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The Daily BeastDec 10, 2018
William Barr May Let Trump Dodge Russia Probe by Harping About Hillary
Photo Illustration by The Daily BeastMost of the commentary about William Barr starts with the fact that he's certainly qualified on paper to serve as the nation's attorney general since he did so once before (under George H.W. Bush). So all right then, let's start with that. Democrats have no strong basis on which to try to mount major opposition to him, and in any event they of course can't block him, as the Republicans constitute the Senate majority.

Barr is perhaps benefiting in the public mind from his association with the elder Bush and the lucky (from this vantage point) timing of Bush's death. The hagiographic funeral oratories and other tributes have temporarily elevated Bush to that rarefied iconic pantheon where, for the moment, he's rubbing celestial shoulders with the likes of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. So your average person might think, if he was OK by Poppy, he's OK by me.

Then the story gets a little complicated when it is pointed out that Barr defended and praised Donald Trump's firing of James Comey. This should give everyone pause. How any thinking person, let alone a member of the bar, could look at that gruesome episode and not see obstruction of justice is… concerning.

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