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The Daily BeastJan 21, 2018
‘President Miller's' Shutdown: Yes, Republicans Will Be Blamed—and They Should Be
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastAs shutdown fever grips Washington, DC, across the American political landscape, an epic blamestorm is in full swing. The Republicans are blaming the Democrats. The Democrats are blaming the Republicans.

Sotto voce, many Republicans, particularly in the Senate, are blaming the President, and his co-President Stephen Miller. Miller''s role in placing a Semtex charge under the tenuous DACA deal at the heart of this budget frenzy is a sign of his overwhelming power in this White House. Miller''s racial obsessions with immigrants are playing out in a game of political chicken where five trains are racing toward one track in the switchyard of American politics.

America finds itself watching a familiar drama with an unknown element. In the past 20 years shutdown fights over spending resolutions and debt limits resulted from Republicans trying to use their status in the minority to leverage a political impact. This time it''s different.

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CNN PoliticsJan 21, 2018
French President Macron has 'a very direct relationship with Trump'
Their first meeting in Brussels was symbolized by a prolonged, white-knuckle handshake -- and months later it appears French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump continue to have forceful exchanges.
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