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The Daily BeastDec 15, 2019
This Is the Week Trump's Crimes Finally Started to Catch Up With Him
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastThe search for a single Republican who hasn't sold himself to the devil has yielded no one but found one willing to add perjury to his list of sins. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced on TV that everything he will do at the impeachment trial in the Senate will be "in coordination with Donald Trump and his White House lawyers." This despite the fact that under Article I, he will be raising his right hand and swearing, "I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help me God." 

And with that, the impeachment hearings have confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that the executive and legislative branches are dead to us, for now.

But there are ways to seek incremental justice in places beyond Republican power in courts that wouldn't dare announce they were on the take, much less actually be so.  

Read more at The Daily Beast.

New Jersey Democrat outspoken against Trump impeachment expected to switch parties, source says (CNN Politics)

Reuters PoliticsDec 14, 2019
Democrat lawmaker opposed to impeachment will switch parties: report
A Democratic U.S. lawmaker who opposed his party's moves to impeach President Donald Trump told staff on Saturday he will become a Republican as soon as next week, the New York Times reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the discussions.

Washington Post PoliticsDec 14, 2019
A judge ordered up to 234,000 people to be tossed from the registered voter list in a swing state
Wisconsin voters elected President Trump by fewer than 23,000 votes in 2016, causing Republicans and Democrats alike to closely watch this attempt to purge voters from the rolls.

CNN PoliticsDec 14, 2019
'I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here': Graham predicts Trump impeachment will 'die quickly' in Senate
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Judiciary Committee and a close ally of President Donald Trump, said he will do everything in his power to quickly end an expected impeachment trial in the Republican-led Senate.

Drudge ReportDec 14, 2019
Johnson Joins Trump in Redefining Conservatism...

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Republicans agree to massive spending bill, despite record deficits...

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Drudge ReportDec 14, 2019
Victorious Boris urges Britain to move past Brexit divide...

(Second column, 1st story, link) Related stories:
'Not my prime minister', protesters march...
Johnson Joins Trump in Redefining Conservatism...
Republicans agree to massive spending bill, despite record deficits...

Fox PoliticsDec 14, 2019
Anti-impeachment Democrat Jeff Van Drew meets with Trump to discuss party switch
Rep. Jeff Van Drew, D-NJ, met with President Trump on Friday to discuss going across party lines and joining the Republican Party -- after he has spent months criticizing fellow Democrats for their push to impeach Trump.

Washington Post PoliticsDec 14, 2019
Man charged with threatening to shoot Republican congressman says he was enraged by TV ad
The defendant accused Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) of "backing the Russians over our own intelligence," though it's unclear what ad he may have watched.

The Daily BeastDec 14, 2019
The GOP Stops Pretending It Wants Black Votes — or for Black Folks to Vote at All
Where once the GOP was an inhospitable place for black and other people of color because it supported racially disastrous policies but gave lip service to caring about "black issues," it has since ceased bothering to pretend it cares about inclusion.

There was already a decades-high pile of evidence proving Republicans oppose democracy before the House took up the Voting Rights Advancement Act last week. The partisan vote on the bill—which saw nearly every Republican refuse to restore anti-discriminatory protections to the 1965 Voting Rights Act—nonetheless reaffirmed GOP investment in a compromised democratic facsimile that excludes black voters. 

Conventional contemporary punditry holds that Republican voter suppression tactics that target black and brown Americans—closures of polling sites, purges of voter rolls, and strict voter ID laws—are due not to racial resentments but those groups' Democratic reliability. Racist GOP voter disenfranchisement, according to this thinking, is less a manifestation of white conservative bigotry than colorblind power grubbing. But it's more probable that Republican hostility to black voting rights is about both G

Reuters PoliticsDec 13, 2019
Trump impeachment looms as U.S. House committee approves charges
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday took Republican President Donald Trump to the brink of impeachment by approving two charges against him over his efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democratic political rival Joe Biden.

Trump at brink of impeachment as U.S. House committee approves charges (Reuters Politics)
House panel approves charges, Trump at brink of impeachment (Reuters Politics)
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