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CNN PoliticsJan 20, 2020
The Senate impeachment trial is about to kick into high gear. Here's what we know
The Senate impeachment trial is set to begin in earnest Tuesday when Republicans and Democrats are expected to debate a resolution setting the rules for the trial before starting opening arguments.

Washington Post PoliticsJan 19, 2020
Two weeks before Iowa's presidential caucuses, fights are breaking out all over.
In this edition: The Democratic family feud in Texas, the long-awaited Social Security fight between Sanders and Biden, and the new, new, new debate rules.

The Daily BeastJan 19, 2020
Oscars? White Guys. Democratic Candidates? White Guys. And These Are the Liberal Organizations.
Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 2020 slate of nominations for the Oscars was a sea of white men. The Democrats' seventh debate also featured a profound lack of pigment and was pretty testosterone-heavy, though it did include two women.

For those who want equal representation, the sea of white maleness really sucked. How was this happening again? We had read countless think pieces on diversity, and yet the Oscars were as white as ever, and the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination is a white man in his 70s, trailed by another white man in his 70s?! We were told this was the year of women—no, wait, maybe that was last year. Has the year of the women expired?

In the incredibly lame Academy's incredibly lame defense, they've always sucked. Every year we collectively bemoan the whiteness and general cronyism of the Oscars. Every year it becomes slightly harder to not feel despondent about all these lame white guys getting participation trophies from their friends.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Yahoo PoliticsJan 19, 2020
Virginia on edge as pro-gun activists seethe over governor's state of emergency
Moments after Virginia Gov. Graham Northam approached the podium at the state capitol building on Wednesday to announce that he was issuing a temporary state of emergency ahead of a gun rights rally on Monday in Richmond, the angry comments started pouring in. What started in November as a fight between rural Virginia gun owners and newly elected Democratic lawmakers seeking to propose gun control legislation has since been warped and amplified by extremist groups which, for different reasons, have sought to exploit real tensions around Virginia's gun debate to advance their own agendas.

Washington Post PoliticsJan 19, 2020
Rep. Jayapal, a leading liberal Congresswoman, endorses Sanders for president
The endorsement gives the Vermont senator the support of another prominent woman of color at a moment of fierce debate about gender.

Democracy NowDec 20, 2019
Joe Biden Criticized at Democratic Debate over Iraq, Afghanistan Wars & Failure to Close Gitmo
Former Vice President Joe Biden sparred with Senator Bernie Sanders about his support for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and faced scrutiny over his failure to close Guantánamo Bay during President Obama's tenure in the White House at Thursday night's Democratic presidential debate in Los Angeles. We look at the candidates' foreign policy stances with award-winning investigative reporter Azmat Khan, a New York Times Magazine contributing writer and a Future of War fellow at the New America Foundation.

As Democratic Field Gets Whiter, DNC Should "Press Pause" & Fix Process Shutting Out People of Color (Democracy Now)
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