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Yahoo NewsSep 17, 2019
'Nobody can stop it': Saudi oil attack signals an escalating crisis
Trump is letting Riyadh decide about whether to retaliate against Iran - and if that happens, Iranians would likely raise the stakesThis satellite overview shows damage to oil and gas infrastructure from drone attacks at Haradh Gas Plant on 14 September 2019 in Saudi Arabia. Photograph: HO/AFP/Getty ImagesThe attack on Saudi oil facilities is the latest, most violent, example of an escalating series of gambits rival powers in the Gulf aimed at achieving their objectives by all measures short of all-out war.But the chances of avoiding such a devastating conflict diminish each time the stakes are raised.Iran has denied responsibility for the attack on an oil field and refining facility, while the US, Saudi Arabia and their allies have hesitated over the geographical origin of the air strikes. The size and sophistication of the operation however points to a state actor, and it fits a pattern in recent months of increasingly bold Iranian moves intended to raise the costs of the US campaign of maximum pressure and the Saudi war in Yemen.Until now, Iranian harassment of oil tankers traveling through the strait of Hormuz and the downing of a US surveillance drone have appeared calibrated to stop short of triggering a military response. If Iran is indeed behind Saturday's strikes, it marks a significant step towards more reckless action by Tehran, possibly emboldened by the departure of Donald Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, and the desperation of Iran's economic pl

Yahoo NewsSep 17, 2019
At rally, Warren decries Trump as 'corruption in the flesh'
Facing thousands of cheering supporters in the nation's largest city, Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren on Monday decried President Donald Trump as "corruption in the flesh" and outlined her plans to root out corruption in the White House, Congress and courts. "Corruption has put our planet at risk. Corruption has broken our economy.

Warren: 'Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh' ( News - Top Stories)

Yahoo NewsSep 16, 2019
Donald Trump says it is 'looking like' Iran was behind Saudi Arabia oil attack
Saudi Arabia and the United States claimed they had evidence Iran was behind the weekend attack on the kingdom's oil facilities on Monday. Col Turki al-Malki, Saudi's military spokesman, said Iranian weapons were used in Saturday's strikes on the Khurais oilfield and the Abqaiq refinery, the world's largest petroleum processing plant. However, he did not openly blame Iran for the attack - which has knocked out five per cent of global crude oil production - suggesting the Saudis are trying to calm the increasingly tense situation before it spills into war. Instead he said Riyadh would investigate where the drones were launched as he did not believe the Iran-backed Houthi militia who are fighting the Saudi-backed government in Yemen, was responsible for the attack as they had claimed. "This strike didn't come from Yemen as the Houthi militia are pretending," Col al-Malki said. "It was a massive and highly sophisticated attack." A satellite image shows an apparent drone strike on an Aramco oil facility in Saudi Arabia Credit: Planet Labs Experts also said it was unlikely to have been the militia. "This wasn't done by an amateur, to put it very mildly," tweeted Carl Bildt, co-chairman of the European Council on Foreign Relations. At a press conference on Monday night, Donald Trump, the US president, said "it certainly would look" like Iran was behind the attack but added "we'll let you know" as "that's being checked out right now". "I'm not looking to get into a new conflict but som
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