest for gas
With gas lines across Venezuela growing, a controversial shipping magnate has stepped in to prevent the country from running out of fuel amid the coronavirus pandemic, The Associated Press has learned. The fuel shortage, in the nation that sits atop the world largest crude reserves, is the latest threat to Nicolas Maduro's rule at a time he is under intense U.S. pressure to resign. Wilmer Ruperti's Maroil Trading Inc. billed state-owned oil monopoly PDVSA 12 million euros last month for the purchase of up to 250,000 barrels of 95-octane gasoline, according to a copy of the invoice obtained by AP.

Computer World Security NewsApr 03, 2020
Browser makers cite coronavirus, restore support for obsolete TLS 1.0 and 1.1 encryption
Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have each issued reprieves to Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1, aged encryption protocols that were to be bounced from browser support in March, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By common agreement, Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge, and Mozilla's Firefox were to disable support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 early in 2020. They, along with Apple - which produces Safari - announced the move a year and a half ago, noting then that the protocols had been made obsolete by TLS 1.2 and 1.3.

To read this article in full, please click here

CNET NewsApr 03, 2020
Volkswagen partners with fabric supplier for more medical gear - Roadshow
The German automaker partnered with Faurecia to build critical protective gear for those fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Mac RumorsApr 03, 2020
U.S. Senators Question Apple CEO Tim Cook About COVID-19 App Privacy
Four U.S. senators, Bob Menendez, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Richard Blumenthal, on Friday sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook expressing concern over "the safety and security of Americans' private health data" in regard to the recently released COVID-10 website and app, reports Bloomberg.

TechCrunchApr 03, 2020
Insight closes $9.5B fund to help support portfolio companies through the pandemic
We're now several weeks into what has become a very big dip for the global economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, but amidst that, we are seeing are some notable pockets of investment activity emerging that will help shape how the future startup landscape will look. Today, one of the biggest venture capital firms in […]

Reuters TechnologyApr 03, 2020
Two U.S. state AGs seek info on Zoom's privacy practices
At least two U.S. state attorneys have sought information from Zoom Video Communications Inc following multiple reports that questioned the privacy and security of the video-conferencing app.

CNET NewsApr 03, 2020
Another SpaceX Starship prototype bites the dust during pressure testing - CNET
Elon Musk says it may have been "a test configuration mistake."

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 03, 2020
Putin says Russia ready to cooperate on cutting oil production
Russia is ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia and the United States to cut oil production, President Vladimir Putin said Friday. Putin said Russia was willing to make agreements within the framework of the OPEC group and that "we are ready for cooperation with the United States of America on this issue," according to a statement published by the Kremlin. Oil prices have tumbled in recent weeks in the face of a drop in demand and global economic uncertainty over the new coronavirus pandemic.

GizmodoApr 03, 2020
Zoom Bombings Started Off as Pranks. Now Someone Could End Up Dead
For those unaware, Zoom officially has a porn problem. The multibillion-dollar video messaging mainstay among employees at Johnson & Johnson and the Department of Homeland Security—not to mention a household name among currently house-bound citizens across the country—has been rocked by story after story of pranksters…


CNET How ToApr 03, 2020
How to watch Sunday's virtual NASCAR iRacing race without cable - CNET
The eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series heads to the Bristol Motor Speedway this Sunday.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 03, 2020
USPS mail carriers say the service isn't doing enough to protect them from the coronavirus and are mixing DIY sanitizer and buying gloves online to stay safe
The USPS says it has implemented a raft of measures to fight the virus. Two postal workers we spoke with said it hasn't materialized.

How to protect yourself against coronavirus online scams (Fox Technology news)

ComputerWorldApr 03, 2020
Amazon and Apple TV deal shows how to solve business conflicts
I didn't see this as an enterprise-focused story at first, but a recent compromise between Amazon and Apple shows how communication can help even opposing businesses solve problems and grow value.

Amazon and Apple make a deal Amazon this week suddenly began permitting Prime subscribers to access and purchase content from Prime using the iOS app.

To the vexation of many users, this wasn't possible before. You had to visit Amazon's site on a computer, purchase the item you wanted, and only then could this be accessed using an iOS device, including Apple TV.

The process was annoying, and was purely driven by the two billionaire multinationals arguing over who would get to keep a share of the purchase price.

To read this article in full, please click here

EngadgetApr 03, 2020
Skype rolls out 'Meet Now' calls that don't need a a sign-up or installation
With people forced out of their offices and schools to avoid spreading coronavirus, there are more video calls going on than ever. However, a significant chunk of the action has gone to Zoom, and not Skype, Microsoft's product that has been at th...

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 03, 2020
Coronavirus live updates: Cloth masks in public now recommended; US death toll passes 7,100; nation lost 701K jobs in March
New research has prompted authorities to change their position Friday on the widespread use of non-medical masks in public.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 03, 2020
U.S. attorney general orders release of more federal inmates due to coronavirus pandemic
U.S. Attorney General William Barr declared on Friday that the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is facing emergency conditions due to the fast-spreading coronavirus, paving the way for the agency to begin releasing more inmates out of custody and into home confinement. Barr said under his emergency order, priority for releasing vulnerable inmates into home confinement should be given first to those housed in federal prisons that have been hardest hit by COVID-19, including facilities such as Oakdale in Louisiana, Elkton in Ohio and Danbury in Connecticut. Barr's order comes after five inmates at FCI Oakdale 1 and two at FCI Elkton 1 died from COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

CNET NewsApr 03, 2020
CDC says we all should wear face coverings to avoid spreading coronavirus - CNET
But medical-grade N95 masks, which are in short supply, should be reserved for health workers. And don't stop social distancing or hand washing.

SlashDotApr 03, 2020
How Did Covid-19 Begin? WaPo OpEd Calls Its Origin Story 'Shaky'

Wired NewsApr 03, 2020
'The Last of Us Part II' Is Being Delayed Indefinitely
The game's release is being postponed due to logistical concerns caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

Exclusive: Amazon to delay Prime Day event due to coronavirus, outlines cloud risks (Reuters Technology)

Fox Technology newsApr 03, 2020
Amid coronavirus crisis, experts detect ‘dramatic' hacks on the WHO and ‘negligent' security precautions
Since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has become the target of an array of cybersecurity attacks - but recent efforts to hack into the system have some cybersecurity experts especially concerned.

CNET NewsApr 03, 2020
Feds threaten to cut off service providers allowing illegal COVID-19 related robocalls - CNET
The US Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission say "gateway" providers must crack down on these unwanted calls, or else.

CNET NewsApr 03, 2020
Get six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $40 - CNET
That's about 56% off unlimited access to more than 100 games and other perks. Plus: A deal on PlayStation Plus for 43% off.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacApr 03, 2020
Attempts for Middle East ceasefires amid the coronavirus crisis have not stopped the fighting
Calls for coronavirus ceasefires have not halted Middle East battles

Gabon bans eating of pangolin and bats amid pandemic (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

EngadgetApr 03, 2020
The latest iPad Pro disables mics when its case is closed
These days, any connected device with a microphone could arguably be treated with suspicion, from smart speakers to phones to computers. Apple helped to address privacy concerns in 2018 by adding a feature that disconnects MacBook microphones when th...

Mac RumorsApr 03, 2020
Deals: AirPods Pro Are Available to Ship Today at $234.98 on Amazon
Apple's AirPods Pro have returned to their low price of $234.98 on Amazon, down from $249.00. At about $14 off, this remains the lowest price we've ever tracked for a brand new model of the AirPods Pro among the major Apple resellers online.

Reuters TechnologyApr 03, 2020
Two U.S. state attorneys general seek info on Zoom's privacy practices
At least two U.S. state attorneys have sought information from Zoom Video Communications Inc following multiple reports that questioned the privacy and security of the videoconferencing app.

SlashDotApr 03, 2020
Google Is Publishing Location Data From 131 Countries To Show How Coronavirus Lockdowns Are Working

CNET NewsApr 03, 2020
Google Stadia captures rollout, newest games and everything else you need to know - CNET
Capture and download your best gaming moments.

ResearchBuzzApr 03, 2020
Friday CoronaBuzz, April 3, 2020: 44 pointers to new resources, useful stuff, research news, and more.
Wash your hands and stay at home as much as you can. Please be careful. I love you. NEW RESOURCES BusinessWire: The American Hospital Association and AVIA Launch New Tool to Support […]

CNET Most Popular ProductsApr 03, 2020
2020 Cadillac XT6 review: Bigger, but only a little better - Roadshow
Cadillac's handsome new luxury seven-seater expands and improves on the smaller XT5's formula, but now faces even stronger competition.

PC World Latest NewsApr 03, 2020
How to use your Android phone as a webcam for video conferencing and virtual meetings
If you're sick of peeling the tape off your laptop's camera every time you need to call into a virtual meeting, look no further than the Android phone lying on your desk. That's right, you can use your Android phone as a makeshift webcam for Zoom or Skype video calls—no cables required.

There are a few different apps you can use, depending on your PC. If you have a Mac, your best bet is EpocCam, which also works well with an iPhone or iPad. For Windows or Linux users, we like DroidCam. Both offer free and paid tiers, depending on your streaming needs.

To read this article in full, please click here

SlashDotApr 03, 2020
Amazon Exec Called Fired Worker 'Not Smart' in Leaked Memo

Lyft offers free scooter rides for coronavirus health and transit workers - CNET (CNET News)

Washington Post TechApr 03, 2020
35 essential games to play while stuck at home
Looking for a new way to entertain yourself? From role-playing games, to battle royales, to open-world masterpieces, the Launcher team endorses these can't-miss titles.

PC World Latest NewsApr 03, 2020
Samsung brings Galaxy S20 features to the S10 and Note 10 in the U.S. as sales slump
If you've been itching to try out the Galaxy S20's best features but don't want to drop a ton of money on a new phone right now, you'll soon have your chance. As part of a global update rolling out to all users as of April 3, Galaxy S10 and Note 10 users will gain a variety of software enhancements that were previously exclusive to the S20.

Update 4/3: Samsung has announced that the software update is rolling out to Galaxy S10 and Note 10 users in the U.S. beginning today.

To read this article in full, please click here

ResearchBuzzApr 02, 2020
Thursday CoronaBuzz, April 2, 2020: 34 pointers to new resources, useful stuff, research news, and more.
Lots of good stuff in the New Resources section today. I'm only doing one of these newsletters a day so they're going to be enormous. Wash your hands and stay at home […]

PC World Latest NewsApr 01, 2020
Best online tax-filing software 2020: TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer compared
Updated April 1, 2020 to add information on the tax-filing deadline extension due to COVID-19. (No, this is not an April Fools' gag!)

In normal circumstances, the countdown to getting your 2019 taxes filed would begin in ernest today. But seeing as circumstances are far from normal, the deadline for filing both federal and state taxes has been extended. (Good news, procrastinators!) All federal taxes are now due on July 15, 2020.  As TurboTax points out in a helpful FAQ, no additional action is required on your part to be eligible for the federal extension—it applies across the board. 

To read this article in full, please click here

CNET ReviewsMar 16, 2020
2020 BMW M850i Gran Coupe review: Bigger is better - Roadshow
BMW's new 8 Series is at its best in its largest four-door Gran Coupe form.
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