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Mon, Sept 23rd
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CNN PoliticsSep 23, 2019
Ukraine drama could give Democrats no choice but to impeach Trump
The Ukraine scandal raging around Donald Trump is forcing Democrats to confront a fateful choice on impeachment that will not just shape the 2020 election but will echo down the ages.

Fox PoliticsSep 23, 2019
Romney calls for ‘facts to come out' after Ukraine scandal
Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, who has recently said he may decline to support President Trump's reelection bid, tweeted on Sunday that it would be ‘troubling in the extreme' if the president appealed to his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

New York Times PoliticsSep 23, 2019
A Year Later, Iran Finds Evaporating Sympathy at the U.N.
The country's foreign minister, on the defensive after attacks on Saudi oil facilities, says Iran has lost hope that the Europeans will counterbalance American sanctions.

Johnson blames Iran for Saudi Arabia oil attacks (BBC Politics)
UK believes Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks: PM Johnson (Reuters Politics)

The Daily BeastSep 23, 2019
Iowans Flirting With 2020 Long Shots, Eyeing Warren's Rise in the Polls
Bloomberg/GettyDES MOINES, Iowa—Asking an Iowa woman wearing a Steve Bullock T-shirt who she supports for president is not a straightforward question.

It could be Bullock, the Montana governor who likes his steak medium rare. Or it could be Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota senator who tried to make a joke about building a "Blue Wall" around President Trump happen.

But realistically, it could be someone entirely different.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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BBC PoliticsSep 23, 2019
Labour: Jeremy Corbyn faces battle with members over Brexit policy
Members at the party's annual conference will choose between backing Remain or staying neutral.

New York Times PoliticsSep 23, 2019
Who's Speaking at the U.N. Climate Summit? Several Champions of Coal
Countries that continue to push coal will take the podium Monday at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

Climate Migrants May Number 143 Million by 2050 (The Daily Beast)

Drudge ReportSep 23, 2019
UK travel giant THOMAS COOK goes under...

(Second column, 10th story, link) Related stories:
After 178 years!
Leaves 150,000 in travel limbo...

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Reuters PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Trump says he discussed Biden in call with Ukrainian president
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he discussed Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son in a call with Ukraine's president.

Drudge ReportSep 22, 2019

(First column, 5th story, link) Related stories:
Trump Confirms He Discussed Biden With Ukraine...

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Amid AOC pressure, Pelosi suggests impeachment back on the table to address 'grave new chapter of lawlessness' (Fox Politics)
‘We've been very weak': House Democrats decry their oversight of Trump, push Pelosi on impeachment (Washington Post Politics)

Drudge ReportSep 22, 2019
Biden, Warren face same challenge in Iowa: keeping momentum...

(Second column, 11th story, link) Related stories:
Bernie starts to stumble...

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Warren and Biden Join U.A.W. Picket Lines as Democrats Use Strike to Court Labor (New York Times Politics)

BBC PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Jeremy Corbyn faces calls to resolve Labour Brexit divisions
The Labour leader is coming under pressure to signal his opposition to leaving the EU "once and for all".

Washington Post PoliticsSep 22, 2019
‘We very well may have crossed the Rubicon': Schiff says impeachment may be necessary
The House Intelligence Committee chairman, who has long been cautious of impeachment, says Trump's pressure on Ukraine may force the House to vote to oust him.

Schiff says Trump's Ukraine call could justify impeachment (Reuters Politics)

Drudge ReportSep 22, 2019

(Top headline, 1st story, link)

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Washington Post PoliticsSep 22, 2019
The whistleblower complaint has Congress and Trump at an impasse. Here's what the law says.
As tensions between Congress and the Trump administration mount, whistleblower laws are under a national spotlight.

Reuters PoliticsSep 22, 2019
'Howdy, Modi!' - Thousands, plus Trump, rally in Texas for India's leader
U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a stage and showered each other with praise on Sunday at a "Howdy, Modi!" rally attended by upward of 50,000 people, a rare mass showing for a foreign leader on American soil.

Yahoo PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Impeachment 'may be the only remedy' if Trump-Ukraine reports are true: House intel chair
Adam Schiff, head of the House Intelligence Committee, suggests impeachment is in order if President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

Adam Schiff: Impeachment 'may be the only remedy' (Politico)

Drudge ReportSep 22, 2019
President to share stage with 2 world leaders in pair of battleground events...

(Second column, 1st story, link) Related stories:
Summit with India's Modi to draw 50,000...

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Washington Post PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Bernie Sanders has a problem. Her name is Elizabeth Warren.
In 2016 the Vermont senator basked in big crowds and liberal popularity — and in both elements he's now being eclipsed by Warren.

New York Times PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Trump's Hold on Military Aid Blindsided Top Ukrainian Officials
The withholding of aid is now at the center of questions about whether President Trump manipulated foreign policy to pressure the Ukrainian government to take action damaging to Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Washington Post PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Trump plays unusual role of warm-up act at massive Modi rally in Houston
The leaders of the world's two largest democracies took the stage together before a roaring crowd of tens of thousands of Indian Americans.

Washington Post PoliticsSep 22, 2019
The Trailer: Iowa and the Democratic presidential race come into better focus
In this edition: A wild Iowa weekend, the Trump administration's Biden gambit, and the end of the de Blasio dream.

New York Times PoliticsSep 22, 2019
At Rally for India's Modi, Trump Plays Second Fiddle but a Familiar Tune
Mr. Trump treated the giant Houston gathering as his own, seizing on the chance to brag about slashing regulations, lowering unemployment and implementing a tax cut.

PoliticoSep 22, 2019
Trump's Ukraine conversations must be 'private,' Pompeo and Mnuchin say

Pompeo: Former U.S. Vice President Biden should be investigated if he corruptly meddled in Ukraine probe of son (Reuters Politics)
Mike Pompeo puts onus in Ukraine squabble on Biden (Politico)

PoliticoSep 22, 2019
Giuliani charges 'this town protects Joe Biden'

CNN PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Many union workers really love their health benefits. That's a problem for Bernie Sanders.
Health care benefits are really important to many union workers -- important enough to give up pay raises or even to walk off the job to keep the coverage they've negotiated.

BBC PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Scottish Labour leader calls for clarity on Brexit
Richard Leonard tells the BBC his party needs a clearer position to put to voters.

The Daily BeastSep 22, 2019
Impeachment Pressure Builds for Nancy Pelosi's House Democrats After Ukraine Whistleblower and Trump Admission
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyDemocratic members of Congress grappling with the question of impeachment spoke with new urgency on Sunday following reports that President Trump pressured Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden's son in a July phone call between the two leaders. 

The moment arrives amid frustration among some of the candidates running in the 2020 Democratic primary, as well as voters and activists, that the Democratic-led House of Representatives has dragged its feet on holding the president accountable. 

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that impeachment could be the "only remedy," to the president's refusal to make public the whistleblower complaint associated with the call and a transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian president. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Washington Post PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Warren gains ground, challenging Biden in prized Iowa poll
Joe Biden was in second place, and Bernie Sanders slipped to a distant third.

New York Times PoliticsSep 22, 2019
As Trump Confirms He Discussed Biden With Ukraine, Pressure to Impeach Builds
Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned of a "new chapter of lawlessness" and a turning point in the House investigation of President Trump.

Washington Post PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Democratic presidential candidates visit picket lines during United Auto Workers strike
Biden, Klobuchar and Warren have all made appearances; Sanders plans to visit in coming days.

BBC PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Labour members call to 'redistribute' private schools' assets
Party members vote to commit to integrate private schools into the state sector.

Schiff: Impeachment may be 'only remedy' to Trump keeping whistleblower complaint and Ukraine call private (CNN Politics)

BBC PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Thomas Cook crisis: 'People will not be stranded'
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says that people will be taken care of if Thomas Cook collapses.

Drudge ReportSep 22, 2019
Leaves 150,000 in travel limbo...

(Second column, 11th story, link) Related stories:
UK travel giant THOMAS COOK collapses...
After 178 years!

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Reuters PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Republican casino magnate Adelson cautioned Trump on trade war with China: WSJ
A top Republican donor warned President Donald Trump in a phone call last month that his escalating trade war with China could hurt his re-election prospects, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing people familiar with the call.

Drudge ReportSep 22, 2019
Young conflicted about internet and well-being...

(Second column, 18th story, link) Related stories:
And breathe -- Gurus extol virtues of conscious respiration...

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CNN PoliticsSep 22, 2019
Trump to share stage with two world leaders in pair of battleground events
President Donald Trump will join a pair of foreign leaders for events in Texas and Ohio on Sunday before heading to New York for a week of meetings with world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly.

600 Meetings and a World of Conflict: What to Expect at the U.N. General Assembly (New York Times Politics)

Fox PoliticsSep 22, 2019
AOC calls out Dems for caution on Trump impeachment, signaling possible renewed feud with Pelosi
U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has apparently reached a boiling point over moderate House Democrats' caution regarding the prospect of impeaching President Trump.

Reuters PoliticsSep 21, 2019
U.S. Democratic presidential hopefuls vie to wow voters at Iowa steak fry
Democrats vying for the nomination to take on Republican U.S. President Donald Trump tried to make a splash on Saturday as they entered a party steak fry in Des Moines, Iowa, the state that will host the first nominating contest in early February.

Yahoo PoliticsSep 21, 2019
Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh amid new sexual misconduct allegations, says 'the lies being told about him are unbelievable'
President Trump defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh against a new report of sexual misconduct and accused the media of trying to "scare him into turning Liberal."

Whistleblower Complaint Being Suppressed by Trump or Someone ‘Close' to Him, Schiff Says (The Daily Beast)

BBC Talking PointSep 11, 2019
Brexit: Labour deputy Tom Watson calls for referendum ahead of election
Tom Watson's position puts him at odds with Jeremy Corbyn, who wants a general election first.

Politics - U.S. SenateAug 11, 2019
How to Stop Trump's Trade War Madness
Congress has the authority to limit the president's reckless endangerment of the economy.
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