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Washington Post PoliticsMay 26, 2018
Analysts call it the ‘gender bonus.' House primary voters call it the change they're looking for.
Female Democratic newcomers capitalize on resistance to President Trump and the outrage of the #MeToo movement to chalk up wins across the country.

The Daily BeastMay 25, 2018
Democrats Might Think Twice Before Running the Safe Playbook
EITAN ABRAMOVICHHere's the obvious approach for Democrats in 2018: Leave the showmanship and political theater to the president and offer voters a return to rationality and sanity. But what if wild performance and convention-flouting (tools that have been proven so effective in a social media soaked world) could be used to divide and to drive bold, carefully planned progressive policy?

Before ceding politics-as-entertainment, Democrats hoping to retake Congress might consider the story of a now-obscure politician who mastered the art long before the first outrageous tweet from @therealdonaldtrump was ever conceived.

By 1994, Bogotá, Colombia had earned a reputation for being one of the most dangerous and difficult cities to live in on the planet. It's 4,200 homicides made it the world's murder capital. Infrastructure was crumbling as money meant for public works was funneled off to corrupt government officials, to be dropped into bank accounts already overflowing with "donations" from drug cartels.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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