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CNET NewsSep 23, 2019
iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max specs vs. iPhone XR, XS and XS Max: What's new and different - CNET
We compare Apple's new iPhones with the ones from 2018 to see what's changed, spec-by-spec.

CNET NewsSep 23, 2019
Emmys 2019: From Game of Thrones to Fleabag, the full list of winners - CNET
Bill Hader and Phoebe Waller-Bridge won big, while Emilia Clarke and Amy Adams lost out.

Wired NewsSep 23, 2019
Google Tightens Its Voice Assistant Rules Amid Privacy Backlash
Following Apple, Amazon, and others, Google will put in new safeguards against accidental voice assistant collection and transcription.

Major GeeksSep 23, 2019
Glary Utilities 5.128
Glary Utilities offers free powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to help fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. [License: Freeware | Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP | Size: 17.0 MB ]

Glary Utilities Portable 5.128 (Major Geeks)

New York Times TechSep 23, 2019
One Brother Stabbed the Other. The Journalist Who Wrote About It Paid a Price.
The use of Europe's ‘right to be forgotten' privacy law has broadened, illustrated by two Italian brothers, a stabbing and the journalist who wrote about them.

Major GeeksSep 23, 2019
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool 64-Bit 22.9.2019
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, or FRST, is a portable application designed to diagnose malware issues. Farbar Recovery Scan Tool quickly scans and then displays detailed information about the Windows Registry loading points, services, driver services, Netsvcs entries, known DLLs, drives, and partition specifications. [License: Freeware | Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP | Size: 1.54 MB ]

EngadgetSep 23, 2019
YouTube Music counters Spotify with its own 'Discover Mix'
Google might not have as many YouTube Music subscribers as Spotify, but it has way more software engineers. It's now applying some of those smarts to better compete against its rival with a new automated playlist called "Discover Mix," spotted by 9 t...

Reuters TechnologySep 23, 2019
Malindo Air says data leak caused by ex-staffers at contractor firm
Indonesian Lion Group's Malaysian subsidiary Malindo Air said on Monday that two former employees of its e-commerce contractor were responsible for its passenger data breach.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 23, 2019
South Korea Justice Minister's Home Raided in Corruption Investigation
(Bloomberg) -- South Korean prosecutors raided the home of Justice Minister Cho Kuk, the Yonhap News Agency reported, as part of a widening corruption investigation that has already dented support for President Moon Jae-in.Investigators entered Cho's house shortly after 9 a.m. Monday, Yonhap said, citing the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. The move comes amid a range of inquiries into issues involving Cho and his wife including their children's university applications and an investment in a private equity fund. Cho has denied wrongdoing.The Seoul Central Prosecutors Office, the Justice Ministry and the presidential office declined to comment when reached by phone Monday.The raid comes two weeks after Moon appointed Cho -- a political ally and close confidant -- despite parliamentary resistance to his nomination. The president's approval rating slipped to a record low of 40% last week, a regular Gallup Korea survey showed, as the appointment controversy, a slowing economy and setbacks in U.S.-North Korea talks all weighed on his support.Prosecutors are investigating how Cho's daughter won admission to a prestigious university after she was credited as a main author of a published scientific paper while a high school student on a brief internship. They're also looking into how his family made a hefty profit from a questionable investment in the private equity fund.Cho's university professor wife Chung Kyung-shim was indicted earlier this month on allegations that she interfered with the probe by forging documents, YTN reported. Chung has denied the allegations in a Facebook post.On Monday, prosecutors visited Cho's home in southern Seoul to collect compute

TechCrunchSep 22, 2019
iPhone 11 Pro teardown reveals smaller logic board, larger battery
iFixit has disassembled Apple's new iPhone models, which tells us more about the differences with last year's phones. iFixit shot a live-stream video of the iPhone 11 Pro teardown and wrote a guide for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The first major difference is that the batteries in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 […]

iOS 13: Top 5 new security and privacy features for your iPhone - CNET (CNET How To)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 22, 2019
Tapper Corners Mnuchin: Wouldn't You Find it Inappropriate if Obama Asked Ukraine to Investigate Trump's Kids?
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin found himself in a rhetorical trap of his own making on Sunday when CNN's Jake Tapper cornered the treasury chief as he defended President Donald Trump's efforts to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.During his appearance on State of the Union, Mnuchin immediately deflected when pressed by Tapper as to whether or not it was common for presidents to push foreign leaders to investigate their political rivals, pivoting instead to Biden's claim he hasn't spoken to his son about his business dealings."I haven't heard that and I think you're speculating on what the president said," the Trump official said. "I would say these are confidential discussions between two foreign leaders but I think the bigger issue is Biden came out this weekend saying he never had any discussions with his son. His son came out and said he had had business discussions with his father so I think that the real issue is not what the president said, but what, indeed, did Biden's son do."Trump Whistleblower Saga Threatens to Blow Up 2020 CampaignMnuchin went on to repeatedly dismiss the reports on the president's pressure campaign to get Ukraine to look into his political opponent as "speculation," while at the same time saying it was a "terrible precedent" for Congress to be able to look at the whistleblower complaint because "conversations be

CNET NewsSep 22, 2019
Emmys 2019 memes: Big Game of Thrones win has some fans in a fiery rage - CNET
Plus, Bob Newhart heckles Ben Stiller and Don Cheadle gets renamed Dan Chowder.

Emmys 2019: Full list of winners - CNET (CNET News)

CNET NewsSep 22, 2019
Japan's new climate minister pledges to make fighting climate change 'sexy' - CNET
Stupid, sexy climate change.

UN Climate Action Summit: How many countries will step up on the world stage Monday? (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

EngadgetSep 22, 2019
The best Alexa-compatible smart-home devices for Amazon Echo
By Rachel Cericola This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and Engadget may earn affiliate commission. Read the full guide to Alexa-compatible smart-...

EngadgetSep 22, 2019
Facebook's Libra currency will get half its backing from the US dollar
Facebook was quick to promise that its Libra cryptocurrency would have the stability of real-world money behind it, but whose money will dominate? It's now particularly clear. Facebook sent a letter to German politician Fabio De Masi explaining tha...

Facebook will shut down Group Stories on September 26th (Engadget)

Wired NewsSep 22, 2019
The iOS 13 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know
Your iPhone just got a major security upgrade. Here are all the ins and outs.

CNET NewsSep 22, 2019
Game of Thrones takes out the Emmy for outstanding drama series - CNET
After receiving a record amount of nominations at this years Emmys, Game of Thrones only comes away with two wins -- but takes the big one.

EngadgetSep 22, 2019
Tech industry sets official standard for 8K TVs
The tech industry just took another step to nail down the specs for 8K TV. The Consumer Technology Association has unveiled the official display definition for 8K sets, including a logo TV makers can use. Any model needs to output at a minimum 7,68...

CNET NewsSep 22, 2019
Game of Thrones wins Emmy for outstanding drama series - CNET
After receiving a record amount of nominations at this years Emmys, Game of Thrones only comes away with two wins -- but takes the big one.

GizmodoSep 22, 2019
Taika Waititi Is Willing to Burn the Whole World Down to Hug Chris Evans
Or, at least an interview set.


Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 22, 2019
World leaders feel the heat in upcoming climate summit
Only those with new, specific and bold plans can command the podium and the ever-warming world's attention, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. As if to underscore the seriousness of the problem, the U.N.'s World Meteorological Organization released a science report Sunday showing that in the last several years, warming, sea level rise and carbon pollution have all accelerated. Brazil's, Poland's and Saudi Arabia's proposals for dealing with climate change fell short, so they're not on Monday's summit schedule.

CNET NewsSep 22, 2019
Monster smackdown: Vote to rank the fiercest movie beasts ever - CNET
With Halloween around the corner, we want to know which movie monsters you think would win in a fight.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 22, 2019
335 Million People Dead: If America Nuked Russia and China
Historical fact: Overall, an all-out U.S. attack on the Soviet Union, China and satellite countries in 1962 would have killed 335 million people within the first seventy-two hours.

Ten dead in China as truck loses control and hits crowd (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

EngadgetSep 22, 2019
'Bandersnatch,' 'Fleabag,' and 'Ozark' lead streaming Emmy winners
The 2019 Emmy awards were a highlight run of "TV" shows that you can watch delivered over the internet, with streaming favorites like Amazon Prime's Fleabag and Netflix's Ozark bringing home multiple awards during the broadcast. Netflix's interactive...

EngadgetSep 22, 2019
Disney public pre-orders are open, but without deep bundle discounts
If you didn't already buy into the three-years-upfront D23 plan for Disney streaming, the doors are open for subscribers, at the promised rates of $69.99 annually, or $6.99 per month. The service started taking sign-ups tonight during the Emmys whil...

SlashDotSep 22, 2019
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 'Nog' Actor Aron Eisenberg Has Died at 50

New York Times TechSep 22, 2019
WeWork C.E.O.'s Ouster Is Weighed in Bid to Salvage I.P.O.
Some major money managers have reportedly said they wouldn't invest unless an experienced operator was brought in to replace Adam Neumann.

ResearchBuzzSep 22, 2019
AI-Generated Faces, Family Court Failures, Gaelic Music, More: Sunday Afternoon ResearchBuzz, September 22, 2019
NEW RESOURCES Interesting Engineering: A Database of 100,000 AI Generated Faces Is Changing the Way We Think about Stock Photos. "Artificial intelligence can now give you a quality stock photo of a […]

New York Times TechSep 22, 2019
China's Big Brother Targets Business
Beijing hopes its social credit system will use vast troves of data to quickly punish companies accused of wrongdoing. U.S. firms could get hit, too.

EngadgetSep 22, 2019
After Math: Being better than being best
As protesters taking part in the Global Climate Strike shut down cities last Friday, a number of tech industry firms announced their own efforts to decrease their carbon footprints and improve the environmental stewardship of their operations. Here a...

GizmodoSep 22, 2019
Aron Eisenberg, the Actor Who Played Nog on Deep Space Nine, Has Died
Aron Eisenberg, the actor repsonsible for bringing the Ferengi Nog to life in Deep Space Nine, has died.


ResearchBuzzSep 22, 2019
Newcomb Archives, Chrome Tabs, Pinterest, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, September 22, 2019
NEW RESOURCES Tulane University: Newcomb Archives now accessible online through Digital Repository. "The Newcomb Archives and Nadine Robbert Vorhoff Collection preserve, collect, and share manuscripts, books, and other materials that document the […]

CNET NewsSep 22, 2019
Emmys 2019 memes: Ben Stiller heckled by Bon Newhart, meet Dan Chowder - CNET
Newhart, at 90, still brings the laughs.

TechCrunchSep 22, 2019
How Peloton made sweat addictive enough to IPO
It makes lazy people like me work out. That's the genius of the Peloton bicycle. All you have to do is velcro on the shoes and you're trapped. You've eliminated choice and you will exercise. Through a succession of savvy product design choice I'll break down here, Peloton removes the friction to getting fit. It's the […]

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 22, 2019
Five-year period ending 2019 set to be hottest on record
A damning new UN report published Sunday said the world is falling badly behind in the race to avert climate disaster because of runaway warming, with the five-year period ending 2019 set to be the hottest ever. It comes ahead of a major UN climate summit Monday that will be attended by more than 60 world leaders, as Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pushes for countries to increase their greenhouse gas reduction targets. The report "highlights the urgent need for the development of concrete actions that halt global warming and the worst effects of climate change," said its authors, the Science Advisory Group to the summit.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 22, 2019
Unblock whistleblower's complaint on President Donald Trump's call to Ukraine over Biden
Arguing that Donald Trump isn't a member of the intelligence community is painfully reminiscent of the legal gymnastics Robert Mueller used: Our view

GizmodoSep 22, 2019
UN Report Warns That Five Year Period Ending in 2019 Is Hottest on Record
Fresh off of a nationwide climate strike on Friday, a United Nations report published on Sunday shows that the five-year period ending at the close of the year (2015-2019) is slated to be the hottest of any five-year period on record.


Yahoo Tech - Apple MacSep 22, 2019
Biden, Warren Join Striking UAW Pickets Outside GM Plants
(Bloomberg) -- Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren joined striking United Auto Workers members on a picket line on Sunday as they compete for the support of a critical voting bloc in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.Warren was mobbed as soon as she arrived at General Motors' Detroit-Hamtramck plant in Michigan, where a strike is entering a second week. Cheers and chants broke out when she joined the picket line while holding a "UAW on strike" sign.She condemned the automaker for making "billions of dollars in profits" even as it closed U.S. plants. "GM is demonstrating that it has no loyalty to the workers of America or to the people of America, their only loyalty is to their own bottom line," Warren said on Sunday. "If they can save a nickel by moving a job to Mexico or to Asia or to anywhere else on the planet, they will do it."A strong turnout by organized labor will be key for Democrats as they seek to defeat President Donald Trump in crucial swing states in the rust belt such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states were supposed to ensure Hillary Clinton's victory in 2016 but all went for Trump, at least in part thanks to support from some union members, who had traditionally been solidly aligned with the Democrats.Red ShirtBiden joined a group in front of a GM facility in Kansas City, Kansas. Wearing a red UAW shirt, he stood on the back of a pick-up truck and addressed hundreds of striking workers."There's been a war on labor's house for a long, long time," Biden said. "Corporations bought back over a trillion dollars in their own stock."The former vice president, who has a long history of support from labor unions during his political career, received a warm

As feud heats up, Trump says Biden was subject of Ukraine call (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

CNET NewsSep 22, 2019
Earth may be in its hottest five-year period ever recorded - CNET
Scientists sound the alarm ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit.

GizmodoSep 22, 2019
Sunday's Best Deals: Kindle Books, Nintendo Switch, Drill Brush, Velcro Cable Ties, And More
A drill brush starter set, Velcro's esse

Mac RumorsSep 21, 2019
How to Take Burst Photos on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max
Burst Mode refers to when the camera on your iPhone captures a series of photos in rapid succession, at a rate of ten frames per second. It's a great way to shoot an action scene or an unexpected event, since you're always more likely to end up with the picture you were aiming for.

The Morning After: Taking a look inside the iPhone 11 Pro Max (Engadget)

SlashDotSep 21, 2019
Developer Takes Down Ruby Library After He Finds Out ICE Was Using It

GizmodoSep 21, 2019
'This Is Only the Beginning:' Young People Demand Justice at New York's Climate Strikes
Earther is working with student journalists to cover Friday's climate strikes. This story is part of a series of pieces showing the strike through their eyes. You can see previous coverage here.


EngadgetSep 20, 2019
Facebook's latest AI experiment helps you pick what to wear
Just when you think researchers have found the wackiest possible use for a neural net yet, another team finds an even more novel use for artificial intelligence. Take Facebook's new Fashion AI. It's a program that will help you become a fashionista...

Mac RumorsSep 20, 2019
iOS 13 Audio Sharing Feature is Coming to All Beats Headphones With H1 and W1 Chips
One of the new features set to officially launch in iOS 13.1 next week is "Audio Sharing," which lets you share the audio that you hear from your iPhone with another user.

CNET NewsSep 20, 2019
Facebook to shut down its group stories feature next week - CNET
The social network plans to start sunsetting the feature on Sept. 26.

Mac RumorsSep 19, 2019
Apple Releases iOS 13 With System-Wide Dark Mode, Privacy Updates, Revamped Photos App, Find My App, New Maps Features and More
Apple today released iOS 13, the newest operating system designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. iOS 13 is available on the iPhone 6s and later and the 7th-generation iPod touch. As with all of Apple's software updates, iOS 13 is free to download.

TechCrunchSep 19, 2019
iOS 13: Here are the new security and privacy features you need to know
It's finally here. Apple's new iOS 13, the thirteenth major iteration of its popular iPhone software, is out to download. We took iOS 13 for a spin with a focus on the new security and privacy features to see what's new and how it all works. Here's what you need to know. You'll start to […]

Reuters TechnologySep 17, 2019
U.S. Justice Dept official calls big tech antitrust probes a 'priority'
The Justice Department's antitrust division chief, Makan Delrahim, said Tuesday that its probes of "market-leading online platforms" such as Alphabet's Google were a "priority" that could result in either "law enforcement or policy options as solutions."

Mac RumorsSep 17, 2019
Amazon Music Adds Lossless Streaming Tier for $14.99/Month ($12.99 for Prime)
Amazon today introduced a new tier of Amazon Music, called Amazon Music HD, which offers lossless versions of audio files for streaming or downloading. This tier will cost $14.99/month, or $12.99/month for Amazon Prime members (via The Verge).

Mac RumorsSep 16, 2019
Kuo: iPhone 11 Order Demand Better Than Expected, New Colors Particularly Popular
iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro order demand is ahead of expectations since the start of pre-orders on Friday, according to a research note by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and obtained by MacRumors.

ResearchBuzzSep 15, 2019
UK Bricks, Facebook News, Instagram, More: Sunday ResearchBuzz, September 15, 2019
NEW RESOURCES New-to-me and I LOATHE this headline. He's collecting bricks and not hurting anybody. (This may just be an American thing; "eccentric" here can be very pejorative.) The Scotsman: Retired police […]

New York Times TechSep 15, 2019
Vaping Bad: Were 2 Wisconsin Brothers the Walter Whites of THC Oils?
As authorities work to understand the spate of vaping-related lung illnesses, a small-town drug bust offers a closer look at the vast black market for vaping supplies.

CNET Most Popular ProductsSep 09, 2019
Google Nest Hub Max review: Google's living room smart display comes with a face-tracking camera and privacy concerns - CNET
The Nest Hub Max offers a larger screen and face-tracking camera tech. We liked the original because it was small and didn't have a camera at all.

Gizmag Emerging TechAug 15, 2019
Logitech goes thin and low for latest gaming keyboards

Logitech's gaming arm has introduced two new gaming keyboards today, both debut the company's new low-profile Romer GL Switches that are half the height of standard mechanical key switches and 25 percent faster.

.. Continue Reading Logitech goes thin and low for latest gaming keyboards


Gaming Keyboard Logitech

NPR Topics: Research NewsJun 18, 2019
Boaty McBoatface, Internet-Adored Sub, Makes Deep-Sea Discovery On Climate Change
Since the delightful snafu that led to the research vessel's goofy moniker, the autonomous submarine has been off gathering deep-sea data on the effects of Antarctic winds.

WSJ TechnologyFeb 27, 2019
Where China Dominates in 5G Technology
Chinese companies are leaders in 5G patents and standards proposals. That means big royalties ahead.

WSJ TechnologyFeb 22, 2019
First Tesla Model 3s Zoom Into China, Outracing Tariff Threat
China's first Model 3 owners have taken express delivery of their new cars after the electric-car maker rushed a boatload of vehicles across the Pacific to beat a looming tariff deadline.
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