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Washington Post World NewsApr 18, 2024
After Iran's attack on Israel, now fears over escalation at Lebanese border
Iran's unprecedented direct attack on Israel could upset the delicate balance on the northern border where Iranian-backed Hezbollah has spent the Gaza war skirmishing with Israeli forces.

Biden imposes new sanctions on Iran after drone and missile attack on Israel (MSNBC Int'l News)
Suspected Iran spy ship sails home as the world awaits a new Israeli attack (MSNBC Int'l News)

BBC Front PageApr 18, 2024
Dubai airport delays persist after UAE storm
Some inbound flights to the world's second busiest airport resume, but many passengers remain stranded.

Airport chaos, sleeping in metro stations, no running water: Dubai's flood mayhem continues (CNBC World News)

NewsweekApr 18, 2024
Donald Trump Just Made 'Unwise' Move in Court: Legal Analyst
"I have never observed a defendant refuse to stand and face the jury," former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti wrote on X.

2nd juror dismissed from Trump criminal hush-money trial (CBC Top Stories)
Trump trial live updates: 2nd juror excused, leaving 5 seated for now (ABC News)

NPR Topics: NewsApr 18, 2024
The Kennedys are endorsing Biden, not their family member RFK Jr.
The Kennedys have been critical of Robert F. Kennedy's third-party run, which has the potential to draw votes away from President Biden — who the family is formally endorsing on Thursday.

Kennedy Family to Endorse Biden, in a Show of Force Against RFK Jr. (Int'l Herald Tribune)

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 18, 2024
Kenya's military chief dies in helicopter crash
A military helicopter carrying senior military officers crashed and caught fire, killing ten people.

ABC NewsApr 18, 2024
Mayorkas faces icy Senate Republicans day after impeachment case dismissed
Homeland Security's Alejandro Mayorkas faced an icy reception from Senate Republicans on Thursday after the swift dismissal of the impeachment case brought against him.

NYTimes GlobalApr 18, 2024
Land Under BLM Management to Get New Protections
The measure elevates conservation in a number of ways, including by creating new leases for the restoration of degraded areas.

NYTimes GlobalApr 18, 2024
University of Michigan and Other Colleges Crack Down on Student Protests
After years of tolerating unruly protests, some schools are starting to suspend and expel students, raising questions about where they should draw the line.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 18, 2024
China's cities are sinking, putting tens of millions at risk
Nearly a third of China's urban population lives in areas that are subsiding, according to a sweeping national survey of 82 major Chinese cities. In coastal areas, that makes sea level rise worse.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 18, 2024
EU proposes some free movement for UK young people
The EU Commission says UK and EU citizens under 30 should be able to work or study for up to four years.

NYTimes GlobalApr 18, 2024
Satellite Data Reveals Sinking Risk for China's Cities
Development and groundwater pumping are causing land subsidence and heightening the risks of sea level rise.

NYTimes GlobalApr 18, 2024
Dickey Betts, Fiery Guitarist With Allman Brothers Band, Dies at 80
He traded licks with Duane Allman and proved to be a worthy sparring partner. He also wrote, and sang, the band's biggest hit, "Ramblin' Man."

Dickey Betts, Allman Brothers Band singer, songwriter and guitarist, dead at 80 (ABC News)

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 18, 2024
Pro-Palestinian Protests Continue for a Second Day at Columbia University
A university with a proud history of protest told student demonstrators camping on the lawn that they had to leave. The students have vowed to stay, no matter the consequences.

CBC Top StoriesApr 18, 2024
Google fires 28 employees who protested its cloud contract with Israeli government
Google said on Thursday it has terminated 28 employees after some staff participated in protests against the company's cloud contract with the Israeli government.

NPR Topics: NewsApr 18, 2024
Photos: UAE sees its heaviest rains in 75 years
Schools and businesses were closed across the United Arab Emirates after about a year's worth of rain fell in a single day. Flooding has also disrupted travel at Dubai International Airport.

MSNBC Int'l NewsApr 18, 2024
Google fires 28 workers for protesting $1.2 billion Israel contract
Google has fired more than two dozen employees for protesting the company's $1.2 billion contract to provide the Israeli government and military with cloud and artificial intelligence services.

Washington Post World NewsApr 18, 2024
Middle East conflict live updates: Netanyahu says only Israel will decide Iran response; Tehran ‘not looking for' escalation
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will "make our decisions ourselves" after top diplomats from Britain and Germany urged restraint.

Iran told U.S. it wants to avoid escalation after Israel strike, official says (Washington Post World News)

Washington Post World NewsApr 18, 2024
Having remade Twitter, Musk takes his speech fight global
The X owner's dispute over disinformation with a Brazilian judge could influence social media use everywhere.

MSNBC Int'l NewsApr 18, 2024
Qatar re-evaluating its role as mediator in Gaza cease-fire talks
Qatar is re-evaluating its role as mediator in cease-fire talks between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, citing concerns that its efforts are being undermined by politicians seeking to score points, its prime minister said on Wednesday.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 18, 2024
Peter Murrell charged with embezzlement in SNP probe
The husband of Nicola Sturgeon had been re-arrested in connection with the SNP finances investigation.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 18, 2024
Council leader accused of assaulting women resigns
The councillor is stepping down as leader of West Northamptonshire Council, which he has led since 2021.

CNBC World NewsApr 18, 2024
Elon Musk email says Tesla sent 'incorrectly low' severance packages to laid-off employees
In a brief email to staffers on Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company sent incorrect severance packages to some employees who lost their jobs.

CNBC Inside India: Musk and Modi (CNBC World News) - Comment & AnalysisApr 18, 2024
The corporate world needs to collaborate on cyber risk
As threats morph, the cultural objections to working with the government must change too

BBC Front PageApr 18, 2024
'Apocalyptic' Dubai floods shake picture-perfect city
If Dubai is the ultimate Instagram city, then this was the week the filter came off.

Christian Science Monitor--worldApr 18, 2024
Can Israel embrace America's vision of a ‘new Middle East'?
Israel must decide whether to take its place alongside Washington's Arab allies in a "new Middle East" or to continue to go it alone.

NewsweekApr 18, 2024
Shelter Dog 'Losing Hope and Shutting Down'—Then Something Amazing Happened
Heartbreaking footage of Nyla, who was surrendered after spending much of her life as a breeding dog, sparked one family into action.

NYT Middle EastApr 18, 2024
Qatar Says It Is Reviewing Its Mediator Role as Israel-Hamas Talks Stall
U.S. and Israeli officials have urged the Gulf state to exert more pressure on the Palestinian armed group to reach a deal.

NewsweekApr 18, 2024
Thomas Massie's Russia Ties Resurface Ahead of Ukraine Aid Vote
The Kentucky congressman has frequently sided with Moscow in House votes and resolutions down the years.

NewsweekApr 18, 2024
Joe Biden Is Now Favorite Over Donald Trump in Four Swing States
The former president is leading his Republican challenger in four key states ahead of the presidential election.

NewsweekApr 18, 2024
F1 News: Jacques Villeneuve Sheds Light On Andretti Refusal - 'FOM Had Some Knowledge We Didn't'
Jacques Villeneuve points to unknown factors influencing FOM's decision to reject Andretti's F1 bid.

CNBC World NewsApr 18, 2024
Qatar re-evaluates key mediator role in Middle East conflict on concerns of ‘political exploitation'
Qatar is reconsidering its role as cease-fire broker between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas, the Gulf state's prime minister said.

NewsweekApr 18, 2024
How Trump's Swing States Fortunes Shifted Over 6 Weeks
There's good news and bad news for Donald Trump in a review of recent polls amid a close race with President Joe Biden.

MSNBC Int'l NewsApr 18, 2024
Germany arrests men who allegedly spied on U.S. military sites for Russia in sabotage plot to undermine Ukraine aid
Two arrested in Germany on suspicion of spying for Russia and collecting information on targets including U.S. military facilities to undermine Ukraine aid, authorities said Thursday.

CBC Top StoriesApr 18, 2024
What you need to know about criminal charges linked to Thunder Bay, Ont., police
Thunder Bay's police service is back under the microscope after Ontario Provincial Police laid charges against several people linked to the force. Here's a history of the longtime concerns as well as more about the charges and those facing them, including from court documents obtained by CBC News.

MSNBC Int'l NewsApr 18, 2024
India kicks off the world's largest elections this week. Here's what you need to know.
Indians head to the polls Friday in the world's largest democratic election, as almost a billion voters decide whether to re-elect Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 18, 2024
Five women make abuse claims against council leader
The BBC hears accounts from women who had relationships with Jonathan Nunn between 1990 and 2013.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 17, 2024
Columbia University President Faces Difficult Road Ahead as Students Protest on Campus
For Columbia's president, Nemat Shafik, a hearing on antisemitism went relatively well. But on campus, intense protests suggest a difficult road ahead for the university.

BBC News Front Page | WorldApr 17, 2024
Qatar reassesses mediator role in Gaza truce talks
The Gulf state's PM says it has been exploited and abused after trying to secure a ceasefire.

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 17, 2024
Columbia's President Tells Congress That Action Is Needed Against Antisemitism
Nemat Shafik said some contested phrases — like "from the river to the sea" — might warrant discipline, angering some supporters of academic freedom.

NPR Headline NewsApr 17, 2024
Senate rejects impeachment articles against Mayorkas
The Senate has rejected both articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, swiftly ending the trial triggered by the House's narrow vote to impeach in February.

Senate kills Mayorkas impeachment trial, votes both articles 'unconstitutional' (ABC News)

Int'l Herald TribuneApr 17, 2024
TikTok Bill to Be Bundled With Aid to Ukraine and Israel, House Speaker Indicates
A new measure attempts to force the Senate's hand on passing legislation to ban TikTok or mandate the app's sale.

BBC Front PageApr 17, 2024
New carpets tackled Downing Street flea problem, says Hunt
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says he replaced the No 11 carpets Liz Truss claimed were infested with fleas.

NYT Middle EastApr 17, 2024
Israeli Response to Iran Attack Seems Inevitable, Despite Allies' Pleas
"We will make our own decisions," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rebuffing European diplomats' requests to stand down.

Hezbollah Attack Injures 14 Israeli Soldiers in Border Village (NYT Middle East)

MSNBC Int'l NewsApr 17, 2024
Record floods hit desert city Dubai
Heavy rains battered parts of the Middle East on Tuesday, appearing to flood the tarmac at the Dubai International Airport. - EuropeDec 06, 2021
Biden to target money laundering in US real estate market
Anti-corruption drive could raise scrutiny of all-cash commercial and residential property transactions
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