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SlashDotDec 06, 2022
Apple Scales Back Self-Driving Car and Delays Debut Till '26

Apple's rumored electric car may not be fully self-driving after all (Engadget)
Apple Car Project Scaled Back and Delayed, Won't Feature Full Self-Driving Capabilities (Mac Rumors)

EngadgetDec 06, 2022
Amazon reportedly agrees to treat sellers better to end EU antitrust probes
The European Commission and Amazon have reportedly come to an agreement that will allow the retail giant to avoid a fine for allegedly misusing seller data. According to The Financial Times, the company has pledged to give rival products equal treatment in the Buy Box section of its website, a move that should theoretically increase the visibility of the merchants selling those goods. Amazon also agreed to create alternate featured offers for customers less concerned about getting their purchase as quickly as possible, as well as give sellers free rein to decide on the company they want to deliver their goods.

According to The Times, the European Commission plans to announce the agreement on December 20th, though that date could shift. What won't change are the terms of the deal. "There's very little to discuss," a source told the outlet. Once the agreement is formalized, Amazon will be required to honor its commitments for at least five years.

Amazon did not immediately respond to Engadget's comment request. In July, when the company promised it would take steps to make its seller program fairer, Amazon said it felt it was being "unfairly" targeted by legislation like the Digital Markets Act. At the same time, the retailer said it was "engaged constructively" with regulators to address concerns about its business.

A deal with the European Union would give Amazon the chance to put to rest at least one aspect of a long saga. The European Commission began probing the company's use of merchant data in

Amazon Agrees Final Deal To Close EU Antitrust Probes (SlashDot)
Pick Up the 2022 iPad Air at Amazon for Just $500 (Save $99) - CNET (CNET News)

New York Times TechDec 06, 2022
Oversight Board Criticizes Meta for Preferential Treatment
Influential and powerful users on Facebook and Instagram receive "unequal treatment," an internal report said.

Facebook Parent Meta Treated Some Users Unequally, Oversight Board Says - CNET (CNET News)
Meta's Targeted Ad Model Could Face EU Restrictions - CNET (CNET News)

SlashDotDec 06, 2022
Google Search Brings Continuous Scrolling To Desktop

GizmodoDec 06, 2022
Janitors Picket Outside Twitter's HQ in Elon's Latest Mess
Janitors are the latest group of workers left in limbo by the ongoing drama happening over at Twitter. The company reportedly terminated the contract that employed the striking janitors, according to the California Labor Federation (CLF). Elizabeth Strater, the communications director at CLF told Gizmodo in an email…


The voices left out of Elon Musk's free-speech agenda (Washington Post Tech)

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Google Rolls Out Continuous Scrolling to Desktop - CNET
The new feature allows people to see six times more Google search results on one page before clicking to see the next group.

GizmodoDec 06, 2022
Elon Musk's Neuralink Is Reportedly Under Federal Investigation Over Animal Welfare
Neuralink, Elon Musk's medical implant company, is facing a federal probe over possible animal welfare violations, according to a report from Reuters. The investigation, reportedly opened by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Office of the Inspector General, focuses on Neuralink's practices when it comes to animal…


EngadgetDec 06, 2022
Google Search results now continuously scroll on desktop
Google is giving its search results on desktop the "continuous scrolling" treatment over a year after launching the feature on mobile. Continuous scrolling will eliminate the need to click "Next" or the page numbers at the bottom of your search results. Instead, Google will automatically load the next batch of results on the page once you've scrolled to the bottom of the current list. If you use Google on mobile, the feature will feel very familiar. 

The tech giant has confirmed the rollout to Search Engine Land and told the publication that its website will automatically show up to six pages of results before you need to click a "More results" button to load the next batches. Its arrival on desktop will make the Google search experience more consistent across devices and platforms. "So starting today, we're bringing continuous scrolling to desktop so you can continue to see more helpful search results with fewer clicks. It's now even easier to get inspired with more information at your fingertips," a company spokesperson said. 

Similar to the mobile version of the feature, it will initially be available for English queries in the US and will most likely make its way to more people and more regions in the future. 

Yahoo TechnologyDec 06, 2022
Stock market news live updates: Stocks fall, adding to early-week market rout

ResearchBuzzDec 06, 2022
Goblin Mode, Google, Cryptocurrency Losses, More: Tuesday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, December 6, 2022
TWEAKS AND UPDATES NPR: How ‘goblin mode' became Oxford's word of the year. "It's mindlessly binge-watching television without worrying about the time. It's eating snacks in bed without a care about leftover […]

EngadgetDec 06, 2022
Giphy is adding alt text to make GIFs more accessible
Giphy is looking to improve accessibility and help more people understand what the platform's GIFs are depicting with the help of alt text descriptions. It has teamed up with a content accessibility solutions provider called Scribely to add descriptive text to the platform's content. Screen readers will be able to read the alt text aloud, which will help visually impaired folks to know what's happening in a GIF.

The alt text won't be automatically generated. Giphy says Scribely's writers "are well-versed in accessibility guidelines and write effective and engaging descriptions that take the message and the meaning in mind." Giphy's most popular content, based on the top search terms, now includes alt text. The company plans to add alt text to more of its GIFs.

Screen readers can now read aloud alt text from GIFs on Giphy's web and mobile apps. The company is also making alt text available through its APIs. So third-party companies with Giphy integration can let their users access the alt text on other platforms.

In 2020, Twitter enabled users to add alt text to GIFs. However, if the company, which has a partnership with Giphy, employs the latest feature of the latter's APIs, Twitter users would be able to access professionally written alt text in GIFs.

"GIFs are an important part of our daily lives, thanks to their unique ability to convey ideas, emotions, and humor in ways that static images o

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Microsoft May Create 'Super App' to Rival Apple, Google - CNET
If launched, the move could help Microsoft expand further into consumer services by offering news, search, shopping and messaging in a single app.

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
These 5 Earbuds Make Great Gifts and Start at Just $20 - CNET
Not everyone can afford or wants Apple AirPods. Check out these bargains on five of our favorite inexpensive earbuds.

SlashDotDec 06, 2022
Microsoft Eyes 'Super App' To Break Apple and Google's Hold on Mobile Search

Yahoo TechnologyDec 06, 2022
Migration to other social media platforms shows no signs of slowing following Elon Musk's chaotic takeover at Twitter, report says

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Why Everyone's Talking About ChatGPT, a Mindblowing AI Chatbot - CNET
This artificial intelligence bot is an impressive writer, but you should still be careful how much you trust its answers.

CNET How ToDec 06, 2022
If You Make Over $600 on PayPal, Venmo or Cash App in 2022, the IRS Will Know - CNET
You should receive a 1099-K for any earnings over $600 that came through digital payment apps.

CNET How ToDec 06, 2022
You Can Now See What Your Social Security COLA Increase Amount Is for 2023. Here's How - CNET
If you want to know how much your cost-of-living adjustment will be starting in January, here's what to do.

Record Hike for Social Security Checks in 2023: How Much You'll Get - CNET (CNET How To)

Yahoo TechnologyDec 06, 2022
Janitors who clean Twitter's HQ are on strike after failed negotiations mean they face losing their jobs, union says

ComputerWorldDec 06, 2022
Instead of tech gifts, give updates and support
Technology is typically not something I give as gifts at the holiday season.

In a pinch, I will ask what a person wants, or offer them cash or a check towards a purchase — but to buy someone a tech gift outright? No. Because whatever I give might not work with what they already have.

Instead, the holidays are a good time to review the health and condition of the family technology. You might be still on the hook for a present, but isn't it the best gift of all to make sure what you have at home is working properly and securely?

Here are my suggestions on what to consider at this most wonderful time of the year.

A new hard drive If your loved one still does not have an SSD drive in their daily computer, stop and assist in the process of upgrading. It's pretty simple for you — the Geek of the family — to remove a few screws, buy an SSD hard drive and a small external SSD enclosure, get a mounting bracket, and grab backup software to make an exact image of the drive.  I also recommend having spare hard drive cables.

To read this article in full, please click here

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Facebook's Treatment of High-Profile Users Is Flawed, Oversight Board Says - CNET
The board wants Facebook parent company Meta to make changes to its cross-check program.

Yahoo TechnologyDec 06, 2022
These 16 US airports are reportedly testing facial recognition technology on passengers that could roll out nationwide next year

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Holiday Gifts and Gadgets That Cost $30 or Less - CNET
Get some great gifts without breaking the bank.

ComputerWorldDec 06, 2022
Apple gives developers wider App Store price flexibility
As we head toward the end of the year, Apple has responded to one of the more frequent requests its App Store developers make in the form of more flexibility when it comes to setting prices. Developers will also gain new flexibility to manage pricing globally and can expect additional tools, which Apple will begin rolling out today and throughout 2023.

Developers gain better pricing controls The big change Apple made is to give developers 700 additional price points to use when setting prices for their apps. The latest move is the biggest improvement involving price capabilities Apple has made since the launch of the App Store.

To read this article in full, please click here

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Apple Offers App Store Developers More Price Options -- 29 Cents to $10,000 - CNET
The company, which typically has told developers to keep app pricing simple, will offer 700 new price points.

Mac RumorsDec 06, 2022
Apple Announces App Store Changes, Including Expanded Pricing Up to $10,000
Apple today announced it is providing developers with an additional 700 price points for App Store apps, allowing apps to be priced as low as 29 cents, or as high as $10,000. Developers who want to price their app above $1,000 must submit a request to Apple.

ComputerWorldDec 06, 2022
Stewart Butterfield announces he's stepping down as Slack's CEO
Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield has announced he will be stepping down from the company in January. The news comes less than a week after Salesforce's co-CEO, Bret Taylor, said he would be departing the company at the end of the fiscal quarter.

Salesforce acquired Slack in 2020 for $27 billion, in a deal where Taylor played a key role.

The news was first reported by Business Insider and later confirmed by Slack. In the internal message published by Insider, Butterfield said the two departures were not related, stating: "FWIW: This has nothing to do with Bret's departure. Planning has been in the works for several months! Just weird timing."

To read this article in full, please click here

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
NASA Orion Captures Unreal View of Moon and Earth as It Heads Back Home - CNET
Artemis I delivers another stunning portrait, and this one might look familiar.

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Watch Portugal vs. Switzerland World Cup 2022 Match From Anywhere - CNET
The European rivals meet for the third time this year for a chance to move on to the World Cup quarterfinals.

ComputerWorldDec 06, 2022
UK set to mandate right to request flexible work from first day on the job
The UK government is backing proposed legislation that would give workers the right to request flexible working arrangements from day one of their employment.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw millions of workers start working from home as lockdown orders were enforced, most employees continued to have flexibility over how and when they work, with many organizations now practicing a hybrid work model.

To read this article in full, please click here

Mac RumorsDec 06, 2022
Apple Music Sing Limited to Latest Apple TV, Not Coming to Older Models
Apple earlier today announced a new feature coming to Apple Music that will allow users to sing along to their favorite songs, either alone or with friends and family. The new feature will be a perfect fit ahead of the holidays and parties; unfortunately, there is one big catch.

EngadgetDec 06, 2022
Apple Music now offers a karaoke mode
You don't need Spotify or a dedicated app to try karaoke at home. Apple Music has introduced a Sing feature that lets you take over the vocals. You can not only adjust the voice levels, but use multiple lyric views depending on what you want to belt out — you can perform a duet or even handle background duties. Apple also notes that the lyric views are now cued to the beat and light up slowly, so it's easier to know when you should draw out a verse.

The feature will be available worldwide for "tens of millions" of tracks later in December on the new Apple TV 4K as well as recent iPhones (iPhone 11 and later) and iPads (such as last year's 9th-generation model). Android supports real-time lyrics, but won't let you adjust vocal levels. Accordingly, Apple Music plans to share more than 50 playlists devoted to songs "optimized" for the Sing feature. Don't be surprised if karaoke staples from Queen and other artists make the cut.

Spotify rolled out a karaoke feature in June, but with a very different focus. While Apple Music Sing is clearly aimed at parties, its Spotify counterpart is more

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Your Refund May Be Smaller Next Year Due to These 10 Tax Changes - CNET
The child tax credit and other expanded tax breaks are reverting to their pre-pandemic rules.

Fox Technology newsDec 06, 2022
5 top tips for stress-free holiday travel
Be prepared for any trip this upcoming holiday season by grabbing these travel essentials and following these privacy steps when away from home

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Apple Music Sing Brings Karaoke Mode to Subscribers - CNET
The feature includes separate lyrics for backup vocals and duets.

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Save Up to $600 on Select Nebula Projectors and Take Your Entertainment Anywhere - CNET
With prices starting as low as $160, these portable projectors will take your get-togethers to the next level.

GizmodoDec 06, 2022
Elon Reportedly Wants Its Most ‘Hardcore' Tweeps to Sleep in Beds at Twitter HQ
Imagine walking into work on a Monday after spending the weekend trying to decompress from the constant pressures to do more with less and meet the insurmountable expectations of your new boss. You've been harried not just by your own workload but by the constant news cycle reminding you that every day the job you've…


SlashDotDec 06, 2022
Meta Threatens To Pull News From Facebook If Congress Passes Media Bill

Yahoo TechnologyDec 06, 2022
Meta has threatened to pull all news from Facebook in the US if an 'ill-considered' bill that would compel it to pay publishers passes

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Watch Spain vs. Morocco World Cup 2022 Match From Anywhere - CNET
Morocco lit up the group stage with some sumptuous goals, while Spain stuttered against South Korea last time out. This could be a cracker.

Mac RumorsDec 06, 2022
HomePod Mini Coming to Denmark in the Spring, Says Apple
After publishing a series of press releases today announcing HomePod mini availability in several additional countries later this month, Apple has updated its Danish regional store to indicate the smart speaker will launch in Denmark in spring 2023, priced at 899 Krone.

Apple to Obsolete All iPad Mini 3 Cellular and Wi-Fi Models in Coming Weeks (Mac Rumors)

Mac RumorsDec 06, 2022
HomePod Mini Launches in Finland, Norway, and Sweden on December 13
The HomePod mini will be available in Finland, Norway, and Sweden from Tuesday, December 13, Apple has announced via press releases.

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Best TV Deals of 2022: Save Up to $1,300 on TVs from LG, Samsung and More - CNET
From compact 43-inch models all the way up to massive 86-inch screens, get big savings on top brands like LG, Samsung, Sony and more.

17 Best Apple Deals: iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watches and AirPods (Wired News)

GizmodoDec 06, 2022
Amazon Will Pay You $2 a Month to Monitor Your Phone Traffic
Jeff Bezos' Amazon has a trade offer for you: Amazon will monitor your phone data to verify ads and in exchange, you get $2 a month. Try not to spend it all in one place.


PC World Latest NewsDec 06, 2022
This Logitech wireless gaming mouse is fast, lightweight, and only $30

The Logitech G305 mouse has an ultra-responsive maximum DPI sensitivity of 12,000, six programmable buttons, and on-board memory. According to Logitech, this mouse can last up to 250 hours on a single AA battery. If that number rings true, then that's pretty darn impressive. It also has build-in storage for an included USB wireless receiver.

You really can't beat the price here. You better jump on it before it's gone.

Get the Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse for $34.99 at Amazon


The Hover-1 Hoverboard Is Down to $80 -- Today Only - CNET (CNET News)
Save Hundreds on Select Refurbished iPhones Today Only at Woot - CNET (CNET News)

New York Times TechDec 06, 2022
Inside the Face-Off Between Russia and a Small Internet Access Firm
The cat-and-mouse experience of Proton, a Swiss company, shows what it's like to be targeted by Russian censors — and what it takes to fight back.

CNET NewsDec 06, 2022
Best Amazon Deals: Echo Dot With Free Smart Bulb, $50 Off New iPad and More - CNET
There are thousands of Amazon deals available daily. We identify the ones worth your time (and money).

New York Times TechDec 05, 2022
The Brilliance and Weirdness of ChatGPT
A new chatbot from OpenAI is inspiring awe, fear, stunts and attempts to circumvent its guardrails.

ResearchBuzzDec 05, 2022
ChatGPT, Photo Management, Robux, More: Monday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, December 5, 2022
USEFUL STUFF Bleeping Computer: OpenAI's new ChatGPT bot: 10 coolest things you can do with it. "From precisely spotting security vulnerabilities in your code, to writing an essay or an entire block […]

Oil Refinery Air Pollution, Plastic Litter, Google, More: Monday ResearchBuzz, December 5, 2022 (ResearchBuzz)

SlashDotDec 05, 2022
Crypto Exchange Gemini Trying To Recover $900 Million From Crypto Lender Genesis

The Crypto Industry Struggles for a Way Forward After FTX Collapse (New York Times Tech)
FTX's former US president is reportedly raising money for a new crypto startup after the crypto exchange's collapse (Yahoo Technology)

SlashDotDec 05, 2022
Bret Taylor Steps Down As Co-Chair and CEO of Salesforce

GizmodoDec 05, 2022
Construction Begins on World's Biggest Radio Telescope, Set to Observe the 'Epoch of Reionization'
The world's largest radio telescope is officially under construction in Australia, where work is underway on one component of what will be an intercontinental instrument. When operational in the late 2020s, the telescope will offer a sharper, wider view of the universe in radio wavelengths.


CNET How ToDec 05, 2022
Holiday Travel: 7 Essential Google Maps Features for Surviving the Holiday Season - CNET
Make your holiday merry and bright with Google Maps.

EngadgetDec 05, 2022
Construction starts in Australia on the world's largest radio telescope
Astronomers are now closer to a major technological upgrade. Australia has started construction of its portion of the Square Kilometer Array, a system that should become the world's largest radio telescope. The Australian portion, SKA-Low, will revolve around 131,072 antenna "trees" in the country's western Wajarri country. As the name implies, the array will focus on low-frequency signals. The Guardiannotes it's expected to be eight times more sensitive than existing telescopes, and map the cosmos about 135 times faster.

A counterpart with 197 conventional radio dishes, SKA-Mid, is coming to Meerkat National Park in South Africa's dry, unpopulated Karoo region. That element will study mid-range frequencies. The Australian segment is a joint effort between the dedicated SKA Organization and the country's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

The combined array, originally envisioned in 1991, is expected to transform radio astronomy. It will mainly be helpful for studying the early universe, and might provide new insights into the formation of the first stars during the reionization period. However, it should also help investigate dark energy and its potential effect on cosmic expansion. The extreme sensitivity may even be useful in th

New York Times TechDec 05, 2022
Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield to Step Down in January
Stewart Butterfield, the chief executive of Slack, which is owned by Salesforce, is the latest to announce an exit from Salesforce in recent weeks.

SlashDotDec 05, 2022
Work Begins in Western Australia on World's Most Powerful Radio Telescopes

Yahoo TechnologyDec 05, 2022
Amazon is offering customers $2 per month for letting the company monitor the traffic on their phones

CNET NewsDec 05, 2022
23 Great Holiday Tech Gifts for $100 or Less - CNET
Looking for a quality gift that's not too expensive yet not too cheap? This is the list for you. Here are our favorite tech gifts under $100.

Biometrics are even less accurate than we thought (ComputerWorld)

Washington Post TechDec 05, 2022
Inside the Streamys, the internet's biggest awards show
The pandemic supercharged the creator economy, and Sunday's awards show was the first held in person since that boost.

CNET How ToDec 04, 2022
Amazon Subscribe and Save Is a Feature That Makes Saving Money Easy - CNET
Shopping on Amazon is easy and affordable. Here's a tip to save even more.

EngadgetDec 02, 2022
VW teases second-generation ID.3 EV with design and tech upgrades
Volkswagen's electric car lineup is now mature enough that it's introducing second-generation models — and it appears the company is taking some criticism to heart. VW has teased a redesign of the ID.3 that addresses complaints about the first version while upgrading the technology. The compact EV now sports a "matured" design with a supposedly sharper-looking exterior and higher-quality interior materials. Importantly, it's also more functional — there's a larger 12-inch infotainment display, two cupholders in the center console and a removable luggage compartment floor.

The tech may be the centerpiece. VW stresses the new ID.3 will use the company's "latest" software platform, which boosts the sometimes-sluggish performance and allows for over-the-air updates. It will also reflect feature upgrades that include easier paid EV charging, adaptive lane guidance and parking aids.

VolkswagenVW won't formally unveil the revamped ID.3 until the spring, and pre-orders placed now won't arrive until the last quarter of 2023 due to "high order volume." However, it's keeping the current starting price of €43,995 (about $43,600) for the Life trim. Business, Style, Max and Tour variants will also be available.

There's no mention of which markets will get the new EV. As before, though, we wouldn't expect a North American ID.3 launch. VW remains focused on crossovers and SUVs

GizmodoDec 02, 2022
Social Media App Triller Pulls Music Catalog Over Alleged Debts
If you've ever used the video sharing app Triller, you may be surprised to find that some of your favorite music is no longer available. If you've never used Triller, you're not missing much. The video sharing app has reportedly removed songs from its music catalog amidst a major debt to certain music publishing…


Washington Post TechNov 21, 2022
NASA's Orion spacecraft flies by the moon, 81 miles above the surface
The passage over the moon came five days after Orion was launched from the Kennedy Space Center.

Time: TechlandOct 18, 2022
The Battle for Control Over Ukraine's Internet
Inside the scramble to restore communication to Ukraine's liberated areas

Computer World Security NewsJun 17, 2022
Apple offers devs two useful enterprise security tools
Two sessions I attended at last week's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) — the Managed Device Attestation and Secure Endpoint sessions — highlight the company's commitment to delivering increased capabilities for security tools. While both were naturally oriented more to developers of device management and security solutions than to end users or IT admins, some of the additional capabilities developers will be able to build into enterprise tools are noteworthy.

To read this article in full, please click here

TechCrunchJan 16, 2022
Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro ready to fire on all cylinders as January OTA update brings dozens of vital fixes

 Image Credit: Eric Zeman/ Android        AuthorityThe January OTA pack for  Google Pixel 6 ("oropiole") and Google Pixel 6 Pro ("raven") has started rolling out. The software update brings fixes from December and January that should help  Pixel 6 series smartphones run at full speed after numerous bugs and problems seemed to affect the functionality.

Google has revealed that the January software update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is now available as factory images and full OTA images via the Google Play services website (12.0.0 (SQ1D.220105.007), Jan 2022 - specific device/images links can be found in "sources" below). Those who prefer to wait for the OTA package to ar

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