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SlashDotFeb 08, 2023
Microsoft's 'New Bing' Refuses To Write Cover Letter For a Job Saying It Would Be 'Unethical' and 'Unfair To Other Applicants'

Microsoft's ChatGPT-Powered Bing Makes Search Interesting Again (New York Times Tech)
Microsoft's New AI-Powered Bing Uses ChatGPT Tech. Here's How to Try It - CNET (CNET How To)

ComputerWorldFeb 08, 2023
Do Google and Mozilla know something about Apple we don't?
Yet more signals suggest Apple may be preparing to open hitherto closed elements of its ecosystem: both Google and Mozilla are working on iOS web browsers that don't use WebKit, Apple's rendering engine.

Mozilla and Google seem to be prepping Mozilla's GitHub repository now contains code for Firefox on iOS that uses the company's own Gecko rendering engine rather than WebKit. And Google's Chromium team is building an iOS browser that uses its own Blink code for rendering. This is significant, since Apple insists all iOS browsers use its own rendering engine.

To read this article in full, please click here

SlashDotFeb 08, 2023
Google Shows Off New AI Search Features, But a ChatGPT Rival is Still Weeks Away

Google Maps gets more immersive live views, even from above (ComputerWorld)

Mac RumorsFeb 08, 2023
Apple Watch Owners With UnitedHealthcare Can Earn Awards for Being Active
Insurance provider UnitedHealthcare today announced the launch of UnitedHealthcare Rewards, a program that allows members to use their Apple Watches or iPhones to earn up to $1,000 per year by completing different health goals and activities.

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
Google Maps' Immersive View is rolling out in five cities
At I/O 2022, Google revealed an Immersive View feature for Maps that uses computer vision and AI to combine Street View and aerial photography into a 3D format. The idea is to create a detailed perspective of buildings and other aspects of the environment. 

The feature is rolling out in five cities today. You'll be able to check it out in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Google started offering a preview of the feature in those cities in September. Immersive View is coming to other cities over the next several months, including Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice.

Google is pitching Immersive View as a way to help folks plan a trip. The feature adds contextual information, including traffic, the weather and how busy a location typically is at different times of the day. You'll be able to soar over buildings and see things like the location of an entrance to an attraction, so you don't end up walking around an entire block to find a museum's front door (nope, I definitely haven't done that).

Mac RumorsFeb 08, 2023
Apple Watch 'Series X' and Apple Watch SE 3 With Larger Displays Rumored to Launch Next Year
Apple plans to release so-called "Apple Watch Series X" and third-generation Apple Watch SE models with larger displays in 2024, according to research shared last week by David Hsieh, an analyst at technology research firm Omdia.

TechNewsWorldFeb 08, 2023
Microsoft Ups Ante for Online Search With New AI-Powered Bing Engine, Edge Browser
Microsoft may have ushered in a paradigm shift with the release of new versions of its search engine, Bing, and web browser, Edge -- both now powered by artificial intelligence. The post Microsoft Ups Ante for Online Search With New AI-Powered Bing Engine, Edge Browser appeared first on TechNewsWorld.

SlashDotFeb 08, 2023
Biden Calls for Antitrust Laws To Rein in Big Tech

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
Alibaba joins the rush to build a ChatGPT rival
If it seems like everyone is rushing to develop an alternative to ChatGPT, you're not wrong. Chinese online commerce heavyweight Alibaba has confirmed to CNBC that it's working on its equivalent to OpenAI's hit AI chatbot. The company isn't detailing features or offering a release schedule, but says it has been developing generative AI since 2017 and is in the middle of internal testing.

The reveal comes as multiple tech giants have introduced rivals to or spinoffs of ChatGPT this week. Google unveiled Bard, while China's Baidu said it was testing "Ernie Bot." Microsoft, meanwhile, launched a redesigned Bing that uses a "much more powerful" language model built with OpenAI's help. The text-generating AI is considered particularly useful for search, where it can provide detailed responses to very specific questions.

Alibaba hasn't said how it would put the AI to work. However, the company is a powerhouse in online shopping and has its fingers in numerous other fields ranging from cloud computing through to finance. A counterpart to ChatGPT could be useful in many of these categories, and might help Alibaba challenge Baidu and other Chinese firm

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Where to Watch Oscar Nominee 'The Banshees of Inisherin' - CNET
Plus, where you can stream more nominees including Everything Everywhere All at Once and Top Gun: Maverick.

National Pizza Day 2023: Where to Get Free Pizza, Discounts and More - CNET (CNET How To)

PC World Latest NewsFeb 08, 2023
How to try the new AI-powered Bing search

Well, sort of.


ChatGPT still requires a huge amount of processing power to run compared to standard search engines, so it's unlocking in a timed manner. You'll need to go to Bing.com/new in order to check it out. Sign in with your Microsoft account (Hotmail, Office 365, whatever) and click "Join the waitlist" in order to put your name down as one of the first potential users.

In the meantime you can see how the interface works with a series of pre-baked queries, such as "help plan my special anniversary trip" or "help me create a trivia quiz." It isn't as wide-open as the full GPT-infused version of Bing that a very small amount of users now has access to, but it'll help you get prepared for

ResearchBuzzFeb 08, 2023
OSINT Flight Tracking, Clinton Administration Russia Policy, Racial Restrictive Covenants Project, More: Wednesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, February 8, 2023
NEW RESOURCES Business Insider: The college student who tracks Elon Musk's private jet is launching his own flight-tracking website. "Jack Sweeney, the 20-year-old college student known for tracking Elon Musk's private jet […]

New York Times TechFeb 08, 2023
Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots
Researchers used ChatGPT to produce clean, convincing text that repeated conspiracy theories and misleading narratives.

Google's Bard chatbot confidently spouts misinformation in Twitter debut (Engadget)
Google AI Chatbot Bard Offers Inaccurate Information in Company Ad (SlashDot)

Yahoo TechnologyFeb 08, 2023
FTX's new boss says security was so weak that founders could 'download half a billion dollars' of crypto without detection

SlashDotFeb 08, 2023
Microsoft Adds Adobe Acrobat PDF Tech To Its Edge Browser

PC World Latest NewsFeb 08, 2023
Nvidia unleashes RTX 40-series laptops, more G-Sync monitors (but not RTX Video)

RTX Video Super Resolution will upscale ho-hum 1080p Internet video to crisp 4K, powered by the AI tensor cores in GeForce RTX 40-series and 30-series graphics cards. Yes, please. Earlier this week, Videocardz noticed that the new Chrome 110 build includes a flag that enables new technology by default.

I had hoped Nvidia would flip its ow

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Galaxy S23 vs. iPhone 14: Comparing Samsung and Apple's Newest Flagship Phones - CNET
The Galaxy S23 and the iPhone 14 are both great phones at $800. We spell out each phone's specs so you can see what sets them apart.

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
A robotics engineer made the AirPods Pro case repairable with a USB-C conversion
The original AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2 are popular among iPhone users for their convenience and compelling mix of features. However, your options are limited if something happens to the charging case, and your earbuds aren't under warranty. Apple will replace the case for a fee. If you own a first-generation pair of AirPods Pro, you're probably better off buying the new model to get a fresh set of batteries. In any event, there's no easy way to repair a set of AirPods Pro and limit your electronic waste. Replacement parts are either hard to find, expensive or non-existent, and Apple didn't design any of its earbuds with repairability in mind.

Robotics engineer Ken Pillonel, who became internet famous in 2021 for creating a working USB-C iPhone, is trying to fix that. Wi

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Presidents Day Sales 2023: Best Early Deals Available Right Now - CNET
Presidents Day is not until Feb. 20, but many of the best deals are already live.

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
Turkey is reportedly blocking access to Twitter following devastating earthquakes
Turkey may be blocking access to Twitter, two days after a pair of catastrophic earthquakes struck the area. Thousands of people are still trapped in buildings in Turkey and Syria, where the death toll is approaching 12,000.

According to Bloomberg, people in Turkey started having trouble accessing Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. Some have resorted to VPNs to use the service. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of Turkey's main opposition party, has accused the government of blocking Twitter.

It's not clear why the Turkish government might want to prevent access to Twitter amid such devastation. The social media service is still a valuable disaster response tool and users have also been sharing images of the destruction caused by the earthquakes. Twitter does not have a communications team that can be reached for comment.

This would not be the first time that Turkey has stopped residents from accessing social media services. It has also done so during cross-border military operations and terror attacks. In 2014, Turkey temporarily banned Twitter. Users were sharing voice recordings and documents that purportedly showed corruption within then-prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's sphere of influence. Erdogan became Turkey's president later that year and he remains in power. His government has

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
Twitter is shutting down its free API, here's what's going to break
Of all the once-unthinkable changes Elon Musk had made since taking over Twitter, pulling the rug out from under developers might seem relatively minor. After banning third-party clients without warning, Twitter announced that it would no longer allow any developer to use its APIs for free.

So far, Twitter has communicated very little about the changes, other than confirming a February 9th cut-off date. Musk has suggested Twitter could charge $100 a month "with ID verification," but hasn't elaborated. What we do know, is that once free access is shut off, thousands of apps, research projects, bots and other services will stop functioning (or, at the very least, be interrupted). If you're a Twitter user, chances are this will affect you in some way, and you shouldn't wait until it's too late to prepare.

Change logins for apps where you've signed in with TwitterIf you've ever used your Twitter credentials to sign into another service, the coming API shutoff could prevent you from being able to access your account. That means you'll want to double check which services you've used Twitter as a login for, and change your account info while you're still able to.

You can check which services have access to your Twitter account via Settings - Security and Account Access - Apps and sessions - Connected Apps (or, clicking here). Depending on the service, you may have to create an entirely new account with different credentials.

CNET How ToFeb 08, 2023
Slash Your Internet Bill: Stop Letting Your Provider Charge You These Hidden Fees - CNET
Your internet bill may be too high due to extra fees you don't really need to pay. Here's how to avoid them.

GizmodoFeb 08, 2023
Teenage Engineering Now Has a $1,600 Desk To Hold Its $1,200 Mixer and $2,000 Musical Toys
If you've decided your tastes are too refined to work on a sheet of plywood precariously balanced on a couple stacks of cinderblocks, Teenage Engineering is back with another peculiar product with a barebones design: the minimalist Field Desk you build yourself using a modular aluminum rail system.


Mac RumorsFeb 08, 2023
Deals: Get Up to 65% Off Popular Apple Accessories With ZAGG and Nomad's New Sales
Today we're tracking a pair of sitewide sales that you can find on ZAGG and Nomad, offering up to 65 percent off popular accessories like wireless chargers, iPhone cases, MagSafe-compatible car vent mounts, and much more.

Major GeeksFeb 08, 2023
Opera Web Browser 95.0.4635.37
Opera Web Browser is a free web browser that originally started as a research project back in 1995 and today continues to be a fast, safe and secure web browser. [License: Freeware | Requires: 11|10|8|7|Linux|macOS | Size: 3-97 MB ]

Opera Web Browser Portable 95.0.4635.37 (Major Geeks)

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Best MacBook Deals: First Discounts Available For New M2 Pro MacBook Pros - CNET
You can save $50 on the latest 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros and $100 on the M2 MacBook Air. Larger discounts are available on previous M1 and M1 Pro models.

Washington Post TechFeb 08, 2023
Live updates: Ex-Twitter execs grilled on Hunter Biden laptop ‘censorship'
A House Oversight hearing shows Elon Musk's Twitter working with the GOP to embarrass its previous leadership--and the president.

PC World Latest NewsFeb 08, 2023
Give your PC 1980s charm with these huge retro Transformers desk mats

Clackeys, a boutique supplier of artisan keycaps and other keyboard-themed tchotchkes, has managed to nab the official license for the first generation Transformers circa 1984 for a series of desk mats. We're talking the real primo stuff, back when a 30-foot Megatron somehow turned into a tiny James Bond gun, and no one had ever heard the name "Shia LaBeouf." The super-sized mats are 900mm by 400mm, with your choice of seven art styles, including two kick-ass painted battle scenes right off a Reagan-era lunchbox.

The mats are $25 each, more than reasonable for licensed gear, and up for pre-order now. They'll start shipping sometime in April. Don't be discouraged by the delay, and get an order in now if you want one: these explicitly "Limited Edition" mats have a tendency to disappear and never return.

Computer Accessories

KM World ArticlesFeb 08, 2023
Microsoft announces improved AI-powered search and browser
The announcement comes on the heels of Google's new AI and the explosion of ChatGPT.

New York Times TechFeb 08, 2023
Twitter Is Blocked in Turkey After Earthquake, Internet-Monitoring Group Says
The service was blocked in what appeared to be a coordinated way.

Mac RumorsFeb 08, 2023
Engineer Brings Functional USB-C Port to AirPods Pro
Hardware prototyping consultant Ken Pillonel has sought to address some of the AirPods Pro's repairability issues with a 3D-printed replacement casing and switching the Lightning charging port for a USB-C port.

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
New Movies Coming Out in 2023: Biggest Film Release Dates Including Marvel, DC, Netflix - CNET
It's another big year for sequels like Guardians of the Galaxy, Extraction 2, John Wick, Dune and Indiana Jones. Plus Christopher Nolan leads the year's original stories.

Mac RumorsFeb 08, 2023
iPhone 14 Pro Over 20% Faster Than Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in Benchmarks
Samsung's newly announced Galaxy S23 Ultra hasn't quite hit the market yet, but unearthed benchmarks for the device suggest Apple still has the world's fastest mobile processor by a considerable margin.

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Netflix's Biggest Hit Movies and Shows, Ranked (According to Netflix) - CNET
Netflix publishes weekly stats on its most watched series and films. We track the all-time top.

GizmodoFeb 08, 2023
Apple Could Fix a Major HomeKit Bug in Next iOS Beta
Were you one of the many users affected by the iOS 16.2 HomeKit architecture bug that, among other issues, prevented users from adding new devices to their network? The good news is that Apple will likely send a fix for it in the next software update.


CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Bold Plan to Dim the Sun by Blasting Moon Dust Into Space Could Help Cool Earth - CNET
Astrophysicists demonstrate a surprising way to block radiation from the sun.

Space Force Tracks Debris After Secretive Russian Satellite Breaks Up in Orbit - CNET (CNET News)

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
The best Super Bowl 2023 TV deals we found
The Super Bowl is set, and that means it's a good time of year to be in the market for a new TV. With many of the major TV brands unveilingtheirlatestmodelsearlier in the year at CES, prices on last year's older-but-still-worthy sets have continued to descend. Yes, those willing to wait and pay extra for the latest and greatest are likely to get a better image, but buying a well-reviewed older TV is usually the better value. While we don't review many TVs here at Engadget, we've scoured reviews and price histories to find the best Super Bowl 2023 TV deals happening right now. Prices may fall further over the coming months as TV manufacturers look to clear out their inventory, and it might be too late to get some of these sets in time for the Big Game itself, but for now, here are a few discounts of note.

55-inch Samsung S95B OLED TV

GizmodoFeb 08, 2023
Uber Drivers Completed 2.1 Million Trips as Company Reports 'Strongest Quarter Ever'
Uber announced it reached a record revenue last year, overcoming the economic downturn many companies have faced in recent months. The company released its report announcing the results from its fourth quarter and for all of 2022, saying its revenue grew by 49% between 2021 and last year.


CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
The Absolute Best Fantasy Movies on Netflix - CNET
Netflix's fantasy options range from pure magic to touching allegories of the human condition.

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
Google Maps Search with Live View is coming to Barcelona, Dublin and Madrid
Last September, Google began rolling out Search with Live View, a feature within Maps that adds search functionality to the app's augmented reality layer. At the time, that feature was only available if you found yourself in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris or Tokyo. Today, Google announced it's bringing Search with Live View to Barcelona, Dublin and Madrid within the coming months. The company is also greatly expanding the availability of Live View within indoor locations. Google said Wednesday it's bringing the functionality to more than 1,000 new airports, train stations and malls across cities like Barcelona, London, Madrid, Paris and Singapore. The expansion will take place over the next few months.

Separately, Google (via The Verge) showcased some of its other work in AI-augmented search. In one demo, the company asked for a summary of the best constellations to look for when stargazing. Notably, the demo Google showed wasn't as polished as the one Microsoft brought to its "new Bing" showcase yesterday. In that instance, Bing provided the user with footnotes and links to the material it used to summarize its findings, something that was missing from Google's demo. 

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
The Absolute Best Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix - CNET
These are the best of the sci-fi series on Netflix.

Major GeeksFeb 08, 2023
Nvidia GeForce Drivers for Windows 11, 10, and Linux 528.49
Nvidia GeForce Drivers for Windows and Linux is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA desktop/notebook GPUs. [License: Freeware | Requires: 11|10|Linux | Size: 815 MB ]

EngadgetFeb 08, 2023
Amazon is offering a $100 gift card if you pre-order the OnePlus 11
Are you considering the OnePlus 11, but want something to sweeten the deal? You're getting what you wish for. Amazon is offering a free $100 gift card if you pre-order the phone in any color or configuration by February 12th. That could be helpful for buying the Buds Pro 2 ($180), a case or other accessories you may need.

PC World Latest NewsFeb 08, 2023
Super Bowl deal knocks 25% off of this awesome Sony soundbar

The Sony SF100F has a Bass Reflex speaker for punchier audio and a voice enhancement feature, which is ideal for softer dialogue in movies and television shows. The S-Force Pro Front Surround sound is designed to envelope you, really upping the immersion factor. It connects to your TV via HDMI ARC and it's wall-mountable. The compact size also means that it can fit virtually anywhere. Sony's soundbar averages a killer 4.3 stars (out of 5) across well over 3,000 user reviews, so lots of people love it.

This is fantastic deal, so you better order one now before the big day arrives. In the eastern U.S., Amazon currently says it'll arrive Saturday if you order today!

Get the Sony SF100F soundbar for $98 at Amazon

Home Audio

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Google Maps' Drone-Like 'Immersive View' Is Now Live in Five Cities - CNET
The latest Google Maps updates will also bring glanceable directions to your lock screen and new features for EV drivers.

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
NFL Playoffs 2023: Super Bowl 57 Schedule and How to Watch and Stream Online for Free - CNET
We're less than a week away from crowning a Super Bowl champion.

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Epic Galaxy S23 Deal Makes Samsung's Latest Phone Free with Trade-In for a Limited Time Only - CNET
You'll need to swap in a recent smartphone to take advantage of this great discount.

Galaxy S23 Models Compared: How the Base, Plus and Ultra Phones Stack Up - CNET (CNET News)

Mac RumorsFeb 08, 2023
Apple to Re-Release Revamped HomeKit Architecture in iOS 16.4
Apple in its upcoming iOS 16.4 update will re-introduce the revamped HomeKit architecture it originally pulled in December due to widespread issues, MacRumors can confirm.

Major GeeksFeb 08, 2023
Realtek UAD Driver 6.0.9468.1
Realtek UAD Driver is a third-party modification of Realtek drivers for older computers that support Realtek Legacy HDA FF00 drivers. [License: Open Source | Requires: Windows Any | Size: 73 MB ]

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Take a Closer Look at Samsung's Giant New Phone - CNET
The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 6.8-inch screen just like last year's model, keeping hold of its place as Samsung's biggest flagship phone.

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
5G Smartwatches Could Launch Next Year With Qualcomm's New Modem - CNET
Next year's watches, medical wearables and industrial sensors may finally connect to 5G networks in 2024.

CNET How ToFeb 08, 2023
National Pizza Day: Where to Get Free Pizza and Other Deals - CNET
National Pizza Day is Feb. 9.

Gizmag Emerging TechFeb 08, 2023
Detailed new map of all matter in the universe hints at something missing
Astronomers have put together one of the most comprehensive maps of all the matter in the universe. The huge undertaking hints at a slightly smoother universe than we thought, suggesting that something might be missing from our models.

Continue Reading

Physics, Science

Astronomy, Astrophysics, Matter,

CNET NewsFeb 08, 2023
Nintendo Direct February 2023: How to Watch, Start Time and Switch 2 Likelihood - CNET
The company promises 40 minutes about Nintendo Switch games, so you can expect a look at The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Take $50 off Google's Pixel Watch, With Prices Starting at All-Time Low of $300 - CNET (CNET News)
This 1-Day Peloton Bike Sale Offers All-Time Low Pricing With a $395 Discount - CNET (CNET News)

ResearchBuzzFeb 07, 2023
Chaim and Inna Hecker Grade, Bitmap Fonts, Cambridge Research Papers, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, February 7, 2023
NEW RESOURCES Jewish Telegraphic Agency: YIVO digitizes writer Chaim Grade's archive, a Yiddish treasure with a soap opera backstory. "This week YIVO and the NLI will announce the completion of the digitization […]

RSS Feed Search Engine, Tracking Tech Layoffs, Anne and Kirk Douglas, More: Tuesday ResearchBuzz, February 7, 2023 (ResearchBuzz)

SlashDotFeb 07, 2023
Few Americans Understand How Online Tracking Works, Finds Report

Mac RumorsFeb 07, 2023
'Apple Pay Later' Now Being Tested by Apple Store Employees Ahead of Launch
Apple this week made a beta version of its upcoming "Apple Pay Later" feature available to the company's more than 80,000 retail employees in the U.S. for testing, according to a report today from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

SlashDotFeb 07, 2023
Mozilla, Like Google, is Looking Ahead To the End of Apple's WebKit Rule

Mac RumorsFeb 07, 2023
Google Adding 'Bard' Chatbot to Google Search, While Microsoft Debuts Updated ChatGPT Technology for Bing
The growing popularity of OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot has inspired Microsoft and Google to add conversational AI functionality into their search products, with both companies making AI-related announcements this week.

Mac RumorsFeb 07, 2023
Camera Comparison: Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. OnePlus 11 5G
Chinese smartphone company OnePlus today announced the official debut of the OnePlus 11 5G, which is the company's latest flagship smartphone. The device was already announced in China, but today marks the global launch so we thought we'd compare the OnePlus 11 5G to the iPhone 14 Pro Max to see how the camera measures up.

EngadgetFeb 07, 2023
Razer's Blade 16 and Blade 18 gaming laptops are available tomorrow
You didn't have to wait too long to get Razer's largest Blade systems to date. The company has revealed that the new Blade 16 and Blade 18 gaming laptops will be available tomorrow, February 8th. The 16- and 18-inch systems respectively start at $2,700 and $2,900, although the configurations launching this week are strictly high-end models with RTX 4080 or

Tested: Nvidia's GeForce RTX 4090 pushes laptops to blistering new frontiers (PC World Latest News)

New York Times TechFeb 07, 2023
Americans Flunked This Test on Online Privacy
Many consumers want control over their personal details. But few understand how online tracking works, says a new report from the University of Pennsylvania.

CNET NewsFeb 07, 2023
Why More People Should Watch the Most Underrated Sci-Fi Show on Television - CNET
Every single season is a cracker.

More People Should Watch This Masterpiece on Netflix Before It's Too Late - CNET (CNET News)

CNET How ToFeb 07, 2023
Turkey-Syria Earthquake: How to Vet Charities to Help Those in Need - CNET
Powerful earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, leaving at least 7,100 people dead and thousands more in critical condition.

New York Times TechFeb 07, 2023
Microsoft Launches New Bing Likely Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 A.I
Amid the tech industry's worst slump in decades, industry leaders are predicting an era built on new chatbots and other types of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Bing is about to get chatty with OpenAI (ComputerWorld)

New York Times TechFeb 07, 2023
Zoom to Lay Off 1,300 Workers, Joining Other Tech Giants
The company is cutting 15 percent of its work force, or about 1,300 jobs, citing "the uncertainty of the global economy."

Washington Post TechFeb 07, 2023
Microsoft is trying to push Bing into the future with OpenAI technology
Microsoft announced more details of its artificial intelligence tools and partnership with ChatGPT's creator at an event Tuesday.

EngadgetFeb 07, 2023
Zoom is laying off around 1,300 workers
You can add Zoom to the long list of major tech companies that have laid off employees in recent times. It's letting go around 1,300 employees, which equates to 15 percent of the workforce.

In a note to staff, CEO Eric Yuan indicated that the company expanded its headcount too quickly after Zoom's pandemic-driven boom — it tripled in size in the space of two years. "We didn't take as much time as we should have to thoroughly analyze our teams or assess if we were growing sustainably, toward the highest priorities," Yuan wrote.

He noted that even though many folks have returned to the office, people and companies are still relying on Zoom. That said, Yuan said that amid a rocky economic climate, "we need to take a hard — yet important — look inward to reset ourselves so we can weather the economic environment, deliver for our customers and achieve Zoom's long-term vision."

Yuan said he was taking accountability for the layoffs. He's reducing his salary for the upcoming fiscal year by 98 percent and the executive team will forego 20 percent of their base salaries. All will forfeit their corporate bonuses for fiscal year 2023 (i.e., the 2022 calendar year).

Zoom employees in the US who are being let go will receive up to 16 weeks' salary and healthcare coverage, their earned fiscal year 2023 bonus, stock option vesting for six months and help to find a new job. The company said laid-off workers outside the US will get similar support based on local laws.

Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Dell and Spotify are among the other major tech companies that have this year announced sweeping layoffs or plans to let go more staff th

Gizmag Emerging TechFeb 07, 2023
OnePlus tries a new aspect for its first flagship tablet
Back in January, OnePlus announced the Chinese launch of a new flagship phone. Now the OnePlus 11 has launched globally, and the company has also pulled back the curtain on its first tablet - the OnePlus Pad.

Continue Reading

Mobile Technology, Technology

OnePlus, Tablet,

Computer World Security NewsFeb 07, 2023
Qualys now supports macOS in its cloud security tools
Qualys, sometimes described as one of the pioneering SaaS vendors, has bent with the times to begin offering Mac support within its cloud security offering.

A pioneer in SaaS goes Mac Since it launched in 1999, Qualys has traditionally offered its services to PCs, mobile devices, and cloud-native applications. The company's original 2000 product, QualysGuard, was distinguished as one of the first to market vulnerability management tools.

To read this article in full, please click here

GizmodoFeb 07, 2023
SpaceX Falcon 9 Delivers 5-Ton Communications Satellite to Orbit
A Falcon 9 lit up the Florida skies Monday night in what is now a very familiar scene. The rocket successfully deployed Hispasat's Amazonas Nexus communications satellite into a trajectory that will take it to a geostationary orbit, from where it will expand the Spanish company's coverage across the Americas, the…


Mac RumorsFeb 07, 2023
Mozilla Developing Non-WebKit Version of Firefox for iOS, Possibly Anticipating Shift in Apple's App Store Policy [Updated]
Mozilla is working on a non-WebKit version of Firefox for iOS in anticipation of changes to Apple's platform rules, The Register reports.

Mac RumorsFeb 06, 2023
Samsung and LG Preparing for Next-Generation iPad Pro With OLED Display
Samsung and LG are preparing their factories for mass production of the first iPads with OLED displays, according to South Korea's ETNews. The report describes the displays as "hybrid" panels, as they use a combination of flexible and rigid OLED technologies.

CNET How ToFeb 06, 2023
iOS 16 Cheat Sheet: What to Know About the iPhone Update - CNET
From hidden features to all the updates, here's what to know about iOS 16.

Mac RumorsFeb 03, 2023
Apple Pay to Launch in South Korea This Year Following Regulator Approval
After years of discussions with local authorities, Apple Pay in South Korea has been approved by the financial regulator, paving the way for the mobile payment system to launch in the first half of this year (via The Korea Herald).

Mac RumorsJan 31, 2023
Apple Smart Home Display: Everything We Know
Apple is working on a new Home accessory that is designed to serve as a central hub for smart home management. The Apple TV and the HomePod are already home hubs and almost all Apple devices can control a HomeKit setup, but Apple is designing an all-in-one home management product to make control even easier.

NPR Topics: Research NewsNov 06, 2022
How do our brains decide to remember something positively or negatively?
NPR's Ayesha Rascoe speaks to researcher Hao Li about a new study that shows how the brain ascertains experiences as positive or negative.

Network World SecurityNov 04, 2022
Qualys previews TotalCloud FlexScan for multicloud security management
Agentless security management system aims to simplify vulnerability management for security teams and developers in cloud and hybrid cloud environments.
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