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EngadgetOct 23, 2021
20 years ago Apple introduced the iPod, the perfect gateway drug to the Mac
It's hard to remember, but 20 years ago, Apple was not a very cool company. Sure, OS X was intriguing, and the titanium PowerBook was definitely a cool computer, But when most people thought of Apple, it was probably the bulbous, colorful iMac G3 that popped into people's heads. The company was starting to build its reputation for truly desirable products, but it wasn't solidified just yet.

That all changed on October 23, 2001, when Steve Jobs pulled the first iPod out of his pocket. For a generation of music fans, it became the quintessentially cool item that was more than just a fad. It's not a stretch to say it reinvented the music industry while simultaneously paving a path for Apple to become the world's biggest company. It was the ultimate gateway drug to getting people who had never bought an Apple product before to see what all the fuss was about.

At this point, the somewhat skeptical reception to the iPod is part of tech industry lore - particularly Slashdot's dismissal of the product as "lame" compared to a Nomad MP3 player. (Raise your hand if you ever used a Nomad. That's what I thought.) And it's not like the product was an instant hit - the first iPod cost $400 and only worked with the Mac, two factors that limited its appeal.

Those limitations helped it achieve some serious cachet, though. Seeing an iPod in the wild was a rarity, and my Mac-own

Top Stories: Apple Event Recap - New MacBook Pro, AirPods 3, and More (Mac Rumors)
iOS 15.1 for iPhone: Everything to know about Apple's first major update - CNET (CNET How To)

Mac RumorsOct 23, 2021
8-Core 14-Inch MacBook Pro Around 20% Slower Than 10-Core Models in Multi-Core Benchmark
The first seemingly legitimate Geekbench 5 result for the base model 14-inch MacBook Pro with an 8-core M1 Pro chip has surfaced, and it reveals that the 8-core model is, as expected, ~20% slower than 10-core models in terms of multi-core performance.

New MacBook Pros Now Starting to Ship to Customers Ahead of Tuesday Release (Mac Rumors)

Mac RumorsOct 23, 2021
Here's When You Can Download macOS Monterey
Apple's official public release of macOS Monterey is set to occur on Monday, October 25, just a few days after Apple released the second release candidate to developers and a week after its "Unleashed" media event.

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
What it was like to watch Steve Jobs introduce the iPod 20 years ago - CNET
When Apple's chief unveiled the iPod, on Oct. 23, 2001, I thought the small, white gadget, with its clickety scroll wheel, was totally cool. Two decades later, my version 1.0 is still cool.

Mac RumorsOct 23, 2021
macOS Monterey: Here Are All the Features Your Intel Mac Won't Support
Apple's official public release of macOS Monterey arrives on Monday, October 25, and users should be aware that there are several features in macOS 12 that are only available to machines powered by Apple silicon chips. In other words, they won't work on Intel-powered Macs.

Black Friday 2021: When the deals start, how to get the best prices on tech, and where to shop (PC World Latest News)

Major GeeksOct 23, 2021
Windows Auto Dark Mode
Windows 10 Auto-Night-Mode automatically switches between Windows 10 dark and light themes. Windows 10 has color settings that allow you to choose light or dark mode, but no settings to change this at a set time, for example. Enter Windows 10 Auto-Night-Mode. [License: Open Source | Requires: 11|10 | Size: 69.7 MB ]

Yahoo TechnologyOct 23, 2021
ICYMI: Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 still needs some work

CNET How ToOct 23, 2021
How to reset AirPods (or AirPods Pro) when they're acting up - CNET
AirPods not syncing or charging? Try this factory reset.

Yahoo TechnologyOct 23, 2021
Eero will upgrade mesh WiFi routers to support the Matter smart home standard

Yahoo TechnologyOct 23, 2021
NASA plans to launch Artemis I Moon mission in February 2022

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
Peacock TV: Halloween Kills, Premier League, NFL and everything else to know - CNET
Peacock streams a lot free, but if you want to watch Halloween Kills at home at the same time it's in theaters or live Premier League matches, you'll need to pay.

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
2022 Honda Civic Si revealed, Volvo C40 Recharge and more: Roadshow's week in review - Roadshow
Here's a look back at the biggest stories from the week ending Oct. 23.

Best SUVs under $35,000: Our top picks - Roadshow (CNET News)

CNET How ToOct 23, 2021
Ew, your AirPods are filled with gross earwax and gunk. Here's how to clean them - CNET
Your earbud charging case probably needs to be cleaned, too. We'll show you what to do.

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
Best full mattress in 2021 - CNET
From hybrid models to proprietary polymer grids, these comfy mattresses help level up your sleep.

Yahoo TechnologyOct 23, 2021
T-Mobile postpones Sprint 3G shutdown to March 31st, 2022

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
Best king mattress in 2021 - CNET
Get the space you need to spread out for a good night's sleep.

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
Triple header of weekend deals: Acer laptop sale, Sunbasket savings and an amazing $35 speaker - CNET
Happy Saturday. Here are three deals worth your time.

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
The best mattress in a box for 2021 - CNET
Tired of hauling your new mattress home via U-Haul or truck bed? Consider these top bed-in-a-box mattresses for easy delivery right to your door.

Mac RumorsOct 23, 2021
New Video Provides Extensive Hands-on Look at New 16-inch MacBook Pro [Updated]
A new video posted to YouTube today offers viewers perhaps the best real-world look yet at Apple's latest 16-inch MacBook Pro.

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
TV prices hit a 9-year high. What does that mean for Black Friday 2021? - CNET
The chip shortage and port blockages have driven up the average price, but higher-end models could still see steep discounts.

CNET NewsOct 23, 2021
9 great reads from CNET: iPod at 20, MacBook Pro, Pixel 6 and more - CNET
We look back at the origins and evolution of Apple's iPod, dig into the latest iteration of high-end MacBooks, get the lowdown on all the AI in the Pixel 6 cameras, and then some.

Yahoo TechnologyOct 22, 2021
Facebook researchers were warning about its recommendations fueling QAnon in 2019

Facebook Papers Show Employees Raised Concerns About Misinformation (New York Times Tech)

PC World Latest NewsOct 22, 2021
How to switch out of Windows 11 S Mode
Some low-cost Windows PCs and tablets ship with Windows 11 Home in S Mode (also known as "Windows 11 S") as a way to secure the PC and prevent the use of unauthorized applications by restricting access to Windows Store software alone. There is a quick, easy, and free way to upgrade to a full-fledged […]

Windows 11 update fixes Ryzen L3 perf bug (PC World Latest News)

SlashDotOct 22, 2021
Apple Updates App Store Guidelines To Permit Devs To Contact Customers About Other Payment Methods

GizmodoOct 22, 2021
It Sure Looks Like Donald Trump Is Trying to Trademark 'Truthing'
On Wednesday, ex-president and current loser Donald Trump announced he is launching the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), a venture supposedly valued at $1.7 billion that will encompass everything from a hellhole social network called Truth Social to "non-woke" entertainment. Par for his track record, it looks…


Trump's social network is built on a platform it didn't properly license (Yahoo Technology)

Yahoo TechnologyOct 22, 2021
Apple updates its App Store Guidelines to permit developers to contact customers about other payment methods

Mac RumorsOct 22, 2021
Apple Card 6% Daily Cash Listings for Apple Purchases Were in Error, but Apple is Honoring Them
Yesterday, a number of Apple Card users were seeing mentions of 6% Daily Cash showing up next to some recent Apple purchases, leading to some confusion about whether Apple was launching a special promotion to double the usual 3% cashback program.

CNET NewsOct 22, 2021
Pixel 6 is a major upgrade: A first look at Google's new Tensor-powered phone - CNET
The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro mark a significant step for Google toward competing with premium phones from Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

CNET How ToOct 22, 2021
California outlaws future sales of gas leaf blowers and lawn mowers. What to know about the new rule - CNET
By 2024, new gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers won't be sold in California.

Mac RumorsOct 22, 2021
Deals: New AirPods Pro With MagSafe Case Already Down to $219.99 ($29 Off)
Alongside the third-generation AirPods, Apple this week also introduced a minor update for the AirPods Pro to add MagSafe support to the charging case. MagSafe makes for easier alignment of the AirPods Pro case on compatible magnetic chargers and allows it to stick on angled chargers.

ResearchBuzzOct 22, 2021
Fryderyk Chopin, Deirdre O'Donoghue, Facebook, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, October 22, 2021
NEW RESOURCES Google Blog: Chopin Forever: a digital retrospective on Google Arts & Culture. "Did you know that Chopin was a child star? He was writing and composing poetry at the age […]

SlashDotOct 22, 2021
ISPs Want More Money Because So Many People Are Streaming Squid Game

CNET NewsOct 22, 2021
Best Apple MacBook deals: New 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models get first price breaks - CNET
Apple's new MacBook Pros are discounted right now on Amazon.

Time: TechlandOct 22, 2021
What's Allowed on Trump's New ‘TRUTH' Social Media Platform—And What Isn't
Including a clause prohibiting users from "excessive use of capital letters"

ResearchBuzzOct 22, 2021
Canada Cities Pollution, Armenia Photography, Employment Policy Gateway, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, October 22, 2021
NEW RESOURCES Vancouver is Awesome: New database shows Canada's highest-polluting cities, what needs to change. "The Municipal Energy and Emissions Database (MEED) offers near-instant access to the pollution profiles of over 4,000 […]

EngadgetOct 22, 2021
The Morning After: Razer's light-up smart face mask finally goes on sale
After a long run of teasing the RGB-lit Zephyr mask, Razer is finally ready to sell it to die-hard fans — or possibly cosplayers. The Zephyr costs $100 or there's a $150 Starter Pack with three replacement filter kits. Alas, the Starter Pack is already listed as "out of stock," and the mask by itself is still "coming soon."

Yes, you can customize the lighting through a companion app, but the highlight is a dual-fan active air filtration system with N95 filters — something I'd never thought I'd be writing about a Razer device.

— Mat Smith

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 reviewIts second dual-screen hybrid is another letdown.EngadgetMicrosoft's dual-screen ambitions continue to struggle. Upgraded hardware and a new Glance Bar don't mean much when the Duo 2 is still plagued with inconsistent, finicky software. The new triple-camera array is held back by an atrocious camera app, and thermal issues cause the device to hang. All of this will cost you $1,500.

Continue reading.

‘Uncharted' movie trailer plays Nathan Drake's greatest hi

CNET NewsOct 22, 2021
T-Mobile delays shutdown of Sprint 3G network by three months - CNET
The new date is now March 31, 2022.

CNET NewsOct 22, 2021
Walmart leaked its own early Black Friday sales. Here are the best deals we've found so far - CNET
Here come the $89 AirPods.

Wired NewsOct 22, 2021
These Early Black Friday Deals Have a Special Perk
This sale on WIRED-approved headphones, TVs, and phones has a pricing guarantee: If the price dips further before Black Friday, Best Buy will pay you the difference.

CNET NewsOct 22, 2021
Best laptop deals: Save $50 on 14-inch MacBook Pro, $400 on Lenovo Yoga 9i and more - CNET
Apple's new 14-inch MacBook Pro gets its first price break, and there are even bigger discounts on Windows laptops and 2-in-1 convertibles.

GizmodoOct 22, 2021
What to Know About Mixing and Matching Your Covid-19 Booster
On Thursday night, Rochelle Walensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gave the green light to boosters for those who took the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccines. She also made clear that people who are on the recommended list for a booster can take a different brand of vaccine than…


CDC recommends booster shot for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines - CNET (CNET News)

CNET NewsOct 22, 2021
Final hours: These early Best Buy Black Friday deals end today - CNET
It's an early look at what the holiday sales will be, and there are some great opportunities to save.

Yahoo TechnologyOct 22, 2021
Amazon's big Samsung sale includes laptops, watches, phones and storage

CNET NewsOct 22, 2021
Disney Plus: Shang-Chi, Halloween movies, shows, prices and everything else to know - CNET
Here's everything to know about the service, its movies and its shows.

New York Times TechOct 22, 2021
Google said it had successfully ‘slowed down' European privacy rules, according to lawsuit.
The new details came in an unredacted version of a lawsuit filed by Texas and 11 other states.

GizmodoOct 22, 2021
Pathfinder RPG Maker Paizo Will Voluntarily Recognize Workers' Union
It's not often that any company recognizes a new union without being compelled to, generally because they'd prefer their workers to have as few rights and as little pay as they can get away with. So kudos to Paizo Publishing for doing the right thing by recognizing the company's newly formed workers' union of its own…


Yahoo TechnologyOct 22, 2021
Engadget Podcast: Apple's new MacBook Pros, the Pixel 6 and the Surface Duo 2

EngadgetOct 21, 2021
Surface Duo 2 review: Microsoft's second dual-screen hybrid is a letdown
Microsoft isn't giving up on its dual-screen dreams. The company is back this year with a new Surface Duo that looks like it might fix some of the original's flaws. Instead of a finicky and low-quality camera, the Duo 2 packs a triple-sensor system on its rear, in addition to a selfie shooter inside. The device also has a narrower overall footprint, faster-refreshing screens and some updated software. There's also support for Microsoft's Slim Pen 2, which should make drawing and taking notes a more intuitive experience.

But despite having addressed many of the previous generation's issues and adding some useful features, the Duo 2 remains a frustrating device. And at $1,500, it's still a pricey product with a niche, limited appeal.

Hardware and design changesBy now, you're probably familiar with the Duo's proposition. The second generation features a pair of 5.8-inch screens connected by a hinge. It's also running Android 11 this year, with some tweaks to improve multi-display use. Combined, the two panels offer an 8.3-inch canvas, which is slightly bigger than before. You can flip one screen all the way around to use the Duo 2 in a phone-like single-screen state, use one side as a stand to prop up the other half or have both displays facing you like a book or tablet.

Like the original, th

PC World Latest NewsOct 21, 2021
Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review: Better, but still buggy
Microsoft's new Surface Duo 2 smartphone poses a problem. When we choose to review a product, we try to do so objectively. We test the device, compare it to others in its class, and then advise readers whether we think they should buy it or not. That's still the goal. But the negative response to […]

GizmodoOct 21, 2021
Trump's Social Media Platform Could Already Face Legal Issues, After Allegedly Ripping Off Code
The most recent former president's new social media platform—goofily called The Truth Social—would appear to be sourced from derivative code that could potentially get him sued.


CNET How ToOct 21, 2021
Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster gets FDA authorization: What to know - CNET
Some people who got Moderna are now eligible for a booster shot. Here's what that means.

SlashDotOct 21, 2021
Donald Trump To Launch Social Media Platform Called Truth Social

Mac RumorsOct 19, 2021
Google Launches New Flagship Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Smartphones Priced at $599 and $899
Google today announced its latest flagship smartphones, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. The two new devices are already garnering positive reviews for their high-end feature set available at an affordable price tag.

Google's big, bold Pixel 6 takes aim at Apple and Samsung (PC World Latest News)

CNET How ToOct 19, 2021
New AirPods 3: How to customize the case for free when you buy online - CNET
We'll show you how to monogram Apple's third-generation AirPods, or add your own touch with emojis.

ResearchBuzzOct 15, 2021
West Virginia Careers, Defence Imagery, Chromebook Accessibility, More: Friday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, October 15, 2021
I'm told ResearchBuzz is still showing up in spaham folders. I'm really sorry. NEW RESOURCES West Virginia Public Broadcasting: West Virginia Launches New Online Database To Help Students Find Careers. "West Virginia's […]

PC World Latest NewsOct 13, 2021
Some of the best Windows 11 features are hidden
"Microsoft places the most disconcerting aspects of Windows 11 front and center, while its best features are hidden deeper within." That's how I closed my Windows 11 review, and it still feels true today. But what are those hidden, superior features? Yes, you'll need to hunt a bit. But Microsoft has scattered some hidden gems […]

ResearchBuzzSep 15, 2021
Welcoming Afghan Refugees, Hurricane Ida Story Map, Enslaved Indigenous People, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 15, 2021
NEW RESOURCES WMTV: New initiative aims to welcome Afghan refugees, give support information. "A new website launched Tuesday aims to help anyone wanting to welcome and support Afghan refugees who have arrived […]

CNET Most Popular ProductsSep 06, 2021
2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata review: Simply the best - Roadshow
Mazda's little convertible still offers one of the most joyful driving experiences on the road today.

NPR Topics: Research NewsAug 11, 2021
Got Plans For Sept. 24, 2182? This Big Asteroid Might, Too
A NASA mission to a potentially dangerous asteroid has let researchers map out its future trajectory like never before.

Fox Technology newsJul 02, 2021
Why it's time to rethink cutting the cord -- and 3 smart ways to save
Years ago, cutting the cord meant ditching your expensive cable plan for internet-based options that cost a fraction of the price. Now? You might be paying just as much, or even more.
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