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New York Times PoliticsJan 24, 2020
Pompeo Lashes Out at Reporter and Challenges Her to Find Ukraine on a Map
"He shouted at me for about the same amount of time as the interview itself had lasted," said Mary Louise Kelly of NPR.

Reporter says Mike Pompeo cursed and demanded she find Ukraine on a map after interview (CNN Politics)

The Daily BeastJan 24, 2020
All The President's Men Are Whiny Little Boys
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos GettyWe are a nation on downers, with a president on uppers and a Secretary of State that is, as the kids would say, tripping.

Secretary of State and 56-year-old adult man Mike Pompeo threw a full-fledged tantrum Friday when NPR's Mary Louise Kelly dared ask him tough questions about his role in the Ukraine scandal that led to President Trump's impeachment. Pompeo was emotionally reactive throughout the interview, and afterward, according to Kelly, the Secretary of State led her into another room, where he screamed and swore at her for several minutes, demanded she point out where Ukraine is on an unmarked map (she did) and then threatened that people would "find out about this." Even the most sycophantic Trumpian bootlicker would have a hard time defending this behavior, and yet, the reaction from other reporters who have interacted with Pompeo was: Yes, this all tracks for a very powerful Republican man. This is how he acts.  

In conservative circles, there's a consensus lamentation about the death of the "American man." In their imaginations, men in America used to be like John Wayne characters: tall, stoic cowboy-providers who kept a stiff upper lip as they fended off the emotional chaos of women and flamboyant, gun-twirling bad guys. Real men never cry. Real men don't lose their shit and scream at people.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Washington Post PoliticsJan 24, 2020
Trump's defense team to target Bidens in counterpunch to impeachment charges
The president's legal team will seek to justify his request that Ukraine probe the Bidens — arguments his allies say will help Trump and hurt his possible 2020 rival.

Reuters PoliticsJan 24, 2020
'Take her out' - recording appears to have Trump calling for ambassador's ouster: ABC News
An audio recording appeared to capture U.S. President Donald Trump calling in 2018 for the firing of the then U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, a main figure in the series of events that led to his impeachment, ABC News reported on Friday.

Fox PoliticsJan 24, 2020
GOP senators: Dems threw Bidens 'under the bus' in Trump impeachment trial
President Trump's allies say Democrats made a critical mistake by spending so much time on Joe and Hunter Biden in their Senate impeachment trial arguments, and they've given Trump's legal team no choice but give the father and son's dealings in Ukraine a starring role when they launch their defense starting Saturday. 

Huffington Post PoliticsJan 24, 2020
Mike Pompeo Cursed, Yelled At NPR's Mary Louise Kelly For Asking About Ukraine
Kelly said Pompeo used the "F-word" and asked her to find Ukraine on a map after she urged him to answer her questions during an interview.

Mike Pompeo Blows Up at NPR Reporter: ‘Do You Think Americans Care About Ukraine?' (The Daily Beast)

Huffington Post PoliticsJan 24, 2020
Released Audio Of Trump Ordering Marie Yovanovitch Out Appears To Back ABC Report
"Get her out tomorrow ... Take her out ... Do it," a voice reported as Trump's can be heard saying about the Ukraine ambassador.

Democracy NowJan 24, 2020
Law Professor: Trump Could Also Have Been Impeached for War Crimes, Assassinations & Corruption
Democratic lawmakers are continuing to lay out their case for removing the president from office in the final day of opening arguments by Democrats in the historic impeachment trial of President Trump. Republicans will begin their opening arguments on Saturday. The Senate trial comes a month after the House impeached Trump for withholding congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine as part of an effort to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate Trump's political rival, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. On Thursday, House impeachment manager Jerrold Nadler made the case that a president can be impeached for noncriminal activity. During another part of Thursday's proceedings, House impeachment manager Congressmember Sylvia Garcia relied on polls by Fox News to make the case that President Trump decided to target Joe Biden after polls showed the former vice president could beat Trump in 2020. For more on the impeachment trial, we're joined by Marjorie Cohn, professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and the former president of the National Lawyers Guild. Her most recent book is "Drones and Targeted Killing: Legal, Moral, and Geopolitical Issues."
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