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CNN PoliticsNov 19, 2019
The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Trump impeachment hearings: Live updates from day three (Fox Politics)
Spree of Trump impeachment hearings begins with Pence aide, NSC official (Fox Politics)

CNN PoliticsNov 19, 2019
Four witnesses to testify Tuesday at back-to-back public impeachment hearings
The House's impeachment hearing marathon is underway.

Politics - U.S. HouseNov 19, 2019
Who Is Alexander Vindman? White House Aide Reported Ukraine Concerns
The decorated combat veteran and top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council will be the first active-duty military officer to take part in the public impeachment hearings.

Former White House Physician: 'Neurological Issue'... (Drudge Report)

Reuters PoliticsNov 19, 2019
Democrats to quiz former diplomat Volker over role in Trump-Ukraine dealings
Former U.S. diplomat Kurt Volker won praise from Republicans after he testified behind closed doors last month in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, but will face a cooler reception from Democrats during Tuesday's public hearing.

New York Times PoliticsNov 19, 2019
What to Expect From the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings
Trump administration officials will testify about the president's Ukraine call and efforts to pressure the country to announce investigations into his rivals.

The Daily BeastNov 19, 2019
Ron Johnson, the Senator With an Outsized Role in the Ukraine Saga
STR/NurPhoto/GettyAmong the 100 U.S. senators who could decide President Trump's fate in an impeachment trial, only one of them can claim to be a fact witness to the allegations at hand as much as they can claim to be a juror: Sen. Ron Johnson.

The two-term Wisconsin Republican chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's panel on Europe, and as part of that role, he has been as engaged as anyone in Congress on matters involving Ukraine. As a result, he has become a go-to lawmaker for the White House for the region.

But in the issues at the heart of the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry, Johnson has played an even more outsized role than his jurisdiction entails. The senator has been an inescapable presence in the Ukraine saga: Not only has he been present for several key events in the timeline of Trumpworld's apparent push to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, Johnson has also had personal conversations with many of the major figures involved, from Trump to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to U.S. Ambassador to the E.U. Gordon Sondland.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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CNN PoliticsNov 19, 2019
Analysis: Impeachment inquiry enters most crucial stage with top witnesses on deck
Democrats who want to oust President Donald Trump and Republicans battling to save him are braced for the most momentous phase yet in the battle of impeachment that is rocking Washington.

New York Times PoliticsNov 19, 2019
Impeachment Hearings: Live Updates as Vindman and Williams Begin Testimony
President Trump says his call with Ukraine's leader was "perfect," but top White House officials are expected to disagree as Democrats continue to build their case for removing Mr. Trump from office.

Huffington Post PoliticsNov 19, 2019
Trump Donor Gordon Sondland's Testimony Could Be An Impeachment Turning Point
The inexperienced diplomat Trump is relying upon to deny a quid pro quo got his position after donating $1 million to Trump's inaugural committee.

Drudge ReportNov 19, 2019

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New York Times PoliticsNov 18, 2019
Ex-Envoy to Testify He Didn't Know Ukraine Aid Was Tied to Investigations
Kurt D. Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, will modify his testimony in the impeachment inquiry, saying he was kept out of the loop at key moments of President Trump's pressure campaign.

Impeachment inquiry's first witness to testify again -- publicly (CNN Politics)

Fox PoliticsNov 18, 2019
Democrats' make-or-break week of impeachment hearings kicks off, as contradictions surface in testimony
The Trump impeachment inquiry is charging into a crucial week as Americans hear from some of the most important witnesses closest to the White House in back-to-back-to-back live sessions.

Fox PoliticsNov 18, 2019
No mention of Bidens, Burisma while Ukraine military aid was held up, State official testifies
David Hale, the State Department's No. 3 official, testified in a Nov. 6 closed-door deposition that no one in the Trump administration or any "government channel" ever mentioned former Vice President Joe Biden or his son Hunter as a reason for withholding aid from Ukraine, according to a transcript of his remarks released late Monday by House Democrats in their impeachment inquiry.

Politics - U.S. SenateNov 18, 2019
Impeachment Inquiry Calls Aide Who Overheard Trump Asking for Ukraine Investigations
David Holmes, a top aide in the United States embassy in Ukraine who overheard President Trump talking about the investigations he wanted the country to launch, is scheduled to testify on Thursday.

The Daily BeastNov 18, 2019
Top Diplomat Testified Pompeo Called Hannity About Yovanovitch Smears
David Hale, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, said in his closed-door impeachment testimony that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Fox News host Sean Hannity last spring to ask about the smear campaign launched against former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, according to a transcript that was made public Monday night.

Discussing efforts by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and pro-Trump media to besmirch the reputation of Yovanovitch ahead of her ouster as ambassador, Hale noted that Pompeo spoke to Giuliani twice in late March regarding the allegations.

At the time, conservative columnist John Solomon had reported that former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said Yovanovitch had given him a "do not prosecute list." (Lutsenko would later walk back that claim.)

Read more at The Daily Beast.

The Daily BeastNov 18, 2019
Sondland to U.S. Diplomat, Trump Only Only Cares About ‘Big Stuff' Like the Biden Investigation
Chip SomodevillaThe U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland told State Department officials and staffers in Kiev that Donald Trump didn't "give a shit about Ukraine" and only cared about the country launching an investigation into 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. 

That's according to a newly released transcript from the deposition of David Holmes, a U.S. diplomat based in Kiev who testified before House impeachment investigators last week. 

During the Nov. 15, closed-door hearing, Holmes told investigators that he accompanied Sondland and two other department staffers to a restaurant in Kiev where he asked the EU ambassador about President Trump's thoughts on Ukraine.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

New York Times PoliticsNov 18, 2019
Impeachment Briefing: The Week Ahead
Here's what to expect from three days of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry.

CNN PoliticsNov 18, 2019
Analysis: Trump attacks another witness as his impeachment defense faces new tests
President Donald Trump's impeachment angst led him to fire off a new attack on a key witness and threatens to deepen in the frenetic week ahead with crucial testimony scheduled from officials caught in the middle of the Ukraine storm.

CNN PoliticsNov 18, 2019
House Republicans ask GOP senator for info on Ukraine
House Republicans are asking a Republican senator who spoke to President Donald Trump and the US Ambassador to the European Union about the freezing of US security aid to Ukraine to provide information relevant to the Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

The Daily BeastNov 18, 2019
Dear Debate Moderators, Medicare for All Is DOA in Congress. Ask Candidates About Wages and Climate Change.
Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/Getty/Mike AglioloOh, just another week, really. The president intimidates one witness, another witness has Donald Trump dead to rights on not caring about anything Ukraine except how it could help him beat Joe Biden, and the attorney general gives a fascist speech making it clearer than ever that he's going to spend the next year doing everything he can to turn the Justice Department into the committee to re-elect the president. 

That's a lot of fodder. In Democrat-land, though, it looks like it's going to another week of repeating the same old arguments about Medicare for All.  

Yes, there's another debate Wednesday. I really have come to loathe them. They show all of them at their worst. The culprit of course is television: the need for conflict, and the desire of moderators to press the candidates to lock into commitments that everybody knows are irresponsible and ridiculous. And Medicare for All is Exhibit A here. Why? Because nobody's passing a Medicare for All bill. The elevation of that issue to its current level of prominence is the biggest con job in contemporary politics. Yes, it has changed the conversation in good ways and moved the center of gravity leftward. But as for the bill itself, there aren't 20 votes in the Senate for what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are proposing.

Read more at The

Yahoo PoliticsNov 18, 2019
Gordon Sondland, key figure in Trump impeachment inquiry, set to testify this week
The U.S. ambassador to the European Union could face tough questions about his role trying to persuade Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

Gordon Sondland Stepped in ‘And Things Went Really Off the Rails' (The Daily Beast)
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