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CNET NewsMay 20, 2018
7 deals for Sunday: $21 wireless headphones, $100 off Apple Watch Series 1 - CNET
Here are a few of the top tech deals we think are worth checking out this weekend.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Texas School Shooting Survivor Isn't Surprised This Keeps Happening
Heartbreaking @abc13houston interview with Santa Fe student Paige Curry

CNET NewsMay 20, 2018
Tesla Model 3 dual motor, AWD, performance version specs revealed by Elon Musk - Roadshow
A performance model with BMW M3-rivaling specs -- including 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and 310-mile range -- is promised, along with easier servicing.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Student believes the suspect in Texas school shooting 'just snapped'
A 17-year-old student dressed in a trenchcoat armed with a shotgun and a revolver killed 10 people at a Texas high school on Friday. Tammy Leitner discusses the similarities between school shootings in Texas, Parkland Florida, and at Columbine.

Fox Technology newsMay 20, 2018
Fake Facebook accounts, misinformation spread quickly in wake of Santa Fe school shooting
It didn't long for lies and disinformation to spread in the wake of Friday's Texas school shooting that left 10 people dead. Within minutes, fake Facebook accounts popped up showing the suspected shooter with a doctored image of him in a "Hillary 2016" hat, for example.

EngadgetMay 20, 2018
Tesla's performance Model 3 delivers 3.5 second 0-60 for $78,000
Tesla is almost ready to start shipping Model 3s equipped with an AWD dual-motor option, so CEO Elon Musk announced specs and pricing for the new options on Twitter. The Performance trim Model 3 will sit at the top of the line, with 20-inch wheels, c...

SlashDotMay 20, 2018
The Verge Goes Hands-On With the 'Wildly Ambitious' RED Hydrogen One Smartphone

I saw the Red Hydrogen One phone with my own eyes - CNET (CNET News)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Police: 2 arrests in fatal shooting after Georgia graduation
JONESBORO, Ga. (AP) — Police announced the arrests of two people Saturday in a fatal shooting outside a high school graduation ceremony in Georgia.

Oliver North Blames School Shootings On Ritalin (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)
Judge won't lower bail for Illinois school shooting suspect (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

EngadgetMay 20, 2018
UK to introduce internet safety laws within 'next couple of years'
The UK government is acting on its vow to make the internet safer... whether or not companies like the idea. In the wake of the Internet Safety Green Paper, Digital Secretary Matt Hancock has unveiled plans for online safety laws that will tackle cy...

Britain to tackle 'Wild West' internet with new laws (Reuters Technology)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Donald Trump ‘personally asked to raise Amazon's shipping rates'
Donald Trump reportedly sought personally to double postal fees paid by Amazon, a longtime target of the president's wrath. The president personally asked the US postmaster general to double the shipping rate on packages purchased via a number of companies that includes, according to the Washington Post, an extraordinary effort by a president to target a private company he has publicly lambasted. Postmaster general Megan Brennan was said to have rebuffed those requests and sought to demonstrate that the US Postal Service benefits from its ties to Amazon.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Texas Lt. Gov. Says ‘Too Many Entrances' Possibly To Blame In School Shooting
After at least 10 people were shot and killed at a school in Santa Fe, Texas,

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Former Shell Oil president talks rising oil prices
Gas prices continue to rise with increasing oil costs; Former Shell Oil Company president John Hofmeister shares insight.

CNET NewsMay 20, 2018
Best mobile games of 2018 - CNET
Looking for a new game to play on your phone or tablet? Here are our picks of the best mobile games.

The 49 best iPhone games - CNET (CNET News)

Wired NewsMay 20, 2018
The US Needs an Artificial Intelligence Strategy—Just Like France, China, and the EU
Opinion: Rep. John K. Delaney argues that if the United States wants a prosperous economy, it needs a national plan for artificial intelligence.

CNET NewsMay 20, 2018
The 44 best Android games of 2018 - CNET
These are unequivocally the best Android games on the planet.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Royal wedding front pages from around the world: 'Two people fell in love and we all showed up'
Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in a ceremony that proved a fitting mix of the traditional and the unconventional, merging British tradition with American music and accents. The Prince and his beaming bride exchanged vows in front of 600 guests in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. But the BBC estimated the global audience would reach as many as 1.9 billion people.   This is how the world's media reacted to the royal wedding. The Sunday Telegraph The Sunday Telegraph New York Daily News They do royal weddings. We do schoolkids' funerals The Observer 'Two people fell in love and we all showed up' The Observer The Mail on Sunday Harry ever after! The Mail on Sunday The Sunday Times 'Two people fell in love and we all showed up' The Sunday Times The Sunday People The Perfect Kiss Sunday People The Sun on Sunday Kisstory - Harry and Meg's historic change for monarchy The Sun on Sunday The Sunday Mirror Harry and glorious Sunday Mirror The Sunday Express So in love Sunday Express The Daily Star Sunday Harry and Meghan make kisstory Daily Star Sunday The i The happy couple The i weekend The Independent Special relationship: An American feminist actor joins the Windsors The Independent The Sunday Mail Harry beams and Meghan sparkles Sunday Mail The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) True love's kiss The Sunday Telegraph Credit:

Elton John Gave An All-Star Performance At The Royal Wedding Luncheon (Yahoo Tech - Apple Mac)

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Santa Fe shooting: Texas town reels as names of 10 victims released
A group of people huddle and say a prayer after a vigil at Texas First Bank in Santa Fe. Officials have released the names of the victims of the Santa Fe high school shooting, confirming that eight students and two teachers died when a student hid a shotgun and a revolver under a trench coat and then opened fire on an art class.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Mark Kelly: Trump Rolled Over For NRA, Did Nothing About Guns After Parkland
Former astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of shooting survivor and former Rep.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Dimitrios Pagourtzis: Santa Fe School Shooting Suspect Reportedly Yelled 'Surprise!' Before Opening Fire
The suspect, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, is a student at the school.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
FBI used informant to investigate Trump Russia contacts, not spy
The New York Times reports that the FBI used an informant to investigate members of the Donald Trump campaign after their contacts with Russian intelligence. Adam Goldman, national security reporter for the New York Times.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Harry and Meghan's new Royal titles explained
When Meghan Markle marries her fiancee Prince Harry on Saturday 19 May at St George's Chapel, Windsor, like all brides she will be joining a new family. But this is not any family. Just like her sister-in-law-to-be Kate Middleton, the former American actress will be making the transition from "commoner" to "royal" complete with a new title. Here's everything you need to know about the British peerage and their new titles - the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as confirmed this morning. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Ms Markle becomes the first Duchess of Sussex as she marries Prince Harry.  By tradition, male members of the Royal family receive a title from the monarch on their wedding day, and the vacant title Duke of Sussex is regarded as the most likely choice for the Prince. The only previous Duke of Sussex was married twice, but neither of his marriages was approved by his father, George III, meaning they were considered unlawful. It means that Ms Markle is the first woman entitled to use the title HRH The Duchess of Sussex. Ms Markle's full name is Rachel Meghan Markle, but she was named as Meghan in Buckingham Palace's announcement of the engagement, meaning she is unlikely to revert to Rachel when she is married. Meghan and Wallis: Two American divorcées marrying into royalty - what a difference 80 years makes What's the procedure in choosing a title? A dukedom is the highest rank in the Bri

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
In London, some Brits shrug off royal wedding: 'Irrelevant'
LONDON (AP) — Watching the cheering, flag-waving Brits lining the sun-soaked royal procession route on television, it's easy to get the impression of a wedding-crazy country still deeply in love with its royal family.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Indian Kashmir shutdown to protest Modi visit
Indian Kashmir came to a virtual standstill Saturday as separatist groups called for a shutdown to protest a visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Muslim-majority region gripped by deadly new tensions and clashes with rival Pakistan. Shops shut and streets in the main city, Srinagar, were empty except for police and paramilitary patrols as authorities imposed maximum security for Modi's one-day visit. Authorities cut mobile internet services in the region and ordered a curfew in parts of Srinagar.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Some survivors of Santa Fe school shooting are hesitant to return
Two survivors of the mass shooting in Texas, Autumn Harrison and Alyssa Voll, describe the fear they continue to experience. They said the trauma may prevent them from going back to Santa Fe High School.

Yahoo Tech - Apple MacMay 20, 2018
Tina Fey's Sarah Palin Leads 'SNL' Chorus Lamenting 'What I Did For Trump'
It's been a long time coming, but "Sarah Palin" was back on "Saturday Night

CNET NewsMay 20, 2018
Missed the royal wedding? Replay it in seconds - CNET
Scan these GIFs for a super quick recap of the day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became husband and wife in Windsor, England.

GizmodoMay 20, 2018
Sunday's Best Deals: Activewear, Pools, Patio Furniture, and More
Amazon's activewear brands, patio furniture, and

CNET NewsMay 19, 2018
Our favorite car tech and luxury features of 2018 - Roadshow
Roadshow's editors pick their favorite in-car luxury, convenience, infotainment and safety tech features.

EngadgetMay 19, 2018
Google Duo can share your Android phone's screen
Google Duo has just made it easier to play tech support to friends and family: the video chat app's latest version comes with the ability to share your screen during a call. To access the feature, simply tap on your screen to see the new screensharin...

EngadgetMay 19, 2018
Apple clamps down on calling apps in China to obey local laws
China has been giving Apple grief over more than VPN apps, it seems. The 9to5Mac team has obtained messages telling iOS developers to remove CallKit (a framework that uses an Apple-made calling interface for other apps) from their apps if they want t...

Apple Begins Removing CallKit Apps From Chinese App Store, Citing New Cybersecurity Laws (Gizmodo)

CNET NewsMay 19, 2018
The Instant Pot Community is the best page on Facebook - CNET
Commentary: I joined the Instant Pot Community group on Facebook to learn why this electric, countertop pressure cooker had such a fervent following. I stay because of the recipes, camaraderie and low-stakes, politics-free internet drama.

CNET How ToMay 19, 2018
7 Gmail tips every emailer should know - CNET
Want to quietly opt out of an email chain or take back that pathetic note to your ex? Gmail can help.

13 Instant Pot tips, recipes and features everyone should know - CNET (CNET How To)

GizmodoMay 19, 2018
This App Helps You Curb Your Smartphone Addiction By Minimizing Distractions
We're all probably a little more addicted to our phones than we'd like to be. I know that I instinctively pull mine out whenever there's a break in the action of the day be that when I'm on the train, between meetings, or even waiting on food at a restaurant. It's easy to take your phone out and get absorbed in what's…


ComputerWorldMay 19, 2018
Easy mobile security the Faraday way
Have you heard about those special bags, cases and wallets that protect your electronics from hack attacks?

It's a signal-blocking container, basically a tinfoil hat for your gadget.

Tinfoil hats are associated with conspiracy theorists concerned about secret government mind-control programs. But when it comes to your wireless gadgets, they really are out to get you.

For example: It's not a conspiracy theory to believe that companies you've never heard of are tracking your location.

In the past two weeks, we've learned that a company called Securus Technologies sold the real-time location data of millions of people. It got this data from another company called LocationSmart, which itself was buying the data from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

To read this article in full, please click here

EngadgetMay 19, 2018
North Korea-linked hackers targeted defectors with Android spyware
When Android malware slips into the Google Play Store, it's usually there to push unwanted ads or perpetuate a scam. McAfee researchers, however, have discovered something more sinister. A North Korean group nicknamed Sun Team recently posted three...

TechCrunchMay 19, 2018
Siempo's new app will break your smartphone addiction
A new app called Siempo wants to un-addict you from your smartphone and its numerous attention-stealing apps. To do so, Siempo replaces an Android device's homescreen, while also taking advantage of a number of design principles to push distractions further away, and give you more control over your notifications. The startup, which launched a few […]

GizmodoMay 19, 2018
This Fan Trailer is a Beautiful Ode to the Haunted Beauty of Watership Down
A story of anthropomorphized rabbits is one of the most beloved and memorable animated films in the history of the medium. This fan trailer, using footage from Watership Down and its followup The Plague Dogs, is a fantastic and emotional ode to the classic.


CNET NewsMay 19, 2018
Six deals for Saturday: $21 wireless headphones, $55 4K Roku and more - CNET
Here are a few of the top tech deals we think are worth checking out this weekend.

Major GeeksMay 19, 2018
Quick Heal Offline Product Update May 19, 2018
Quick Heal Offline Product Updates can update all Quick Heal products when you need to update offline, or automatic updates fail. [License: Freeware | Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista | Size: 507 MB ]

Windows Defender Definition Updates May 19, 2018 (Major Geeks)
Zillya! Antivirus Definition Updates May 17, 2018 (Major Geeks)

CNET How ToMay 18, 2018
7 iPhone calendar tips everyone should know - CNET
The stock Calendar app on your iPhone is sneaky-good.

SlashDotMay 18, 2018
RedDawn Android Malware Is Harvesting Personal Data of North Korean Defectors

GizmodoMay 18, 2018
Argue Down Your Bills Using The Art of War
Chinese general Sun Tzu's text The Art of War is as much about psychological warfare as literal tactical maneuvers. Written in the fifth-century BCE, people have found all sorts of ways to use the tome's advice to maneuver in every day life. So, why not use The Art of War to save some money?


TechCrunchMay 18, 2018
What we know about Google's Duplex demo so far
The highlight of Google's I/O keynote earlier this month was the reveal of Duplex, a system that can make calls to set up a salon appointment or a restaurant reservation for you by calling those places, chatting with a human and getting the job done. That demo drew lots of laughs at the keynote, but […]

CNET How ToMay 18, 2018
11 Instant Pot recipes we keep coming back to - CNET
CNET editors use the Pot, and we have the recipes to prove it.

Fox Technology newsMay 17, 2018
North Korea lying? Satellite data suggest China, Russia, North Korea may be falsifying GDP numbers
A new research paper suggests that authoritarian regimes, in countries like China, Russia and North Korea are manipulating their gross domestic product (GDP), perhaps by as much as 15 to 30 percent in any one year.

Mac RumorsMay 16, 2018
Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 56 With Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements
Apple today released a new update for Safari Technology Preview, the experimental browser Apple first introduced over two years ago in March of 2016. Apple designed the Safari Technology Preview to test features that may be introduced into future release versions of Safari.

TechCrunchMay 16, 2018
How ZTE became the focal point of US/China relations
Here in the States, ZTE has been content with a kind of quiet success. The Chinese smartphone maker has landed in the top five quarter after quarter (sometimes breaking the top three, according to some analysts), behind household names like Apple, Samsung and LG. Suddenly, however, the company is on everyone's lips, from cable news […]

PC World Latest NewsMay 14, 2018
The new Google One storage subscription wants to pamper paid users with services and deals
Google One could be Google's way of luring you out of its free cloud storage offering, one perk at a time. This subscription plan from Google, announced Monday, offers new storage tiers for Drive, the ability to share storage with friends, and possibly even the chance to score some free goodies.

Google doesn't appear to be replacing Google Drive, but rather creating a new structure for files stored in Drive, Gmail, and Google's Photos. The company plans to upgrade paid Drive accounts to Google One subscriptions over the coming months, and the company added that it was working to bring Google One to everyone else later this year.

To read this article in full, please click here

Emigration Stories, Hip-Hop Radio, Google Tour Creator, More: Thursday Buzz, May 10, 2018 (ResearchBuzz)

CNN TechnologyMay 02, 2018
The 5 weirdest things that happened on Elon Musk's earnings call
Tesla posted earnings Wednesday, and Elon Musk's follow-up call with analysts was ... unconventional.

NPR Topics: Research NewsMar 27, 2018
Energy Supplies And Prices Have Grown More Unpredictable
Energy analysts are getting worse at predicting how much oil and gas will come out of the ground in the future, a new study finds.

Network World SecurityFeb 12, 2018
Managing open-source mobile security and privacy for activists worldwide | Salted Hash Ep 18
Nathan Freitas, who heads The Guardian Project, talks with host Steve Ragan and senior writer J.M. Porup about the group's easy-to-use secure apps, open-source software libraries, and customized mobile devices being used around the world.
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