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CNN PoliticsAug 14, 2020
The Point: Debunking Donald Trump's mail-in ballot claims
Here's an interesting news nugget courtesy of CNN's Abby Phillip:

CNN PoliticsAug 14, 2020
The Point: Why Trump's birtherism attack on Harris is killing the Republican Party
On Thursday, President Donald Trump was asked about a false report that California Sen. Kamala Harris might not be eligible to be vice president.

Huffington Post PoliticsAug 14, 2020
Donald Trump's Brother Robert Hospitalized In New York
The president's younger brother is "very ill," sources told ABC News.

President Donald Trump's brother Robert hospitalized in New York, White House says (CNN Politics)

CNN PoliticsAug 14, 2020
New York DA asks judge to dismiss Trump's new challenges to grand jury subpoena, calling them 'nonsensical'
The Manhattan district attorney's office asked a federal judge Friday to dismiss President Donald Trump's challenges to a grand jury subpoena for his financial records, calling the President's claims that the investigation is limited to hush money payments as "nonsensical."

CNN PoliticsAug 14, 2020
Trump met with Postmaster General amid mail-in voting attacks
President Donald Trump met with United States Postmaster General Louis DeJoy at the White House last week amid his ongoing attacks on mail-in voting and ahead of DeJoy's meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer.

CNN PoliticsAug 14, 2020
Colorado secretary of state accuses Trump of lying about mail-in voting
Colorado's top elections official on Thursday accused President Donald Trump of lying about vote by mail as the President continues to baselessly assert that mail-in voting is wrought with fraud and abuse.

The Daily BeastAug 14, 2020
A Nightmare Election Night Scenario That I Bet You Haven't Thought Of
Alex Wong/Getty ImagesAs Election Day draws closer, prudent observers are warning about a nightmare scenario where Donald Trump prematurely declares victory on election night, and chaos and dissension ensue.

It may sound like reach, given Joe Biden's strong polling lead. But bear with me: By attacking the concept of mail-in voting as a vehicle for voter fraud, Trump is implicitly discouraging his voters (who skew predominantly older) from voting early. This is an act that, at first blush, looks like unilateral disarmament. Biden voters will have months to mail in their ballots; Trump voters following his lead will have one day. 

If you're rooting for Biden, this all sounds great, right? But here's where things get messy: Biden's mail-in votes will (ironically) be tabulated and reported late, while Trump's Election Day votes will be tabulated and reported quickly. When it comes to perception, speed kills. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastAug 14, 2020
Ex-FBI Lawyer Plans to Plead Guilty to Falsifying Doc in Russia Probe
Chip SomodevillaA former FBI lawyer plans to plead guilty to falsifying a key document that was part of the initial investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 election, several news outlets reported on Friday.

Kevin Clinesmith, a 38-year-old lawyer assigned to the FBI probe into foreign election interference, is expected to plead guilty to altering an email from the CIA that investigators used to seek a wiretap on former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in 2017.

Investigators relied on that document to seek extended court permission for the secret wiretap on Page, who had previously provided information to the U.S. spy agency. According to the Associated Press, Clinesmith, who left the Russia investigation in February 2018, will be charged with one count of making a false statement in D.C. federal court.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Huffington Post PoliticsAug 14, 2020
Veterans Group Taunts Donald Trump For ‘Finally' Going To War... With The Postal Service
"This is just a warmup for the fall," warns the narrator in the latest ad from progressive PAC VoteVets.

The Daily BeastAug 14, 2020
Trump Doesn't Know Much About Strong Women, but He Knows That He Hates Them
Photo Illustration by Kristen Hazzard/The Daily Beast/Photo GettyWhat a disappointment Kamala Harris is, not to the progressives who are falling in line if not in love, but to Donald Trump, who has no strong women around him and knows little about the type, except that he can't really stand them. As late as Sunday night returning from his two hundredth and something golfing day, Trump believed the veep choice would be Spyin' Susan Rice, or Kuba Kommunist Karen Bass, easy for him to reduce to avatars of the radical left out to destroy the suburbs, defund the police, raise taxes, turn cities into killing fields, and put kale on the lunch menu at schools if those face-covered, socially distancing Democrats ever agree to open them. 

In a pinch, for Harris, he dredged up meanie (to his people and to Joe Biden, no less), power-hungry (she broke the last glass ceiling on open ambition), and, his fallback insult for women, nasty. Every time he hurls that one, another swing voter gets her wings and flies into a Democrat's arms. Our cruel-nicknamer-in-chief also took madwoman and angry out for spins until aides told him to drop the loaded terms. Going back to his "birther" roots, Trump amplified a debunked theory about how maybe Kamala wasn't really American, and thus allowed on the ticket. 

Trump's problem is that he's George Wallace in the '50s

Democracy NowAug 13, 2020
The Case Against Trump Is "Open and Shut": Kamala Harris Slams President's Handling of Pandemic
As Kamala Harris, the first woman of color on a major presidential ticket, hits the campaign trail with Joe Biden for the first time, we play an extended excerpt of her address, in which she blasts President Trump's handling of the economy, immigration, racial justice and the coronavirus pandemic. "The case against Donald Trump and Mike Pence is open and shut," Harris says. "Just look where they've gotten us: more than 16 million out of work; millions of kids who cannot go back to school; a crisis of poverty, of homelessness, afflicting Black, Brown and Indigenous people the most."

CNN PoliticsAug 13, 2020
Half of voters expect voting to be difficult in November as Trump ramps up attacks on mail-in voting
A new poll from Pew Research Center finds that 49% of registered voters expect voting in the November elections to be difficult, a vast increase from the midterm elections two years ago as President Donald Trump attacks mail-in voting.
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