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ABC NewsApr 26, 2019
Kyler Murray selected with the 1st pick in the 2019 NFL Draft
Murray becomes the second straight Oklahoma quarterback taken with the top pick.

NewsweekApr 25, 2019
Donald Trump Is 'Concerned' About Joe Biden Because He's the 'Best Prepared' Candidate, Says Former RNC Chair
Former RNC Chair Michael Steele warned that there would be "a lot of breast-beating and ugly tweets."

Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump in 2020? Former VP Will Have to Overcome His Past Presidential Primary Failures First (Newsweek)
Joe Biden Gaffes, Mistakes Don't Matter Because Donald Trump is President, Agrees MSNBC Panel (Newsweek)

Reuters World NewsApr 25, 2019
Sri Lankans urged to avoid mosques, churches amid fears of more attacks
Muslims in Sri Lanka were urged to pray at home on Friday and not attend mosques or churches after the State Intelligence Services warned of possible car bomb attacks, amid fears of retaliatory violence for the Easter Sunday bombings.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump Rule on Abortion Referrals
An administration measure would bar groups that provide abortion referrals from receiving federal family planning money.

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Changes to Reproductive Health Program (NPR Headline News)

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
Suspected Sri Lanka Ringleader Preached Slaughter. Many at Home Dismissed Him.
The man accused of masterminding the Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels never hid his hatred. "We all underestimated him," a resident of his hometown said.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
N.F.L. Draft 2019 Live Updates: Round 1 Pick-by-Pick Analysis
The Arizona Cardinals took Kyler Murray No. 1 as expected, but there are bound to be surprises. Stay here updates and analysis of all the picks in the first round the N.F.L. draft.

NewsweekApr 25, 2019
NFL Draft 2019 Tonight TV Channels, Order of Picks, Live Updates, Results: Kyler Murray, Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Other Top Players
Will the Arizona Cardinals pick quarterback Kyler Murray? Here's how to watch the annual event tonight.

NewsweekApr 25, 2019
President Donald Trump to Coordinate Future Actions on North Korea Denuclearization With Japan PM Shinzo Abe at White House
The talks will be aimed at achieving the final fully verified denuclearisation of North Korea, a senior administration official said on Thursday.

North Korean leader says peace on Korean peninsula depends on U.S. attitude: KCNA (Reuters World News)
Political talks plan for Northern Ireland expected (BBC Front Page) - EuropeApr 25, 2019
Amazon to roll out one-day shipping worldwide
Online retailer beats estimates as profits more than double in first quarter

Amazon Expanding One-Day Prime Shipping as Sales Growth Slows (Int'l Herald Tribune)

Reuters World NewsApr 25, 2019
Morocco police use water cannon to disperse teacher protest
Moroccan police used water cannons to disperse a protest by thousands of young teachers in Rabat, the capital, on Thursday, according to witnesses.

Moroccan police use water cannon to disperse teacher protest (Reuters World News)

NewsweekApr 25, 2019
Climate Activists Challenge Biden on Commitment to Addressing Climate Change: ‘Prove It'
"It's easy for politicians to simply acknowledge that climate change exists. What's harder is a real plan that measures up to the urgency of the crisis," said Greenpeace.

Climate change protesters ‘swarm' City of London ( - Europe)
British Treasury targeted by climate-change activists (Reuters World News)

NewsweekApr 25, 2019
Trump Urges Children to Never To Drink Alcohol, Use Drugs, Or Smoke During White House Take Your Kids to Work Day
Trump gave a warm and lighthearted address to the kids of Oval Office staffers during the White House's "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" on Thursday.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
Regulators Around the World are Circling Facebook
Facebook revealed that it expects a record fine from the F.T.C. That could be one of many moves against the company by governments on four continents.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 25, 2019
Judge Is Open To Releasing Man Prosecutors Have Called 'Domestic Terrorist'
The judge notes the only charges against Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson involve drug and weapons violations and says he should be released pending trial with "a whole lot of supervision."

Reuters World NewsApr 25, 2019
Kim Jong Un says peace on Korean peninsula depends on U.S. attitude: KCNA
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, during his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said peace and security on the Korean peninsula will entirely depend on the future U.S. attitude, state media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Friday.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 25, 2019
Cyprus: Man confesses to killing seven women and girls
An army officer confesses to killing seven women and girls with a body discovered on Thursday.

Christian Science Monitor--worldApr 25, 2019
By playing Korean peacemaker, Putin seeks to revive Russia's Far East
Vladimir Putin is hoping to use his summit with Kim Jong Un to insert himself into U.S.-North Korea denuclearization talks.

Former U.S. Envoy Says Kim and Putin Talks Should Be a Concern and He's 'Worried' About What Trump Does Next (Newsweek)

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
Canada Says Facebook Broke Privacy Laws with ‘Superficial' Safeguards
An investigation found that Facebook did not protect user data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and has ignored recommendations since.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
After Meeting Kim, Putin Supports North Korea on Nuclear Disarmament
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia undercut President Trump's position on disarmament, saying North Korea needs stronger security guarantees.

NYTimes GlobalApr 25, 2019
Americans Are Among the Most Stressed People in the World, Poll Finds
An annual, global Gallup poll, released Thursday, reported that feelings of stress and worry are particularly high in the United States.

NewsweekApr 25, 2019
‘Call of Duty' Blackout 40k Code Red Tournament - Time, Bracket & How to Watch
"Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" Blackout will host a $40,000 Code Red tournament today. We'll tell you how to watch the matches as they unfold. - EuropeApr 25, 2019
Biden joins crowded Democratic field for White House
Ex vice-president faces questions over his age, gaffes and behaviour to women

CNN WorldApr 25, 2019
Fan Bingbing reappears in public for the first time in almost a year
Chinese superstar actress Fan Bingbing is back in the spotlight for the first time in almost a year, after she abruptly dropped out of sight in the wake of a massive tax evasion scandal.

NYTimes GlobalApr 25, 2019
Amid Measles Outbreak, Quarantine Is Ordered at U.C.L.A. and California State-Los Angeles
More than 200 university students and employees in Los Angeles County may have been exposed to measles and were given quarantine orders this week.

Reuters World NewsApr 25, 2019
Japan's Heisei imperial era: three generations look back, and ahead
(In this April 23 story, corrects date on which Heisei era began to Jan. 8.)

MSNBC Int'l NewsApr 25, 2019
Zarif: Trump pressure will fail because Iran has a 'Ph.D. in sanctions busting'
President Trump "believes that the maximum pressure policy will bring Iran to its knees," said Iran's Javad Zarif. "Iran will not accept pressure."

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 25, 2019
Japan emperor: Why a woman can't take the throne
The abdication of Emperor Akihito has reignited debate on Japan's male-only succession rule.

CBC Top StoriesApr 25, 2019
Over 20 million children worldwide miss out on measles vaccine annually
About 169 million children worldwide missed out on being vaccinated between 2010 and 2017, according to a UNICEF report.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
Sri Lanka Attack Signals an ISIS Shift Beyond Middle East
A month after losing the last of its territory in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State is believed to have pulled off one of its deadliest attacks. It may be the way of the future.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 25, 2019
Flint's Water Crisis Started 5 Years Ago. It's Not Over.
Pipes are now being replaced and officials say the water is safe, but residents still worry, drink bottled water and doubt their elected leaders.

5 Years After Flint's Crisis Began, Is The Water Safe? (NPR Headline News) - Comment & AnalysisApr 25, 2019
Iran left with few choices as Trump steps up pressure
US president's decision to revoke oil sanctions waivers could push Tehran to war

NPR Topics: NewsApr 25, 2019
Parkland Shooter's Public Defenders Seek To Withdraw Because Cruz Will Inherit Money
A parent's life insurance policy will mean a more than $400,000 payout for Nikolas Cruz. The public defender's office can only represent people who can't afford representation on their own.

NewsweekApr 25, 2019
Rick Fox Leaving Echo Fox Over Shareholder's Racism and "Vile Language"
Rick Fox has supposedly left Echo Fox after multiple incidents involving racist and "vile language" directed towards him.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 25, 2019
Surrogacy: Are babies at risk because of a lack of rules?
Surrogacy has boomed recently, but there are concerns a lack of international rules puts babies at risk.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 25, 2019
Trump Administration Puts Offshore Drilling Plan On Hold After Setback In Court
The Trump administration is delaying efforts to boost offshore oil and gas drilling in the wake of a recent court setback. The plans have been controversial, even in Republican-held states.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 25, 2019
After Pentagon Ends Contract, Top-Secret Scientists' Group Vows To Carry On
The 60 or so members of the Jasons are normal academics by day. But each summer, they come together to study tough problems for the military, intelligence agencies, and other parts of the government.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 25, 2019
This Is Your Brain On Ads: How Mass Marketing Affects Our Minds
How many ads have you encountered today? On this week's radio show, we discuss the insidiousness of advertising in American media.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 25, 2019
Investigation Finds Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan 'Did Not Promote Boeing'
The Pentagon's Inspector General says former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan 'fully complied' with ethics obligations. This clears the way for his potential nomination as defense secretary.

Patrick Shanahan, acting US defence secretary, 'did not favour' Boeing (BBC News Front Page | World)

CNBC World NewsApr 25, 2019
Amazon is expected to show slowest sales growth in four years when it reports results after the bell
Amazon's decelerating growth could signal a new reality for the e-commerce and cloud giant — less expansion but bigger profit margins.

CBC Top StoriesApr 25, 2019
Sri Lanka warned of new threats at places of worship after deadly Easter Sunday blasts
The U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka has tweeted a warning that people should avoid places of worship over the weekend because of possible extremist attacks, as the island country remains jittery over the Easter Sunday attacks that have killed at least 359 people and injured hundreds.

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