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Fox PoliticsDec 07, 2019
Pete Buttigieg releases summary of consultancy work, calls on company to release him from NDA
Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is calling on a consulting firm he used to work for to release a list of clients he was assigned, and to release him from his nondisclosure agreement -- while releasing a summary of his work there, amid concerns about potential conflicts of interest if he were elected president.

Washington Post PoliticsDec 07, 2019
Buttigieg releases ‘summary' of his work for consulting firm McKinsey
In response to growing calls for transparency, the Democratic presidential candidate says he has asked the secretive firm to free him from his confidentiality agreement.

CNN PoliticsDec 07, 2019
Trump is hanging over every aspect of the Democratic presidential contest
He may not be on the Democratic ballot, but the 2020 presidential candidate wielding the most influence over the party's remarkably unsettled primary fight is President Donald Trump.

The Daily BeastDec 07, 2019
A Guide to Pressing Joe Biden's Buttons
Joe Raedle/GettyIt was day five of Joe Biden's bus tour through Iowa when the malarkey hit the fan. 

A tense exchange with a voter led the former vice president to call him a "damn liar," question the voter's IQ, insult his appearance, and challenge him to a feat of strength. 

It will come as no surprise to even casual Biden-watchers that this is not the first (nor will it be the last) time he's found himself in this situation—particularly when it comes to questioning the intelligence of the target of his ire. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

CNN PoliticsDec 07, 2019
Buttigieg releases descriptions of McKinsey projects in face of criticism
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Friday released a timeline of his three years working for the elite consulting firm McKinsey.

PoliticoDec 06, 2019
Buttigieg releases timeline of McKinsey work
"I never worked on a project inconsistent with my values, and if asked to do so, I would have left the firm rather than participate," the Democratic presidential candidate said.

The Daily BeastDec 06, 2019
Biden's Plan to Take Down Warren: Have Mayor Pete Do It
Saul Loeb/GettySince launching his presidential bid, former Vice President Joe Biden has largely settled on a primary strategy common among frontrunners: Only attack when attacked, stay above the conflict, and let the other candidates squabble among themselves so they can eventually take one another out. 

That last tactic is why Biden hasn't been going after Pete Buttigieg. He doesn't think the South Bend mayor can hurt him, but he does think Buttigieg can hurt someone else who could—Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Biden's campaign declined to comment on the record about its strategy. But multiple veteran pollsters and operatives said there's sound logic behind the notion that the vice president's team might view Buttigieg as a useful way to help blunt Warren's momentum, particularly with white college-educated voters. The more Buttigieg rises in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, the thinking goes, the more Warren slips in some polls. 

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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Reuters PoliticsDec 05, 2019
Biden endorsed by John Kerry, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday won the endorsement of his party's former presidential nominee, John Kerry, a high-profile show of support.
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