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Yahoo! BooksApr 03, 2020
Here's how to safely reopen America when coronavirus pandemic wanes
It's important that we assess the threat of the virus region by region and consider reopening in phases or by industry.

Pakistan, Bangladesh try to stop Friday prayers to avert coronavirus spike (Yahoo! Books)

NYTimes ArtsApr 03, 2020
Bill Withers, Soul Legend Who Sang ‘Lean on Me' and ‘Lovely Day,' Dies at 81
A three-time Grammy Award winner known for his 1970s hits like "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Use Me," Mr. Withers last released an album in 1985.

Lean On Me singer Bill Withers dies at 81 (BBC Entertainment & Arts)
Bill Withers, Writer and Singer of ‘Lean On Me,' Dies at 81 (Time Entertainment)

AV Club FilmsApr 03, 2020
Adam Sandler debuts sweet and funny "Quarantine Song" on Fallon
Adam Sandler streamed into Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Thursday night, guitar in hand, to share a brand new song inspired by, well, (gestures wildly). It celebrates doctors and nurses as it speaks some hard truths about the claustrophobic nature of self-isolating: "And I hope they save us soon, because I'm really,…


Jimmy Fallon Got Adam Sandler's Blessing to Impersonate Him on SNL (Vulture)

NYTimes ArtsApr 03, 2020
How to Hold an Awards Show in a Pandemic
Major prizes have been postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak, but one organization showed that a ceremony could still be done. Even down to the red carpet interviews.

NYTimes ArtsApr 03, 2020
How to Get Books When Bookstores and Libraries Are Closed
Even for people who have lost jobs or income during the coronavirus epidemic, there are books and reading material available online for free.

Billboard Music NewsApr 03, 2020
All the Musicians Who Have Spoken Out About Having Coronavirus
With confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States rising each day, the rich and famous aren't staying quiet about their diagnoses.

Billboard Music NewsApr 03, 2020
Mental Health in a Pandemic: Organizations, Support Groups Rally to Help Artists & Music Industry Workers
Though financial resources for music professionals put out of work by the pandemic have been growing by the day, the crisis' mental health and wellness aspects have received considerably less attention.

NYTimes ArtsApr 03, 2020
How Do You Make a Film for a Museum and Pornhub? Ask Leilah Weinraub
The director captured the utopia that was Shakedown, a strip club catering to black lesbians. The result was a radically intimate documentary suited to both platforms.

Roger Ebert Movie ReviewsApr 03, 2020
Coffee & Kareem
Watching the coronavirus crisis take hold, Daniel Lind-Ramos, a powerful storyteller, filled notebooks with carnival, medical and spiritual imagery.

Yahoo! BooksApr 03, 2020
Boris Johnson's Virus Fight Banks on British Love for Its NHS
(Bloomberg) -- Schoolkids in lockdown put home-made signs in their bedroom windows thanking brave doctors and nurses. Families stepped outside their front doors for a national round of applause. Public buildings lit up blue. Stores have offered discounts to hospital staff, and designated hours.They are hailed as heroes in Italy and Spain as the countries bear the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, but nowhere does the medical system stir more passion than in Britain. When the government asked for 250,000 volunteers to help, three times that number signed up.The cult of the National Health Service has been key to so many political fortunes over the decades, but no leader has weaponized it more than Boris Johnson after years of austerity measures implemented by his Conservative Party. While peers across Europe come under strain fighting the pandemic, few have more to gain or lose from the ability of the health system to cope than the British prime minister.During the 2016 Brexit campaign, Johnson's message was that leaving the European Union would save 350 million pounds ($433 million) a week to pump into the NHS, a sum later discredited. His emphatic election victory in December used the slogan "Get Brexit Done" so that the government could focus on areas like "our fantastic NHS." The mantra for the Covid-19 pandemic is stay at home to "Protect Our NHS.""The cynic in me says it is easy to clap," said Martin Lodge, a political scientist at the London School of Economics. "Emotionally the NHS is a uniting symbol. A

Yahoo! BooksApr 03, 2020
At NYC hospital treating coronavirus, doctors 'use their MD license like they haven't had to before'
In 40 years of medicine, Dr. Steven Corwin, head of NewYork-Presbyterian, says he's never seen a response like the one required for novel coronavirus.

A 1,000-bed Navy hospital ship was meant to help relieve New York City's overburdened hospitals. So far it's 2% full, and a hospital director called it a 'joke.' (Yahoo! Arts)

NYTimes ArtsApr 03, 2020
Good Looks Ran in the Family. So Did Schizophrenia.
In "Hidden Valley Road," Robert Kolker unspools the story of Mimi and Don Galvin and their 12 children, six of whom developed schizophrenia.

New York Times BooksApr 03, 2020
New in Paperback: ‘The Other Americans' and ‘Bringing Down the Colonel'
Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

AV Club FilmsApr 03, 2020
The Ed Helms cop comedy Coffee & Kareem is laziness masquerading as irreverence
Sometimes when two high-concept comedy hooks are particularly worn out, filmmakers try to strengthen them by linking them together. Coffee & Kareem takes this strategy to a chaotic extreme. It's sort of a domestic comedy about a dorky white guy named James Coffee (Ed Helms) who is forced to make nice with Kareem…


AV Club FilmsApr 03, 2020
Will Smith abruptly realizes he didn't already have his own Quibi show
"Will Smith gets a Quibi show? Didn't we already write this damn thing?" We'll admit that that is, indeed, the thought that wandered through your humble Newswire team's heads tonight, on news that, yes, Will Smith—social media influencer, proud dad vlogger, former world's most lucrative superstar—has gotten his own…


Playbill NewsApr 03, 2020
Broadway at Music Circus Postpones 2020 Summer Season Due to Coronavirus Concerns
The Sacramento season was set to feature The Color Purple, Kinky Boots, and more.

Billboard Music NewsApr 03, 2020
Ben Gibbard Honors Adam Schlesinger With Fountains of Wayne Cover: ‘I'm So Grateful to Him'
Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard took a few minutes to pay tribute to Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger during his at-home live-stream show on Thursday (April 2). Watch.

AV Club FilmsApr 03, 2020
R.I.P. soul legend Bill Withers
Bill Withers, the incomparable, Grammy-winning soul singer and writer who gifted the world timeless hits such as "Lean On Me," "Ain't No Sunshine," "Lovely Day," and many others, has died of heart complications. Withers' family confirmed his death in a statement to The Associated Press: "We are devastated by the loss…


Billboard Music NewsApr 03, 2020
Adam Sander Premieres Hilarious ‘Quarantine Song' on ‘Fallon': Watch
Sandler came prepared with a guitar, mirrored glasses, and a set of fresh lyrics reflecting these trying times.

NYTimes ArtsApr 03, 2020
What's on TV Friday: ‘Invisible Life' and ‘Home Before Dark'
An acclaimed Brazilian drama hits Amazon. And a new family series debuts on Apple TV Plus.

It's Snatch Game time on Drag Race, plus Jon M. Chu and Dana Fox on Home Before Dark (AV Club Films)

Yahoo! BooksApr 03, 2020
Venezuela navy vessel sinks after 'ramming cruise ship'
The cruise ship's owners say the naval vessel rammed it, but Venezuela accuses the ship of "piracy".

NYTimes ArtsApr 03, 2020
A Civil War, Then the Long Limbo of Life as a Refugee
In Victoria Jamieson's "When Stars Are Scattered," a Somali boy pines for his mother and cares for his little brother with hope and humor during 15 years in a refugee camp.

Yahoo! BooksApr 03, 2020
China Wants to Use the Coronavirus to Take Over the World
What started as a catastrophe for China is shaping up to be a moment of strategic opportunity, a rare turning point in the flow of history. Suddenly, the protests in Hong Kong, carrying a mortal threat to political stability in the mainland, became a physical impossibility. More important, the pandemic set in motion a global competition, to contain the virus, for which China and the Chinese Communist Party seem uniquely prepared.As the virus spread to the whole world, it became apparent that Western societies — Beijing's true rivals — did not have the ability to quickly organize every citizen around a single goal. As opposed to China, which remains to a large extent a revolutionary society, their political systems were built for normal times. Chinese society is a mobilized army, which can quickly drop everything else and march in one direction.Mao once said, "Everything under heaven is in utter chaos, the situation is excellent." And so it seems at present, as seen from Beijing. Chinese diplomats stationed all over the world spend their time raising the stakes to a dangerous level. Following instructions from the very top, they have taken to the media to issue a challenge to America, to point out its failure, and to compare the chaos in American cities and hospitals with what they see as a singular success in stopping the epidemic in China.Several commentators have suggested that China may be winning the coronavirus battle by stepping forward in providing medical help to affected countries, mostly in Europe, at

Wuhan residents told to stay inside and stay vigilant as China begins to lift virus lockdown (Yahoo! Books)

Yahoo! TVApr 03, 2020
Part two of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's fight ends with blood and tears
If you thought Kim and Kourtney's physical fight couldn't get any more intense, think again. 

Yahoo! ArtsApr 03, 2020
Singapore to Close Schools, Most Workplaces With Rising Virus Cases
(Bloomberg) -- Singapore will shutter schools and most workplaces as the city-state unveiled a raft of stricter measures intended as a "circuit breaker" to slow the spread of coronavirus.Most workplaces, except for essential services and key economic sectors, will close starting on Tuesday, while the city-state will move to full home-based learning in its schools from Wednesday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in an address to the nation Friday afternoon. The government will also unveil additional stimulus measures to boost the economy early next week.The action comes as confirmed cases of local transmission and unlinked infections in the country have risen in recent weeks. "We have decided that instead of tightening incrementally over the next few weeks, we should make a decisive move now, to preempt escalating infections," said Lee.Here are other details of the stricter measures:Casinos, theme parks to close starting next weekFood establishments, markets and supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, utilities, transport and key banking services will remain openFrom April 7, all restaurants, hawker centers, coffee shops, food courts and other food-and-beverage outlets will remain open only for takeaway or deliveryOther economic sectors "that are strategic, or form part of a global supply chain" will not be closedAll preschool and student care centers will also be closed, but will provide limited services for children of parents who have to continue working and are unable to make alternative care arrangemen

Metacritic Movie ReviewsApr 03, 2020
Slay the Dragon
After the 2008 election, a secretive, well-funded partisan initiative poured money into state legislative races in key swing states to gain control of their redistricting processes and used high-tech analytics to dramatically skew voting maps based on demographic data. The result is one of the greatest electoral manipulations in U.S. history, one that poses a fundamental threat to our democracy and exacerbates the already polarized atmosphere in Congress and state houses across the country. Gerrymandering, the practice of redrawing electoral maps to serve the party in power, has been around for centuries. But in today's hyperpartisan political environment it has been taken to unprecedented extremes, fueled by the elimination of corporate campaign contribution limits and the availability of vast amounts of personal information. The effects of this insidious strategy have continued to bear fruit through the 2018 midterms. But voters, fed up with cynical efforts to sidestep the will of the majority, have begun fighting back. In one example, a grassroots movement led by a young woman with no political experience gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures to put an anti-gerrymandering initiative on the ballot in Michigan. The new documentary Slay the Dragon shines a light on this timely issue, and follows a handful of citizens' groups, outraged by what they see as an attack on the core democratic principle that every person's vote should count equally, as they battle party operatives and an entrenched political establishment to fix a broken system.Rated: Not RatedRelease Date: Apr 03, 2020

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
‘Almost Love' Review: Schooled in Romance, but Missing Class
This ensemble comedy treats class solidarity as the love that dare not speak its name.

‘Clover' Review: A Crime Goes Wrong, and You Can Guess the Rest (NYTimes Arts)

AV Club FilmsApr 02, 2020
On an exuberant Better Things, the good times are still rolling
The "New Orleans" episode of Better Things could not have come at a better time. Truly, a jaunt to the Big Easy is just what Sam—and those of us experiencing the trip vicariously—need right now. Attention, all other TV shows: This is how you do a vacation/wedding episode.


Billboard Music NewsApr 02, 2020
You Have to Hear These 7 Claws-Out Covers of ‘Tiger King' Joe Exotic's Songs
See our seven fierce favorites.

Love ‘Tiger King'? You'll Love These Books, Too (New York Times Books)

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
‘The Other Lamb' Review: Flock Therapy
A young woman begins to question the foundations of her religious sect in this visually stunning yet shallow feminist fable.

Reuters EntertainmentApr 02, 2020
Disney content to make exclusive Middle East debut on OSN
Walt Disney Co's Disney content will be available for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa on regional pay television and online streaming service provider OSN from April 9.

Disney to make exclusive Middle East debut on OSN (Reuters Entertainment)

Billboard Music NewsApr 02, 2020
How the Academy of Country Music Switched From an Awards Show to a Unifying Evening Amid a Pandemic
The Academy of Country Music moved quickly from its annual awards show to a home-based performance show once the coronavirus made putting on a live show impossible.

Yahoo! BooksApr 02, 2020
Here's where you can still buy hand sanitizer online
Hand sanitizer can be hard to find in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but you can still find some at Office Depot, Staples, and more.

Yahoo! BooksApr 02, 2020
Navy fires USS Theodore Roosevelt captain days after he pleaded for help for sailors with coronavirus
Capt. Brett Crozier sent an urgent letter to the Navy, seeking to evacuate his crew as cases of coronavirus infection increased on the vessel.

Billboard Music NewsApr 02, 2020
Dashboard Confessional Regrets Not Inviting Adam Schlesinger to NYC Show, Reveals Unreleased Song Together
Prolific songwriter Adam Schlesinger died from coronavirus complications on Wednesday morning (April 1) at 52 years old.

VultureApr 02, 2020
Don't Watch These Movies If Quarantine Is Driving You Crazy
Claustrophobic movies for a claustrophobic good time.

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
Review: In Apple's ‘Home Before Dark,' a True Cub Reporter
Brooklynn Prince of "The Florida Project" plays a crusading journalist who happens to be 9 years old in a family drama based on a real-life story of precociousness.

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
Adam Schlesinger's 30 Essential Songs
Hear tracks from Fountains of Wayne, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and more — plus a tune written about the power-pop dynamo, who died of the coronavirus at 52.

Playbill NewsApr 02, 2020
Watch Will Chase and Ingrid Michaelson on Stars in the House Live Stream
The daily benefit series created by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley benefits The Actors Fund.

Billboard Music NewsApr 02, 2020
Music Is Often Born Amid Crisis, So Coronavirus Could Be a Muse for Songwriters
We'll all be glad when the global coronavirus pandemic is over, but in the meantime, take some comfort in knowing that hard times have historically inspired great songs.

Yahoo! ArtsApr 02, 2020
'Really overwhelmed': Americans are facing mounting issues filing for unemployment during COVID-19 crisis
To get an unemployment check, you first have to apply. That's the problem for many during the COVID-19 crisis.

Playbill NewsApr 02, 2020
It's Variety Thursday! on Stars in the House Live Stream, With Caroline Rhea, Bill Berloni, More
The daily benefit series created by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley benefits The Actors Fund.

USA Today: BooksApr 02, 2020
Jenna Bush Hager's April book club pick: 'Valentine," by Elizabeth Wetmore
Read With Jenna launched on the "Today" show in March 2019. Here's a roundup of all of Jenna Bush Hager's book club selections so far.       

'Untamed' by Glennon Doyle is April's pick for Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine book club (USA Today: Books)
Oprah's Book Club dropped her novel. It still became a best seller. (NYTimes Arts)

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix, Amazon and Stan in Australia in April
Our picks for April, including ‘Community,' ‘Extraction,' and ‘Never Have I Ever'

HBO Will Let You Stream Some Shows and Movies For Free, As A Quarantine Treat (Vulture)

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
Viewing Party! Let's All Watch ‘His Girl Friday' Together
Hello, Hildy! Hello, Walter. Hello, Viewing Party friends!

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
Missing the Theater? Trade Playbills for These Novels
Two theater critics suggest some of their favorite books about the theater, giving us portals to a world that is now forbidden.

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
‘Slay the Dragon' Review: Vote Early, Vote Often. It Won't Matter.
How lawmakers gerrymander districts to protect themselves from voters' wrath — and what the legislative consequences are.

NYTimes ArtsApr 02, 2020
‘Coffee & Kareem' Review: Good Cop, Kid Cop?
Or just a bad cop movie?

Playbill NewsApr 01, 2020
Watch Frasier Stars Reunite on Stars in the House Live Stream
The daily benefit series created by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley benefits The Actors Fund.

Yahoo! TVMar 30, 2020
The It List: Tiger kings, old 'Friends,' amateur bakers, Jedi masters and the best in pop culture the week of March 30, 2020
During the coronavirus pandemic, when most of us are staying at home, we're going to spotlight products that you can enjoy from your couch, whether solo or in small groups, and leave out the rest. With that in mind, here are our picks for March 30 - April 5, including the best deals we could find for each.

DVD ReviewsMar 25, 2020
Gunsmoke: The Complete Eighteenth Season
(Note: Reviews of Gunsmoke: The Eighteenth Season and Gunsmoke: The Nineteenth Season are identical. In preparing them I watched at episodes and the extras from both sets.)
Nearing home plate, CBS/Paramount's Eighteenth and Nineteenth of 20 season sets of Gunsmoke (1955-1975) nearly finishes off the classic series. Many wondered if the label would complete the series before the DVD format went kaput, so their determination to see it through deserves our gratitude. I've been reviewing Gunsmoke sets since the First Season was released in July 2007. The program was so prolific, upwards of 40 episodes per season in its early days, it's been impossible to watch everything in broadcast order. As new sets have been released, I typically watch 7-8 representative episodes then return to where I left off which, at present, is still Gunsmoke during its b...Read the entire review

Fandango: New MoviesNov 18, 2019
When Lambs Become Lions
Opens Friday, Nov 22, 2019

Movie Details Play Trailers

DVD ReviewsOct 29, 2019
Life with Lucy: The Complete Series
For Lucille Ball completists, the release of Life with Lucy (1986), her ill-fated final sitcom, is most welcome. I Love Lucy/The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (1951-60), The Lucy Show (1962-68), and Here's Lucy (1968-74) kept her on the network airwaves nearly constantly for a quarter of a century, but her return to theatrical features with Mame (1974) flopped badly, with Ball singled out for atypically harsh reviews. After that she did annual television specials for a few years, and was a frequent presenter at award shows. In November 1985 she starred in The Stone Pillow, a TV-movie in which she played an elderly homeless woman, and while that program received mixed reviews it did well enough in the ratings to prompt Ball and her (second) husband, comedian-producer Gary Morton, to dip into the sitcom well that had served her so reliably well and for so long....Read the entire review

The A.V. Club - FilmJul 18, 2018
Make the Switch To a Projector For Just $400, Today Only
If you're ready to make the leap to a projector-based home theater, but your budget is tight, you won't find a better value than this $400 ViewSonic.


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