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Yahoo NewsSep 27, 2020
Amid talk of civil war, America is already split - Trump Nation has seceded
The president thrives on division, speaks of ‘we' and ‘them' and encourages violence. No wonder we fear he won't accept defeatWhat is America really fighting over in the upcoming election? Not any particular issue. Not even Democrats versus Republicans. The central fight is over Donald J Trump.Before Trump, most Americans weren't especially passionate about politics. But Trump's MO has been to force people to become passionate about him - to take fierce sides for or against. And he considers himself president only of the former, whom he calls "my people".Trump came to office with no agenda except to feed his monstrous ego. He has never fueled his base. His base has fueled him. Its adoration sustains him.So does the antipathy of his detractors. Presidents usually try to appease their critics. Trump has gone out of his way to offend them. "I do bring rage out," he unapologetically told Bob Woodward in 2016.In this way, he has turned America into a gargantuan projection of his own pathological narcissism. To Trump and his core enablers and supporters, the laws of Trump Nation authorize him to do whatever he wantsHis entire re-election platform is found in his use of the pronouns "we" and "them". "We" are people who love him, Trump Nation. "They" hate him.In late August, near the end of a somnolent address on the South Lawn of the White House, accepting the Republican nomination, Trump extemporized: "The fact is, we're here - and they're not." It drew a standing ovation.At a recent White House

NY Post National NewsSep 26, 2020
San Fransisco passes work-from-home plan to fight climate change
Working from home may become a post-pandemic way of life in one California community. San Francisco Bay area officials approved a plan last week requiring large, office-based businesses to have employees work from home three days a week in a bid to fight climate change, according to a report. The decision, by the Metropolitan Transportation...
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