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EngadgetOct 02, 2023
Amazon's Fire HD 8 tablet drops to $60 in early October Prime Day sale
Amazon has kicked off a new Fire tablet sale ahead of its Prime Big Deal Days event later this month. The discounts include the Fire HD 8 down to $60, the

EngadgetOct 02, 2023
Amazon's Echo Show 5 falls to $40 in smart display sale
Amazon's Echo Show smart displays with Alexa voice control are already a good value next to the competition, but a big smart display sale is making them even cheaper. The Show 5 is the least expensive, on sale right now for just $40, or 53 percent off the regular price — a great deal for Alexa capability with a displ

Yahoo TechnologyOct 02, 2023
OpenAI's ChatGPT can actually make workers perform worse, a new study found

Yahoo TechnologyOct 02, 2023
HP to Make Chromebooks in India in Win for Modi's Tech Push

Yahoo TechnologyOct 02, 2023
Silicon Valley Billionaire Is Mystery Figure Behind $70 Million London Penthouse

Major GeeksOct 02, 2023
TweakPower 2.045
TweakPower is an all-in-one tool to clean, backup, and optimize your computer as well as fix common problems. TweakPower starts with the main interface or dashboard. From here, you can look at your PC mode, security settings, drive health, bootup and shutdown, system information, and more. A button to create a System Restore Point is prominently featured, as it should be. [License: Freeware | Requires: 11|10|8|7 | Size: 20 MB ]

Yahoo TechnologyOct 02, 2023
Billionaire investor Bill Ackman says he would be 'absolutely' interested in a deal with Elon Musk's X

Fox Technology newsOct 01, 2023
How to rein in your online exposure and remove yourself from Google searches
You can keep your information off the internet with these tips on how to reduce your online presence from Google by Kurt "CyberGuy" Knutsson.

How to Stop Google Bard From Storing Your Data and Location (Wired News)

SlashDotOct 01, 2023
Apple Promises Software Update to Address iPhone 15 Overheating Complaints

CNET NewsOct 01, 2023
Cardinals vs. 49ers Livestream: How to Watch NFL Week 4 Online Today - CNET
Find out all the info you need to stream Sunday's 4:25 p.m. ET game on Fox between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers.

Patriots vs. Cowboys Livestream: How to Watch NFL Week 4 Online Today - CNET (CNET News)
Raiders vs. Chargers Livestream: How to Watch NFL Week 4 Online Today - CNET (CNET News)

Mac RumorsOct 01, 2023
Warning: BMW Wireless Charging May Break iPhone 15's Apple Pay Chip
If you have an iPhone 15 and drive a BMW, it might be best to avoid charging the device with the vehicle's wireless charging pad for now.

SlashDotOct 01, 2023
Here's What's New in Python 3.12

EngadgetOct 01, 2023
Amazon's Echo Dot drops to $23 ahead of October Prime Day
With Prime Big Deal Days being a little more than one week away, Amazon has kicked things off early by discounting most of its Echo smart speakers. You can get up to 69 percent off Echo devices and bundles right now, and that goes for any Amazon shopping — not just Prime members. Of note is the

Amazon Knocks $120 Off the Toshiba C350 4K Fire TV Ahead of Prime Day - CNET (CNET News)

ResearchBuzzOct 01, 2023
Windows Product Keys, YouTube, Bootable USB Devices, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, October 1, 2023
TWEAKS AND UPDATES How-To Geek: Microsoft Ends Free Windows 10 & 11 Upgrades for Windows 7 & 8. "Microsoft just closed its free upgrade path for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. […]

CNET NewsOct 01, 2023
Save an Extra $15 During the Final Hours of QVC's Holiday Preseason Sale - CNET
QVC is offering big savings on all kinds of tech and home goods right now, and this coupon code saves new customers even more.

This CNET-Exclusive Coupon Code Saves You 40% on Charge E-Bikes - CNET (CNET News)

ResearchBuzzOct 01, 2023
South Africa History, Inclusive Stock Photos, Google, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, October 1, 2023
NEW RESOURCES Polity: New online SA archive aims to better empower citizens. "Hundreds of historical grassroots democracy documents from the past 29 years have been made public in a bid to empower […]

CNET How ToOct 01, 2023
College Financial Aid for 2024: FAFSA Delay Could Be Worse With Government Shutdown - CNET
The federal student aid application for the 2024-2025 school year won't open on Oct. 1 as usual.

Major GeeksOct 01, 2023
WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Project) Preview
WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Project) is a freeware app that aims to keep Winamp alive by improving the app by fixing bugs and adding new features. Once started, WACUP works exactly like Winamp, so there isn't much else to mention here. But, a lot is going on under the hood [License: Freeware | Requires: 11|10|8|7 | Size: 9 MB ]

GizmodoOct 01, 2023
Open Channel: Tell Us Your Thoughts on Saw X and The Creator
September can sometimes be a dead month for movies, but for 2023, this month is ending with two pretty big tentpoles in the theaters.


CNET NewsOct 01, 2023
Apple Reportedly Has Ingredients to Create its Own Search Engine - CNET
Such an offering could bring Apple a new revenue stream, suggests Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

CNET NewsOct 01, 2023
How to Watch Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce at Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets Tonight - CNET
For millions of Swifties, the NFL Sunday Night Football game on Peacock NBC will be more about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce than about football.

CNET NewsOct 01, 2023
October Streaming: Here's a Rundown of Which Services to Keep or Cancel - CNET
Loki, Loki, Loki. Oh, and Freddy and Elite too.

Wired NewsOct 01, 2023
How to Tell When Your Phone Will Stop Getting Security Updates
Every smartphone has an expiration date. Here's when yours will probably come.

SlashDotOct 01, 2023
Could 'The Creator' Change Hollywood Forever?

Major GeeksOct 01, 2023
Unreal Commander 3.57 (Build 1497) / 4.21 Build 1632 Beta 15
Unreal Commander is a freeware file manager for Windows. [License: Freeware | Requires: 11|10|8|7 | Size: 34 MB ]

CNET NewsOct 01, 2023
Best Power Bank for iPhone for 2023 - CNET
Keep your life moving with a portable power bank for your phone. Here are the best portable chargers for iPhones, tested and reviewed by CNET experts.

Fox Technology newsOct 01, 2023
Reader question: Is it safe to hit the ‘unsubscribe' button on spam?
Tired of a clogged inbox with unwanted emails from companies you don't recall signing up for? Unsubscribing: what's the catch.

CNET NewsOct 01, 2023
Max: The 33 Absolute Best TV Shows to Watch - CNET
The most highly rated TV series on what used to be HBO Max, plus what's arriving in October.

Yahoo TechnologyOct 01, 2023
An AI dating app claims to find your perfect match using only your face

SlashDotOct 01, 2023
Social Media Dunks on an AI-Generated 'Batman' Comic Strip

ResearchBuzzSep 30, 2023
Historic Costume and Textile Museum, Raspberry Pi, Google Jamboard, More: Saturday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 30, 2023
NEW RESOURCES Kansas State University: Historic Costume and Textile Museum launches online database, showcasing its more than 15,000 artifacts. "For the first time since its inception, the Historic Costume and Textile Museum's […]

Washington Post TechSep 30, 2023
Apple acknowledges hot iPhone 15 Pros, says software fixes are coming
Shortly after the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max were released Sept. 22, users began reporting that the devices could become uncomfortably warm during use.

Mac RumorsSep 30, 2023
Apple Says iPhone 15 Pro's Titanium Frame Does Not Contribute to Overheating Issue
Apple today said it plans to release an iOS 17 software update with a bug fix for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max overheating issue, and the company has since shared additional details about the matter with MacRumors.

CNET How ToSep 30, 2023
No, Student Loan Repayments Won't Stop If the Government Shuts Down Tonight. Here's Why - CNET
Student loan repayments are set to begin in days, and the looming government shutdown won't stop them.

SlashDotSep 29, 2023
A Hidden Bar Code in iPhone Screens Saved Apple Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

EngadgetSep 29, 2023
The Creator review: A visually stunning, yet deeply shallow, AI epic
Equal parts Terminator, The Golden Child and The Matrix prequel, The Creator is yet another sci-fi epic about a war between humans and AI, one told by someone who just can't shut up about their time backpacking across Asia. Director Gareth Edwards clearly understands the power of scale and spectacle, something he demonstrated with his indie knockout Monsters, as well as his big-budget efforts, Godzilla and Rogue One. But The Creator, like those films, also suffers from a disjointed narrative, weak characters and a surprisingly shallow exploration of its (potentially interesting!) themes. It's a shame — at times, the film also proves he can be a genuine visual poet. 

The Creator stars John David Washington, fresh off of Christopher Nolan's Tenet, as Joshua, an American soldier embedded among a group of AI rebels as a double-agent. When an operation goes wrong early on, he loses his rebel wife Maya (Gemma Chan) and the will to keep fighting the war between the anti-AI West and the AI-loving country of New Asia. (Yes, this is a film where the many people, cultures and languages throughout Asia are flattened into a single nation.)

Photo by 20th Century Studios Through a series of clunky newsreels that open the film, we see the rise of artificial intelligence as a potential boon for mankind, as well as the creation of Simulants, AI-powered beings with human-like bodies and skin. When a nuclear bomb hits Los Angeles, obliterating mi

CNET How ToSep 29, 2023
Social Security COLA Increase 2024: How Much Monthly Payments Could Go Up - CNET
Social Security payments are getting another boost in January 2024.

Yahoo TechnologySep 29, 2023
OpenAI offers a way for creators to opt out of AI training data. It's so onerous that one artist called it 'enraging.'

Washington Post TechSep 29, 2023
Could ‘The Terminator' really happen? Experts assess Hollywood's visions of AI.
The films that have been most influential in shaping our hopes and fears about artificial intelligence and how AI might evolve — and change our lives.

CNET How ToSep 28, 2023
Student Loan Payments Aren't Stopping if the Government Shuts Down. Here's What to Know - CNET
Student loan repayments are set to begin in less than a week, and the looming government shutdown won't stop them.

Mac RumorsSep 28, 2023
Disney to Start Cracking Down on Password Sharing in November
Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Disney will start cracking down on password sharing on the Disney streaming service. Disney password sharing will end in Canada starting on November 1, according to emails that Canadian subscribers are receiving.

EngadgetSep 28, 2023
Meta's metaverse is getting an AI makeover
Meta's Connect keynote felt different this year, and not just because it marked the return of an in-person event. It's been nearly two years since Mark Zuckerberg used Connect to announce that Facebook was changing its name to Meta and reorienting the entire company around the metaverse.

But at this year's event, it felt almost as if Zuckerberg was trying to avoid saying the word "metaverse." While he did utter the word a couple of times, he spent much more time talking up Meta's new AI features, many of which will be available on Instagram and Facebook and other non-metaverse apps. Horizon Worlds, the company's signature metaverse experience that was highlighted at last year's Connect, was barely mentioned.

That may not be particularly surprising if you've been following the company's metaverse journey lately. Meta has lost so much money on the metaverse, its own investors have questioned it. And Zuckerberg has been mercilessly mocked for trying to hype seemingly minor metaverse features like low-res graphics or avatars with legs.

AI, on the other hand, is much more exciting. The rise of large language models has fueled a huge amount of interest from investors and consumers alike. Services like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Snap's MyAI and Midjourney have made the technology accessible — and understandable— to millions.

GizmodoSep 28, 2023
Welp, Now Disney Is Clamping Down on Password Sharing
This is why we can't have nice things. Following Netflix's recent attempts at forbidding password sharing, Disney is now taking a page from its book. Disney is kicking off its own ban on account sharing by cracking down on users in Canada.


Mac RumorsSep 28, 2023
iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Concerns Highlighted in Two More Reports
iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max overheating concerns continue to make headlines this week, with the topic highlighted by The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

CNET How ToSep 28, 2023
What's the Largest Amount of Social Security Money I Can Receive Each Month? - CNET
No matter how much money you make over your career, there's a max amount you can get back from Social Security each month when you retire.

Yahoo TechnologySep 28, 2023
GameStop's Billionaire Investor Ryan Cohen Takes Over as CEO

Mac RumorsSep 28, 2023
Jony Ive and OpenAI in Advanced Talks to Build 'the iPhone of Artificial Intelligence'
Former Apple designer Jony Ive and OpenAI's Sam Altman are in advanced talks with SoftBank's Masayoshi Son to launch a $1 billion venture to build "the iPhone of artificial intelligence," according to the Financial Times. The news follows a report on Wednesday that claimed Ive and Altman are in discussions about creating an AI gadget.

PC World Latest NewsSep 27, 2023
Risk level 10: Critical security hole affects widespread software

The WebP image file format is particularly popular on the web because it offers a good balance between storage size and quality. But the vulnerability allows attackers to use a specially crafted WebP image to create a heap buffer overflow and execute malicious code. To do this, the image must be opened in an application; in browsers, simply calling up a website is sufficient. The code executed in the background can then install malware, for example.

Numerous known applications affected The vulnerability, which was discovered by Apple's Security Engineering and Architecture (SEAR) and the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk School, was initially wrongly classified as a pure Chrome bug; common web browsers were quickly protected with a security update. But as it has now turned out, significantly more applications are also affected.

The vulnerability is related to the open Libwebp library, which is used by numerous programs. Thus, applications such as Gimp, Libreoffice, Telegram, 1Password and many others could also become targets of an attack. As a result, the CVSS, a standardized score for evaluating security vulnerabilities, has been

EngadgetSep 26, 2023
Google Podcasts, which is an actual thing, to shut down next year
The Google Podcasts app is heading to a farm upstate run by Marc Maron and Sarah Koenig, as the service is shuttering next year. The app has been around since 2018, but it never approached the kind of mass adoption enjoyed by rivals Overcast, Spotify and the recently-improved Apple Podcasts. In other words, don't feel bad if you've never heard of it.

The entire service is being folded into YouTube and its companion app YouTube Music. This is for good reason, as YouTube's already a popular destination for podcast fans. According to statistics provided by Edison Research and published by Variety, YouTube services 23 percent of podcast listeners in the US. Google Podcasts, on the other hand, accounts for just four percent of listeners, despite having podcasts right in the name. It's easier to pick up stakes and head to the where the fish are instead of trying to lure the fish to a random podcast app that nobody knows about.

YouTube announced that 2024 will see a significant increase in its "investment in the podcast experience," right after parent company Alphabet puts the kibosh on Google's dedicated app. It looks like YouTube Music will receive the lion's share of these investments, with forthcoming "robust creation and analytics tools" in addition to streamlined RSS uploads for podcasters.

The company promises to also expand the ability to listen to podcasts in more locations, stating they'll be available "everywhere YouTube Music listeners are already consuming th

The Top New Features in macOS Sonoma: How to Download, Compatible Macs (Wired News)

Mac RumorsSep 26, 2023
Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issues Likely Due to Thermal Compromises, Not 3nm Node
Complaints about heat issues with the iPhone 15 Pro models are not related to TSMC's 3-nanometer node that was used for the A17 Pro chip, according to well-respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Gizmag Emerging TechSep 26, 2023
One of the original Leica 0-Series prototypes from 1923 is for sale
A century ago in 1923, around 23 prototype 35-mm cameras were produced to test and evaluate the new format and the revolutionary design of the first 35-mm camera, leading to the creation of the landmark Leica A camera in 1925. Just 12 of those Leica 0-Series originals are known today and one of them is going to auction on 7 October 2023.

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Photography, Technology

ResearchBuzzSep 24, 2023
Chazen Art Museum, iOS 16.7, Substack, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 24, 2023
NEW RESOURCES Chazen Museum of Art: Mellon Grant Helps Exhibition Archive Go Online. "When completed, the Chazen's digital exhibition archive will include thousands of high-resolution images and documents from the museum's physical […]

Fox Technology newsSep 03, 2023
Ask Kurt: How to stop your text messages from going to your family's devices
You could be sharing your text messages with another family member without realizing it. Kurt "CyberGuy" Knutsson shows you how to disable text forwarding.

eWeekJun 14, 2023
5 Ways Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Unlocks the Potential of ChatGPT
From instant translations and idea generation to composing emails and essays from scratch, ChatGPT is beginning to filter into our everyday lives. According to a USB study, the chatbot reached 100 million monthly active users in January, just two months after launch, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history. There are, however, some drawbacks […]

The post 5 Ways Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Unlocks the Potential of ChatGPT appeared first on eWEEK.

GigaOMDec 21, 2022
A three-point plan for mid-market technology cost saving
Sweat your infrastructure, review your contracts and assess your workloads All mid-market organizations are reviewing how they can make better use of their budgets next year. This starts with the infrastructure you have already paid for and how to get the most out of it. When I talked about sweating assets in a previous article, […]

The post A three-point plan for mid-market technology cost saving appeared first on GigaOm.

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