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Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Trump targets 'Marxists' in July 4th speech, boasts of coronavirus response despite record case numbers
Trump said his administration is defeating "Marxists" in his July 4th speech and defended his coronavirus response despite record high cases.

Florida reports record number of coronavirus cases amid nationwide surge (Yahoo! Books)

Billboard Music NewsJul 04, 2020
Neil Young Slams Trump Over Use of His Music at Mount Rushmore Event: ‘This Is Not OK With Me'
Neil Young is speaking out against Donald Trump for using his music during the president's Mount Rushmore event in South Dakota.

VultureJul 04, 2020
Everything We Learned From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton Watch Party on Twitter
Have you heard? Hamilton debuted on Disney Friday.

Where You Can See the Stars of ‘Hamilton' Now (New York Times Movies)

Billboard Music NewsJul 04, 2020
John Legend Joined by Socially-Distanced Choir on ‘Never Break' for ‘Macy's 4th of July' Special
John Legend brought his emotional ballad 'Never Break' to 2020's 'Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular' on NBC.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Protesters defy Fourth of July Fort Lauderdale Beach closure; no arrests made
The protesters ran into the sand but caused no issues, said a police department spokeswoman.

Biden evokes MLK and George Floyd in Fourth of July message (Yahoo! Arts)

AV Club FilmsJul 04, 2020
Neil Young still decidedly "not OK" with Trump putting his tiny hands all over his songs
Neil Young has never been shy about letting the world know who can, in his opinion, go fuck themselves. In the past, that august list has included everybody from record executives, to any number of former collaborators, to all who dared speak against the power of Pono. But these days, it's mostly just the one guy who…


VultureJul 04, 2020
The Baby-Sitters Club Recap: Holla at Moi
Stacey and Mary Anne's trip to Sea City with the Pike family (yes, "Pike" as in Mallory Pike) is almost derailed by Scott the Lifeguard. Almost.

VultureJul 04, 2020
Search Party Recap: Dory Almost Gets Pancaked
Drew, Portia, and Elliott have all hit their rock bottoms, but Dory is just "freakin' lucky."

Playbill NewsJul 04, 2020
Celebrate 51 Years of Broadway's 1776, Starring Betty Buckley and William Daniels
The original production, directed by Peter Hunt, opened at the 46th Street Theatre March 16, 1969.

Yahoo! ArtsJul 04, 2020
Prayers for the dead as Myanmar's young jade miners mourned
COVID-19 has a proven antiviral remedy called Remdesivir, but buying up three months' worth of the drug's global supplies has put the United States in the crosshairs of international criticism, making America look both heartless and hypocritical.

Yahoo! ArtsJul 04, 2020
Incumbent Koike seen ahead as Tokyo votes for governor amid pandemic
Voters in Tokyo went to the polls on Sunday to elect their governor, with incumbent Yuriko Koike forecast to clinch a victory, as Japan's capital struggles with rebounding coronavirus infections and prepares for next year's Olympics. The metropolis accounts for 11% of Japan's population, but has represented half of the country's daily infections in recent weeks. Koike, who became Tokyo's first woman governor in 2016, saw her popularity surge this year as her straight-talking approach to the outbreak won the public's support.

VultureJul 04, 2020
Matthew McConaughey Shared an Essential Fourth of July Message
"Ding ding. We are in the ring, America."

Yahoo! ArtsJul 04, 2020
Florida's new coronavirus cases break record, nearly tying New York's peak
Florida reported 11,458 new coronavirus cases Saturday, it highest daily tally yet, nearly tying New York's high of 11,571 in April.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Where Ghislaine Maxwell hid out in style
Ghislaine Maxwell's home sits at the end of a narrow, half-mile dirt driveway.

It's lined with 'No Trespassing' signs and barred by a padlocked metal fence.

A stone stands near the gate with the words 'Tucked Away.'

On Tuesday (July 2), Maxwell was arrested on charges she lured girls as young as 14 years old for the late and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

Maxwell had been hiding out in style since December.

A listing of her Massachusetts home said it had cathedral ceilings, a floor-to-ceiling fieldstone fireplace, and a 'wall of glass' overlooking the 156 acre property.

The FBI scorned her choice of getaway spot in the home that officials said she purchased for $1 million in cash.

"We learned she had slithered away to a gorgeous property in New Hampshire, continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims live with the trauma inflicted upon them years ago. We moved when we were ready and Miss Maxwell was arrested without incident. Like Epstein, Miss Maxwell chose to blatantly disregard the law and her responsibilities as an adult, using whatever means she had at her disposal to lure vulnerable youth into behavior they should never have been exposed and which creates lasting harm."

Maxwell's home seems to have been secluded enough to keep her out of sight in Bradford, a small town of less than 2,000 people.

Billboard Music NewsJul 04, 2020
5 Uplifting Moments in Latin Music This Week (July 4)
From career milestones and new music releases to major announcements and more, Billboard editors highlight the latest news buzz in Latin music every week.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Drone Footage Shows Luxurious New Hampshire Retreat Where Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested
Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and one-time associate of Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday, July 2, on charges that she assisted Epstein’s sexual abuse of minors and helped him groom young girls.

She was arrested at a luxurious New Hampshire home that was sold in December 2019 for approximately $1 million via Four Seasons Sotheby’s Realty. The listing has since been removed from the Sotheby’s site. Maxwell purchased the house using cash through a “carefully anonymized LLC,” according to authorities.

The indictment of Maxwell alleges that, between 1994 and 1997, she “facilitated Jeffrey Epstein’s access to minor victims by… inducing and enticing, and aiding and abetting the inducement and enticement of, multiple minor victims.” Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing.

This drone footage shows the spectacular property, near the small town of Bradford. Credit: Gaba Shakour via Storyful

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Thomas Jefferson alongside Black great-grandson holds 'a mirror' to U.S.
Shannon LaNier, a TV host in Houston, is pictured in a photo in Smithsonian Magazine alongside his direct ancestor, Thomas Jefferson.

NYTimes ArtsJul 04, 2020
Marc Fumaroli, Defender of French Culture, Is Dead at 88
A leading historian, he wrote and taught in defense of the French language and its heritage and against "globish English."

Yahoo! ArtsJul 04, 2020
An antifa hoax about a 'peaceful flag burning to resist police' riled up right-wing groups in Gettysburg for no reason
Despite local news outlets and independent fact checkers debunking claims of a flag burning planned for July 4th, some protesters still showed up.

Yahoo! ArtsJul 04, 2020
The One Reason Donald Trump Needs to Fear Joe Biden (And Could Lose)
Likeability matters. It's not everything, of course, and Joe Biden has weaknesses. But the 2020 contest is not a race between two people with similar high negative ratings, and that may matter to the public in November — it certainly could help explain Biden's lead in the polls.

Yahoo! ArtsJul 04, 2020
Trump steps back, done with being 'daily voice' of coronavirus response
The president will leave the playing field to Pence and the administration's public health officials.

VultureJul 04, 2020
Dorinda Medley Says Ramona Singer Needs A Coronavirus Test After Hamptons Party
Singer recently attended a party with Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle who has tested positive for coronavirus.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Woman calls police on black couple building patio at their own home
A video of a New Jersey woman calling the police on her black neighbours went viral and eventually spawned a protest outside the woman's home.The incident occurred on Monday when Fareed Nassor Hayat, an attorney and a professor of law at City University of New York, and his wife, Norrinda, were in the backyard building a stone patio.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Billy Graham, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass: Who Trump wants in the 'National Garden of American Heroes'
Trump's order says the "National Garden of American Heroes," should feature Harriet Tubman, Billy Graham and Frederick Douglass among others.

NYTimes ArtsJul 04, 2020
8 Picture Books That Let Young Minds Wonder and Wander on Their Own
These journeys of the imagination explore what it means to be human.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
"Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs on new video questioning the meaning of July 4 for Black Americans
"Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss a powerful new video questioning the meaning of the Independence Day holiday for Black Americans, and how Frederick Douglass' July 4 speech resonates today.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Why U.S. F-35s, Stealth Bombers and Attack Drones Could Fail in a War
Fighter jets, stealth bombers, attack drones and air-traveling missiles all need to "operate at speed" in a fast-changing great power conflict era. What that means is that "sensor to shooter" time (how fast data can go from a sensor to a war-fighter) needs to be drastically sped up. Without that speed, warfighters won't be able to react as quickly to threats and it will be harder to win.

Yahoo! BooksJul 04, 2020
Native American protesters blocked the road leading up to Mount Rushmore and faced off with the National Guard in the hours before Trump's fiery speech
The protesters were sprayed with pepper spray and 15 people were arrested during the demonstration on Friday.

Yahoo! TVJul 03, 2020
‘The Lord of the Rings' Television Series and ‘Cowboy Bebop' Allowed to Begin Production in New Zealand
The crew members of Amazon Prime Video's television adaptation "The Lord of the Rings" and Netflix's upcoming take on Japanese animated series "Cowboy Bepop," have both been granted permission to enter New Zealand to begin or resume production, along with five other projects. According to New Zealand media website Stuff, the Ministry of Business, Innovation […]

Billboard Music NewsJul 03, 2020
Saroj Khan, Top Bollywood Choreographer, Dies at 71
Saroj Khan, a top Bollywood choreographer, died of cardiac arrest in a Mumbai hospital on July 3, her family said.

Saroj Khan, Choreographer Who Made Bollywood Sparkle, Dies at 71 (NYTimes Arts)

Billboard Music NewsJul 03, 2020
How To Watch The ‘Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular' With Black Eyed Peas and More
John Legend, The Black Eyed Peas, Lady A and more will perform during NBC's 44th annual Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular on Saturday (July 4).

Time EntertainmentJul 03, 2020
Renowned Bollywood Choreographer Saroj Khan Dies at 71
Khan choreographed more than 2,000 songs in her career spanning more than 40 years

VultureJul 03, 2020
RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Recap: Et Tu, BRute?
India Ferrah knows that a surefire way to deflect negative attention is to start bringing up some old drama.

Billboard Music NewsJul 03, 2020
The 13 Best Things That Happened in Music This Week (July 3)
Take a look at some of the week's biggest music happenings, including Beyonce being honored at the 2020 BET Awards.

Billboard Music NewsJul 03, 2020
First Out: New Music From Madame Gandhi, Abisha, Rina Sawayama & More
From Madame Gandhi's stunning new music video, to an R&B jam courtesy of Abisha, check out some of our favorite new releases this week.

Kanye West, Ellie Goulding, Pop Smoke and More: What's Your Favorite New Music Release? Vote! (Billboard Music News)

Yahoo! TVJul 03, 2020
From 'Hamilton' to 'Tiger King,' here are the 25 best things we've streamed in 2020 (so far)
No movie theaters, no problem. Here's the best streaming content — movies, series, documentaries and more — from the first half of the year that you can watch from the comfort of your couch.

Yahoo! TVJul 03, 2020
Duffy Writes Open Letter to Netflix to Remove 365 Days
Earlier this year, British singer Duffy reemerged after a lengthy, mysterious absence. We found out in a lengthy essay that the singer had been kidnapped and raped, but now, she's using her platform to help victims. In an open letter, Duffy is asking Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to remove the Polish film 365 Days, a…

Duffy Slams Netflix Over ‘Irresponsible' Film ‘365 Days' in Open Letter to CEO (Billboard Music News)

NYTimes ArtsJul 03, 2020
Lonnie Wheeler, 68, Dies; Helped Ballplayers Tell Their Stories
A longtime sportswriter, he collaborated with Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson and Mike Piazza on their autobiographies. "I was there," he once said, "to make the subject more literary."

AV Club FilmsJul 03, 2020
Good things happen to a terrible person on a fun, timely Twilight Zone
In these uncertain times (as the TV ads say), it's not unusual for popular entertainments to acquire a relevance that might not have been entirely intended when they were conceived. Such is the case—sort of—with "A Small Town." I'm sure some of what this Twilight Zone episode is about was always part of the plan for…


AV Club FilmsJul 03, 2020
Hamilton on Disney can't replace the live theatrical experience, but it's a triumph all the same
Today, the world knows a lot more about the intensity of Jonathan Groff's enunciation than it did yesterday. Over the course of two performances in 2016, nine cameras captured Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda's juggernaut musical retelling of the life of America's first Secretary of the Treasury, in intimate detail.…


NYTimes ArtsJul 03, 2020
11 of Our Best Weekend Reads
The tragic history of "I can't breathe." Why you can have a kid or a job right now, not both. How Brooklyn Drill went global. Farewell, Carl Reiner. And more.

Yahoo! ArtsJul 03, 2020
New mutation of coronavirus spreads disease more easily, warns Fauci
A mutation of coronavirus able to spread more easily may have emerged, America's top infectious disease expert has warned as Texas made mask-wearing in public mandatory. Dr Anthony Fauci, who sits on the White House coronavirus task force, said there is data to suggest the existence of a new mutation of Covid-19 which is more "transmissible". He cautioned that scientists are still trying to confirm its existence and it does not appear to be more damaging for people who catch that version. However the potential existence of a mutation which spreads more easily is a cause for concern as the United States grapples with record highs of new daily coronavirus cases. Texas, one of the states seeing a surge in both case numbers and hospitalisations, announced new restrictions ordering the use of face masks in certain situations. Texans in counties with 20 or more Covid-19 cases - the vast majority of the state - must have their nose and mouth covered in outdoor public spaces or a building open to the public.

NYTimes ArtsJul 03, 2020
Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' and Disney : A Timeline
Disney is streaming a live-capture film of "Hamilton." It's just the latest chapter in a deepening relationship between the company and the musical's creator.

VultureJul 02, 2020
Duffy Asks Netflix CEO to Remove Polish Film 365 Days for ‘Glamorizing' Rape
She says it "eroticises kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking as a ‘sexy' movie."
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